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Chapter 393 Part 1 – Quadra Kill

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“But I…. I'm still willing to be a zombie!” Ye Lian with a firm tone and a serious expression, suddenly said.

“I know……” Ling Mo nodded.

Ye Lian earnestly repeated, “It's true! As long as… Brother Ling doesn't mind….”

Not surprisingly, Ye Lian became lost with words, and she showed a confused expression again, as if she had a sea of thoughts in her head but couldn't find the right words to express it.

A few seconds later, Ye Lian made an expression that seemed as if she was about to cry. Although she was unable to cry, Ling Mo still instantly fell for it as her big bright eyes stared at him.

“I don't mind! Of course, I don't mind! I understand now, I will definitely help you evolve!”

Ling Mo paused for a moment, before suddenly realizing that he couldn't help but laugh.

All these problems were his personal thoughts. Ye Lian would never have such extensive thoughts.

It's not surprising his heart would feel distressed because Ling Mo always thought of Ye Lian when she was a human.

“The evolution of zombies is so weird. These overlord zombies already have such unique personalities, I'm definitely sure Ye Lian will be able to retain hers….
That also means that my original intentions have never changed.”

After obtaining some clarity, Ling Mo brightened up, and at the same time, looked at Shana who was wearing a smirk on her face in front of him.

“What's with that creepy smile! Am I not allowed to feel sad sometimes?!….  Oh G.o.d, saying this now for some reason gives me the gooseb.u.mps….”

“Huh? What did I miss?”

Half-moon's voice suddenly came from behind Ling Mo. As soon as he turned around, he saw that Half-moon was dragging a zombie corpse, and was looking at the scene in front of her, surprised.

When the rabbit had launched her attack, she happened to be away from the area. Ling Mo thought that with her zombie leader rank, she wouldn't get lost, so he was too lazy to go look for her. But he didn't expect her to return so soon.

“What's that?” Ling Mo asked, pointing at the corpse.

Half-moon just smiled and honestly replied, “My dinner…. Ah! What are you doing!”

A few minutes later, Half-moon was crouching in a corner holding a virus gel of inferior quality in one hand while drawing a circle on the ground with the other, as she complained, “He's obviously an insignificant human. Yet, he stops me from eating my dinner using a healthy diet as a reason…. What does a healthy diet of a human have to do with me!”

After disposing of the corpse, and noticing that the fire wasn't completely extinguished, Ling Mo went and found some wooden boards nearby, and then brought both the flatbed trailer and blanket over as well.

Sitting in the half-open workshop with the fire burning, while leaning against the three zombie girls, naturally felt very comfortable.

Yu s.h.i.+ Ran, under Hei Si's control, crawled over and lay on Ling Mo's leg.

At first, she felt some resistance in her heart, but the smell of “delicious meat” coming from Ling Mo's body quickly made her indulge in lying close to him, even showing a happy expression.

By the time she put her hand on Ling Mo's little buddy and grabbed it with some satisfaction, Ling Mo couldn't figure out whether it was Hei Si or Yu s.h.i.+ Ran exposing her hunger for it.

“Forget it, letting her touch it won't make her pregnant.”

Ling Mo had tried to pull it away, but she didn't let his little buddy go and he feared that he would hurt himself if he used more force, so he gave up.

Once Ling Mo accepted the current situation, he suddenly found that in fact, it was actually quite comfortable….

Being able to be surrounded by beauties while he slept. In addition, he also found a way to help Ye Lian's evolution. Being so busy these past two days, his hard work finally paid off, and Ling Mo was finally able to relax.

He leaned on Ye Lian's soft chest, while one arm held Shana's small hand, and the other was in Ya Lin's embrace. Under the cover of a blanket, he soon fell asleep.

The sleeping Ling Mo seemed to have removed all precautions and vigilance. The three female zombies quietly added firewood to the fire, while staring at Ling Mo's sleeping face with very focused and affectionate gazes.

To be continued…

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