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Imperial Glory had just contracted its team formation when Pampas' side changed their formation simultaneously. As they capitalized on the time difference and disrupted their opponent's tempo, they could also observe the level of cooperation between their opponents. By making use of the landscape of the buildings as cover, the initial group fight had become separate face off in different lanes again.

Hocatolin's frowned. This was Pampas' testing the waters. Latuer and Ba.s.s were both asked to partic.i.p.ate suddenly. No matter their reputation, there was still no data currently on their effects on team chemistry.

"Face off in respective lanes!"

Without a doubt, Imperial Glory battle team also changed their formation in response and started to separate into their respective lanes.

Through this change in formation, both parties had entered the range for confrontation. This was their last opportunity to change formation.

The scouts from both parties engaged in close combat in the first instance. Jin Yaoer's Bee Sting Type M vs Edgar's Lya's Tusk. Both parties wanted to gain an advantage through a show of their strength. Through a most direct face-off, Edgar was at a slight disadvantage. However, Jin Yaoer wasn't able to capitalize much of it and was only able to extend the battle frontier slightly ahead and gain a slim advantage in a strategic position.

However, this slim advantage in a face-off across different lanes didn't give much of an impact. Edgar Lya's Tusk was also incessantly vying for this position. This made Hocatolin to not have the resolve to attack through this point. When facing off against an enemy like Pampas, rus.h.i.+ng in at the first sign of weakness was foolishness that couldn't be described as being brash.

Ba.s.s and Kexi had found each other. Both of them were carrying a mission and their pride. They had both chosen Sentry Type V coincidentally without prearrangement. This was a face-off where one couldn't find any excuse if one lost. Hiding, reconnaissance, and anti-reconnaissance. Their battle felt a little boring. There were no exchanges of fire but was more of a psychology contest. At their level, there was in fact pretty much no difference in their level of shooting ability. If they weren't in some extreme environments, one wouldn't emerge on top of the other. What they were contesting in were how much they could endure, mental qualities and their abilities in reconnaissance and anti-reconnaissance.

What was surprising to others was that in Pampas' change in formation, Ya Tiannan was arranged to face off with Hocatolin surprisingly.

The feel was really a little reliable. One could claim that if Pampas was to face off with Hocatolin directly, Hocatolin would definitely choose to attack directly. The difference in individual ability would translate to an overwhelming advantage. Pampas' Ability X was more functional while Hocatolin's Ability X was a battle-type.

However, if the opponent was using a heavy mech, even though Hocatolin would not be afraid and the outcome would still be an overwhelming advantage, it would actually be in the interest of the opponent's team. As the captain, what was demanded of him was more of the ability to understand the situation and command. Moreover, it would be hard for him to feel a.s.sured if he couldn't observe every move of the opponent.

This cautiousness originated from the lineup. On this aspect, Pampas had the advantage. It was also because of this advantage from this gamble of the lineup that had allowed the weaker Star Lya battle team in terms of strength to stabilize themselves and prevented the scenario where various lanes were overrun.

"Can this be considered a situation whereby one accepts a loss in order to obtain 2 wins?" Xueyue said an old idiom as she blinked her eyes.

"It isn't exactly the same. One would need to utilize their limited resources effectively by sending their weakest member to distract the strongest opponent. Ya Tiannan's heavy mech, in the Star Lya battle team lineup now, definitely isn't a low-grade horse but is the core. However, as to where the focus of the face-off will be, it is still uncertain."

Ka Tao was straight to the point. Pampas' definitely had an arrangement. Hocatolin definitely managed to correctly guess something about it. Therefore, he might as well just react according to the situation. If the enemy did not move, I would also not move. In other words, it was to cope with s.h.i.+fting events by sticking to a fundamental principle. This was also how the strongest people should act.

As to Ao Ziwei's and Latuer's face off, there was nothing good or unusual to report about. Latuer's Overlord was eager for action constantly but his target was clearly not the Angel mech of Ao Ziwei that was facing him but to use the Sky Cannon in cooperation with his teammate to finish 1 off. As for Ao Ziwei, she was maintaining a safe distance that could still pin down the other party. As long as she could stop Latuer from using the Sky Rocket Cannon, she would have achieved a strategic victory.

Everyone and everything had their eyes on Pampas!

His next action, his next order would become the igniter to change the entire situation.

The face-off wasn't about sticking to a location and be in a stalemate. The formations of both parties were undergoing constant pulling and dragging and their positions were changing constantly.

Ya Tiannan retreated and allowed Hocatolin to edge slightly too far ahead naturally. At this moment, Ao Ziwei quickly and suddenly broke off from the battle line with Latuer's Overlord and headed towards Pampas.

A change of moves!

Indeed, Pampas wouldn't just face off directly, honestly!

Everyone heaved a long sigh. However, what would Pampas do? What could he achieve by letting Ao Ziwei meet up with him?

"A strategy to instantly finish off the lone guy!"

w.a.n.g Zheng's eyes flickered. The target was...


In the aspects of battle commanding and degree of cooperation, Star Lya and Imperial Glory battle team were both outstanding and were the frontrunners. Pampas was especially so. In fact, w.a.n.g Zheng was very impressed with his commanding ability. It was just that he was a little curious too. After all, the target was Hocatolin.

That position was stuck just nicely among the buildings. Pampas' Ability allowed him to pa.s.s through quickly and rushed to the crucial position quicker than the support from other lanes. Within a short time, a situation of many against few could be formed.

However, this intention was too obvious. One could understand from just a glance at the landscape. Ka Tao and Xue Yue almost shouted in unison, "Hocatolin!"

"Hocatolin had just edged a little forward and Pampas couldn't resist. How will he know if it wasn't a weakness that Hocatolin had displayed on purpose?"

Ka Tao wasn't very agreeable with this strategic move. He felt that Pampas was a little too anxious. It was inevitable for one to feel anxious and lose their usual composure when facing an opponent that was stronger than oneself.

"Moreover, Hocatolin's Void Shadow G.o.d has the ability of displacement. Will trying to catch him cause his own battle line to collapse and thrown into disarray?"

To go for wool and coming home shorn wasn't something that wouldn't occur.

Hocatolin was just slightly shocked. He was indeed showing weakness on purpose. However, Pampas had indeed made his move. This was a little surprising but he did not retreat back. On one hand, he had clearly understood the battle intention of his actions. If he didn't go with the flow, he would be letting his strategy mentor down. Moreover, with the opponents trying to catch him in this way, their battle line would definitely have collapsed. On the other hand, hehe, when one's strength was so powerful to be able to overwhelm one's opponent, what's was there for him to retreat for? 3 people going against him? Would that be useful?

Even if 3 of them were to go against him at the same time, he wouldn't be afraid. Truthfully speaking, if it wasn't for showcasing Aslan's team and the knight's spirit, and giving his comrades an opportunity to display their strength, there wouldn't be a need for facing off in separate lanes. That overwhelming and brutal strategy of Arbiter would also not be a problem for him considering his strength.

"Latuer, go and help Jin Yaoer's remove that Lya's Tusk battle mech. Don't touch the Sky Rocket Cannon first. For intimidation purposes, Gu Dongliang, come closer to me to disrupt their formation and support me."

Hocatolin made responsive commands quickly. Since you have sent 3 people to catch me alone, naturally the people on your side would face a situation of a 2vs1 from us. The Sky Rocket Cannon of the Overlord was chosen for a counterattacking strategy. Within a range, it could catch them off-guard or choose to reinforce others.

At this point, Ao Ziwei had already met up with Pampas and was rus.h.i.+ng towards the direction quickly through the buildings.

"Did Pampas really go over? Very clearly, Hocatolin has seen through it. Is he really going to ignore the threat of the Overlord mech?"

Ka Tao shouted. The crowd started to get nervous. Pampas' decision would directly impact the victory and defeat of the match.

It wasn't dependent on Hocatolin, the one with the strongest strength, but Pampas!

One couldn't deny that because of this, many neutral audiences were praying for Star Lya battle team. Even if they were to lose, they should lose in a more beautiful way and not because of the collapse caused by a low-grade mistake.

Hole opening, traveling through!

Pampas still did it. He brought Ao Ziwei and rushed through the buildings on the landscape.

Hocatolin smiled. Was Pampas really going to go all the way down an erroneous route? Could it be because Pampas had determined that he would give up the position out of caution? There's a saying that went along the lines of if one takes the gamble, a bicycle could even turn into a motorcycle. If that's the case, he will just go with the flow and give his all by facing Ya Tiannan directly. Could they really pull off a 3 vs 1? Hadn't they considered that with his strength, he could defeat Ya Tiannan in an instant in advance? Even if he is in a heavy mech, in the face of Hocatolin's Ability X, what was the difference between this and burning a piece of highly flammable paper?

"Hocatolin has started rus.h.i.+ng in the direction of Ya Tiannan's Desolate Steel Beast. This is for finis.h.i.+ng him off quickly and then goes against the other two. A warrior-type mech rus.h.i.+ng towards a heavy mech? My heart is also shattering at the sight of this. With 3 chances to use his displacement ability, he really has no reason at all to show weakness. He can fight or choose to run. Pampas is going to fail and his brilliance tarnished!" said Ka Tao. He admired and was fond of Aslan as their knight's spirit was very much accepted by others. However, as someone in the strategy and leaders.h.i.+p department, he was leaning more towards supporting Pampas, who specialized in battle strategy, for this match.

"Now we have to see if Ya Tiannan can stall for time till Pampas' and Ao Ziwei's reinforcements are in place. If the three of them go against 1, they may not lose," said Xue Yue quickly.

Yeah, what Ya Tiannan should do now is to pin down and to play it safe in the face off as much as possible. If the heavy mech chooses to play it safe, the outcome might not be definite yet.

Just as Ka Tao finished his words...


Not only was the Desolate Steel Beast not playing it safe, but it had also dealt a heavy blow directly towards Hocatolin.

"Oh d.a.m.n, shockwave cannon on Hocatolin! Will Hocatolin dodge? He didn't dodge!"

Hocatolin would obviously not dodge. He was about to rush ahead directly when the other party had surprisingly sent himself to him. Why did he need to? Was the shockwave from the Desolate Steel Beast very fierce? That was only a relative concept. Boom! The fire s.h.i.+eld was switched on suddenly. As his Ability X exploded lightly, it withstood the force of the shockwave from the Desolate Steel Beast. The fire s.h.i.+eld detonated as the s.h.i.+eld was broken. There wasn't a need for the sword at all as the fire s.h.i.+eld's explosion would finish the pilot off directly.

Hocatolin's eyes swept over the Desolate Steel Beast and looked towards the far area. Pampas and Ao Ziwei were approaching as reinforcement. However, they were already late. Ya Tiannan was already close to being dead and was a nonfactor.

Pampas and Ao Ziwei were still quite a distance away…..

Wait a moment!

Pampas suddenly grabbed and raised Ao Ziwei's Angel. A lift by the power of Creation, at the same time, with a sudden stomp, the smaller stature Angel mech was thrown over. Instantly, the distance between Ao Ziwei and Ya Tiannan was shortened.

Almost instantly, with a loud buzzing sound like a large bell, the Desolate Steel Beast shone in a faint golden light suddenly. Immunity to Ability X!

Ao Ziwei's Ability X appeared on Ya Tiannan's Desolate Steel Beast suddenly and directly ignored all the damage from Hocatolin's fire attribute Ability X.

"Ya Tiannan wasn't finished instantly? It's because of Ao Ziwei. Pampas had thrown her over to allow Ya Tiannan to have an instance of invincibility. Oh G.o.d. So this Ability could be transferred to her teammates!!!" Ka Tao shouted as he clutched his throat!

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