Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 893 - A Heart That Never Gave Up

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Chapter 893: A heart that never gave up

Translator: Abyssruler, Atla.s.studios  Editor: Lucas, Atla.s.studios

As he thought about it, w.a.n.g Zheng revealed a smile at the edge of his mouth.

"Brother w.a.n.g Zheng, this smile of yours is the most beautiful. You cannot smile casually," said Lin Huiyin very seriously.

w.a.n.g Zheng didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Why?"

"You would make girls fall for you if you do this and this wouldn't be acceptable. I have prepared a huge gift for you and you have to thank me properly after that," replied Huiyin mysteriously.

w.a.n.g Zheng couldn't help but smile. This brat could really talk. In terms of looks, there was still the photogenic Achilles in his team. Achilles when in his silver military uniform was enough to make the girls screamed just by standing there.

However, he was still rather happy that w.a.n.g Zheng would say this.

The third round, which was also the last match of the first stage of the Greatest King Tournament, was going to start.

As the final battle, due to the arrival of Aina, the entire team of the Imperial Glory was looking forward to the battle with the Star Lya battle team. Under the supervision of the two Princess, the battle had become "sacred" in nature.

"With the aura of Princess Aina, the seemingly invincible Imperial Glory battle team had seized the momentum. Star Lya battle team wasn't too lucky. Let us take a look at the line up of the Imperial Glory battle team."

"Captain Hocatolin, Jin Yaoer, Gu Dongliang, Latuer and Ba.s.s."

Xue Yue was staring at the name list with her eyes wide open. "Latuer and Ba.s.s… It seemed that the Imperial Glory was full of confidence and had sent two reserves member. It would seem like they would also like to train their people as much as possible in the last round so as to allow all members to have the chance to partic.i.p.ate. It is indeed the style of Aslan! One for all, all for one."

Latuer and Ba.s.s were also experts in the Aslan battle team. They were full of confidence and weren't weak at all. Under such circ.u.mstances when victory was within grasp, it wouldn't be meaningful for all the main members to be in the last match. They should give the other members more chances instead. This stage was what everyone desired. From some perspectives, Aslan was rather generous.

Ka Tao nodded. "Aslan's bench is deep and probably the deepest among the 8 teams. Letting Latuer and Ba.s.s appear on the last match was definitely a move to pursue victory while maintaining low uncertainty. Everyone knows that Pampas is one with a high battle IQ. However, the overall strength of the team being weaker is also an undeniable fact."

"Yes. Senior Latuer and Ba.s.s are both strong and steady members. After experiencing a once in a century battle, let us enjoy a different type of style and details through this match."

Xue Yue said. The truth was this was a blow to the Star Lya battle team. Even the Imperial Glory team couldn't do much about it as it was inevitable. The previous match was too fierce. After going through that match, many people would probably become fans of the Sharoman Snake battle team or even diehard fans.

One couldn't speak for others but the little princess of Aslan probably admired w.a.n.g Zheng a lot now.

After a short and simple ceremonial shaking of hands, both parties entered the battle system at the same time.

The line up was quickly selected and appeared on the large screen in the stadium.

Imperial Glory battle team vs Star Lya battle team

Jin Yaoer (Bee Sting Type M) vs Edgar (Lya's Tusk)

Gu Dongliang (Rose Coat of Arms) vs Pampas (Heaven's Wrath)

Hocatolin (Void Shadow G.o.d) vs Ya Tiannan (Desolate Steel Beast)

Latuer (Overlord) vs Ao Ziwei (Angel)

Ba.s.s (Sentry Type V) vs Kexi (Sentry Type V)

As soon as the line up was released, it gave others a strong nervous feeling. Before the match had started, both parties had already gambled multiple rounds at the psychologically level.

"The Imperial Glory battle team did not choose any heavy mech. Gu Dongliang had chosen the Rose, Buckler & Rose, the most cla.s.sic warrior type mech from Aslan."

"The intention of the battle strategy was very clear. This was a strategy to prevent Pampas from the back door. The speed of the heavy mech in that type of prolonged strategy made it difficult to display its rightful defensive purposes. It was a very decisive decision. However, on the side of Star Lya, they had not made Kacey choose a scout mech like the previous match. Instead, she had returned to the sniper position. What kind of strategy would Pampas be using?"

La Tu said agreeably. From the third round till now, everyone wasn't competing on strength alone. They were competing more in terms of strategy, targeting and counter-targeting. If one's strength wasn't enough, one could win in strategy. The strong might not always be able to win. The attractive point about team battle was that as long as it was not the end, victory would always be unknown.

If it was a head-on group battle, the uses of the heavy mech would be central to the team. The team with the heavy mech, when faced with a team without a heavy mech, could choose to attack or defend. There would be a huge advantage strategically.

"How could they defend in such a manner? They had completely given up on a head-on group battle. The sacrifice was too large and not worth it."

"The truth is that the Rose Coat of Arms's defensive capabilities aren't bad at all. With Gu Dongliang's ability, even a normal mech could have the effects of a heavy mech. Therefore, there's no need for us to worry too much."

Aslan still had a lot of fans in Elite Academy X. One of the reasons was because they were strong and was one of the standard-setters of Milky Way Alliance. Another reason was that both Princess Aina and Lin Huiyin were both on the ground. Girls, especially beautiful girls, especially those that were fair, rich and beautiful could always win the crowd over.

Everyone was discussing. Watching the compet.i.tion in Elite Academy X wasn't just about winning or losing. What was behind the compet.i.tion was also a topic for incessant discussion.

Although there were still some calm and composed students who were wary about Imperial Glory changing members and mecha again, most of the people still favored Imperial Glory to clinch the victory.

As for Star Lya battle team, they drew with Dark Wolves battle team in the previous match. Pampas had proven his name of being an intelligent general however the difference in strength was obvious. No matter how hard he used his brain, the most he could achieve was struggling a little harder. All they had to do was to showcase their own style. Winning in itself could sometimes be an unsolvable question.

Both battle teams were ready and the battle started officially.

Imperial Glory battle team rushed out from their energy tower. Five mecha immediately scattered and formed a line. However, their distance apart was still something that they could cover quickly and get back in a group.

"A tight formation. Hocatolin is so steady. He is still guarding against Pampas' Ability X. Based on the formation of the other side, they could adjust their own strategy in time accordingly."

Although there weren't any doubts, Ka Tao was especially fond of such matches. Recalling it now, the previous match did not have much strategic content. It could be considered more of a deep level contest between w.a.n.g Zheng and Olivios. Those that required more reviews were probably not suitable for those of ordinary strength. However, in this match, Star Lya's performance could very well demonstrate how a battle strategy could affect the battle.

"We just got to see what Pampas is going to choose. Even if he is to lose, I believe that he will give us a very exciting match.," followed Xueyue. She was trying to make Star Lya feel better if they lose. It's really hard to be a commentator. Pampas was the kind that was very good with people. Moreover, she had to show some respect to Azure Dragon College.

"I believe even Pampas does not believe that he can win."

However, the students from other colleges weren't that polite. After hearing what Xueyue had said, they laughed and shook their head. The truth was Star Lya's battle records were just slightly better than Icefire battle team and had a draw. However truthfully speaking, they barely achieved that draw.

When their abilities were known to all, what strategies could they use? This was a difficult question for them.

"Hug together as a team."

Seeing the tight formation of Imperial Glory, Pampas smiled faintly. He obviously recognized the difference in strength. One had to know their own weaknesses and a soldier had to know the difference between the enemy and him. Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you would never be in peril

"Star Lya battle team is advancing as a team. It seems like Pampas is intending to attack using the heavy mech in this match."

Star Lya battle team just had some actions and Ka Tao immediately gave the explanation. "This is also a gamble. Pampas must have known that Hocatolin will guard against his ambush on the energy tower and therefore gave up on heavy armor and had chosen a more agile lineup. In this case, they are just going to press ahead with the heavy mech and leverage on the fact that Imperial Glory doesn't have any heavy mecha to build their advantage. Through this aspect, they might be able to cancel out the difference in strength.

"Hocatolin needs to be careful." w.a.n.g Zheng said casually.

Lin Huiyin, who was just beside him, was a little shock. She turned and smiled, "Imperial Glory winning against Star Lya is still relatively easy."

w.a.n.g Zheng smiled and continued, "Their strength is indeed an advantage. However, among all the teams, I feel that Pampas has the highest battle intelligence. If he is your enemy, it's better not to give him any chance."

"Relax, our Aslan battle team is the most steady," replied Lin Huiyin confidently. She liked to sit beside w.a.n.g Zheng while watching the match. Luckily her sister did not stop her. This made her even happier.

At this point, the situation on the ground had changed.

Pampas had chosen to hug closely as a team and Imperial Glory naturally wouldn't show weakness. Although there aren't any heavy mech, their strength could clearly roll over Pampas. He quickly made his response and chose to hug as a team to press ahead at the same time.

The scout took actions first to hara.s.s and execute anti-hara.s.sing maneuvers. With regards to the stability of formation, Star Lya, which had a heavy mech, was clearly more stable. One could tell that the other members were willing to expend 120% of their efforts to complete the orders of Pampas. Although their results weren't great, no one had pushed the responsibilities to Pampas. This team was rather unique and united.

However, Hocatolin's side did not choose to fight head-on just because of their stronger strength. Although it might seem like they were going head-on, the truth was there was some minor adjustment. Their distances were kept well. Gu Dongliang's Rose Coat of Arms was at the forefront. With an Earth elemental Ability X, he had a greater room for error.

Ba.s.s and Kexi who had both chosen Sentinel V clashed head-on. Ba.s.s was naturally more well-known than Kexi. However, there were too many Aslan experts and he didn't get the chance to partic.i.p.ate. As for now, this valuable opportunity might just come one in his life. It's time to prove himself. In front of Princess Aina and Lin Huiyin Highness, he, Ba.s.s, would not lose to any strong expert.

Kexi who was at the other end was very calm. The difference in strength was clear. However, just like what Pampas had said, this difference wasn't something that can't be covered. Moreover, Ba.s.s' battle style and habits were all vividly in her mind. Before the match, Pampas had screened through the information of all main and reserve members of Aslan. This included personality, ident.i.ty and even subst.i.tutes that might exist. All of these were within Pampas' conjecture. As this was the last round, they would definitely let others have a chance to perform in front of the princesses. This was because these two people were also very influential in their families. Considering that victory was within grasp, Hocatolin would naturally do the balancing.

In that case, the opportunity was created.

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