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The guy of the Wings Race was malignant with two cold eyes. A flow of murderous air suddenly came out slowly from his gray wings.

Gently flapping the wings, the guy of the Wings Race deliberately moved towards Dan Yan.

On the way, each of the sharp wind sword was suddenly refined, emitted dazzling splendid light, the hidden wind power inside was very terrifying.

Stupid humankind, I will make you feel you'd better be dead than alive. The one who insults Han Long doesn't dream to have an easy death.

The guy of the Wings Race flapped his wings, each of the sharp wind sword flew out shriekingly, creating many dazzling lights in the air, flared up and then disappeared.

Behind him, other two guys of the Wings Race also had cold eyes, one on the left and one on the right, protecting the one in the middle.

Three guys of the Wings Race were at the ground level stage. The leading one named Han Long had one level higher, maybe the second repet.i.tion of the ground level stage. His body was very st.u.r.dy, strong power hid in his muscles. With a slight sway, he could be like a javelin being thrown straight to Dan Yan.

Good that it's coming!

Under the sharp wind sword, Dan Yan sickly laughed, did not show any fear, still had energy to shout before slightly swaying.

His body like a lightning, being slashed by the sharp wind sword, Dan Yan flexibly avoided, easily evaded the wind sword refined by the wind power.

Only that power?

Dan Yan even did not urge the rampage or the negative power yet.

If you only have this, you are dead this time.Han Long!

Di Cu Bi's face changed, her eyes looked astonished.

You are Han Long, the son of the Gray Wings Clan's leader?The stupid humankind, you are dead.

The guy of the Wings Race did not pay attention to Di Cu Bi, slowly inhaled a deep breath, seemed to control his anger.

I want to arrest you, bring you to the Gray Wings Clan, let you suffer the Lewd Ape.

Two guys beside him burst into laughter after hearing what he just had said, their faces looked malicious.

You have special Do you often do it with Lewd Ape?

Dan Yan with unimaginable look on his face suddenly acted like he just woke up, clapped his hands and said.

You are right. You birdman are also a hybrid delivered by an animal. You do it with Lewd Ape, which is understandable, I was just shocked.


An explosion came out from behind the guy of the Wings Race named Han Long, he flapped his gray wings faster.

Like an arrow shot out of a bow, with a cold face, a malicious look, Han Long flew straight to Dan Yan.

Wind howled everywhere, two silver treasures like claws on his hand emitted dazzling silver light. In the silver light, there was very powerful icy air which could not be destroyed.

At the same time, muscles on the guy's body got bigger, tremendous profound Qi inside his body was moving faster.

At this time, Han Long was totally irritated, determined to kill Dan Yan just by one strike.

Dan Yan's eyes slightly squinted.

A flow of white-gray smoke slowly flew out from the pores on his whole body. In the white-gray smoke, there were varieties of desperate negative feelings, brutally deadly gathering behind him.

A flow of cold, strange, viperous and resentful air suddenly became heavier, the white-gray smoke quickly gathered into one, refined into a terrible furious phantom.

The negative feelings stopped refining.

This was an attacking high skill discovered by Dan Yan, taking advantage of the negative feelings hovering in the air without vanis.h.i.+ng. Refining into a phantom full of negative feelings was nearly similar to giving it a life.

After the phantom was formed, it not only brought out different kinds of negative feelings that killed people, but also made enemy fall, easily be absorbed by negative feelings, fail to protest.

What is it?

Seeing the phantom, three guys of the Wings Race all screamed out.

Di Cu Bi's face slightly changed, silently moved backward a distance, avoiding that phantom.

The Demonic Sound Clan's soul was special, Di Cu Bi's level of soul cultivation was very high, her power sense was extremely strong. By the moment the phantom appeared, she immediately recognized a weird thing about this phantom. Its body was created by some sort of malicious energy, but it had a lot of emotional movements.

This special thing, which seemed to have malicious life, was full of b.l.o.o.d.y murderous desire.


Dan Yan shouted, lifted his two arms, the Life and Death Seal refined in dazzling light was suddenly projected.

The miraculous silver treasure like Han Long's claws also emitted sharp silver light. Silver light like real objects shot straight to Dan Yan.

However, right at the moment the Life and Death Seal was projected, silver light flying towards Dan Yan broke into many silver light points vanis.h.i.+ng quickly.

The Life and Death Seal shot off silver light like breaking dry stems, then flew all the way to Han Long's chest.

Han Long's face changed, his st.u.r.dy body ceasing in the air zoomed quickly. Tremendous profound Qi vibrating gathered suddenly, he flapped his wings very fast, the wind howled forming a visible flow of whirlwind.

Kill him!

Han Long's eyes like poisonous snake stared at Dan Yan. When the whirlwind disappeared, he stepped backward promptly in a blink.

Other two guys of the Wings Race, one on the left, one on the right, rapidly approached Dan Yan's place. After Han Long moved back to avoid the effect of the Life and Death Seal's explosion, he continued flew straight to Dan Yan, a murderous look came out from his body.

Dan Yan, he is the son of the Gray Wings Clan's leader. You, you…

Di Cu Bi could not help screaming, tried to prevent Dan Yan from fighting with him.


Dan Yan did not even glance at Di Cu Bi, pointed to Han Long, the big phantom hovering behind him quickly flew out, stretched its claws, showed its fangs, approached Han Long and bit them.


Each flow of red burning fire suddenly burned up on his hands, then wrapped around his fingers, like a worm twisting constantly.

Burn your feather first. Dan Yan coldly swung his hand, a flame flew out of his hand, wrapping two guys of the Wings Race who were heading to him.He is the son of the Gray Wings Clan's leader, Dan Yan, there is no use doing it, forget it, we should leave now.

Di Cu Bi shouted.

You moron, you cannot live!

Under the phantom's attack, Han Long was still idiotic, grinned and said:

Who insulting me has to live wis.h.i.+ng to be dead.Birdman is birdman, limited intelligence.

Dan Yan shook his head with cold eyes, quietly activated his sense, the phantom threw itself on Han Long, violent negative feelings spread out covering Han Long's body in a blink.


The heart-rending scream rose up, two guys of the Wing Race were touched by the Sun flame, their gray wings on the back were burned, they crazily shouted, their power gradually disappeared.

No future trouble if you all die!

Strong burning fire like of clouds suddenly changed direction towards three guys of the Wings Race. When Di Cu Bi screamed out in fear, they were quickly wrapped by the Sun flame.

The phantom quietly returned next to Dan Yan and gradually disappeared.

Burning fired was burning strongly, three guys of the Wings Race in the middle of burning fire terrifyingly screamed out. In a few seconds, their bodies were burnt into ashes, dispersing with the wind.

There was even no remaining of their spiritual energy.

Dan Yan surprised, closed his eyes sensing for a while, then shook his head regretfully, thinking maybe next time, he should use only a small part of the Sun flame to fight, otherwise there was no remaining to take.

Ashes vanished, three guys of the Wings Race disappeared from sight.

Di Cu Bi's infatuating eyes were full of panic. She horribly looked at ashes everywhere, suddenly felt chilled.

"Roar roar"

In the Sound Beast Mountain ahead, many sound beasts howled at the moment the Sun flame appeared.

There had been many sound beasts came down from the Sound Beast Mountain. When that roar resounded, they quickly went back to hide in the Sound Beast Mountain.

High-level sound beasts could feel the destroyable power of the Sun flame, through the roars, called their descendants to avoid being burned by the Sun flame of Dan Yan.

In a short time, sounds beast coming out from the Sound Beast Mountain already withdrew.

On the Sound Beast Mountain side, devil beasts with big body, old energy, strange pupils showed their horror staring at Dan Yan in a distance.

Obviously, those sound beasts were frightened, knew the danger of the Sun flame.

You, you killed Han Long. Why did you kill Han Long?

Di Cu Bi mumbled with a confused face, surprisingly asked.

Han Long is the son of the Gray Wings Clan's leader. The Gray Wings Clan is one of the three branches of the Wings Race. The leader of the Gray Wings Clan has been very combative, and always covered his men's weaknesses. When he knows Han Long died, he definitely gets crazy.All three guys died, it will not be revealed.

Dan Yan smiled.

That guy wanted to kill me, of course, I could not just let them kill me without doing anything. The death was not too messy. Humph, if I stay here, the sound beasts in the Sound Beast Mountain will temporarily not go out. Maybe we should move away first, waiting for the sound beasts to come down, then we continue to kill them?Hope so.

Di Cu Bi wasn't so sure.

The wings Race cultivated the soul very poor, maybe he will find out that Han Long has lost, but he cannot know who killed him. Hope he will not know the reason of Han Long's death. Otherwise, not only you get trouble, but also our clan has to suffer his anger.

"Whirl whirl whirl"

The wings flapping sound suddenly came up from a distance behind the Sound Beast Mountain. This time, there were many flapping sounds in the air, it meant many people of the Wings Race were coming.

Go faster!

Di Cu Bi's face changed, held Dan Yan and dragged him flying towards the Giant Stone Ancient City.

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