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Chapter 306: Athena’s Request

The light of the two moons had quietly changed to purple. The seemingly gloomy sheriff house was full of clamour which was unknown to the outsiders. It was very lively.

“My sir leader, sir uncle, you are too shameless! We huddled up here to keep watch of your body, but you are enjoying the superb wine and beauty in that wonderful place!” Roman was shamelessly drinking the fine wine that Chen Rui brought from Crystal Valley, while stuffing some into his s.p.a.ce ring. He kept whining indignantly. He was evidently a brat who ate, stole and had a dirty mouth.

“You actually met Jacob?” Paglio revealed a serious expression. Then, he immediately showed his nature, “Did you get his treasures? As a life-sharing partner, I have the right to ask for the share of the stolen goods! Do not try to hide or beat around the bush. I know your cunning and greed very well!”

Chen Rui had just told half of his story, but he was interrupted several times by these two guys. He was quite speechless.

What made Chen Rui even more speechless was Dodo, who was not listening at all. Instead, he transformed to Chen Rui’s appearance, holding an apple in each hand. One of his hands was swaying in front of the little black horse, while the other was stuffed into his mouth. He murmured, “Fruity… Fruity…”

Since seeing Chen Rui teasing the little black horse with fruit, Dodo had become interested in this new guy. Unexpectedly, the slime could understand the little black horse’s voice. Unfortunately, the horse was not bothered at all. When it was annoyed, it just used [Terror] on this fake clone.

Paglio’s expression had sublimated to a hateful yet helpless look, “As a n.o.ble dragon with rich financial management experience, I, Master Paglio, have not been out to plunder… collect those wasted property for a long time. I deliberately went out a few times previously, but this d.a.m.n place is really a remote hinterland. There are no decent treasures, let alone artifacts! A giant dragon actually can’t sleep in a heap of treasures. That emptiness feeling is simply the ultimate shame!”

He even has an emptiness feeling? Chen Rui immediately looked gloomy, Paglio even went out to spy on potential targets and explore the way. Does he know what it means to not do anything to harm one’s neighbors? Fortunately, Dark Moon City is a poor place. There is really no treasure that can interest this dragon.

Chen Rui directly threw out a gold crystal bed which he stole last time when the crystal dragon was sleeping. He threw it ruthlessly toward the dragon with the stink of treasures. Paglio caught it and examined it carefully for a while with his treasure expert eyes. Finally, he was grinning from ear to ear, and he laid down directly in front of everyone. He showed a pleased expression. The so-called dragon dignity and temperament was thrown away to the d.a.m.n human world.

How do I know these two strange guys…with an unreliable servant? Fortunately, Delia and Athena are still very good listeners. As he was thinking about this, he saw Delia looking at him expectantly. She then pointed to herself.

It is rare that we have a normal cutie team member. She is actually badly influenced by two unscrupulous brats as well! Chen Rui reluctantly took out a pair of extremely thin gloves which were seized from Sabrina. They had high defense and could enhance the power of the water element.

Seeing Delia received them happily as Chen Rui sighed secretly. I’m so pitiful.

Athena looked at all these with a smile. She never withdrew the hand he was holding.

Chen Rui’s story continued, and when it came to the thrilling part, even the two guys who liked to interrupt him were silent.

Paglio got up from the gold crystal bed and said with interest, “That Empress Catherine defeated Jacob who allied with two other who are the peak of theDemon Overlords by herself?”

Chen Rui did not tell the whole story. He also changed the plot slightly. He only said that Catherine the Great came in person, while he faked death by lying on the ground and witnessed all these.

“Yes, the guy named Manu should be close to death. If Jacob and Azgalor did not escape quickly, there would definitely be more casualties.”

Paglio really showed his seriousness this time. The strength gap between Demon Overlords is huge. I am very clear of Jacob’s strength. Catherine even has this kind of power. Even if I recovered to my peak state, I’m afraid that I am not her opponent. Moreover, I am now limited by the seal. I just recovered to the peak of Demon Emperor. I don’t even see any clues on the six ancient runes slabs. It seems that my only hope is to find the fairy dragon, Zola. Whatever it is, we’ll see by that time. Sleeping on this gold crystal bed is not worse than sleeping on a pile of black crystal coins. At least tonight I can have a solid dream.

Delia was surprised to see that Chen Rui took out the greatest artifact, Demon s.h.i.+eld, of the Leviathan Royal Family from his “body”. This state of “integration” should represent the highest recognition by the artifact. What surprised her even more was that she could not sense the strange connection anymore despite being originally recognized by the Demon s.h.i.+eld. The IIlusive s.h.i.+eld could not be combined with Demon s.h.i.+eld in this case.

Chen Rui was very surprised. Does Super System’s [Deep a.n.a.lysis] have the function of “seizing control”? The fully resolved G.o.d-Eating Mask can’t even be taken down. This is… equipment binding? Sigh…

Originally, he a.n.a.lyzed Demon s.h.i.+eld in order to frame Broc and increase the chance of survival. In the battle, the Demon s.h.i.+eld did save his life. However, this made the original successor, Delia, lose control of it now. Chen Rui could not help regretting it.

Delia saw Chen Rui’s thoughts, and she smiled gently, indicating that it was okay. With the IIlusive s.h.i.+eld, she was still able to resist Broc’s [Soul Shackles]. The others naturally a.s.sumed it was the inheritance of the ancient grand master’s strange power. Otherwise, how could a human integrate with the seven artifacts? Chen Rui had more than Demon s.h.i.+eld. He had a complete artifact like G.o.d-Eating Mask. It was just that in terms of power, it seemed to have weakened.

Roman didn’t mind either. Stubbornness and jokes aside, he was very clear when it came to serious matters. Both his and Delia’s lives were saved by Chen Rui. It was also Chen Rui’s credit that he was with Delia now. Not to mention Demon s.h.i.+eld, he wouldn’t mind even if it was Belphegor Royal Family’s artifact, Breeze Shadow Boots.

A quiet night.

“Shall we sign a symbiotic contract?”

Athena was lying in Chen Rui’s arms in the room when she suddenly said this.

“I know you can carry more than one contract.” Athena raised her head and looked at Chen Rui seriously. “Although I don’t know how to implement a symbiotic contract, Paglio should be able to help us.”

Chen Rui noticed that Athena was not kidding. He asked surprisingly, “Why do you have such an idea?”

“Three years ago, Roman and Delia adventured together in Silent Night Wetland and almost died; three years later, Delia went to Silent Night Wetland, and Roman still accompanied her. And me? When you were risking your life in Silent Night Wetland and Dark Shadow Empire, I stayed alone in this so-called safe place.”

“I’m not a vase. I have the ability and courage to face danger with my beloved man.” Athena’s eyes were red.” I understand that you are looking out for me. Just like when Roman left Delia, he was also looking out for her. But is Delia happy?”

Chen Rui was shocked. Since the battle in the underground world of Mountain Xilang, he never wanted Athena to face danger again, but he had not thought about it from her perspective.

“I know it’s a bit selfish to say this. Your wisdom is amazing. My father was amazed by your plans and calculations. I won’t destroy your plans or become your burden.” Tears sparkled at the corner of Athena’s eyes. “I just want to connect my life with you. I want to face life and death with you even if I am not by your side.”

Chen Rui stared at the beloved woman in front of him. She was still persistent even when in tears.

He recalled the scene of Mountain Xilang when facing Glorfin. She turned into her demonic form; her whole body was burning a fiery flame of life.

“But I still love you. It’s not like, but love.”

“Maybe we will meet again in a certain h.e.l.l like the story you told me. No matter what, don’t forget me!”

This sentiment of living and dying together had been deeply engulfed in their souls. Even if it was the last moment of dying, it would not disappear.

Chen Rui’s eyes were a little wet. He held her face, gazing affectionately at the crystal red eyes as if they were the most precious gem in the world, “Athena, I have a few questions. If I don’t have a house, car and money, would you still accept my gaze?”

“Of course.” Athena replied, feeling a little strange. If there is no house, can’t we build it together? Just like the cozy cottage in the Mountain Xilang green leaves forest. Although it is simple, it is more cozy than all the luxurious and s.p.a.cious houses I used to live in. Car… Is it a luxury carriage? What else can you do with it besides showing off? As for the money… It’s fine as long as it’s enough to spend. I don’t like any special luxury goods anyway. Sometimes, he just buys me ordinary clothes, and it is enough for me to be happy for a long time.

“What if I don’t have the power?”

Athena blushed, “Actually… you had stolen my heart back at the black rainforest. At that time, you were just a powerless human; at least that was what you showed me.”

Chen Rui straightened up and said solemnly to Athena, “So, the last question. Miss Athena, regardless through poverty, sickness or death, are you willing to stay with this man for a lifetime?”

Athena suddenly understood what happened. The hand she held started trembling out of nervousness. She said firmly, “I do, regardless of poverty, sickness or death.”

Chen Rui felt warm in his heart. Suddenly, he knelt down on one knee and put a magic ring on her ring finger on her left hand, “This is an ancient custom, which means… even if you want to back out in the future, I will s.n.a.t.c.h you back shamelessly… Although it is quite sudden, take this magic ring, which I made by myself, as a promise in advance. When the time is right in the future, we will have a grand ceremony that will be memorable for life.”

After he finished, he added another sentence, “This is the deepest bond and the best symbiotic contract.”

Athena’s heart was instantly filled with great happiness and surprise. Tears raced down her cheeks again. This time it was a sweet taste. Their lips and tongue were tightly intertwined, just like their two hearts.

After the affectionate kiss, the emotional couple almost couldn’t control it. Fortunately, Chen Rui finally restrained the desire in his heart. After all, Athena’s 20th birthday hadn’t arrived yet. He couldn’t ruin her best chance to advance to the Great Demon King because of his impulsive action.

After calming down for a moment, Athena’s low voice sounded, “During your trip to the Dark Shadow Empire this time… Did you meet her?”

“I met her once only.” Chen Rui didn’t want to reveal Christina’s ident.i.ty. He just said that he met her at the palace before going to the Crystal Valley.

“Oh.” Athena didn’t probe further. It was as if she was just asking casually, so it was enough to hear an answer. But Chen Rui still heard the “dissatisfaction” in between her lines. I remember that this heroine once vowed solemnly to promise that she will not be jealous. She agreed to accept Christina as well as the little princess and Kia, but now…

“Don’t think too much,” Chen Rui shook his head and said, “Actually, it’s hard for me and her… to have any results.”

Athena was jealous when she talked about Christina just now, but suddenly there was a feeling of guilt again now. She felt like she was really a narrow-minded jealous woman. After all, even a self-disciplined person like her father had twelve wives. In comparison, Chen Rui indeed had so much less. She immediately added, “By the way, Kia… is very pitiful. When she and Princess Royal return from the White Feather Estate, let her come back to stay here.”

Chen Rui glanced at her in surprise, He felt guilty thinking that he had “provoked” other women even after having Athena. But at this point, it would certainly be impossible to abandon Kia. Fortunately, Athena had included Kia in the acceptable “inside” personnel; thanks to the Demon Realm environment.

He was smart enough not to say much about this matter. He asked a question to change the topic, “What’s the matter with the White Feather Estate?”

Athena’s answer caused Chen Rui to frown. Dark Moon, Red Spirit, White Feather and Blue Lava were the four major estates of the Fallen Angel Empire. White Feather Lord, Sicali, was an admirer of Princess Royal. He was also the biggest lord supporter of Dark Moon. This time, he invited Princess Royal to the estate for an official visit. One purpose was to show the att.i.tude of White Feather to the capital, while the other was to give some a.s.sistance to the capital’s sanctions.

Chen Rui knew about White Feather Estate, but he didn’t know that Lord Sicali was actually an admirer of Shea. Chen Rui and Shea had a blurry relations.h.i.+p which was inclined toward a flirtatious feeling. Hence, when he heard of this now, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Athena had always misunderstood the relations.h.i.+p between Chen Rui and Shea, but she did not notice his slight emotional fluctuation at the moment. She just sighed, “Princess Royal does not know about Kia’s matter. In order to prevent her from taking the opportunity to do mischief in the estate, Shea specially took her to White Feather Estate. The affairs in the estate are handled by Old Gauss, Old Ford of Saiful Family and me. Your method is very effective. After the guards have undergone special training, they have eliminated several bandits. It is a remarkable change. The recruitment went smoothly too. It’s just that… some guys with excess energy will cause trouble from time to time. They even had a conflict with the imperial guards not long ago.”

Chen Rui noticed her tiredness when she came back today. He felt sorry for her and hugged her tightly. “I’m sorry that I made you overworked.”

Athena shook her head, “I’m happy to be able to help you. Plus, I grew up in a barrack since I was a kid. I like that kind of atmosphere.”

“Excess energy?” Chen Rui thought for a while. “Relax, I’ll find a solution.”

“En…” Athena moved comfortably on his chest. There were plenty more trivial troubles. But as soon as her man came back, it was like she had a backbone. The complicated things became simple.

This Sicali didn’t seem like a good guy ?… Would he bring surprise or disaster to the Dark Moon?

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