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Chapter 170 Got it!
The eight-layer lights of the octagon demon formation dispersed because of the explosion of the blue demon crystal.
The power of the other demon crystals at the other seven corners weakened greatly upon the explosion of the blue one. The lights they gave out also faded gradually.
Seeing that the octagon demon formation was broken, s.h.i.+ Yan went to grab the Soul Gathering Pearl without hesitation.
“Hold on!” the order of the Ice Cold Flame was heard from the Blood Vein Ring.
s.h.i.+ Yan was a little surprised, and stopped his hand mid way.
All of a sudden, numerous ferocious ghosts and souls were flying from the Soul Gathering Pool, in the form of hundreds of black lights, into the Soul Gathering Pearl.
“The Soul Gathering Pearl is at its weakest when it is gathering souls. Now, move! And remember to use fake souls to resist the attack of the souls!” the Ice Cold Flame ordered, “Remember! Once you get the Pearl, spit on it! Do not forget this! Spit on it once you get it, so the Pearl will not be able to use the soul attack on you any more!”
“s.h.i.+t! How can I spit here? It’s all water!”
“I will use ice to form a barrier to stop the water from you once you get hold of the Pearl!”
After the short communication with the Ice Cold Flame, s.h.i.+ Yan went on fetching for the Soul Gathering Pearl, and grabbed it.
In an instant.
Numerous souls were attacking s.h.i.+ Yan’s soul like billions of sharp swords shooting from the Pearl!
The souls in the Pearl were pouring out as if they had found a long-sought outlet at the moment s.h.i.+ Yan grabbed the Pearl. They went along s.h.i.+ Yan’s arm and were rus.h.i.+ng into s.h.i.+ Yan’s mind.
At this crucial moment, s.h.i.+ Yan’s mind went blank, without a single thought.
The fake soul in his mind, however, was extremely active, and it let out intense hatred!
The billions of souls pouring out from the Soul Gathering Pearl immediately found their target, and they all attacked at the center of s.h.i.+ Yan’s fake soul.
s.h.i.+ Yan felt a sharp pain in his mind: the illusions made by the fake soul were shattered under the attack of the souls from the Soul Gathering Pearl, and s.h.i.+ Yan felt as if he himself was killed for hundreds of times.
For a moment, s.h.i.+ Yan’s mind went blank. With the stigmas in the fake soul shattered, he was going through the process of death again and again, and his major soul went unconscious for a period of time.
At this moment, an icy coldness was sent out by the Ice Cold Flame from the Blood Vein Ring.
s.h.i.+ Yan came to himself, suddenly, and found that water had been kept away from him before he had noticed it.
Having no time to hesitate, s.h.i.+ Yan spat on the Soul Gathering Pearl in his hand.
Miracle happened!
The spit immediately formed a white thin film around the Pearl, covering 1/5 of the Pearl’s surface.
“Keep spitting! But do not seal the Pearl!” the Ice Cold Flame urged again.
Dare not hesitate, s.h.i.+ Yan spat on the Pearl twice more, and the thin film was formed again around the Pearl, now covering 3/5 of the Pearl.
Thinking twice, s.h.i.+ Yan thought it was not safe enough, and was about to spit once more.
“Enough! Once the film covers all of the Pearl’s surface, the power of the souls it gathered will be sealed temporarily!” the Ice Cold Flame reminded s.h.i.+ Yan to stop him.
s.h.i.+ Yan stopped and stared at the Soul Gathering Pearl in his hand.
The souls’ power, the Pearl gathered, kept flowing out from the 2/5 part of the Pearl which had not been covered by the white thin film.
More ferocious ghosts and souls were drawn out from the Soul Gathering Pool into the Pearl.
The Soul Gathering Pool, which was originally as black as ink, was turning clearer and clearer as the souls in it were vanis.h.i.+ng into the Soul Gathering Pearl. The pool water was recovering to its normal state.
Overhead, cracks were appearing on the Soul Mirror formed by tens of thousands of souls. The Mirror was about to crush down.
“Soon, all the souls here will be gathered by the Pearl and the Mirror will vanish.” the Ice Cold Flame boasted, “Only I know how to seal the Soul Gathering Pearl. Once anyone else drops a single drop of his blood on the Pearl, he will be devoured without a single trace left by the souls in the Pearl. The Soul Gathering Pearl is different from any other normal treasures, it does not recognize its master by blood; it can only be sealed by spit. Every time you want to use it, you just need to remove a part of the spit around it!”
s.h.i.+ Yan was holding the Soul Gathering Pearl, and the ghosts and souls were gathered by the Pearl. Everything was going along the plan, and the Ice Cold Flame seemed to be excited.
s.h.i.+ Yan felt relieved and gathered the other seven demon crystals used to form the octagon demon formation. After this, he began swimming to the surface of the pool.
On the sky over the Clouds Island.
In the dense demon clouds, the icy evil soul had been fighting with Mo Duanhun for several times, and was unable to destroy Mo’s soul yet. At this moment, it received a message from Gu Lie.
Mojito abandoned Mo Duan Hun out of fear, and rushed towards the valley where the Soul Gathering Pool was located in.
After sending out the message, Gu Lie did not dare to stay in the valley any longer and hid in a corner together with Gu Jiange, in the fear of being attacked by the Ice Cold Flame.
Both Guile and Gu Swordsong knew the horrible power of the Sky Fire, especially the Sky Fire that has obtained a matching physical body; that would be the most horrible creature in the world!
Both Gu Lie and Gu Jiange took it for granted that the Ice Cold Flame had obtained s.h.i.+ Yan’s physical body, after they realized that s.h.i.+ Yan could use the icy power of the Ice Cold Flame. They could never expect that the Ice Cold Flame had been sealed by s.h.i.+ Yan’s Blood Vien Ring. With its consciousness sealed, the power that the Ice Cold Flame could give out was limited.
If it had not been sealed by the Blood Stripe Ring, the icy power of the Ice Cold Flame could easily freeze the whole of Clouds Island. Now, it could only freeze the valley, which was much weaker than its original power.
Gu Lie and Gu Jiange could not thought of this, of course. They were too afraid of the Ice Cold Flame, and were one hundred percent sure that s.h.i.+ Yan was already dead with the Ice Cold Flame was controlling his physical body, after they found that s.h.i.+ Yan dared to enter the Soul Gathering Pool.
Both of them had experienced in person the mysteriousness and terribleness of the Soul Gathering Pool. If s.h.i.+ Yan was merely a warrior in the Disaster Realm, how could he dared to enter the Pool?
Gu Lie and Gu Jiange chose to hide themselves, waiting for the Demon Master Mojito’s soul to come and help.
On the Clouds Island, Mo Duanhun’s face went pale. Floating in the sky, he released his spirit to Scout the surrounding.
The Ice Cold Flame had frozen the valley, and the Demon Master Mojito’s soul was also heading for the same valley. Mo Duanhun, of course, also released his spirit to focus on the valley. When he felt an extremely cold qi from the valley, he immediately recalled what Xia Xinyan had once told him.
He immediately knew that s.h.i.+ Yan was in the valley!
s.h.i.+ Yan was dragged into the depth of the glacier by the Ice Cold Flame. The icy qi in the valley was so strong that it must be from the Ice Cold Flame. Before he came here, Mo Duan Hun knew that s.h.i.+ Yan was not dead but would appear on the Clouds Island from King Yang Qing. Then, a.n.a.lyzing all these, Mo Duan Hun knew for sure that s.h.i.+ Yan was now in the valley.
Mo Duan Hun’s facial expression was complex. Floating in the sky, many thoughts were flowing in his mind.
“That guy will somebody become the future head of the Yang Family! No matter what, you have to bring s.h.i.+ Yan back to Immortal Island safe and sound!”
The words of Emperor Yang Qing reappeared in Mo Duan Hun’s ears. After a short period of hesitation, he changed into a flash of green light and flew to the valley.
The warriors in the three mines of the Gu Family were all killed by Shura Blood Guard, Xia Xin Yan and He Qingman.
At this moment, Shura Blood Guard and Wind Thunder Flying Lion were also flying in the sky, seeking for Gu Lie and Gu Jiange’s traces on Clouds Island.
“Strange!” Xia Xinyan cried, “Demon Master Mojito and Master Mo both went to that valley!”
He Qing Man lowered her head, looking into the direction of the valley. She also found the situation strange, “What’s going on? Demon Master Mojito is so powerful, why he went to the valley on his way? And so is Master Mo. Why doesn’t he leave Clouds Island now but followed the Demon Master?”
“As long as Master Mo does not use his power to destroy the Demon Fire that is confining Clouds Island now, we cannot leave the Island.” Xia Xinyan lamented, “Let’s go nearer to see what’s going on there.”
“Okay!” He Man Qing moved her legs and Wind Thunder Flying Lion immediately knew her decision, flying to the valley.
“It’s so cold!” After a few minutes’ flying, He Man Qing couldn’t help shaking, “What’s going on? Why’s that valley so icy cold? Why, sister Xinyan?”
Xia Xinyan was also shaking, and tears were welling up in her eyes. She was choking with sobs, “It’s him! It’s him! He in the valley!”
“Who?” He Qing Man was confused at first and then realized whom she meant, crying disbelievingly, “You mean s.h.i.+ Yan?”
“It must be him!” Xia Xinyan nodded affirmatively, saying as if smiling when crying, “That guy was dragged into an ice hole by the Ice Cold Flame, and now, the icy qi in the valley is clearly from the Ice Cold Flame. Then, if the Flame is in the valley, he must be there too.”
“If the Ice Cold Flame is there, can he be alive?” He Qing Man found it unbelievable. After second thought, she said with a strange expression, “But if his soul was controlled by the Ice Cold and then it makes sense that his physical body still exists... He’s not dead, to some extent. Does the Master of Yang Family mean this by saying that s.h.i.+ Yan is ‘alive’?”
Xia Xinyan’s body shook, and then, she stared at He Qing Man angrily, “Qing Man, stop telling this kind of joke! It’s not funny at all!”
He Qing Man was surprised. Knowing that Xia Xinyan was genuinely angry, she shut her mouth, not daring to utter another word.
She only sighed silently. It was so cold in the valley and obviously the Ice Cold Flame was there now. How could s.h.i.+ Yan, a warrior in the Disaster Realm, survive there?
Even if he was alive, he must be a walking dead now?
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Vick and Bobby
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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