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Chapter 887: Heavenly Overlord Chop

Translator: Abyssruler, Atla.s.studios Editor: Lucas, Atla.s.studios

For this time, even the pickiest and most arrogant students would have to shut their mouth. Even if you weren’t convinced in your heart, your mouth also had to be convinced!

As for other typical military schools, they might still be elites in their own countries. Even for these military schools that were located in relatively better locations in the Milky Way Alliance, after watching what w.a.n.g Zheng and Olivios had displayed, they would probably feel a little demoralised.

One might still be able to understand the standards of the earlier battles and saw them as encouragement. However, the battle between the two of them now eradicated all their hopes in an instant.

They weren’t using any Ability X and yet had such battle impact with just their physical techniques alone.

Jiang Feng and Bucher looked at each other and could see the happiness within each other. They had been in Elite Academy for a long time. Even Jiang Feng, who was an outstanding representative of the school, himself would have to admit that these standards, at this age, with such experience would probably only appear once in several decades. Saying that it would only appear once in a hundred year would definitely be an exaggeration. Nonetheless, two of them had appeared at the same time!

They had terrifying physical conditions, strong and resilient mental strength, a great understanding of mecha and their sensitivity to battling with weapons were even innate to them. Some pilots might only be able to use heavy mecha, some might have an inclination to scouts while the others could only be at the sniper position. However, no matter what mecha they two of them got into contact, they could quickly grasp the essence of it. This couldn’t be achieved with just diligent training. Sometimes, one had to admit that G.o.d wasn’t fair. Some people were just born with these talents!

After some exchanges, the two of them had adjusted their conditions to the best. Humans weren’t like machines and one’s abilities had a depth to it. In other words, it was about being a little more excited. What w.a.n.g Zheng and Olivios were trying to do was to make use of battles like this to break through the limits.

The battle axe swept across suddenly with a loud bang. The mech curled up as though it was a beast getting ready to pounce. At this moment, the Heaven’s Executioner was emitting an aura of slaying everything. The students of the Elite Academy were probably thinking about if they were standing opposite of Olivios now, what would they have done?

At the thought of this, they couldn’t help but shake their head. This type of things better not happen. This would definitely be a very saddening event.


Olivios had made his move. One wouldn’t be able to imagine what kind of power he was using to operate such exhaustive super mecha to be so fierce and quick.

The Heaven’s Executioner struck. The mech stretched itself so he could swing with maximum power. However such big movements didn’t have any openings. The key was the tempo. When the power was stretched to the desired state, it was just when he entered the attacking range of the two of them


The battle axe swept across fiercely. Sounds of the air being cut opened could be heard. The battle axe might not have arrived but the momentum of it had already arrived. The Heavenly Dragon Knight didn’t dodge but swept its spear across instead… Was this for defense?

If it came to violence, based on the understanding across the Milky Way Alliance, no weapons could exceed the battle axe of the Heaven’s Executioner. In terms of violence, it was even more brutal than the Alloy Sword from Sirius Star. It was especially so in the hands of a monster like Olivios.


The battle axe smashed down



The Heaven’s Executioner leaped into the sky again. The battle axe swung down once again. Bang…

Boom… Boom… Boom…

5 consecutive leaps into the sky followed by violent flying chop… Every person who was watching could feel a chill down their spine. Such a domineering attack, could it be withstood?

However, the Heavenly Dragon Spear was as steady as Mount Tai and had completely defended against Olivios’ attacks. Olivios’ excitement could no longer be described with words. w.a.n.g Zheng was stronger than he had imagined.

After consecutive attacks, there was a slight pause. w.a.n.g Zheng’s eyes shone and the Heavenly Dragon Knight leap up instantly. Leaning Landslide!

Without any signs, he cut in at lightning speed. However, Olivios’ reaction was also terrifying quick. The battle axe immediately blocked in front of him.


It was as though the power withstood by the battle axe in the 6 consecutive strikes were released explosively. Olivios’ Heaven’s Executioner was sent flying instantly. The force was so brutal that in that instant, the mech even showed some signs of distortion. The dragon spear was retracted instantly. Before the Heaven’s Executioner could leave the attacking range completely, the spear struck out instantly.

It was as smooth as flowing water and unparalleled in dominance.



The Heaven’s Executioner flew off in a loud bang and crashed directly into the building. Explosions could be heard constantly.

What terrifying defensive power and instantaneous explosive power. Consecutive actions in the eyes of this type of person, no matter how small a mistake was, could also be deadly!

w.a.n.g Zheng’s silver spear was pulled back and placed upright on the floor. Quiet and peace had returned to the battle field.

Everyone was stunned by his violence. The opponent was Olivios! Yet he was walloped like a dog?

Was this d*mned brat a snake or a real dragon? This was too scary.

The people of Arbiter and Aslan were all very calm and composed. No matter who the opponent was, Olivios was Olivios after all.

w.a.n.g Zheng did not pursue. This was because this set of attacks basically had no effect. It was just like he had withstood the attacks of the Heaven’s Executioner. After six consecutive strikes, Olivios had purposely paused for a while to give his opponent a chance to strike. As for the two consecutive strikes, it didn’t break through the defence of Olivios and Olivios’ defence had completely defended against his attacks. Olivios had seen the move of Leaning Landslide more than just once. It was impossible for it to be effective.

*Kuang… Kuang… Kuang…*

The Heaven’s Executioner walked from the debris. The mech shook slightly to get rid of the ashes and dust. There were no other reactions at all.

“At this level, we would never be able to decide who the victor is. Do you want to start first or should I start?”

Olivios asked. The cold response came from deep within and brought with it some antic.i.p.ation.

“Let me witness and experience your Heavenly Overlord Arts!” said w.a.n.g Zheng.

The two of them were using the public channel and their voices were very calm. There weren’t any signs of breathlessness after a huge battle. It was as though the exchanges previously were just the standards of role-playing. However, those rounds of attacks previously were enough to instantly kill more than half of the people in the stadium. Yet those were completely nothing for the two of them. It couldn’t be considered to be the real battle but was simply for testing and understanding their opponent. They had already recognised each other as their opponent.

At the level of Olivios, what he was afraid of was a disappointment. He had been looking forward to it for some time and was afraid that his opponent wasn’t as good as he hoped for.

“Heavenly Overlord Arts – Heavenly Overlord Chop!”

Olivios’ voice was very low and the name of the move was rather scary. However, the Sky Splitting mech was just dragging the battle axe and walked one step by one step towards the Heavenly Dragon Knight.

The momentum didn’t seem to be enough?

However even if they had doubts at this moment, at this level, it was enough for everyone to keep their questions to themselves. Even those with poor eyesight had noticed the problem. Every step taken by the Heaven’s Executioner seemed to have crushed the ground. Olivios had left a trail of footprints behind. What were these all about?

The mech might be heavy and tough enough but to crush the ground into mud was definitely not what a warrior type mech could achieve.

What was this about? Gravitational control?

Clearly, there wasn’t any disturbance of Ability X.


The Heaven’s Executioner suddenly struck. The battle axe didn’t leave the ground still. In a flash of light, the distance of the two mecha was down to only 10 meters in an instant.

The Heaven Splitting Axe had struck.

Everyone’s breathing seemed to have stopped. Every cell of w.a.n.g Zheng had become active. He could smell the dangerous atmosphere.


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