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"Xinyan, don't be rude." Xia RuiXing slightly shouted with an unpleased face. He said with a low voice while knitting his eyebrows. "Once you use the Reincarnation Martial Spirit, you will instantly enter the Sky Realm. Not to mention Gu Yu or Feng Hai, even I myself, will surely not even be considered as your opponent. How could it be?"

Gu Yu and Feng Hai were also a little embarra.s.sed and awkwardly smiled without replying.

Both Gu Yu and Feng Hai knew about the miracle of the Xia family's Reincarnation Martial Spirit. Once the Reincarnation Martial Spirit was activated, Xia Xinyan's forces would not just simply increase several times its original size, but it could be enhanced one whole higher Realm.

Although Gu Yu and Feng Hai had a little bit confidence in their own strengths, they knew that they were not able to defeat this peculiar Reincarnation Martial Spirit. Thus, they didn't dare to be a hero in accepting that challenge.

Zhou Yu was standing at the side quite far away, frowning while looking at Gu Yu,  Feng Hai, and the other warriors of the Gu family and the Heaven Lake Divine Land.

Xia ShenChuan hadn't shown up yet. He had just reminded Zhou Yu to pay more attention to the situation here. If there weren't any major issues happened, he would not show up in order to avoid the conflict between the Gu family and the Heaven Lake Divine Land.

"Hmm" Yue Feng from the Heaven Lake Divine Land, who had the Nirvana Realm cultivation base, also came this time. He couldn't help but speak up while coldly looking at Xia Xinyan, "If you don't use the Reincarnation Martial Spirit, your challenge can be thus considered. But if you win using the Reincarnation Martial Spirit, there is nothing more to say."

"The spirit aura on this Wind Cloud Island is very diluted. I don't want to stay here for too long." Gu ZhengYang's face was unpleasant. "Gu Yu and the Gu family's powers and conditions is number one or number two at the Hengluo Sea now. We've granted the privileges to you when we have degraded ourselves towards making a marriage alliance with you. Don't be too self-conceited."

Zhou Yu's countenance suddenly changed.

The faces of many of the people of the Xia family also slightly changed. They seemed to be bitterly looking at Gu Zheng Yang indignantly.

If the Yang family was still here, if we were still at the Kyara Sea, and if our ancestors hadn't fallen into this insane situation. Would the Gu family still have dared to bully us like this? We would have made all of you suffer while crawling on the ground.

Every one of the Xia family secretly clenched their teeth while remembering their glorious days at the Kyara Sea, those ill.u.s.trious days with the Yang family when they had gone forth to conquer the other Seas.

Regretfully, things had now changed. Their former dignity had left them further and further away.

As of now, the Yang family had been in decline. The Yang Tian Emperor had been missing for so long without any news that the people of the Yang family had wandered into many unknown places. The Kyara Sea, which had been invaded by Demon Dwellers, was not their common ground anymore.

Meanwhile, the time when their great Master was conscious was much less than when he was in his dementia. Thus, it was impossible for him to shoulder the responsibilities of the family.

"Haiz!" Zhou Yu was among the people, shaking his head while releasing a long sigh. He looked at Xia Xinyan pitifully with a bitter face. Suddenly, Zhou Yu was startled as if he had just realized something. His eyes brightened, staring at Xia Xinyan without even blinking.

After quietly releasing his soul consciousness, Zhou Yu slowly sensed everything around him for a while. His eyes got brighter, as his body slightly trembled.

"The Peak Earth Realm! You unexpectedly have reached the Peak Earth Realm!"

The Xia family had never seen the fact that the realm had such a big improvement in almost just two years.

Zhou Yu secretly nodded his head while looking at a mesmerizing figure that was calmly standing among his people. He thought that with that privileged trait, it was understandable why Gu Yu and Feng Hai were such an eyesore.  Only those who were in the top of the combat list could catch the Lady's eyes.

But, the little rascal whom she was missing, was he worthy or not?!

"Who said that I have wanted to use the Reincarnation Martial Spirit?" Xia Xinyan's voice was cold, her eyebrows furrowed. "I don't need to use the Reincarnation Martial Spirit. I will have a fair fight with you. If you two unite with each other and win over me, I will carefully consider your request. How does this sound?"


"Fighting with the two of them alone?"

"Could it not be true?"

The Xia family's people were clamorous, looking at her with astonishment, wondering how come she could have this kind of offer.

Xia RuiXing got dazed for a while. He then suddenly burst into laughter, clapping his hands and said, "That's good. I agree with this offer. Feng ge, Gu ge, what do you think?"

Yue Feng and Gu ZhengYang laughed out loud with a despising look and slowly nodded.

"Yu er [1], don't disappoint our family." Gu Zheng Hai slightly shouted. "You fight with her first. Unity is just a joke for the other people. Hmm, the Gu family doesn't need to unite with any others. I believe in you!"

Gu Yu revealed a delicate smile. He walked to Xia Xinyan with a gentle move. He said with a low voice while his eyes were full of hope, "Miss Xia, where do you think is most suitable for the fight?"

"The bare mountain over there." Xia Xinyan's finger pointed at the low bare hill next to them. She swept her neglected eyes towards Gu Yu then to Feng Hai, and said, "You two better unite with each other. Otherwise, you will be defeated miserably. Then don't blame me for not reminding you."

After saying so, she slightly moved, leaped up and flew out more than one hundred meters away just in a blink.

"Feng ge, I'd like to go first." Gu Yu clasped his hands towards Feng Hai with a faint smile. Then, he immediately turned into a fading shadow flying towards Xia Xinyan's direction.

The eyes of Zhou Yu, Xia RuiXing, Feng Hai, and Gu ZhengYang all flared up, looking towards the bare mountain.

A vibration which was like an earthquake came out from the bare mountain all of a sudden. Lava rocks from that mountain constantly erupted into rubble, scattering everywhere in the sky.

Rubble was densely dispersing. Zhou Yu and the other people from more than a thousand meters away could only feel a collision power from that hill, but they couldn't see what was happening there.

An ear-splitting explosive sound constantly reverberated from the bare mountain.

After one minute, the sound had stopped.


Gu Yu was thrown out from that thick mist of rubble with torn clothes and a dirty face.

The armor on his body, which looked like silver fins, had been riddled with holes. From those holes, it could be vaguely seen of many open wounds, which were deep to the bones.


Gu Yu feebly fell down to a meadow of weeds at the foot of the bare mountain. His appearance was extremely miserable, as his face was ashen with confused eyes.

"Yu er!" Gu ZhengYang was livid with rage, shouting, "You said that you wouldn't use the Reincarnation Martial Spirit. That girl really wants to die. Since you are unreasonable like this, don't blame us for not going easy on you."

Gu ZhengYang shouted angrily as if he wanted to storm over inside of the bare mountain to kill Xia Xinyan.

Zhou Yu harrumphed coldly. His figure suddenly appeared in front of Gu ZhengYang. He knitted his eyebrows and said, "I've been staying with the Xia family for many years, so I know very well the sign when the Reincarnation Martial Spirit has been used as the back of my hand. Although I have carefully watched for a long while, our lady actually has not used the Reincarnation Martial Spirit."

"Didn't use the Reincarnation Martial Spirit?! Gu er cannot be that bad?!" Gu ZhengYang obviously didn't believe it. He revealed a frigid smile and said, "She's used some way to hide it from you and then secretly used the Reincarnation Martial Spirit. I don't believe you!"

"Don't …" Right at this time, Gu Yu shouted weakly, c.o.c.ked his head and dolefully said, "She… she hasn't used the Reincarnation Martial Spirit indeed."

"What?" Gu ZhengYang was startled.

"Feng Hai …"

The rubble in the sky gradually disappeared. Xia Xinyan's heart-stirring figure reappeared. She was standing on the bare mountain, looking towards Feng Hai from the distance, then coldly said, "Your turn."

Feng Hai's face had slightly changed. He suddenly laughed out loud and then leaped up and flew towards the bare mountain.

"Boom boom boom"

Another earth-shaking explosive sound echoed. From numerous rubble scattering all over the sky, Feng Hai's skinny body bounced right off even faster than Gu Yu's.

Feng Hai fell down next to Gu Yu, wiped the trickle of blood away from the corner of his mouth while shaking his head with miserable eyes. "Miss Xia, you are really dangerous. I think the top five of the combat list are not your match even if they were here. Based on what Miss Xia has performed today, you can easily be on the top three of the combat list. I, Feng Hai, know that I could not possibly defeat Miss Xia. I will no longer have this kind of thought. I will never come to disturb you again." After speaking, Feng Hai walked away lonely ignoring Yue Feng's question.

Gu ZhengYang constantly changed, angrily looking at the calm and delicate figure atop of the bare mountain. He then nodded firmly after a while, grabbed Gu Yu and shouted, "Let's go!"

"Her real realm has reached the peak Earth Realm. With what she has displayed, she is qualified enough to enter the top three of the combat list."

Feng Hai's body suddenly stopped, then talked to Yue Feng who was standing behind him, "I have condensed seven drops of the black water, each of which was destroyed by her. Luckily, I had retreated in time, otherwise, I am afraid that I would have ended up with serious injuries like Gu Yu. She was unexpectedly so powerful without even using the Reincarnation Martial Spirit. We have underestimated the Xia family's potential."

Yue Feng's face was in total shock.

"She has reached the Peak Earth Realm?" Gu Yu's face was pale white as his eyes showed fear. "I am afraid that I am not her match."

"Xia family wants to take the constraints and punishments instead of favorable proposals. Yu er, don't think too much. No matter how exceptional the ability of that girl is, the Xia family doesn't have G.o.d Realm warriors.  They had been tremendously declined at the Kyara Sea. Especially that the Xia family used to be united with the Yang family, and always oppressed our Gu family. Right now, as the Yang family is screwed, we obviously won't let go of the Xia family that easily." Gu ZhengYang's face was serious, frigid light flared up in his eyes. "The Xia family's suffering time is not far ahead."

The Snow Dragon Island, in the middle of the avalanche.

It was unknown since when s.h.i.+ Yan had been wearing only blue shorts, more than half of his big bare body was exposed. He was intimidatingly standing under the densely falling snow.

Suddenly, s.h.i.+ Yan, who now looked like a dominating statue, slightly s.h.i.+vered with a very tiny amplitude of movement.

Along with those slight s.h.i.+vers, sparkling lights slowly moved under his skin, which was like small streams of water that gradually gathered at the profound Qi's halo on his belly.

A peculiar sound of movements came out from the underground as if it quietly absorbed into his body through his feet.

The amplitude of his body's s.h.i.+vers got bigger and bigger. Glorious dazzling lights spread out from his body in a short time, along with his s.h.i.+vers after a while.

"Seven days, faster than I could have ever imagined." From the snow mountain in the distance, Yu Rou was a little astonished. She revealed a smile while mumbling to herself.

A few paces away from her, Di Shan was in shock with an agitated face and brightened eyes.

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