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Chapter 164 - Promise
South of the Hengluo Sea, a clear blue sky, where the sky and sea merged and it looked like the azure sea.
Under the cl.u.s.ters of white clouds, dozens of Cyan Blood Bats carried Shura Blood Guards while slowly flying towards the direction of Clouds Island.
On the bodies of the Cyan Blood Bats, the Shura Blood Guards stood with cold expressions. The demonic atmosphere on them was as if they just returned from the b.l.o.o.d.y battlefields.
In the front, on a level six Cyan Blood Bat, Mo Duanhun slightly squinted his eyes as if he was asleep.
Next to this Cyan Blood Bat, there was a pure white flying lion. Flying lions were born with wide wings that flashed with electric sparks and had the force of wind and thunder when flying.
Wind Thunder Lion, a level six demon beast, it was fast as the wind and its wings could form lightning. It was the most powerful demon beast tamed by the Evil Wonderland of the Kyara Sea.
On this Wind Thunder Lion, there were two girls sitting. They both wore veils and their eyes were as bright as gems. Their exposed necks were fair as snow and had a porcelain glow under the sun.
“Sister Xinyan, why did you decide to come here?” He Qingman stretched while saying lazily: “There’s nothing on Clouds Island, only a pile of stupid rocks. You don’t even care about that; why would we come here to waste our time?”
“I didn’t tell you to follow me here.” Xia Xinyan curled her lips, and then said lightly: “You had to come and run around with me instead of staying still in the Evil Wonderland. I didn’t ask you; you asked for it yourself.”
He Qingman’s amorous eyes, having an intoxicating flavor to them, slightly squinted, “In the past three years, instead of returning to the Xia family, you insisted on following the Yang family to get involved against the Gu and Dongfang families. Why? I’m very curious; I heard from someone that you’re doing this for a man?”
Xia Xinyan’s pretty brows furrowed, “Who did you hear that from?”
“This, you don’t have to worry about.” He Qingman’s beautiful eyes were smiling while her hair flew in the sea wind. Her body was curvy. While wearing a tight leather suit, big parts of fair skin was revealed on her body causing her to look very s.e.xy. “Sister Xinyan, is it really true?”
“Even if you don’t tell me who it is, I still know who told you about this.” Xia Xinyan snickered, “Was it your senior disciple Xie Kui? He wants to use you to get information out of me, right?”
“Sister Xinyan is so smart.” He Qingman squinted. She didn’t try to deny it, and smiled delicately: “My senior is pa.s.sionately devoted to you. For years he’s been pursuing you all along, but got no reaction from you. This time you went out of the sea to find a fake Gate of Heaven and even ignored him even more than before. My senior didn’t understand why, so he spent a lot of time to inquire about it. Then he finally heard that when you were at that remote place, you met a kid that was abandoned by the Yang family for many years. I even heard that kid died…”
“Who said that he died?” Xia Xinyan snickered while she said with emphasis: “Even if he were dead! I would never accept Xie Kui!”
“Sister Xinyan, you really do have something for that guy?” He Qingman exclaimed; this time she truly revealed her curiosity, “I was only teasing you before. Although my senior kept talking about this, I didn’t believe that sister Xinyan would favor a guy in the first sky of the Disaster realm. I heard that the guy lived in that remote place all along. Sister Xinyan, you only knew him for such a short amount of time... how did this happen?”
He Qingman’s eyes were filled with astonishment as she sat up straight, seeming very interested about this.
The shadow of a figure suddenly appeared in Xia Xinyan’s mind…
Under He Qingman’s stare, Xia Xinyan’s pretty brows were wreathed by faint sadness. Her clear and beautiful eyes, also started to grow hazy and distracted. She started to recall some memories, as if forgetting everything around her.
He Qingman quietly watched Xia Xinyan, as her mind was filled with curiosity about the man that Xia Xinyan had been so concerned about all this time. She wondered what methods that guy used, to have actually become so unforgettable to the precious girl of the Xia family.
Her senior, Xie Kui, was incredibly talented in the Evil Wonderland. Not only was he good-looking, the power he had was even more profound. He was the strongest disciple with the most potential in the Evil Wonderland.
He Qingman was very familiar with the charm of her senior; she knew how many female junior disciples were secretly in love with Xie Kui.
If such an outstanding man couldn’t move Xia Xinyan, what gives s.h.i.+ Yan the chance? He had been dead for so long, yet he still made Xia Xinyan unable to forget him?
“Aii, too bad he’s already dead. Or else, I really want to meet him to see why he’s so special.” After a long moment, He Qingman sighed in regret. She shook her head and murmured: “I really don’t believe he’s better than my senior. My senior, is in the second sky of the Earth realm. No matter how hard that guy works, he will never be my senior’s enemy.”
Xia Xinyan frowned as she said lightly: “His realm was indeed not as good as Xie Kui’s.”
“Of course. My senior is a famous cultivation madman in the Kyara Sea. At twenty-seven years old, he’s already in the second sky of the Earth realm. Such a young age with such a high realm, you really can’t find many people like that in our Kyara Sea.” He Qingman’s eyes were smiling as she glanced sideways at Xia Xinyan, “Sister Xinyan, he can’t compare to my senior in any way, right?”
“He started cultivating at age seventeen and used one year to enter into the first sky of Disaster realm. He has at least three martial spirits on him.” Xia Xinyan didn’t even look at He Qingman as she said coldly: “Speaking of talent and cultivation speed, let alone Kyara Sea, even the young talents of the entire Endless Sea can’t compare to him!”
He Qingman was shocked.
After a long moment, she finally glanced quietly at Mo Duanhun in the distance. She clicked her tongue quietly and murmured under her breath: “Indeed a freak! Luckily that guy is not around anymore, or else if the Yang family had such a crazy guy, they would probably get even more arrogant. G.o.d knows what kinds of appalling things they would then do.”
“He’s not dead.”
Xia Xinyan snorted and said lightly: “When the Yang family got the news about him from me, the head of the Yang family spent three drops of immortal blood to use a great oracle. It indicated that he is still alive... alive and well! Plus, it pointed out that after three years, he should be appearing on Clouds Island. Right now, he should be on Clouds Island!”
“Using three drops of Immortal Blood, just to know if he’s alive or not? Yang Qingdi really cares a lot about him!” He Qingman exclaimed and finally nodded, “Indeed, after cultivating for more than a year, he immediately stepped into the first sky of Disaster realm. With a crazy guy like him, no wonder the Yang family would go through such great expenses.”
Xia Xinyan’s pretty brows slightly furrowed as she sighed, “But the head of the Yang family said that this journey will be very dangerous. He said that some changes might occur on the island. Qingman, I had to come but you shouldn’t have followed me. Now that I have cleared the situation, it’s still not too late for you to leave.”
“No no no!”
He Qingman kept shaking her head. She smiled delicately. “You know I like danger. Since you said that guy is on the island, then I definitely have to see for myself. After you have praised him so much, I have become more and more curious about him. I really want to see what he has that attracts you. Sister Xinyan, did he already take advantage of you? Else, why would you defend him so much?”
Xia Xinyan’s neck suddenly turned red. She intensely rolled her eyes at He Qingman, and then scolded: “Stupid girl. If you keep bulls.h.i.+tting, believe it or not, I’ll throw you off of here.”
“Hey hey hey!” He Qingman smiled and yelled out, “You should know that this Wind Thunder Lion is my mount! Aren’t you being too rude? I know, I hit your soft spot, is that right? Oh sister Xinyan, how could you have been taken advantage of by that despicable guy! Hmph, I haven’t even touched sister Xinyan yet; if I were to see him, I will definitely go deal with him!”
“I’m to lazy to bother with you.” Xia Xinyan shook her head in frustration. She seemed to know that this girl was hard to mess with.
“Seven days until we arrive at Clouds Island.” Then at this moment, Mo Duanhun who was in front of them, suddenly turned back his head and said callously: “This trip will have many unknown dangers. Although I made preparations, but, I still can’t guarantee that we are perfectly safe. I hope you two realize that this journey will put our lives at risk. From now on, you should be more careful. Xia girl, you should still remember Xiao’s misfortune, don’t get attacked by someone halfway and not even realize it.”
After Mo Duanhun said that, the look in Xia Xinyan’s eyes changed as she immediately said: “Understood.”
He Qingman stuck her little tongue out. She made a face at Mo Duanhun and giggled. She wasn’t afraid, but she didn’t continue blabbing towards Xia Xinyan either.
In her mind, there was a deep curiosity and confusion. She didn’t know what kind of person s.h.i.+ Yan truly was, such that he could be so unforgettable to Xia Xinyan.
Clouds Island.
On an old tree, s.h.i.+ Yan was still bargaining with the Cold Ice Flame.
“If I were to obtain the Soul Gathering Pearl, I want 70 percent of the soul power in the Soul Gathering Pearl, the rest 30 percent will be yours!” s.h.i.+ Yan said with his mind: “I have a body of flesh; when encountering dangers, I have the highest chance of vanis.h.i.+ng my soul completely. You are hiding in the ring so you won’t face much danger at all. Besides, your life form is special; you almost unperishable. The danger I will encounter is bigger so I deserve to have more.”
“Kid, you are too greedy!” The Ice Cold Flame yelled in the Blood Vein Ring, “What’s the use of your body? Without my method and power, once you get near the Soul Gathering Pearl, your soul would disperse! If I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t even have known what the Soul Gathering Pearl is!”
“Stop bulls.h.i.+tting, I want 70 percent!”
“I should be getting 70 percent!” The Ice Cold Flame was so mad it kept releasing cold energy inside the Blood Vein Ring. “The most you can get is 30 percent! Or else even if I don’t do anything, it will kill you!”
“Then I can turn back now.” s.h.i.+ Yan sneered, “My interest in that Soul Gathering Pearl isn’t that big anyway. Once I step into the Nirvana realm, I can still form the Sea of Consciousness myself; I don’t have to hurry anyway.”
“Stop Lying! Haha!” The Cold Ice Flame laughed creepily, “Your mind can’t lie; I know your true thoughts. You won’t give up on the Soul Gathering Pearl! I know you really want it!”
s.h.i.+ Yan put up a wry smile. He didn’t know that the Ice Cold Flame’s consciousness was so strangely mysterious, that it could actually see through his thoughts.
After a moment of silence, s.h.i.+ Yan said again: “Whatever, I’ll take a step back. I’ll have 60 percent, the rest 40 percent will go to you.”
“Your realm is too low; You won’t be able to handle 60 percent of the Soul Gathering Pearl’s power at all!” The Ice Cold Flame mocked: “You will immediately be defeated by the force of the soul power. Kid, you’re too greedy. This will only become harmful to you.”
“How about this,” s.h.i.+ Yan suddenly said in delight, “I’ll take however much I can absorb. How’s that? The rest that I can’t absorb, will all go to you!”
“Alright!” The Cold Ice Flame immediately agreed. “I thought you were going to share the Soul Gathering Pearl’s soul power with that Xia Xinyan woman. I know that you have that woman in your heart. That woman’s realm is a lot higher than yours so the soul power she can handle is also a lot greater than yours! … But if it’s just you, then sure! However much you can absorb, you can absorb. You just have to give the rest to me.”
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick and Bobby
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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