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Chapter 310: Poison Dragon Vs Corpse Necromancer

Although the strength of this projection was only a Great Demon King level, if he joined forces with the terror knight, it would probably be quite difficult for Chen Rui to win. Moreover, the real strength of Guradam was the Demon Emperor level. It was not what Chen Rui could contend with now.

However, Chen Rui was currently using a stranger face that Guradam did not recognize.

Chen Rui thought about it, bowed, and replied, “Dear undead magician master, I’m an investigator from Dark Moon City who rushed to Town Yankou in order to investigate the missing people in the town. The dead bodies in the cemetery should be enough to be used by the master. Why do you still need to abduct the powerless townspeople?”

“Investigator?” Guradam sensed that the enemy was at Great Demon King level. Just the projection and terror knight should be able to win over him easily. He sneered instantly, “Hmph! I just borrowed the dead bodies in the cemetery. As for living people, other than people who come by themselves like you, I have not planned to turn all living people into undead yet. But when my experiment is successful, I don’t mind turning the entire town or even the entire estate into an undead paradise.”

Chen Rui frowned. Guradam does not need to lie in this situation. So what happened to the missing population in the town, including Garrison Captain Seman?

As Guradam was about to speak, he suddenly sensed something. His facial expression changed dramatically while he shouted, “The altar at the west is destroyed by someone! d.a.m.n it!”

Chen Rui’s eyes lit up. Poison dragon should have succeeded.

“It must be your partner! How dare you destroy my most important life box recovery plan! I will tear you to pieces!” Guradam roared in rage. He pointed at the ground suddenly. A large number of terrifying arms emerged from the ground, grasping Chen Rui and the little black horse firmly.

Chen Rui once experienced this technique in Crystal Valley’s deathmatch. Although he was shocked, he did not panic. The little black horse appeared very frightened. It unleashed its talents, but it was unable to break free.

From Guradam’s words, Chen Rui heard some clues. It turns out that the corpse necromancer indeed suffered a greater injury than I imagined after being splashed by the resurrection potion last time; even affecting his soul essence in the life box.

So the reason why Guradam has done so many things in Town Yankou is probably to use the death and soul power of the ancient battlefield to restore the life box. But he will never expect that there will be an inevitable clash between opposing people. He met his old enemy again.

The corpse necromancer gritted his teeth and said, “No! I can’t just let you go! I want to make your body into the most despicable skeleton. Then, I will draw your soul out to accept eternal torment in the h.e.l.l fire! Not only that, everyone in this d.a.m.n town will be the funerary objects for destroying my plan!”

Guradam mumbled. The wind in the mountains suddenly became extremely cold. His body exuded a large amount of black mist that mixed with a faint light. It rose to the sky, forming a dark cloud. Even the moonlight became dim. Chen Rui could feel that this dark cloud was filled with enormous power of terror and evil.

“This is the strongest death spell I created by combining dark magic and undead magic, [Dark h.e.l.l]. It can devour the vitality of all living creatures in the range, turning them all into undead creatures! Even at the level of Great Demon King, you will not be able to survive! I want you to open your fearful eyes to see how these people become dried corpses, then I will slowly concoct you in the end!”

Guradam raised his hands to the sky, and the black clouds drifted slowly toward Town Yankou. At this moment, he suddenly heard a sound, “Guradam!”

Guradam was suddenly stunned as his real name was shouted. A strange mask suddenly appeared on the face of his enemy. Guradam seemed to see something unbelievable. His hands started trembling as he said in shock and anger, “You…”

As soon as his words sounded, the dark clouds drifting away in the air seemed to have encountered a strong attraction force; they quickly returned. The huge spirit and magic power poured into the mask like a tide. They became thinner instantly, and immediately disappeared without a trace.

The mask disappeared again, revealing a face familiar to Guradam. Chen Rui smiled and said, “Sir corpse necromancer, to be precise, his projection. It’s been a while.”

“It’s you!” Guradam shrieked. His hatred rose to the zenith instantaneously. This face was something he could never forget. In Silent Night Wetland, it was this guy who repeatedly destroyed my perfect plan. Eventually, he took away all the treasures. Even the life box is almost taken away by this person.

The reason why I came to the ruins of this ancient battlefield and worked hard to build the altar to recover the damaged soul essence is also this person’s fault!

His new and old hatred surged together. Guradam’s eyes glowed with intense red light, but he did not dare to act because black flames had come out of the other person’s body.

He had already suffered a lot from the power of this flame in Silent Night Wetland. It was the nemesis of the undead power. Moreover, [Dark h.e.l.l] had almost exhausted the spirit and magic power of his projection just now. After it was totally devoured, he could not use any magic at the moment.

“Kill him!” Guradam issued an order to the terror knight. The terror knight immediately slashed his sword toward Chen Rui. Chen Rui’s hands were illuminated with white light. He launched a huge light ball to the terror knight. The terror knight sensed the destructive power of white light, but he didn’t manage to dodge. His sword glowed with red light, and he blocked horizontally with the sword. His body was pushed back by the huge pressure of [Aurora Shot], leaving an amazing trace on the ground.

While the terror knight resisted [Aurora Shot], Chen Rui jumped. His fist which was burning with Nirvana fire struck the corpse necromancer. The corpse necromancer could not cast magic. His spirt devouring power still existed, but this enemy had an extremely bizarre power. Even if Chen Rui did not have the terrifying black flame, Guradam dared not exert the devouring power. He remembered that he was almost trapped in the enemy’s consciousness territory last time.

The corpse necromancer did not dare to take the punch head on, so he immediately retreated. But how could the magician, who had lost all his advantages, be Chen Rui’s opponent in close combat? Suddenly, Guradam sensed a dangerous breath behind him. When he turned around, he saw that the other party had appeared instantly behind him; a punch penetrated his body. Although this form of corpse necromancer was originally not afraid of any physical attack, the black flame was an absolute nemesis. Plus the double damage to the undead added on the Thunderous Sound, this punch had caused a heavy damage to this projection. Chen Rui did not give him a chance to take a breather. He launched a series of attacks. The corpse necromancer who was. .h.i.t by black fire screamed miserably.

When the terror knight struggled to use his sword skills to cut [Aurora Shot] in half, the corpse necromancer’s body was already covered with deadly flames, “Don’t think that destroying my projection can stop my actual body! I want to make the whole town… …”

Chen Rui was taken aback. The current Guradam was no longer the corpse necromancer confined to the treasure. After escaping from Silent Night Wetland, it was likely that he had already possessed or recovered many terrible means. Although Chen Rui devoured the projection’s [Dark h.e.l.l], this was incomparable to the territory that was desperately released by the corpse necromancer’s actual body last time in the treasure. It was likely that the Demon Emperor-level actual body had quite terrifying power.

Judging from the words before the projection was extinguished, Guradam’s actual body is likely to be near Town Yankou. He can even be in the town! Athena and Dodo are in town! I don’t know if Paglio has returned at this time. In any case, I can’t stay here any longer. I must return to Athena immediately!

Chen Rui thought of this, and he launched [Aurora Shot] continuously at the terror knight. When the terror knight parried and dodged, Chen Rui had rushed over to the phantom horse who was fighting with his little black horse. Chen Rui waved, and before Chen Rui touched the phantom horse, the sharp qi had struck it in the air with the speed of light. The phantom horse wailed, and its front leg seemed to be cut off by a sharp blade. Chen Rui no longer had the intention to keep fighting. He rode the little black horse and ran back with maximum speed.

The terror knight had much more experience in dealing with [Aurora Shot] this time. But when he skillfully used the force of his sword to remove that terrifying power, he saw the phantom horse limping and standing unstably. Meanwhile, the enemy had already rushed down the mountain speedily. The two red lights in the black head-armor flared as he thrusted his long sword on the ground ruthlessly, venting his anger toward the enemy’s cowardly escape.

Chen Rui had no mood to think about the terror knight’s thoughts. The swordsmans.h.i.+p and strength of the terror knight were very strong. It was by no means a victory he could achieve in a short time. The situation in Town Yankou was urgent, so he could no longer waste his time and power there. He must go back immediately!

Incubus Beast’s full speed running was very impressive. With Chen Rui’s attack, he killed his way out of the large crowd of skeletons, and rushed out of the woods. From a distance, the entire Town Yankou had been covered with a dark and gloomy mist. It looked particularly bewitching and mysterious.

Chen Rui was very shocked. The little black horse with intelligence understood his worries. Flames appeared at its hooves, and the speed increased again. It was like a lightning-like flame, burning towards the murky dark abyss.

They had already approached the black mist. These mists seemed to have the effect of enchanting and confusing one’s mind. The little black horse and Chen Rui were not affected, and they rushed straight in. The sight of the town made Chen Rui’s heart sink. The whole town was lifeless. There was not even a sound of barking. The guards and patrol soldiers had fallen to the ground. There were still some fallen figures in the streets in front. These people seemed to be breathing. They were only affected by the black mist and lost their consciousness.

Am I a step slower? Chen Rui felt anxious and rode the little black horse toward the defense station.

Since the devouring power of G.o.d-Eating Mask had been used once in Black Rock Mountain, he could only use it again after 7 days. Currently, he could only buy time by using the Nirvana fire and [Scorching Dragon Possession]. He was not sure if he could drag until Paglio was back.

Before he arrived, he felt the violent power fluctuations ahead. For a while, it was a terrible death atmosphere. The next moment, it was replaced by a bewitching and mysterious power. This power finally relieved Chen Rui’s anxious heart— It’s Paglio!

In front of the defense station, there was no one standing except for three figures.

Athena had switched into a fighting form with flames burning on her body. The [Blazing Eyes] that Chen Rui gave her recently was in her hand. Dodo stood on her shoulder while showing his teeth. He looked fierce, but it somehow seemed like putting a front.

The strongest collision was between two people. The black robe that was suspended in the air was Guradam’s body. Opposite him was a st.u.r.dy, black-haired man in a robe, Paglio. This time, the “old friends” 2000 years ago also met.

Guradam was killed abruptly by Paglio in the past. Guradam only remembered it was a huge dragon, but he hadn’t seen this human body yet, so he didn’t recognize Paglio. A huge blood-red scythe appeared in Guradam’s hands and cut toward Paglio. Paglio’s figure suddenly appeared in front of the high-speed scythe and pointed his finger. Before the strongest single unit attack of the dark magic, [Dark Moon Blood Scythe], could unleash, it was corroded quickly at the speed visible to the naked eyes. In the blink of an eye, the particles dissipated without a trace. At the same time, the figure of the poison dragon returned to his original position, as if he had not made any move.

“What power is this? Poison? Even the energy body condensed by magical elements can be corroded!”

Guradam was taken aback. He had never seen anyone cracking magic like this. Furthermore, the terrifying power was quite strange. This man’s strength is unfathomable. Even during my peak, I’m afraid I still can’t match with him. Such a powerhouse is rare even in an estate. Why did he come to this remote town?

Paglio said disdainfully, “Cut the c.r.a.p! My least favorite thing is skeletons!”

Guradam grumbled, “The whole town is shrouded in my territory’s [Shadow of Death] now. I can draw all the vitality in it as a source of strength. You may not be able to beat me!”

The poison dragon didn’t say anything, but another voice sounded, “Guradam, I have devoured most of your spirit power. You even dared to court death now. You can’t escape this time.”

As soon as Athena heard Chen Rui’s voice, she was immediately delighted. She saw a figure burning with black flame appeared, then it was followed by a horse. The flame seemed to be the nemesis of the power of death. The surrounding black mist melted like ice and snow, and it could not be closed.

This familiar figure made the corpse necromancer show a strong hatred. He gritted his teeth and said, “Where’s my terror knight?”

“You better worry about yourself.” Chen Rui smiled confidently, “This time, you will not be as lucky as last time.”

When he mentioned last time, all the dark power in the corpse necromancer’s body surged with anger, “Hand over the treasure! I can give you a quick death. Otherwise, you will not escape the power of the [Shadow of Death] even with the protection of this man!”

As soon as Paglio heard the word “treasure”, he was instantly interested. His eyes glared at Chen Rui, this cunning and greedy human actually got another treasure. He even wanted to hide it from me, Master Paglio!

Chen Rui knew the temperament of the poison dragon very well. At first glance, he knew what the dragon was thinking. He said calmly, “This skeleton is talking about the treasure of Silent Night Wetland. Do you understand now?”

Paglio had a sudden realization. Treasure and corpse necromancer. So that’s the case!

Meanwhile, Guradam was still threatening at this side, “I’ll give you the last three seconds to consider. Hand over all of my treasure!”

As soon as he finished saying it, the corpse necromancer suddenly felt a strong murderous intent. It actually originated from the mysterious man. The man gritted his teeth and asked, “Your ‘treasure’?”

Would Guradam still be afraid of his ‘weakened old friend’?

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