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Chapter 160 Soul Gathering Pool
Clouds Island.
At dusk, cl.u.s.ters of fiery cotton-like clouds were present in the sky. The afterglow from the sunset shone on the fiery clouds, shooting off beautiful rays.
The entire Clouds Island, was covered with a fiery dusk glow, appeared as a magnificent scenery under the afterglow of the sun. There were also many fiery red maple leaves on Clouds Island; they appeared even more enchanting in the afterglow.
The scenery on Clouds Island was unique. Once dusk came, the fire clouds in the sky and the maple leaves on the Island would compliment each other, creating a breathtakingly beautiful view.
On the island, the natural spirit energies were also quite extraordinary. There were also three mines containing the fire manganese rocks.
Fire manganese was a material that could be used to forge G.o.dly weapons. It has fire properties. When a high quality fire manganese was merged into a weapon, the weapon would also gain fire attributes. If it was merged with some fire crystals, it could form into a sharp weapon with a strong heat energy.
In the Gu family, most of the martial skills they cultivated had to do with swords; the masters of the Gu family all used swords.
The Sword Mountain of the Gu family contained many treasured swords, some of which even had consciousness.
The many masters of the Gu family were all experts in refining swords; sword refinement needed many precious materials. The fire manganese was a scarce material used to refine fire type swords. When the Gu family discovered that Clouds Island had fire manganese, they went through quite a lot of trouble to sweep away the warrior forces that dwelled on the island so that they could obtain this island.
A year ago, the Yang family’s Shura King Mo Duanhun, brought thirty Shura Blood Guards and brought calamity upon Clouds Island.
In only half a day’s time, all of the Gu family’s defensive measures on Clouds Island were destroyed. The Gu family members on the island were also killed by the Shura Blood Guards, and the forces that were related to the Gu family were all extinguished completely by the Shura Blood Guards.
After one year had pa.s.sed, although Clouds Island returned to the Gu family’s control, the defense on the island was still not completely reconstructed.
Fortunately because of the mysterious movements in the Fourth Demon Area, the Yang family quietly retreated the powers that were attacking the Gu and Dongfang families back to the Kyara Sea. Seizing this opportunity, the Gu family proposed a truce. The Yang family agreed since they were busy dealing with the demons from the Fourth Demon Area and prepared to negotiate details on Clouds Island.
On Clouds Island, under the biggest mining mountain containing fire manganese, there were stone towers and stone walls built. The surroundings were filled with maple trees; the fiery red maple leaves surrounded the bunch of buildings, making this area into a sea of red maple leaves.
On top of a fifty-meter tall giant stone tower, Gu Jiange and Gu Lie stood side by side, gazing into the distance.
The bright afterglow was like a blush on the sky. The beams of red light came from the sky and fell inside the tower, dragging red lines onto the floors of the tower.
When the sun slowly sank into the horizon, a messenger eagle came through the wind; its speed was extremely fast.
The messenger eagle found its target and landed straight on the stone window in front of Gu Lie. Its wings flapped twice and then stopped.
Gu Lie raised out his hand and took off the letter from the messenger eagle. He read the contents of the letter with a frown; his expression becoming more and more ugly.
Gu Lie was in the second sky of the Nirvana realm; he had quite a high position in the Gu family. This fight between the Gu and Yang families was caused by Gu Jiange. Thus, Gu Lie was put in charge of taking care of it.
The Yang family repeatedly provoked them, killing the representatives on many of the Gu family’s islands. Because of the losses of the family, the head of the Gu family was quite upset. He put all the blame on Gu Jiange, feeling quite discontent with Gu Lie. This made Gu Lie quite gloomy. When he took care of the matters concerning the Yang family, he was always very careful, fearing that there would be further problems on the subject.
“Father, what is the situation?” Gu Jiange took a step forward and leaned towards the letter.
Gi Lie’s expression was grim; he directly gave the letter to Gu Jiange and said in anger: “The Yang family is truly greedy, they actually want five islands in order for them to agree to subside the matter.”
“Five islands?” Gu Jiange’s face changed. He immediately read the contents of the letter and blankly exclaimed: “Clouds Island, Profound Sh.e.l.l Island, Iron Wolf Island, Gourd Island, and Evil Island! These five islands all either have mines or good medicine production; it took a lot of trouble for our Gu family to obtain each of these islands. How could the Yang family dare to ask such a big price, five islands at once!”
Gu Lie’s expression was grim as he sighed: “The family would never allow it. These five islands are too precious; they absolutely won’t give them to the Yang family. However, if we don’t make an agreement with the Yang family, the ones above us would blame everything on me! This thing is truly hard to handle…”
“Father, when we were at the Soul Gathering Pool last time, that demon seemed to… seemed to want…” Gu Jiange’s expression turned a little gloomy. He clenched his teeth and said: “Since the Yang family is going too far, we can simply go all the way and accept that demon’s terms. We will make those Yang family members who come to Clouds Island stay here forever.”
“Demons…” Gu Lie’s expression s.h.i.+fted, but he was still hesitant. “Although we are on unfriendly terms with the Yang family, but if we were to get involved with demons, once everything gets exposed, we would be hated by all. By then, other families would also despise our methods, and might even criticize that our methods are despicable.”
“Once all of the Yang family members are killed, who would know that it was us who did it?” Gu Jiange pondered for a moment, and urged: “Father, the time are different now. Nowadays we can work with anyone for profit. As far as I know, in the Endless Sea, there already are some people who are working with the dark dwellers in the Sevenfold Underworld. For the sake of achieving our goals, sometimes it’s not bad to accommodate to our circ.u.mstances.”
“The one that’s coming might be Mo Duanhun.” Gu Lie frowned, “Mo Duanhun is the leader of the three Shura Kings, his power is earthshaking. Unless a G.o.d realm demon comes, or else no one would be able to stop him. Once Mo Duanhun escapes, and learns that we have helped the demons come here, the two of us might not be able to stay in the Gu family anymore.”
“If we fail this time, father’s position in the family would also go down. The family would never allow us to give these five islands and the Yang family is infamously arrogant. We would never be able to accommodate to both sides. But if Mo Duanhun were to be killed by a demon, then we can get rid of ourselves from all responsibilities. By that time, the Yang family would be flown into panic and probably wouldn’tt have time to continue making trouble. Father, you should consider carefully.”
“Let’s go to the Soul Gathering Pool.”
On the south side of Clouds Island, there was a secretive valley. In the middle of the valley, there was a pool.
Yin Qi lingered around the pool. Above the pool water, there was a poisonous fog that was dark as ink. In the surroundings, there were many Soul Calling Banners that covered the entire pool.
On the pool surface, there were many ghost-faced souls appearing. The pool water was like a creepy mirror; it contained an endless amount of sealed ghosts and souls
Legend has it that Clouds Island once had a giant disaster; everyone on the island were killed. After those people died, their souls were attracted by some unknown force and didn’t dissipate immediately. Instead, they all gathered inside this pool in the valley.
Inside the pool, there were endless souls. Those souls continuously swam on the surface of the water and occasionally came out to took a stroll.
Clouds Island back in the day once had an evil warrior sect. They treated this Soul Gathering Pool as a holy place and kept cultivating near the pool.
In order to obtain the attribution of Clouds Island, the Gu family sent out the strong warriors in the family and extinguished this evil warrior sect. All the souls of the warriors from this sect sank into the Soul Gathering Pool.
After the Gu family obtained Clouds Island, they obtained a deeper understanding of this Soul Gathering Pool. From the scriptures of the destroyed evil sect, they learned that the this Soul Gathering Pool could connect to the Sevenfold Underworld and the Fourth Demon Area. However, the Soul Gathering Pool was different from the Gate of Heaven; the Gate could let the people from the Endless Sea enter into the Sevenfold Underworld and the Fourth Demon Area whereas the Soul Gathering pool didn’t have this effect.
The Soul Gathering Pool could only let some of the strong warriors from the Sevenfold Underworld and the Fourth Demon Area appear on the surface of the pool water through the infiltration of the soul.
Back in the day, when the Gu family attempted to destroy the Soul Gathering Pool, a demon soul suddenly appeared in the Soul Gathering Pool. That demon appeared onto the surface of the pool and asked for cooperation from the Gu family. They wanted to make Gu family use their secret method to put different creatures and souls into the Soul Gathering Pool, in an attempt to use the Pool to make the soul come to the Endless Sea directly from the Sevenfold Underworld and the Fourth Demon Area.
However, the Sevenfold Underworld and the Three G.o.ds Sect were never on the same path. The Three G.o.ds Sect went to the Sevenfold Underworld many times through the gate of heaven and obtained enormous resources and benefits there, but they also had deadly conflicts with the Sevenfold Underworld.
The Gu family and the Three G.o.ds Sect were allies so naturally, they didn’t want to help the dark dwellers from the Sevenfold Underworld go against the Three G.o.ds Sect.
Because of that, not only did the Gu family refuse to agree with the Dark Dwellers and the Demons, they tightly constrained the Soul Gathering Pool instead. They used all kinds of different powers to hide this area so that no one else would know about everything related to the Soul Gathering Pool.
At the time, when the Gu family was deciding on whether or not to destroy the Soul Gathering Pool, there were intense arguments inside the Gu family. In the end, in order to take precautions against having bad relations with the Three G.o.ds Sect, or for some other reason, the Gu family actually decided to keep the Soul Gathering Pool.
But all the secrets that were related to the pool were kept hidden by the Gu family.
The many constraints set outside the Pool were also arranged by the top powerful warriors of the Gu family. Unless a master from the fifteen forces who was an expert in seals coincidentally came here, it would be very hard for others to know about the secrets of this place.
The last time that Mo Duanhun came to cause a bloodbath in Clouds Island, he wandered the entire Clouds Island while riding his Cyan Blood Bat. He even spread out his soul consciousness to search for strong warriors and spiritual items on the island, but he still couldn’t discover the Soul Gathering Pool.
The secrecy of the Soul Gathering Pool was evident.
The father and son duo, Gu Lie and Gu Jiange, quietly left the tower. They avoided the guards from the Gu family and went to the Soul Gathering Pool.
The two arrived at the mysterious and strange Soul Gathering Pool. Gu Lie used a secret method to open the constraint and arrived onto the surface of the pool. He sent out a streak of soul consciousness into the black light ball in the middle of the pool surface.
That black light ball was formed by countless souls. The souls of these people blended together, making ferocious ghost faces that appeared on the surface of the black light ball.
Gu Lie’s wisp of soul consciousness flew in and fell on top of the black light ball. Soon, the black light ball sank into the Soul Gathering Pool.
In ten minutes, the water of the Soul Gathering Pool started boiling and stirred choppy waves. The filthy black water rose up and vaguely formed into a pitch black demon figure that was dark as ink; it had six sharp horns on its head and was three meters tall.
“After a month, the leader of the three Shura Kings from the Yang family of the Endless Sea, Mo Duanhun, will arrive here. At that time, I can open up the Soul Gathering Pool for a while. Can you guys seize the opportunity, and prevent Mo Duanhun and the Shura Blood Guards from leaving?” Gu Lie didn’t waste his words and went straight to the point.
“Mo Duanhun?” That demon flared out his fangs and claws, its body of pool water kept swaying. It gave out a sinister laugh: “Great that he’s coming! Great!”
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick and Bobby
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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