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Chapter 150 - Undersea Battle
Early morning
The boat was traveling to a mist-shrouded area, a light mist shrouded the sea. Linda and others had their complexion turned extremely ugly, and the Nascent realm warrior among them, showed frightened expressions on their face for the first time.
Behind the boat, there were already more than sixty green scale beast gathered, and four of them were already at level 4.
In the clear sea, It was already very difficult to deal with these green scale beast and now with the boat in the foggy areas, If the green scale beasts started to attack, then it will be even more difficult to deal with it.
The green scale beast lived in the sea, and under the sea, there was no fog.
Therefore, the green scale beast on the sea didn't get affected by the fog.
Sometimes the things you fear always becomes true!
At the moment when Linda and the others were shocked, the green scale beasts, gathered behind hundred meters of the boat, suddenly increased their speed.
One after one, the green scale beast, as if the like an arrow, quickly jumped from the sea and rushed up.
"Careful!!!” Linda Screamed, "There are four Level 4 green scale beast in there, in any case don't go under the water, we will look for a chance to lure them out!".
This scream from Linda was a bit lifeless and weak.
A Level 4 Green scale beast was a huge threat in the sea, even if she went under the water, she was still not capable of defeating it.
Also,Level 4 Green scale beast also possessed some wisdom, as long as they did not come out of the sea, and choose to attack the boat from inside the sea, then if the boat gets destroyed, and they fall into the water, then they will surely die
Linda could not stop the beast from attacking the boat, her screams naturally seemed weak.
s.h.i.+ yan frowned, and in his heart lightly sighed, as he knew that this time the people on the boat, were in deep trouble.
And then sure enough, one after another, the green scale beast leaned over and surrounded the boat, but none of the green scale beasts came out from the water
With the presence of Level 4 Green scale beast, the rest of the green scale beast become wiser and didn't recklessly rushed out, but they only surrounded the boat, as if quietly waiting for something.
"Crack!" Crakk! Crakkk !!"
A creepy sound came from under the boat, the faces of the people on the deck suddenly became pale.
The Level 4 Green scale beast have begun gnawing at the boat.
Once the boat had been broached, and it sanked into the sea, then it will become the domain of the green scale beast, and when they fall into the sea, then n.o.body could escape from the jaws of the green scale beast.
Linda’s face also changed, her beautiful eyes were full of despair, but she shouted persistently "Go near the deck, and attack the green scale beasts in the sea!, n.o.body is allowed to give up !!"
"Sister Linda, we believe in you!"
"d.a.m.n it! even if I die, at least half of these level 3 green scale beast need to ****"
The crew on the deck furiously came to the edge of the the deck and attacked the green scale beasts gathered around the boat.
All kinds of rays were shot into the sea, aiming at the scales of the green scale beasts.
There were a few green scale beasts that were too close to the water surface, they were stabbed by Linda, and immediately lay flat with their bellies turned up, and died by her fierce attacks.
However, the rest of the warriors’ attacks couldn't do much.
The green scale beasts which had been hit only hid under the sea, and dived back into the deep sea.
Once the green scale beast went than ten meters in the sea, any attack will be nullified by the sea water, and it didn't pose any more threat to the green scaled beasts.
One after one, the green scale beast began to dive.
On the sea, the water splashed, but there were no longer any green scale beasts that were injured. All of the green scale beasts dove into the sea and stared furiously at the crew at the boat.
Linda suddenly felt powerless.
They can't do anything if the green scale beast didn't come out, especially the Level 4 Green scale beast who was still under the deck and carried gnawing on it. once the deck was destroyed, then they will surely die.
s.h.i.+ Yan also stood up; he quietly came to the deck, and looked sullenly on the green scale beast on the sea.
If the green scale beast didn't attacked any warrior on the boat, then there won't be any negative energy produced, and without negative force, it's impossible to construct a gravitational field.
s.h.i.+ yan face become sullen and he coldly looked at Carmon and the others as an intense killing intent rose from the depth of his heart.
Unless someone died, then they can get rid of this situation, and someone had to die immediately, or else if the deck got destroyed, then even with the dead, the result will still be the same.
s.h.i.+ Yan was ready to kill!!
"Get into the sea! rather than waiting to die, it is better to fight with the green scale beast in the sea! anyway, if the deck destroyed, we will sink in the sea too, then it would be better if we fight with green scale beast in the sea before the deck is destroyed " Linda looked despaired and she can only issued such a helpless decision.
Fight with the green scale beast in the sea, that was definitely, a extremely, unwise decision, Linda understand this better than anyone else! but now, she didn't have any other choice but to gamble with this decision.
"Alright!! " every warrior on the boat started to become enrage in the desperate situation, and without any command, there were already three people who jumped into the sea.
Carmon hesitates for a while, but he also jumped into the sea.
"Fight!!" Linda screamed, and was ready to jump into the sea
s.h.i.+ Yan suddenly came over near her, as he frowned at her and hesitated
Although Linda seemed aggressive, but she knew that once she jumps into the water, she will definitely die, she froze for a moment, and looked blankly towards s.h.i.+ yan, as if as she was waiting for something.
But s.h.i.+ yan couldn't do anything, he just shook his head with a sigh
Linda's face became sad, the hope in her eyes faded away, and she too jumped into the sea and fought the green scale beasts with the other warrior in the sea.
She really hoped that s.h.i.+ yan was a master, and would be able to help them at this critical moment.
She had placed her last hope on s.h.i.+ yan, but only got s.h.i.+ Yan’s sigh in exchange for it.
Linda’s last hope completely vanished, and finally, she didn't hope for anything else and jumped into the sea to die together with her crew.
s.h.i.+ Yan had a very complex expression, looking at the empty boat, he hesitated a bit, and suddenly also jumped into the sea.
The last gaze from Linda before she jumped into the sea, was full of despair and sadness, yet she jumped into the sea anyway, he was really touched with this, which made him feel pity for this girl.
Whether for Linda or for himself, s.h.i.+ yan must do something.
s.h.i.+ yan held his breath, and dove into the sea, his eyes look abnormally cold in the deep sea.
A negative energy of despair and hatred suddenly came from the deep sea and started flooding into his meridians
A warrior which has a close relations.h.i.+p with Carmon was torn into pieces by a Level 4 Green scale beast and he was the first casualty in the sea.
As Linda and the others jumped into the sea, the Level 4 Green scale beast which were gnawing at the boat suddenly stopped, and swarmed over, and surrounded Linda and others.
The boat, wasn't the green scale beasts target, the reason they attacked the boat was to force Linda and the others to jump into the sea.
And now, as Linda and the others were already in the sea, the green scale beasts naturally won't waste their time on the boat, and they surrounded Linda and the others immediately.
In the sea, the green scale beasts were like shuttles, their speed was extremely fast!!
The threat of the Level 3 Green scale beast in the sea was much dangerous than on land.
Carmon and the others that were in human realm, after jumping into the water, their strength decreased significantly, and could they only barely fight with Level 3 Green scale beasts.
And in the sea, there were also the four Level 4 Green scale beasts’!
For them, the presence of these four Level 4 Green scale beasts’, was like four mountains which can't be budged
"Aaargh! "
Another scream of despair, suddenly came from a warrior near Carmon, this man crazily forced his way into the group of green scale beast and was bitten by five Level 3 Green scale beast. His arms and legs were chewed into pieces, and he became the second casualty in the sea.
After his death, the Profound Qi from his body was sucked by s.h.i.+ Yan, who quietly came up close
In his meridians, after obtaining the Profound Qi from two people, negative force began to spread. Although not much, but it was enough for s.h.i.+ yan to construct a gravitational field.
As he willed, s.h.i.+ yan began to stir his Profound qi and negative force, and constructed a millstone size magnetic field.
The invisible magnetic field, because it was constructed in the water, began to form a spiral tornado and it gradually formed a whirlpool in the water.
"Chi chi!!"
In the sea, Linda was waving her double daggers, which seemed like dancing sea snakes. She killed some of the Level 3 Green scale beasts that rushed at her.
The Level 4 Green scale beasts immediately noticed Linda, and one of them suddenly rushed towards her with a great speed.
"Pu pu!"
In the water, Linda performed her "double snake twist", and slashes of sharp sword light were shot at the Level 4 Green scale beast’s body.
With Level 4 Green scale beast, the thickness of their scales was way more powerful than the level 3 ones! The sharp rays of Linda’s swords, can maybe penetrate through the Level 3 beasts, but it couldn't penetrate through the scales of the Level 4 green scale beasts and it can only leave a deep sword cut on its scales.
Another Level 4 green scale beast, quietly rushed over to Linda.
This beast opened its mouth and its teeth were like rows of sharp blades, which were aimed straight for Linda's waist.
If she got bitten this time, then the beautiful supple body of Linda certainly will be broken into two parts, and then no matter how pretty she was, all that was left would be two pieces of a mutilated body.
At this moment, Linda was struggling with the attack from another Level 4 green scale beast, under the attack from this beast, she was already scrambling, and appeared very fl.u.s.tered.
She saw the attack from the second beast, but she couldn't do anything.
Linda's eyes were full of despair, her expression was miserable, and she could only can see the attack from the another beast coming her way, but unable to do anything.
At this moment.
The tornado that mysteriously appeared in the *** sea, suddenly moved fast. It made huge waves along the way and swept over everything in its way.
When the sharp teeth of the second green scale beast were at the distance of three meters apart from Linda, it was suddenly swept up by the tornado, and got forcefully dragged into it.
Linda was shocked, she fearfully wanted to avoid the tornado that swallowed the beast.
The tornado seemed to have eyes and it suddenly changed its direction in the quick a.s.sault, pa.s.sing from her side and engulfing another green scale beast that was struggling with her
Two Level 4 green scale beast, in just a few seconds, were engulfed by a tornado that mysteriously appeared.
Linda, who would have died, had escaped from the brink of death, and fearfully watched the raging tornado on the sea, her beautiful face was full of confusion.
Suddenly a figure appeared in her sight.
"hey, he also jumped down! " Linda was shocked, as she look at the cold face of s.h.i.+ yan in the water, suddenly a strange thought emerged in her heart, "Perhaps, that tornado, was made by him?”
Translated by: Wiyi
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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