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"Master Ma Qi Jie!" An ear-splitting shriek came out from a thick layer of black cloud in the sky. A Demon Dweller with only one eye appeared from inside those devilish clouds. His face was full of green patterns; his body was as skinny as a thin bamboo which continuously flashed on and off inside the cloud layers.

"Patriarch, when can we depart?" That one-eyed Demon Dweller showed the respect on his face, clasping his hands in front of his chest while appearing inside the thick devilish clouds.

"Tell Xie Yan to wait there."

Ma Qi Jie raised his head howling loudly. A flow of evil auras dashed straight through the cloud layers tremendously, making that pagan Xie Yan spinning nonstop within the devilish clouds. He could only stabilize his body after a long while and then glided away with a miserable face. He had instantly disappeared without leaving a single trace.

Ma Qi Jie harrumphed coldly, sat down stately on the bone platform and suddenly swung his arm launching forth a strike into the air.

A black surge of lightning was then shot out from the void.

Time and s.p.a.ce seemed to be torn apart. Skulls that were freckled with blood gradually emerged. These skulls all had different sorts of shapes which had been collected from many different races. The pupils of many of these skulls were still very lively; some of the skulls still had their scalps attached to it, which seemed to be broken off from many of the people's necks not that long ago.

A bunch of skulls that were dripping with blood were moving behind Ma Qi Jie like a halo of the Buddha.

Many streams of vicious black smoke rose up from the empty sockets of hundreds of b.l.o.o.d.y skulls and then seeped into Ma Qi Jie's ears like devilish souls without leaving any visible traces.

Ma Qi Jie's crazy black eyes gradually became transparent and seemingly contained an endless amount of acc.u.mulated soul powers.

"Devil Transparent Eyes!"

Ma Qi Jie's hands clasped in front of his chest while his eyes closed tightly. Hundreds of skulls had suddenly stopped moving.

A bundle of black lights flew out from Ma Qi Jie's nape slicing through the air, pa.s.sing billions of miles and soon disappeared without leaving any known traces.

The Snow Dragon Island.

Di Shan, Yu Rou, and s.h.i.+ Yan were standing in three separated directions behind Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba, and Ya Meng. They all looked serious and cautious.

The dazzling lights had formed a visible halo that covered the top of the six people's heads and the entire surrounding area.

Many beams of the condensed pure powers were constantly shooting out from the ten fingers of Di Shan and Yu Rou, aiming towards the curtain of lights in the sky to increase and stabilize the defensive forces so that these forces were able to prevent all kinds of movements.

Three minutes had pa.s.sed.

The three souls of Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba, and Ya Meng were connecting to each other to perform the Leading Soul Guiding G.o.ds of the Demonic Sound Clan. This technique would use their souls as a conducting path to search for the anomalies underneath the earth of the Snow Dragon Island. They obviously wanted to locate the elusive peculiar life which was hiding there.

Those rippling waves of forces were marvelous. Wherever they had suffused, the beating melody of the earth also got affected as well.

Under those waves, even the movements of a tiny worm creeping under thousands of miles deep inside the Earth would be countlessly amplified.

Ka Ba's eyebrows tightly knitted as he seemed to have found something out and thus, revealed a cold smile.

s.h.i.+ Yan's face was then excited. He patiently waited for the news.

After having a quick glance, Di Shan and Yu Rou were focusing intensively, releasing more of their powers towards the curtain of lights above their heads to prevent any unexpected events.

A cold wind appeared in the bright and clear sky all of a sudden that made the sun at noon seem to be weakened a lot.

Thick black clouds from nowhere dispersed throughout the sky, completely covering all of the sunlight.

The Snow Dragon Island was originally freezing. However, right now, even the sun couldn't be seen, and thus, it became gloomier and more glacial.

Many people of the Demonic Sound Clan felt that the freeze was being absorbed into their bodies; they thus couldn't help but violently clatter.

As the black clouds reached the mountain peak, a flow of powerful devilish aura dispersed out from everywhere.

Di Shan's face changed in panic. He subconsciously looked up to the sky with a frightened light in his eyes.

Yu Rou's delicate body had also trembled a little bit. She had also sensed something and thus said, "This power is impetuous. This person's cultivation is extremely profound."

"Demon Dwellers!" Di Shan slowly nodded with a confused face. "We finally meet."

After being in a daze, Yu Rou seemed to remember something but then shook her head, released a sigh and said, "We can't avoid confrontation with him although we don't want it. Hmm, I don't know if that guy still recognizes us or not?"

Di Shan's face was somber, and he didn't reply.

s.h.i.+ Yan was standing behind Yi Tian Mo, quietly listening to the conversation between Di Shan and Yu Rou. His countenance became strange with many thoughts coming across his mind.

At this moment, a big eye appeared amid the thick black clouds in the sky, inside of which emerged a clear scene: an isolated island with dense devilish clouds, a platform made of blood and bones, a st.u.r.dy mighty person with a curved horn on his head and hundreds of motionless b.l.o.o.d.y skulls behind that person.

The bone platform was packed to the brim with the Dragon Horn Clan's people. Their eyes were all bloodthirsty and excited. They couldn't help but lick the corner of their mouths like wild beasts eagerly being about to get out of the cage.

In the huge eye, the scene was very legible, even countless scars on the face of the man who was sitting on the bone platform could be seen.

"The Wings Race!" The mighty person inside the eye suddenly howled a thunderbolt sound and stood up at the same time, displaying his increasing agitation. He couldn't help but raise his head while crazily laughing.

From inside of the eye, he pointed to Di Shan and Yu Rou and then screamed, "I am the patriarch, Ma Qi Jie of the Dragon Horn Clan, one of the eight clans of the Demon Dwellers. Your Wings Race was originally one of the eight clans of the Demon Dwellers. Regardless of where you were from, you should unite with us in spirits and efforts for the Demon Dwellers' great matter of reunification, for the Demon Dwellers' eternal suzerainty which is to wipe out all of the Endless Sea's obstacles, establis.h.i.+ng the foundations for the Demon Master to arrive."

s.h.i.+ Yan's imposing body couldn't help but shake violently; his eyes suddenly shot out an unimaginable light.

"From thousands of years ago, our Wings Race had soon separated from the Demon Area. When we were confined in the abandoned land and had almost perished, we didn't get any help from the Demon Area. Since then, the Wings Race had no longer belonged to the Demon Area nor followed any commands of the Demon Masters." Di Shan raised his head looking up to the sky and said with a somber face.

"Sa.s.s!" Ma Qi Jie inside the eye was very angry, howling loudly and jumping up. His st.u.r.dy, powerful muscular body seemingly wanted to explode. Green veins of his half naked top vibrated constantly, horrendous auras from inside the eye wanted to fly out striking the others' faces.

"Being one of the eight clans of the Demon Dwellers, your Wings Race must follow the commands of the Demon Masters as long as you are still alive. Although you are not in the Demon Area, you still have to conduct yourselves decently and submit as soon as you receive the Demon Masters' orders." Ma Qi Jie was standing on the bone platform, growling, and roaring. Hundreds of motionless skulls started moving.

Each s.h.i.+ning black light was shot out from the sockets of hundreds of those skulls, pa.s.sing the distance, advancing towards the Snow Dragon Island through that big floating eye.

"You have just brought disgrace upon yourselves."

Di Shan's eyes were frigid, his black wings suddenly stretched out, projecting a huge black wave.

Numerous s.h.i.+ning lights showered downwards but were all swept up and was completely swallowed up by Di Shan's black wave.

Ma Qi Jie was growling and howling crazily on the bone platform; the devilish aura was However, he couldn't directly take action, the different kinds of his attacks from the eye were useless and were not even enough to scratch Di Shan's itches.

"The Demon Masters will soon know of the appearance of the Wings Race. You wait and see." After howling angrily for a long while, Ma Qi Jie knew that he couldn't harm Di Shan; thus, he just stood on the bone platform and coldly intimidated Di Shan. "The Demonic Sound Clan, one of the four big branches of the Dark Dwellers, Avi Dark King will be soon informed about this as well. By that time, let's see you how you can deal with it." Ma Qi Jie shrieked out loud, slowly retreating his forces.

The floating eye became smaller little by little. The black clouds that were covering the sky of the Snow Dragon Island started dispersing and dissolving gradually.

The last investigating flow of the soul forces spread out from the eye, covering the entire surrounding area of Di Shan and Yu Rou and then seemingly tried to remember the aura on each of their bodies.

This investigating flow of soul forces did not have any violent, attacking powers. Instead, it was merely a sensing power.

This flow of power coated the entire area, including s.h.i.+ Yan. He immediately felt that his soul was being explored.

His Sea of Consciousness surged up uncontrollably. His host soul inside the Sea of Consciousness lightly swayed while the soul stream from the host soul quietly emitted several beams of forces which then rolled into the Sea of Consciousness.

The eye in the sky gradually faded away and eventually turned into a bundle of black lights, flying tens of thousands of miles away.

On the bone platform.

Ma Qi Jie stretched out his arms; soul lights which were like streams of black water pouring down into his palms from the sky. He started to sense these lights.

"What?" Ma Qi Jie's eyebrows were tightly slammed together. He carefully sensed the exploring soul forces which had been retreated and then vaguely realized a flow of a familiar aura. "This soul aura, I've met it before …"

Ma Qi Jie had a suspicious feeling, mused in silence for a while but still couldn't figure out whom that soul aura belonged to.

After a long moment, Ma Qi Jie shook his head and stopped investigating any further. Instead, he gradually leaped up from the bone platform and howled, "Find Xia Yan for me!"

A mult.i.tude of the Dragon Horn Clan's people excitedly growled in response. They eagerly followed Ma Qi Jie, holding different kinds of sabers on which blood was still dripping down as if those sabers had been used to cut the chicken's heads off recently.

On the Snow Dragon Island.

s.h.i.+ Yan stabilized his surging Sea of Consciousness; his face looked a little strange. He wondered if Ma Qi Jie had discovered his existence or not.

Previously, he had almost captured Ma Qi Jie's soul by using the Soul Gathering Pearl. At that time, Ma Qi Jie had said that he would let him suffer all the Demon Area's tortures sooner or later and had sworn not to let go of this promise.

Even the Demon Master Bo Xun seemed to have paid attention to him as well as remembering his soul.

When Ma Qi Jie's true body had entered the Endless Sea this time, he was now an earth-shaking murderous evil and no longer a descended soul like before.

Ma Qi Jie was now harder to handle hundreds of times than before. Although the Soul Gathering Pearl had returned to its normal status, s.h.i.+ Yan couldn't use it to deal with Ma Qi Jie. That Ma Qi Jie entered this world, together with his forces, wasn't something that ordinary people could have resisted.

Ma Qi Jie's exploring soul flow had swept over s.h.i.+ Yan's body. If Ma Qi Jie could discover his origin through that flow of soul aura, s.h.i.+ Yan was afraid that Ma Qi Jie would get crazy and go straight to the Snow Dragon Island to immediately kill him.

"Hard times are coming." s.h.i.+ Yan knitted his eyebrows, his face then became grave.

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