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Chapter 129 - Two Sky Corpses
Numerous graves were spread around on the Island Burial Site.
In the middle of the island stood many stone towers. In the center of these towers was a giant grave which had three open holes, each directly leading into the depths of the grave.
s.h.i.+ Yan and Xia Xinyan followed behind the Corpse Sect and Yin Yang Wonderland disciples. They came across many graves along the way, and arrived at the center of the island.
Inside the surrounding stone towers, there were a number of Yin Yang Wonderland disciples. These towers were also occupied by disciples of the Corpse Sect, who were all responsible for finding favourable positions for refining the corpses in the nearby graves.
The two priests from the Yin Yang Wonderland, Li Zhuang and Ju Yueru, arrived at one of the stone towers with the Earth realm warrior from the Corpse Sect. They seemed to be discussing payment.
Li Wei was busy mingling with some Corpse Sect disciples, who were all in the Disaster realm. They stood next to the two Yin Yang Wonderland’s Earth realm warriors and coldly stared at s.h.i.+ Yan and Xia Xinyan.
s.h.i.+ Yan and Xia Xinyan were temporarily a.s.signed to a room in one of the stone towers. There were no windows inside the room, only a stone door.
Outside the door, a few strong warriors from the Yin Yang Wonderland and the Corpse Sect were secretly guarding the room.
A few Corpse Sect disciples went to the central graveyard, going about some important matters.
Others were busy in carrying out pieces of strange rocks from the stone towers. There were also a variety of strange and creepy shaped wooden pieces, and some bottles containing poisonous insects.
The disciples of the Corpse Sect seemed to be busy preparing the ingredients for refining the corpses.
s.h.i.+ Yan and Xia Xinyan didn’t know about the outside movements, they only knew that they were temporarily in captivity.
In the stone room, s.h.i.+ Yan’s face was calm, but his eyes were cold, and constantly on guard.
With some kind of method, Xia Xinyan seemed to know that there were water corpses hidden in three of the graves on this burial site.
According to what she said, the water corpses would become very strong in water. But on land, they would be very easy to destroy. As long as they could be wrapped in flames, the bodies of these water corpses would easily melt.
The water corpses were not like the ten thousand year-old corpse kings. The corpse Kings could use the powers of the five elements, they could even control water to extinguish fire, plus they also have the power to control fire within them.
The corpse King was the most special and the most powerful corpse slave. The water corpses could only swim in the water, they didn’t have the power to control the water, plus they were extremely weak to flames.
On the way here, Xia Xinyan had already secretly pointed out to s.h.i.+ Yan the three graves that hid water slaves.
s.h.i.+ Yan took note of it in his mind as he was waiting for an opportunity. Once the opportunity arrived, he definitely would take care of the water corpses buried in the three graves first. Then they would finally be able to go into the sea without worries.
Late at night.
In the different graves of the Burial Site, there often came frightening shrieks.
The Yin Yang Wonderland disciples that went with the Corpse Sect followers to look around in the graves were mostly first-timers. In the silent night against creepy terrifying corpse slaves, of course many would get scared and scream.
Shrieks came from the graves in different areas. In a silent night like this, that kind of chilling scream was pretty scary in itself.
Once someone started screaming, it caused a chain reaction. When the Yin Yang Wonderland disciples from other graves heard someone else’s scream, they would scream with fear too.
In a moment, occasional shrieks and howls started coming from the island.
s.h.i.+ Yan’s expression was indifferent. With furrowed brows he listened to the screams nearby. Through the screams, he could determine in which direction there were more Yin Yang Wonderland disciples.
s.h.i.+ Yan kept calculating in his mind. He calculated which direction would be the easiest to escape to, if he were really to do it.
“You two can come out now.” Around midnight, Li Wei’s voice came from outside.
s.h.i.+ Yan sneered in his mind as he walked out of the stone door with Xia Xinyan. After glancing at the Yin Yang Wonderland and Corpse Sect disciples at the door, he said lightly, “Li Wei, what are you trying to do?”
“The ingredients for refining a live corpse are ready, we’ll lead you to go see it.” Li Wei’s eyes were filled with malice, but when saying these words, he was very excited as he subconsciously rubbed his hands, as if he couldn’t wait a moment longer.
s.h.i.+ Yan’s expression s.h.i.+fted slightly as he said, “We are not interested in viewing the process of refining live corpses. If you’re interested, you can go by yourself.”
“That’s not up to you.” Li Wei sneered and snorted, “You have to go no matter what! Take them!”
The two Earth realm warriors from Yin Yang Wonderland stood on both sides of s.h.i.+ Yan. Five Disaster realm disciples from the Corpse Sect also walked forward. Their eyes were full of wickedness, they seemed to also look forward to the upcoming live corpse refining process very much.
Two Earth realm warriors, three disaster realm disciples from the Corpse Sect, plus Li Wei.
This amount of power was already very hard to deal with, plus in the nearby stone towers, there were also the Nirvana realm warriors, Li Zhuang and Ju Yueru.
If they start fighting here, then Li Zhuang and Ju Yueru would definitely come out of the stone tower. At that time, it would be extremely difficult for s.h.i.+ Yan and Xia Xinyan to escape this disaster.
After quickly weighing his options, s.h.i.+ Yan suddenly grinned, “Then we might as well go take a look. Lead the way.”
The five Corpse Sect disciples looked indifferent, there were no special emotions on their faces. They slowly walked towards one of the holes in the middle of the stone towers.
“Get in!” Li Wei stood next next to those two Earth realm warriors, and shouted with a stern voice.
s.h.i.+ Yan felt cold inside, his eyes rolled over Li Wei. He took a deep breath in, and slowly followed along.
This was a giant underground tomb.
The tomb was very large, and had many stone chambers. There were many coffins displayed in the middle of those stone chambers. The coffins were designed very peculiarly, with many iron pipes reaching out of the stone walls and inserting into those coffins.
Every coffin had five or six pipes, which were as thick as a man’s arm, stuck on them. One end of the iron pipes went into the coffins, and the other end went into the stone walls.
Strange death Qi and corpse Qi filled the iron pipes, and this Qi was slowly moving through them. These coffins were like Qi transportation hubs. They transferred the strange powers in the gullies to the coffins through these iron pipes, which provided enough power for the corpse slaves.
In the underground grave, there were possibly more than twenty of these different sized stone rooms. In every stone room, there were three or four coffins, and in every coffin there was a corpse slave.
In the middle of the grave lay the biggest stone room. This one was twice as big as the others, but there were only two coffins in the middle.
Those two coffins were also twice as big as other normal coffins. There were many iron pipes sticking into it. A mix of death Qi and corpse Qi flowed into those two coffins through the iron pipes.
After s.h.i.+ Yan came down, his expression immediately changed just after one glance at the two coffins.
In other coffins, there wasn’t a single trace of fluctuation, as the corpse slaves didn’t have auras.
Yet, in those two giant coffins in the middle, there was the slight fluctuation of an aura. The corpse slaves in those two coffins didn’t seem to be mindless. It looked like they had the ability to think.
Sky corpses!
s.h.i.+ Yan was shocked inside. According to what Xia Xinyan said, thousand year-old Sky corpses were stronger than they were before they died. Plus, they had a simple consciousness, and the instinct to wake up and fight. When fighting with others, they even understand how to pick the right martial skill to fight their enemies. They could use their martial skills better than when they were alive!
Usually, every thousand year-old old Sky corpse was at least a Nirvana realm warrior before they died.
Only for dead Nirvana realm warriors would the Corpse Sect go to such great extents to make them into Sky corpses.
Sky corpses were very precious, and only important figures in the Corpse Sect would be qualified to own a Sky corpse.
Every Sky corpse is recorded in the Corpse sect. If an important figure in the Corpse Sect wanted to obtain a Sky corpse, they would have to get the permission of the Sect Leader to become an owner of a Sky corpse.
Two Sky corpses!
s.h.i.+ Yan stared at the two coffins, and complained in his mind. He felt like it would probably be extremely hard to escape from this disaster this time.
“It’s right here.”
The disciples of the Corpse Sect led s.h.i.+ Yan and Xia Xinyan into one of the stone chambers next to the two Sky corpses. In that stone chamber was an empty coffin. The coffin seemed have been filled with different kinds of corpse refining material. Twelve iron pipes were inserted into that one coffin, and vigorous corpse Qi and death Qi kept flowing out of the coffin, giving off an extremely evil aura.
“Why don’t you get in?” A Corpse Sect follower coldly looked at s.h.i.+ Yan and Xia Xinyan, urging them to enter the coffin.
“Crack!” s.h.i.+ Yan abruptly crashed into Li Wei’s arms, and the sound of breaking bones resounded through the air.
Three Gravitational Fields quickly s.h.i.+fted. Separately they trapped the two Earth realm warriors of Yin Yang Wonderland. Another Gravitational Field dragged three Corpse Sect followers into it.
These three secretly released gravitational fields were formed by mixing Profound Qi and Yin Qi. s.h.i.+ Yan had prepared it when they entered the tomb.
Originally he wanted to find the right opportunity to attack, but now there was no room for him to maneuver. The opponents already prepared to refine them into live corpses. In frustration, s.h.i.+ Yan was forced to attack.
“You’re dead!”
The expression of the remaining two Corpse Sect disciples changed. They suddenly took out bells from their pockets, and lightly shook them.
In the two stone chambers in the distance, seven coffins were broken by corpse slaved from the inside.
The seven ghastly pale corpse slaves suddenly sat up from inside the coffins. They quickly got out of the coffins, and lifelessly came towards s.h.i.+ Yan.
“Be careful!” Xia Xinyan exclaimed, she opened her mouth and spit out a colorful light.
That colorful light was a small dagger, it overflowed with light. Like a shooting star, it suddenly shot towards those two Corpse Sect disciples which were not bound by the Gravitational Fields.
“You should be careful too!” s.h.i.+ Yan’s expression was merciless. He suddenly roared.
A flow of violent, desperate, insane, and murderous evil intents suddenly poured out of s.h.i.+ Yan’s body.
In a mere moment, s.h.i.+ Yan’s whole body was covered with white fog. He had activated the negative powers.
In the tearing pain, the power in s.h.i.+ Yan’s body increased drastically. His eyes were filled with endless feelings of violence and fear. His expression was ferocious, but he was cool-headed as ever.
Wisps of negative energies flowed into the three Gravitational Fields. It doubled the power of the Gravitational Fields.
The three Disaster realm disciples from the Corpse Sect were in extreme pain inside the Gravitational Fields. Blood unceasingly bled out of their bodies!
In the Gravitational Field mixed with three kinds of powers, the bodies of two Earth realm warriors from Yin Yang Wonderland were suddenly covered in layers of red and white light. The power of the Gravitational Field could only bind the two, and it was unable to hurt their bodies.
“You want to make me into a living corpse? I’ll turn you into a dead corpse right now!” s.h.i.+ Yan’s expression was merciless. After activating the negative powers, he seemed have turned into a bloodthirsty beast. He suddenly sprinted towards the terrified-looking Li Wei.
Li Wei was struck into the air, and, before he fell to the ground, he had already died.
s.h.i.+ Yan didn’t even look at Li Wei’s corpse. He suddenly turned around and quickly sprinted towards the two Corpse Sect disciples that were opposing Xia Xinyan.
“Wuwuwu! Wuwuwu!”
One of the Corpse Sect disciples had a terrified expression. He quickly swallowed the bell in his hand, and suddenly started yelling out loud.
“Crack crack!”
The coffins holding the Sky corpses suddenly released a strange sound. The thick wooden planks on top of the coffin moved to the side.
Two flows of extremely evil corpse Qi suddenly rushed out of them. They looked like a pale gray smoke as wreathed the top of the coffin, giving off an evil and creepy aura.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Eli, Jimmy, and Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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