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Chen Rui felt that the name "Glorfin Beelzebub" sounded a little familiar, as if he heard it somewhere before. He suddenly remembered the big event that shook Dark Moon four hundred years ago.

Beelzebub was one of the seven royal family names of the Demon Realm, also known as "Gluttony" Royal Family.

Dark Moon estate was originally one of the most prosperous estates in the Fallen Angel Empire. It was completely different from its dejected state now. The root of its decline lay in the turmoil that happened 400 years ago.

Four hundred years ago, the Beelzebub Royal Family who had disappeared suddenly appeared in Dark Moon City. The head was a strong man named Glorfin Beelzebub, who had one of the seven artifacts of Demon Realm, the "G.o.d-Eating Mask". He was very powerful. The Lord of Dark Moon at that time had reached Demon Emperor level, but even he was killed by Glorfin. Dark Moon estate quickly fell into the control of the Beelzebub Royal Family, and even the neighboring Red Spirit Estate and Blue Lava Estate began to be invaded. The invasion continued straight to the capital city.

In order to eliminate the disaster, the Demon Realm's first powerhouse , Lord of Midnight Sun, Lucifer, led his army on an expedition to Dark Moon. All the way to Dark Moon City, Midnight Sun held the artifact "Sword of the Fallen Angel" and waged a war against Glorfin, who wore the "G.o.d-Eating Mask". The battle continued from the bottom of the city to the ancient arena, and ended with Glorfin's defeat. Glorfin, holding the damaged artifact, was forced to use the secret skill to escape. Then, he disappeared.

After the rebellion in Dark Moon subsided, due to various reasons, the decline caused by the war was unable to recover until today.

It now appeared that Glorfin, who escaped from the hands of Lord of Midnight Sun, never left Dark Moon Estate. He came to the main pit in Mountain Xilang, broke the seal and entered the lower layer. He made it all the way to the underworld, then later, he met the Earth Elemental King and was eliminated. Only this artifact that brought incessant calamities, the "G.o.d-Eating Mask", was left.

This was why, for four hundred years, demonic beasts from Mountain Xilang kept coming out of the broken seal to cause trouble.

Athena said something surprising. "Chen Rui, I suspect Glorfin is not dead!" Athena's basis was simple. The Beelzebub family was also known as the "Gluttony" Royal Family; they had three bloodline talents, which were devour, earth-type magic mastery and demonic fly mastery.

Devour could devour various objects and even attacks, then transform them into a force that was beneficial to the body. The earth-type magic mastery was the same as the Leviathan Royal Family's water-type magic mastery, they could use any earth-type magic by awakening the powers of their bloodline. The demonic fly was one of the Beelzebub Royal Family's strangest talents. They could create terrifying demonic flies to battle and control other creatures. The level and number of demonic flies were proportional to the powers of the royal family itself. In the history of the Demon Realm, the Beelzebub Royal Family once created a large army of demonic flies that basically devoured a whole empire.

Based on the number and strength of these demonic flies underground, and the name bloodthirsty demonic fly, Athena determined that it was the Beelzebub Royal Family's strongest bloodline talent, demonic fly mastery.

Chen Rui's previous line of thought continued to expand under Athena's judgment. If Glorfin did not die, then the reason why the Earth Elemental King was motionless in the earth for 400 years was because its powers were evenly matched with Glorfin, but it was constantly being suppressed and weakened by the power of the artifact. The "crystals" on the waste ores must have been formed under the influence of some force, which might be related to the demonic flies, or was it the power of the Demon Overlord?

Unexpectedly, the root cause that troubled the Xilang mine for four hundred years turned out to be the Lord of the Beelzebub Royal Family who instigated the Dark Moon turmoil!

The truth was now surfacing one by one, but there were still a few questions. Why did Glorfin come directly to Mountain Xilang after losing to the Lord of Midnight Sun? He even deliberately went underground? What other reason was there for destroying the creatures underground, besides to create demonic flies?

Thinking of those horrible eyes full of evil, Chen Rui s.h.i.+vered. He told the others his a.n.a.lysis. Tag was shocked. For the past four hundred years, the elemental king had been fighting with the enemy. The so-called mutation was also the means that the scary enemy used to control the earth elemental people!!

Judging from the current development of the situation, the king's strength was becoming weaker. He might not be able to hold on anymore. They had to think of a plan to rescue the king as soon as possible, or it would be a disaster for all earth elementals once they were completely controlled.

"Please help earth elemental people!" Tag no longer insisted on his original intention. He crossed his hands, and bowed deeply to the Tauren leader, "The earth elementals are willing to give you anything to repay your friends.h.i.+p!"

Chen Rui frowned and said, "Delong, my friend, it seems that we can't keep waiting pa.s.sively. We must try to resolve this matter. From my a.n.a.lysis of the demonic fly and mutant earth elemental people situation, the king had clearly been extremely weakened. Once it is completely controlled by that terrifying guy, it will become our doomsday."

Delong nodded its bull head with a grave look in his eyes. He initially thought that he could unite the earth elemental peoples to counteract the mutant earth elementals. Now it seemed that his previous ideas were wrong. Whether it was the Earth Elemental King or the one named Glorgin, they were Demon Overlord-level powerhouses. If they recovered their powers, they would never be able to match up.

"I don't know what to do either! Chen Rui, you are the taurens' most trusted friend. If you have a good idea, just say it, we will listen to you!" Delong not only spoke for himself, but also for the whole tauren tribe.

Putting other things aside, just the devil fruit and the fountain of life were enough for the tauren tribe to express this att.i.tude.

After understanding the taurens' meaning, Tag looked at the relatively weaker Chen Rui differently. But in the moment of life and death, Chen Rui did not waste time and began to plan. If they just went in without a plan, even if the taurens, the earth elementals rebel forces and the medusas joined hands, they would not be able to defeat the Earth Elemental King. The "G.o.d-Eating Mask" must be the biggest key in controlling the Earth Elemental King. If they could remove the mask, it was likely that the Earth Elemental King would be able to escape being controlled. However, removing the mask must be quite difficult.

Chen Rui came up with the idea to capture one or two earth elementals that were being controlled and try to use

Tag agreed with him and suggested that if Chen Rui could release the control of the Earth elemental people, it was better to capture Taug or Sog, who were also elite elementals, and then slowly release the control of all earth elementals.

Chen Rui knew that Tag wanted to release all the earth elementals from being controlled control, but it was certainly unrealistic for the time being. The idea to capture the elite earth elementals was good, but there were two elite earth elemental people, they would not easily leave the group. To capture one of them alone, Delong and Tag were not enough. Queen Medusa must act at the same time.

Although Queen Medusa's change of att.i.tude inevitably made Chen Rui unhappy, now was the time to help each other. Fighting internally would be inadvisable. Chen Rui thought about it and wrote a letter explaining the situations in detail, then asked the taurens to bring it to Tim in the Medusa's Lair.

There were no issues cooperating with the earth elemental rebel forces. Before leaving, Tag left Doug in charge of communication in the tauren tribe.

"Delong, my friend, we have to be prepared for a tough battle. By the way, one thing is very puzzling to me. Taurens are the best at building, forging and smithing. The environment here is shabby; the taurens can't use their building talents. However, the cave structure just now was clever and practical that even I, a layman, could see the skill among the clumsiness. But … why do you always use stone weapons?"

Delong sighed, "We initially had metal weapons, but all of them had been used up in these few hundreds of years of fighting. Originally, with the tauren's forging and smithing skills, they could use the minerals underground to create weapons. However, for some reason, large amounts of crystals covered the minerals. The minerals could not be purified at all, so in the end, we can only use stone weapons."

"Crystals?" Chen Rui thought of his old business. He had taken most of the iron ores in the waste ores room. "Show it to me, I might have a way." Delong was already totally convinced by Chen Rui's fascinating abilities. He quickly asked the taurens to bring out the reserve iron ores. Chen Rui looked at it. Sure enough, they were covered with pale yellow crystals. Its color was darker than waste ores. Chen Rui thought of the terrible eyes in the fountain of life and didn't dare to neglect. "Dark Will" appeared on his left hand. He drank a bottle of True Spirit Potion, then activated the

However, this time it was a false alarm. Those eyes did not appear. It seemed that only the special "seeds" in the fountain of life carried some part of Glorfin's will. The attacking demonic flies and earth elemental people must have taken a lot of effort to lay down these seeds. A hypothesis suddenly pa.s.sed through Chen Rui's head. The fountain of life!

Is Glorfin's motive the fountain of life?

After the Earth Elemental King mutated, the fountain of life in the Earth Realm dried up. Then the trolls were eliminated and their fountain of life dried up. Now it is the taurens' and Medusas' turn?

Chen Rui's thoughts were interrupted by the taurens' cheers. He saw the crystals on the minerals turn into powder under his hands, just like the way he previously handled waste ores. This time it seemed that the aura gained was ten times more than last time; it was probably directly proportional to the difficulty of extraction. It seemed that the minerals in the lower level of the main pit were only slightly "polluted" by Glorfin's power, and the underworld was the "severely affllicted area".

Although Delong was already immune to his fascination with Chen Rui, he still found it difficult to conceal his joy. As long as these troublesome impurities were removed, the taurens could easily extract metal to forge excellent weapons and equipment.

"My friend, you're truly so fascinating!" The Chief Tauren kept using the word fascinating, as if he could not find any more words to praise him with.

Chen Rui's

"Watt! Bring someone to clean up the abandoned smelting room immediately!" Delong ordered excitedly and loudly. "These iron ores are not enough! Torre, ask the others to see if the minerals that were thrown away in the past years are still in the old place! Otherwise, you can directly start looking for mines!"

The earth elementals, Doug couldn't understand what the tauren said. He just saw Chen Rui handling the minerals and asked curiously, "Chen Rui, what are you doing?" Chen Rui told him about the taurens needing more iron ores. The earth elemental let out a low, confident laugh. "When it comes to searching for mineral deposits, who can compare to the earth elementals who know the earth like the back of their hand?"

Chen Rui was overjoyed and translated that for the taurens. Delong's rounded bull eyes glowed hotly. He stared at the earth elemental whose body was covered with rocks and dirt as if he was looking at a big beauty with a big chest, big b.u.t.t and cow head.

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