Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 1337 - A Thousand Strands of Hair

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Chapter 1337: A Thousand Strands of Hair

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Constantine stood up, shrouding the entire Holy City in a horrible pressure. These candidates finally had a taste of the pressure from the Heaven-rank warriors.

w.a.n.g Zheng might be very far, but he felt a mixture of murderous intent and excitement in this aura.

Xie Yuxin smiled. w.a.n.g Zheng’s plan had worked. The question now was if they could hold out through this period of time!

A huge part of the Saint’s objective was w.a.n.g Zheng.

w.a.n.g Zheng could feel that consciousness pry into him. His expression became serious as he used his spiritual power to counterattack and confront directly!

He was facing the constraints of time and s.p.a.ce whilst putting up the defenses. That took a lot out of him. The spiritual power of the other party was insistent on taking over and controlling him completely.

Xie Yuxin knew that this wasn’t working in their favor. His eyes shone and formed a barrier around w.a.n.g Zheng’s body. Xie Yuxin’s spiritual power was usually strong. Not only that, it was different from ordinary people’s spiritual power, blocking Constantine’s attack.

Constantine was surprised. The two young men weren’t bad at all, but it was such a pity. They might be talents, but he knew very clearly that he had to weed them out. w.a.n.g Zheng had to die. He was the successor, and whatever he would do would definitely affect the Empire.

Constantine levitated. He himself would attack.

The Second Elder was hesitating, wondering if he should attack as well. He would have no chance left if it was controlled by the Great Elder. However, Thirteenth Elder was still here, and there were only the three of them around in this city. This was probably arranged by the Great Elder as well. Now what remained was to see if his own attacks would work. He should not let the Great Elder destroy this opportunity at the very least. w.a.n.g Zheng’s existence was of utmost importance to the other Elders.

Kang Siqi and Huo Dong had already cracked the system in the laboratory by this time. Yuan Jing and Mengha slipped in. The Oracle Star was almost empty. The fleet and core forces were preparing to meet the enemy outside, while the internal forces were focused on the Holy City. This place was completely ignored now that the Great Elder had put all his concentration on w.a.n.g Zheng.

The objects of interest were all in the Holy City, so Yuan Jing and Mengha were completely ignored. It was the same for Tan Yuyang. These guys were trash.

This was a show. The useless, small characters would always be the key in a plan! Rescue Meng Tian!

Yuan Jing and Mengha were determined to save Meng Tian. She was their captain and the meaning of their existence.

Mengha saw her in the petri dish and slammed his fist on it. He smashed a dozen petri dishes in succession. “Meng Tian, Meng Tian, wake up. Yuan Jing, bring her out first, I’ll take care of the back!”

The alarm sounded and a series of guards rushed out with several disciples of the Saint. “Go!”

Mengha howled and nodded at Yuan Jing. Yuan Jing dashed out with Meng Tian on his back.

Mengha’s gaze landed softly and pa.s.sionately on Meng Tian. “Come on, as*holes! Remember, my name is Mengha!”

The warriors of the Milky Way Galaxy Military College were not afraid of death!

Yuan Jing gnashed his teeth without turning back. He couldn’t turn back. He had to bring Meng Tian out alive.

Mengha blocked everyone by himself. An Earth-rank warrior at full power was very fierce as well. Mengha didn’t plan on leaving alive anyway. Someone had to be sacrificed in this plan. He was willing to sacrifice himself for Meng Tian – his captain and the woman he had always loved.

“Killing one would break even, killing two means I’ve earned it!” The mad Mengha made it difficult for the Saint’s people to close in on him. A grey-robed disciple fell again.

Mengha felt that he might have a chance to survive at this point in time. He rushed to the window while they were still unsure about what to do with him. He would survive as long as he jumped through that window!

Mengha’s body stiffened when he was just one meter away from the window. A hand was through his body.

It was Lear.

Mengha threw a punch when he turned back, but Lear dodged it effortlessly. He twisted Mengha’s neck after looking at him coldly.

Professor Sharjah rushed over and looked at Lear in awe. As the person in charge of the experiment, he could feel that Lear and Luo Fei were different from the others. The theory that Lear had brought up about matching the effect of Ability X was probably right. This was his hindsight, but when Lear was willing to cooperate and was eager for success, the two of them hit off immediately, regretting only that they hadn’t met each other earlier.

“There’s no need to chase. More trash won’t take us anywhere. Professor Sharjah, my second phase is starting soon. It does not matter to us if the outside world is destroyed,” Lear said lightly.

“Clean this up and isolate the laboratory. Put all resources and energy on Lear and Luo Fei. Allow no one to disturb us!” Professor Sharjah said.

Lear’s one sentence had conquered Sharjah. Lear’s question was, what Sharjah did want?

Fame? That was never what he pursued. Only fools and vulgar beings would waste their time on that. He pursued the mysteries in the genes. Anything could be sacrificed if a new and most outstanding species could be born from his hands. This was something Lear could give him, which was why he listened to Lear. Lear was his only target.

He gave a final glance towards Yuan Jing carrying Meng Tian outside of the window. This was Lear’s final farewell to humanity.

Constantine felt the Oracle within his fingertips. No one could escape from his grasp in the Oracle Star.

The door opened and out came a distraught Lin Huiyin when he was about to attack.

“Grandpa, these… Are these real? You use live people for experiments and did many bad things…”

Constantine frowned. His spiritual power responded in kind, in anger.

Lin Huiyin had seen countless images and videos from a video recorder someone had given to her. These were all the doings by the Saint, including many inhumane experiments. They had died innocently. She knew that the Saint was a terrorist organization, but she hadn’t witnessed their acts. She couldn’t feel anything and could only retreat back to her sh.e.l.l like a snail.

Huiyin broke down upon seeing these. Her beautiful world collapsed.

Constantine controlled his anger. “Huiyin, those are fake. Grandpa would never do that.”

“Grandpa, are you going to kill Big Brother w.a.n.g Zheng? Can you not kill him? I like him, Big Sister also likes him. Kill me first if you want to kill him.”

Huiyin saw the screen with w.a.n.g Zheng on.

“Huiyin, you are the Princess of Aslan. That person is a threat to the Aslan Empire, so he must die!” Constantine was indignant. How could Huiyin appear at such a critical moment? He was just one step away from success!

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