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Published at 21st of July 2019 10:35:09 AM Chapter 895: 895

“It's not certain yet . Under normal circ.u.mstances, Senior Hocatolin can also go against 3 at the same time . ”

“Hocatolin is one of the strongest warriors . The three of them ain't enough yet!”

Hocatolin had an ominous feeling . He had been focusing on Pampas' actions and neglected Ya Tiannan and Ao Ziwei . He had also not expected Ao Ziwei's Ability X could actually be used on other people . This was truly too surprising and there's no wonder they could be so confident!

Ability X invoked, displacement activated . He was trying to avoid their strong momentum now and look for an opportunity again . This was also the unique characteristics of the Void Shadow G.o.d .

However, Ya Tiannan wasn't dead but was fearless in the face of it . Using the instance of immunity against Ability X, he pounced directly onto the Void Shadow G.o.d . Using both his hands and legs, he executed a snap-lock grip with his full strength and imprisoned the Void Shadow G.o.d .

Kcha . The first displacement movement invoked by the Void Shadow G.o.d was disrupted!

“Displacement being disrupted?! The Void Shadow G.o.d is in trouble now! Hocatolin's Void Shadow G.o.d displacement was still very different from Zhang Shan's s.p.a.ce warp . ” Ka Tao was clearly praising Zhang Shan over the air .

At this moment, Student Zhang Shan was revealing a faint smile that was meant to show off pompously . His s.p.a.ce warp was unique in the entire world and was completely different from these that required the use of a mech .

However, no one was paying attention to him . At this moment, the battle situation had entered the most critical moment . Ya Tiannan was fearless in the face of death and had completely locked down the movement of the Void Shadow G.o.d . With a heavy mech on him, he could neither run away nor invoke his displacement…

As for the reinforcement from the Rose Coat of Arms, he was quite a distance away and was further away than Pampas .

At this moment, the Angel mech had headed towards Hocatolin .


However, was it real?

Hocatolin sneered . It wasn't bad at all, but, I'm sorry, He still hadn't used his full strength yet . Moreover, did they believe that he would not see that the invincibility glow on Ya Tiannan body had disappeared? Boom!!!

As his whole body burst into flames, the fire attribute Ability X instantly covered the entire Void Shadow G.o.d . The fire s.h.i.+eld exploded with a shockwave once again and the Metallic Wilderness Beast turned bright red instantly . Ya Tiannan didn't even let out a shriek of horror before he was killed instantly . If this was a real practical battle, this attack alone would have cooked the pilot directly .

“Wood” complemented “Fire” . Hocatolin was Hocatolin after all and he wasn't someone Ya Tiannan could face head-on .

Facing Ao Ziwei who was approaching him at the same time, Hocatolin didn't retreat . He even ignored the burden from the dead sh.e.l.l of the Metallic Wilderness Beast and swung his sword ahead directly . Rumble . He had sealed the fierce attacks of the Angel mech . Ao Ziwei's Ability X immediately exploded directly into Hocatolin's mech . However, Ao Ziwei was receiving the force from the aftershock of Hocatolin's fire s.h.i.+eld at the same too!

Hocatolin was trying to suppress the anger in his heart . The d.a.m.ned Pampas . From the very start, the target was him . He had to know that he had no chance of winning and therefore decided to target him to save himself some face!

Hocatolin took a deep breath and the fire s.h.i.+eld exploded fiercely and suddenly for the third time . Boom!

The Angel mech could no longer move . Ao Ziwei spat out a mouthful of blood suddenly . She could no longer withstand it anymore . This level of battle was already enough to cause damage to both parties .

One could say that Ao Ziwei could have just given up now . However, the Angel mech suddenly grabbed on to both arms of the Void Shadow G.o.d .

“Captain!” Within the small and skinny stature of Ao Ziwei, there was a stubborn and non-relenting resilience of one from the Gemini Star . From the very start, they had not given up at all . This was the stubbornness of the people from Gemini Star!

Pampas had finally arrived!

Far away, the Rose Coat of Arms was sprinting with all his might . He had even thrown his s.h.i.+eld away . Support, support!

Hocatolin let out an angry roar . Instantly, his whole body went cold . The Rose Coat of Arms definitely couldn't make it on time . Moreover, at this moment, it was when his Ability X was depleted and hadn't recovered…

He could only try his best now!


Raging Fire Ability X emanated out from all directions . Surprisingly, despite a heavy mech hanging on it and a warrior-type mech trying its best to stall him, Hocatolin still had such overbearing battle prowess .

The motionless Angel mech was sent flying directly from the debris of the explosion . At the same time, the fire on the beam saber arced towards the sky . Hocatolin was risking the need for half a month of recovery as he did not wish to disgrace himself in front of the Princesses . He had to kill them off!

If Pampas chose to dodge, the Rose Coat of Arms would be able to support him in time . Pampas' ploy to snipe Hocatolin would be in vain! Moreover, Ao Ziwei and Ya Tiannan were already finished…

If he chose to battle, the fire ability might result in both parties suffering huge damage . After all, he was Hocatolin .

In a split second time, without any room for any considerations, Pampas could only swing down his sword resolutely!

Boom, Void Shadow G.o.d exploded into flames under Pampas' beam saber!

Pampas also paid the price for this resolute swing of his blade . His face turned pale suddenly and the strong fire ability burnt his entire body . He couldn't negate it instantly… Hocatolin had indeed become stronger . A mouthful of blood had reached the throat but Pampas forcefully held it back down .

As for Rose Coat of Arms, he had already appeared in front of him . “Go and die!”

Gu Dongliang's anger had reached the maximum . The mission Hocatolin had given him was to support him and yet he wasn't able to achieve it .

Everyone's eyes were staring widely . The Imperial Glory team had the absolute advantage . However, no one would have even dreamt that Pampas had really gone to snipe Hocatolin . Although the price was huge, it was still worthwhile .

Gu Dongliang struck with anger as the beam saber swung in the direction of the pilot's cabin position . This was to split the person and the mech into two together!


A bullseye . The mech exploded violently .

Was the Star Lya battle team finished…?


A beam saber pierced over from the side suddenly and went through Gu Dongliang's Rose Coat of Arms's pilot cabin violently . A reverse kill!

The one who struck was surprisingly Pampas' Heaven's Wrath!

However, didn't he just got finished directly br Gu Dongliang previously?

“What happened?” Lin Huiyin was stunned . Winning or losing wasn't important to her . However, this scene was a little beyond common sense . Of course, she had to ask w.a.n.g Zheng .

“His mech had lost an arm when Gu Dongliang struck . However, it wasn't fatal . Pampas' Ability X has a certain level of mental illusory effect . Together with the ability of Creation and an arm of the mech as the price… it had formed a scam . Gu Dongliang was too angry and couldn't differentiate in time . ”

w.a.n.g Zheng couldn't hold back his praises . This battle intelligence and composure were truly off the charts . One could really say that Pampas was the calmest and most composed strategist among all of them .

Very clearly, at this time, Pampas had already temporarily suppressed the power of the flames . With a sudden turn, he headed towards another building and invoked his ability…

“Oh my G.o.d, Pampas is going for a pincer attack!” The audience had a bird's eye view and could clearly see the distribution of the battlefield .

Latuer and Jin Yaoer had not reacted from the news of Hocatolin dying in battle when they received the news of Gu Dongliang being killed in a counterattack . They were only just starting to go according to plan for a pincer attack from the front and back on the Lya's Tusk mech!

The role of the hunter and the hunted could reverse in an instant .

Just when the two of them were still in shock, Pampas had suddenly traversed through the landscape full of buildings and appeared behind Jin Yaoer . The Lya's Tusk mech which was originally intending to escape suddenly turned around and went for the kill . Instantly, a pincer-attack was formed .

The key was everything seemed to have been just as calculated . For example, the angle of positions and every single member following the temporary commands of their commands without any reservation at all . They had complete trust in Pampas and leave everything in the hands of Pampas .

“Timing differences!” Latuer's Overlord was still a distance from this position . Even if he used the Sky Cannon, there would be a timing difference . This was already enough for Pampas to team up with Edgar to finish off Jin Yaoer .

Ka Tao's throat was going hoa.r.s.e from the shouting!

As for the supporters of the Star Lya battle team, their hearts felt like they were going to fly out . Could it be that Pampas wanted to win?

It was just the usage of a difference in the timing!

There's one thing that was certain . Every warrior in the Star Lya battle team wanted to win . With regards to this point, they wouldn't be lacking even the smallest amount when compared to others .

Jin Yaoer was finished .

He had stalled as he was the scout and facing the pincer-attack from Pampas, only death awaited . Pampas' individual fighting prowess might not be the strongest but the cooperation aspect of his Ability X was truly one of a kind in the world .


Rumble rumble .

Latuer's Overlord launched at them with the Sky Rocket Cannon . The Imperial Glory battle team wasn't easy to deal with . If Latuer was to miss this opportunity, they would have no way to win

At this moment, Edgar knocked away Pampas' Heaven's Wrath as it took the blow from the landing of the Overlord


The Lya's Tusk mech was destroyed directly . It was truly brutal . At the same time, Latuer, who had just landed had no intentions to let Pampas off . With the battle at this stage, this was disgraceful .

The distance wasn't enough . However, the long spear of the Overlord was already thrown fiercely out .

Pampas who had been battling constantly was holding on to his breath entirely . At this moment, it was too late to react . The long spear had pierced the right leg of the Heaven's Wrath and had fixed Pampas to the ground .

Thinking of running away?

How could it be so easy!

The Overlord carried the huge s.h.i.+eld and walked over . He wanted to smash Pampas to death!

When the s.h.i.+eld was raised, Latuer thought that all the glory would be his . At this very moment, a heavy sniper laser shot over . When the light from that shot started to s.h.i.+ne brightly, it was then that his brain reacted .


The Overlord battle mech exploded into a ball of fire and sparks . It was Kexi . Kexi knew what she was doing and also knew the consequences of it .

When she reinforced her team with her full strength, this would also mean that she had exposed herself in the vision of the other party's sniper .


The Sentry Type V exploded almost at the same time .

Ba.s.s, who had just completed his harvest, immediately changed the aim of his gun and shoot constantly at Pampas, who had just pulled out the long spear .

Boom boom boom boom…

The floor exploded . Pampas tried his best to dodge . However, the Heaven's Wrath was now just a crippled mech and still was. .h.i.t by several shots . The energy of it had basically reached the bottom before finally finding a blind spot from the view of the sniper .

Before the match, this seemed like a one-sided affair with its outcome not having any suspense . Who would have thought that it could reach this stage? Even for the previous mage, Saruman Snake was seen as having a 40% chance of winning . For this match, Pampas side would at most be seen with a 10% chance of winning . Yet, the match had gone to the current state .

However, could Pampas orchestrate another miracle?

The Heaven's Wrath was in a half-crippled state . Even a sniper could completely obliterate him . Ba.s.s clearly didn't have to be afraid .

Pampas turned his mech into silent mode . This funny joker was trying to try something fanciful even in the face of his death .

Once in silent mode, the thermal sensing system could only sense that the mech was within a certain boundary and couldn't pinpoint accurately the position . However, for a good-for-nothing that had lost one arm and had a leg shortened, what could it possibly do?

The Sentry Type V was heading towards the position of Pampas . He was even feeling a little excited . Could this be considered as saving a desperate situation by himself? If he won, the two princesses would definitely remember his name, Ba.s.s!

Aina's expression was calm . However, in her eyes, this battle was clearly unacceptable . There was no strategy at all as everyone was trying to express themselves . If they were aiming for glory for the sake of glory, this would be vanity . This was something that could destroy the entire battle team .

Even if they won this battle, they would have still failed .

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