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Published at 22nd of July 2019 06:05:09 AM Chapter 896: 896

However, Pampas had not given up .

Everyone was stunned . One would know that when a mech was in silent mode, it would mean that its power output would be very small . Yet, the Heaven's Wrath was climbing to the rooftop step by step . At this moment, the Sentry type V was still carefully heading towards this direction . Clearly, Pampas past performance had always made people cautious that he would be hiding in some sinister place . Ba.s.s was being cautious and careful .

If one would say that the strongest and most unfathomable person at present was w.a.n.g Zheng, then the smartest person had to be Pampas .

Unknowingly, those people who liked the people of Aslan, all felt that they should give Pampas a chance .

Star Lya battle team had worked really really hard .

Only victory!

The Heaven's Wrath had hidden and waited for the moment when his opponent arrived . At this moment, if Ba.s.s was to raise his head and take a look, the Heaven's Wrath would definitely be finished .

However, Ba.s.s' eyes were focused all on the ground . For a sc.u.m that had a shortened leg and a lost arm, he would definitely be hiding in some wretched corner and would use his shameless wall pa.s.sing technique to ambush . He would not fall for it .

The faces of the people of Aslan weren't too pleasant . Pampas was completely fearless while Ba.s.s was acting very cautiously like a mouse . This formed a stark contrast . When it came to judgment and tactical literacy, Pampas was overwhelmingly better .

Just was complete intellectual domination .

However, the Sentry Type V still had its energy s.h.i.+eld . Pampas' current situation couldn't break the s.h.i.+eld at all . What was he going to do?

Just when the Sentry Type V was about to reach the bottom, Pampas' Heaven's Wrath dropped down directly . Without the roar of the engine, he was holding onto the long spear from the Overlord . If this long spear was to pierce through from the top downwards…

The only weakness of the energy s.h.i.+eld was the spot directly above and below it . It could be considered as the blind spots of the oval-shaped energy s.h.i.+eld and its protective force were the weakest there .

This was the only way out .

Ba.s.s was getting anxious . When he felt something strange directly above him, he saw a huge mech and that sharp long spear once he raised his head .


The long spear penetrated the energy s.h.i.+eld and through the Sentry Type V . It had all of Pampas' energy gathered on it .

The whole crowd was silent . This was because when this blow was completed, there was no energy s.h.i.+eld . Under the scenario where the mech was in silent mode, it wouldn't be able to provide enough protection . Pampas had died in the battle too .

Both parties had perished together .

It was a choice so calm that was close to being cold . Not harboring any hopes of a flute, this was what Pampas could have done .

Calm… Perhaps this match wasn't as magical as the match between w.a.n.g Zheng and Olivios . However, it had a feeling of brutality and the desire for victory .

If you wished to stand, then no one could make you kneel down!

Clap clap clap clap… .

The first one to clap… was surprisingly Aslan's Princess Aina .

Following closely, the whole crowd erupted with raucous claps . It was another draw but Pampas alone was enough to earn won everyone's claps .

Perseverance, forbearance, composure, and trust . The weaker Star Lya battle team had displayed something different . They weren't complaining and never gave up . What they wanted to do was to move ahead .

This was the strength of the combined team from Lya Sphinx and Gemini Star .

It was enough to be a good role model for many others . As long as one didn't give up, the opportunity would be there .

In the last match of the third round between Imperial Glory battle team and Star Lya battle team, it was a draw . Claps and cheers filled the entire hall and were spreading constantly to every corner in the world .

With all the 3 rounds concluded, the acc.u.mulated battle points were as followed:

Saruman Snake battle team – 9 points

Imperial Glory battle team – 7 Points

Asura battle team – 6 points

Dynasty battle team – 6 points

Eagle battle team – 3 points

Star Lya battle team – 2 points

Dark Wolves battle team – 1 point

Icefire battle team – 0 points

When Saruman Snake battle team appeared at the top by winning all 3 matches, the whole crowd exploded with deafening clapping . They were the super dark horse that had gone against all expectations and remained undefeated . Before the compet.i.tion, this was a team that was ranked last in strength . Who would have thought that after 3 rounds, it would be the only team that won every round and surprisingly be standing at the peak and looking down at all the strong teams!

The students of the Ares College had already gone completely berserk . This was equivalent to saying that there were students standing at the top of the Milky Way Galaxy that had suddenly come from a lower grade Military school . Moreover, it wasn't just one person but a team . The difficulty of this was off the roof .

So Ares College was truly a Military school . It was really that awesome . With such a strong senior, they too would have hope .

Xiao Fei's slim and fair fingers were knocking on the table softly . Ares College's Military School Expenditure plan was just rejected not too long ago . The Solar System a.s.sessment Committee had determined that Ares College was currently transiting in the direction of a comprehensive University . However, Xiao Fei had promised Gu Te that she would succeed in the traditions of Ares College .

With this battle, Xiao Fei now had the chips . One w.a.n.g Zheng and one Zhang Shan were enough!

Yesterday you might look down on me but today I'm beyond your level!

This was what the current Ares College was about . From this period of time, the pa.s.sion of military school students had never been so high . The power from role models was endless . No one knew how many students had set their goals as entering Elite Academy and following the footsteps of their predecessors to fight for Earth .

No matter if they could achieve it or not in the end, they would have a different life .

The No . 1 of the Greatest King, Saruman Snake battle team!

As compared to the fever in other places, although Elite Academy would give Saruman Snake battle team a very high remark, the reaction was still relatively colder .

Saruman Snake battle team had become one of the strongest team but not the only one .

The Asura battle team was still the strongest . The failure in that battle could only represent that single time . In fact, Asura battle team had its chance . The final issue was that the strongest captain of the Asura battle team, Marzu, had not even made his appearance .

If Marzu and Olivios were to take part at the same time, what would be the outcome?

This question was in fact often neglected by many of their opponents . If the two of them was to go together, others could just admit their defeat . There's no longer any suspense at all .

It was the same for the Imperial Glory battle team . They had chosen to change their main members in the last match . Their intentions were belittling their opponents, had messy strategies and the absence of the Atlantean finally resulted in a draw . However giving it some thought, the Imperial Glory had reached this outcome after committing N numbers of mistakes . Would Aslan make the same mistakes again?

This stage had ended and the battle had entered the training phase . One could easily imagine that no matter if one is standing at the top or all the way at the bottom, they all had to undergo conclusion and understanding seriously . Obviously, there would also be many changes for the members .

The MVP t.i.tle of Greatest King in the first round had fallen into w.a.n.g Zheng without any doubts . The t.i.tle of the best battle team had also fallen on Saruman Snake battle team .

And the most antic.i.p.ated battle team had fallen onto Star Lya battle team .

Pampas himself had obtained the t.i.tle of the most outstanding Captain .

The truth was w.a.n.g Zheng could also receive this t.i.tle . It was just that he had obtained the MVP t.i.tle which had the most weight . Saruman Snake battle team as a whole still had lots of openings . However, in every battle, w.a.n.g Zheng could always make good combinations and allocations . This had, in fact, reflected the captain's ability and judgment . It was just that w.a.n.g Zheng was too strong individually and caused this point to seem dimmer in contrast . On the contrary, Pampas had fully displayed this point . The truth was w.a.n.g Zheng agreed fully with this decision . Pampas definitely deserved it .

The details were about Pampas' onsite command and allocation and his coordination of the bigger picture . With regard to this ability, w.a.n.g Zheng was indeed not as good and even need to learn from Pampas .

No matter what, w.a.n.g Zheng was very satisfied . It was truly great to be able to come to the Elite Academy .

There were too many people celebrating with both familiar and unfamiliar faces . Student w.a.n.g was carried out of the stadium . Nonetheless, no one could really remember the details .

However, the might of the Greatest King compet.i.tion had just started to show . The Elite Academy had always been mysterious in the past . Despite the compet.i.tion being released within a targeted area of Military school, it still caused large waves among the professional field and started spreading outwards .

As the most antic.i.p.ated match between Saruman Snake battle team and Asura battle team, some professional mecha designers raised the idea about super mecha .

Since the top-notch warriors of the human race had already reached this standard, they should then be provided with stronger mecha so as to create a real super warrior .

The Heaven's Executioner and the Sky Dragon Knight were both top-end mecha of their respective countries and were provided to the aces in their military for use . However, these standards were clearly not enough for these super warriors . If the country can provide them with stronger mecha, it would play a vital role in future wars .

Obviously, the Elite Academy already possessed the runic mecha that were still confidential . However, the external groups would also have their external demands and both groups wouldn't affect each other . This was also the appeal of the military and mecha companies . Students had nothing to do with it at all .

Ares College seemed to be going through a festival . The quality and quant.i.ty of Military specialization students of Ares College had been on a decline for the past 2 years while the scientific specialization was beyond imagination . After all, the students wouldn't care what kind of school they were entering and only care about if the specialization they chose had reached international standards . The Physics department in Ares College was top cla.s.s in the Milky Way Alliance . Not only did they have strong teachers and finances, but they could also attract authoritative figures at the Milky Way Alliance level to visit . These were all hard power and any talents in these fields would be interested to come to this place . This place was developing towards the direction of being the holy place for the studying of Physics with students coming from all around the Milky Way Alliance .

However, for this year, Xiao Fei definitely did not need to worry over this . Through the Greatest King Compet.i.tion, the influence of Ares College had become unparalleled within the Solar System Federation and even some neighboring Federations .

For a student who aspired to join the military, would thras.h.i.+ng Arbiter mean one was strong?


Only strong? How could you say that? They would be really super strong!

Through various Skylink channels and various other communication devices, the recruitment department for Military Specialisation, which had been very calm for the past year, suddenly become very busy . There were even some who wished to transfer from another school .

The thinking of the students was very simple . Ares College was already famous initially . It was just that they had thought that the Military department wasn't that strong . However, from what they saw now, everyone had made a mistake . The school was just keeping a low profile!

If that's the case, what Xiao Fei had to be worried about would not be a supply of students but the strength of the teachers and their finances . The 2 little brats, w.a.n.g Zheng and Zhang Shan, didn't walk the common path and couldn't be compared with using the thinking of the average person . Just where could she find more experts which could guide the school? Xiao Fei had a headache now again . Since she had taken over the position of the, there wasn't a day where she was slacking off . She felt that she's wasting all her youth in this place .

However, the great Xiao Fei was still the great Xiao Fei after all . As an existence with superb genetics, she quickly found a solution .

The two brats, w.a.n.g Zheng and Zhang Shan, had to repay their alma mater . Obviously, this matter wasn't something that had to be rushed . Those two had their off days after all .

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