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Chapter 225. Ambush
Inside the broken palace, s.h.i.+ Yan, Yang Mu, and the others looked serious, quietly waiting for something
This time, the time that Jiang Huquan spent inside the Meteor Array was longer than before, and at the same time, Pan Zhen, Cao Zhilan, and the others have been approaching, everyone was quite anxious because their retreat path hasn't been confirmed.
Yang Ke frowning deeply, keep walking around and looking at the thick gray clouds area that Jiang Huquan entered from time to time
Li Fenger stood on the broken pillar, her eyebrows twisted, slightly shouted: "Nearly a hundred Earth realm warriors, this force isn't just double stronger than us, this time Cao Zhilan and Xie Kui also joined, and He Qingman, those are tough characters, looks like we got some trouble "
"Cao Zhilan! " Yang Mu looked heavy, "This woman was the skilled warrior from the young generation of Cao family, rumor said that she has an extraordinary strength, ranked third in the power rankings, one rank higher than me, I haven't fight with her yet, so I didn't what is her truly strength, but since she was ranked third, then she mustn't weak "
Yang Mu thought for a moment, suddenly said: "Once the situation turned bad, regardless uncle Jiang has come out or not, we must enter that Meteor Array"
Yang Xue face slightly changed and exclaimed : "That Meteor Array hasn't been broken yet, if we entered, then I'm afraid we will suffer a great loss, you guys also have seen, that even uncle Jiang who has a deep knowledge of array, was... was stuck in there, if we entered then we definitely will worse than uncle Jiang"
Li Fenger, Yang Ke, and the others also looked grimly and looked at Yang Mu together.
"The Meteor Array which was dangerous for us also can be the barrier that can be used to block Pan Zhe and Cao Zhilan, they are more many than us, so if they chase up, their loss certainly bigger than us" Yang Mu said calmly:"So, regardless uncle Jiang can come out or not, we still need to enter it "
"s.h.i.+ Yan..." Yang Xue looked complex "Do you think uncle Jiang will be fine?"
"Of course" s.h.i.+ Yan shook his head, "If uncle Jiang understood that Meteor Array, then he definitely can break it, I believe the message that I gave to him was correct"
Gently nodded her head, Yang Xue still dubious, faintly said:"I hope so"
It was not that she didn't believe in s.h.i.+ Yan, but this time Jiang Huquan has entered for a long time and still hasn't come out, in their eyes, Jiang Huquan probably encountered som danger
They subconscious thought that Jiang Huquan has died inside the Meteor Array, even Yang Mu has said that once the situation got bad, regardless Jiang Huquan has come out or not, they still need to enter into the Meteor Array, which also shows that he didn't have too much confidence.
"They will arrive here soon." Li Fenger looked up for a while, "I think, we should prepare first, by using the terrain at here, we can ambush them and maybe we can kill some of them"
Li Fenger grinded her teeth, her eyes suddenly became cold, seems she was ready to fight
s.h.i.+ Yan secretly nodded, without saying anything, quietly move the power inside his body to form gravitational field
Yang Mu, Yang Ke, Yang Xue began to command the other warriors to split up and temporarily hide among the palaces and move out as their sign as soon as the enemy arrive
"Master Yan, what should we do ?" Ka Ma asked respectfully
Ka Ma was in the third sky of Earth realm, in s.h.i.+ Yan team's, his cultivation was the highest, with two meters height and st.u.r.dy body, his strength was very superior because has been trained by Shura King Li Mu with the shura blood guard training.
"You guys hide inside the palaces first, don't need to prepare anything, just seize the opportunity to ambush the enemies and kill them" s.h.i.+ Yan face became solemn, "Just focus, maybe you will miss some chance, but I will give you guys a chance to kill them in one blow so you guys must seize that chance"
"Understood, Master Yan" Ka Ma looked startled
Previously, at the battle on the silver horn s.h.i.+ps, Ka Ma has seen s.h.i.+ Yan powerful side, he knew that s.h.i.+ Yan can quietly release mysterious martial skill that can affect the entire battle flow and can bound the enemies movement so that the others have the chance to kill the enemies
Therefore, although s.h.i.+ Yan only has the cultivation of Disaster realm, Ka Ma, and the others were very respected toward s.h.i.+ Yan and didn't look down on him
"Hold! "
s.h.i.+ Yan slightly shouted, suddenly looked at the thick gray clouds area, his consciousness power sensed some anomalies from there.
In the area that Jiang Huquan entered before, at first the energy flow in there was a mess, but suddenly it seems to have an order and the energy inside it seems to become a long river, flowing in a special current, seems like there is someone has repaired the mess inside the energy and made them flow fluently
Jiang Huquan!
s.h.i.+ Yan immediately realized that Jiang Huquan probably success, he really break the Meteor Array and change the energy flow inside the Meteor Array
"uncle Jiang is gonna come back" s.h.i.+ Yan smiled indifferently, suddenly shouted
"What ?" Li Fenger still standing on the high, looking s.h.i.+ Yan at below "You, Are you a prophet now ?"
s.h.i.+ Yan smiled and shook his head, looking up at Li Fenger, said: "I am not a prophet, but I can sense his presence, yeah, I have a magical treasure that can help my spirit insight became more sensitive"
"Xiao Yanzi, uncle Jiang has succeeded ?" Yang Mu overjoyed, "They will come here soon, if uncle Jiang really succeed, then we will have a greater advantage"
"Yeah, he will come out soon" s.h.i.+ Yan nodded
As he finished his word, a body covered with dust came out
Jiang Huquan face was full of dust, but he was very energetic, looking at s.h.i.+ Yan, happily said:"The message that master Yan gave to me was indeed true, thanks to master Yan knowledge toward ancient text, I can break the Meteor Array"
Yang Ke, Li Fenger, Yang Xue and the others were very surprised when they heard Jiang Huquan word when they look at s.h.i.+ Yan again, there is an interesting look inside their eyes
Ka Ma and the other warriors who have been a.s.signed to s.h.i.+ Yan was very excited and have more confidence toward s.h.i.+ Yan now
"After we enter into the Meteor Array, remember to take the left path first, after seven steps, take the right path, after five steps, take the left path again, and repeat the steps again, remember, seven steps to the left, five steps to the right, don't forget it, if you follow this steps, the meteorite will not hit you guys" Jiang Huquan grinned "If they dare to enter it, I believe that they who don't know the right steps definitely will suffer a great loss"
"That's the best" Yang Laughed, "Let's prepare first, we will ambush them and kill some of them, once the situation change, immediately retreat into the Meteor Array, this time we really lucky to have uncle Jing and Xiao Yanzi help, otherwise we will definitely face a great problem, haha, but now we have the advantage and we should make those who want to kill us taste defeat"
. . . . .
"Those are nine broken palaces"
Pan Zhe stopped, standing on the ground and looking at the distance, "I have been to those nine palaces over there before, all of the ancient arrays inside there have been broken so there is no danger, but, after the nine palaces, there are still many forbids and barriers, so it all depends on luck when we want to pa.s.s through it"
"Those Yang's people maybe have left from there ?" Gu Linglong frowned
"I don't know" Pan Zhe shook his head, "Just be careful, there are many hiding places inside those nine palaces, if the Yang's people hid in it, then it will be very difficult for us, even we have more people, we still can't let our guard down, remember, don't act recklessly, the gray clouds behind the nine palaces are very thick, our sight was dropped heavily and the spirit power also blocked with many forbids, over there was real chasm battlefield."
"Yang's people are inside the palaces" Cao Zhilan dash forward and pa.s.s Pan Zhe, like a feather drift to the front, her body shaking and swinging as like if there is no weight within her body which giving a strange feeling
"Follow up, just be careful, s.h.i.+ Yan who you guys mentioned has formed strange vortex inside the palaces, those vortex keep shaking, yeah, later you guys tell me who is s.h.i.+ Yan, i will deal with him first to prevent him secretly play tricks so that you guys will be killed by those Yang people "
Cao Zhilan was like a floating feather, her body floating in the air and jump from the ground from time to time, which made her movement turn into a blurred shadow that seems very slow, but in fact, it was dashed toward the palace very quick
"Miss Chao martial spirit 'Spirit G.o.d' can detect any energy flow and know that energy law, made her able to find a way to deal with it, this 'Spirit G.o.d' was a sacred rank martial spirit, in the war, it even can sense the weakest weakness from opponent martial skill which was very magical, just follow her word " the saintess from the Magical Wonderland, Qu Yangqing show a different means from her eyes as she explaining Cao Zhilan martial spirit
Cao Zhilan martial spirit was very mysterious, many warriors from the endless sea have heard about this, however, only a few people knew the magical effect from her martial spirit and the martial spirit strength, and Qu Yangqing was one of the few
Pan Zhe, Xie Kui, Gu Linglong eyes were s.h.i.+ning after heard Qu Yangqing word
Cao Zhilan Spirit G.o.d martial spirit can detect any energy flow and even can know the law from those energy, this means that the forbids and barriers inside the Chasm battlefield can't escape from the martial spirit detection, she even find the way to break through her martial spirit
inside the Chasm battlefield, Cao Zhilan martial spirit indeed has a great advantage and can greatly reduce their loss
. . . . .
"Don't hide anymore, just come out and fight with us ?" outside the palace, Cao Zhilan smiled as she came in and easily avoided three gravitational fields, shaking her head "Yeah, these active traps indeed very magical, no wonder Pan Zhe and the others will suffer a great loss, s.h.i.+ Yan, right ? you really surprised me by making those traps, can you show up please ?"
s.h.i.+ Yan who hiding behind a stone pillar, his face slightly changed, sneered and his face looked coldly as he came out from his hiding palace, watching this beautiful woman who breaks his gravitational field and still heard her praise really made him became cautious, he focused his concentration and didn't dare to let down his guard even a bit
He can felt that this woman target was him.

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