Crazy Detective Chapter 1167 - A Fall in the Pit Is Not a Gain in Your Wit

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Chapter 1167: A Fall in the Pit Is Not a Gain in Your Wit

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“Is… is he mad?” someone from the audience said.

The audience gasped in surprise and started discussing spiritedly amongst themselves as they watched Zhao Yu expose his back to Thorngrove.

“Oh my G.o.d, isn’t this Thorngrove’s usual move? Why is it now being used against him instead?”

“That’s crazy, man. The other party is the world champion! Is this a form of psychological warfare?”

Thorngrove was seemingly distracted by the murmurs in the crowd.

He couldn’t help but a.s.sociate Zhao Yu’s present behavior with the loss he suffered previously. He was also wondering whether this was another trick of Zhao Yu’s.

The referee didn’t share any of Thorngrove’s concerns. With a wave of his hands, he signaled the start of the match!


Facing Zhao Yu’s back, Thorngrove was hesitant to make the first move. He cautiously raised his fists and quietly observed.

But Zhao Yu continued standing in that position even after 10 seconds. He didn’t seem to have any intention of moving.


Beads of sweat started forming on Thorngrove’s forehead. He deliberately made a lot of noise as he moved, in a bid to startle Zhao Yu.

However, Zhao Yu showed no signs of moving. He merely stayed in his original position.


Thorngrove was starting to lose his patience. Thinking of how he was humiliated previously, he wanted nothing more than to bash in Zhao Yu’s brains.

Just as he was about to attack, Zhao Yu suddenly moved, slapping himself on his b.u.t.t and striking a ridiculous pose.


Thorngrove was infuriated; he couldn’t hold it in anymore and went straight for the back of Zhao Yu’s head.

Thorngrove was a world champion, after all. His fists were incredibly powerful. The audience could feel his overwhelming aura even outside the cage!

However, just as Thorngrove was about to strike, Zhao Yu leaped into the air and launched a move taught to him by Miao Ying – The helicopter kick! It was as if Zhao Yu had eyes in the back of his head and had already antic.i.p.ated Thorngrove’s actions.


The helicopter kick was as quick as lightning, promptly landing on Thorngrove’s face. Thorngrove immediately fell to the ground like an elephant, resulting in a resounding thump as his ma.s.sive body made contact with the ground.


Thorngrove roared like a beast and attempted to lift himself with his fists.

He managed to get up partially, but a few seconds later, his eyes glazed over and he lost consciousness.

In that instant, the crowd was plunged into a deadly silence. It was so quiet in the hall that one could even hear a pin drop!

This silence lasted for about six to seven seconds. When the audience realized that Thorngrove wouldn’t be getting up, they erupted into loud cheers!


Of course, many members of the audience were also grabbing their hair in disbelief. They had antic.i.p.ated various outcomes, but this was beyond their expectations!

The referee, too, was dumbfounded. It took a while for him to remember that he was supposed to check on Thorngrove. Having ascertained that Thorngrove had indeed pa.s.sed out, he then shook his head at the referee podium.


The crowd got even rowdier!

“Humph!” sneered Zhao Yu. Glancing coldly at Thorngrove, he said, “You hadn’t learned from past experiences! Last time I gave you face, but you were ungrateful. Don’t blame me for being ruthless! Hungh!”

Zhao Yu then b.u.mped his fists together in a loud boom, before laughing raucously.


His laughter spread throughout the hall, and those standing near the ring couldn’t help but shudder.

The VIP guests standing next to Miao Kun stared at Zhao Yu in a daze. No one expected Zhao Yu to defeat the world champion, and with such clean moves!

The referee pulled Zhao Yu to the center of the ring, raised his arm, and announced him as the victor!


The hall was finally filled with thunderous applause and boisterous cheers.

Twenty minutes later, in the changing room. A s.h.i.+rtless Zhao Yu was holding his top in one hand and a gla.s.s of red wine in the other, from which he was leisurely sipping.

At that moment, the door of the changing room opened with a loud click. Miao Kun strode in with a phone in his hand.

“Yes… yes… transfer the funds to him from your personal account! Why do I have to teach you what to do?” Miao Kun said.

While on the phone, Miao Kun did a quick scan of the changing room before finally settling down in front of Zhao Yu.

“Ok! Ok! I don’t need to pursue this further since my son-in-law has won the match…” said Miao Kun. “Send someone over to check on Miss and Madam. Don’t tell them anything yet. I will explain it to them personally when I get back…”


Zhao Yu poured Miao Kun a gla.s.s of red wine after the call ended. “Father-in-law, what’s wrong? Is there a problem?” he asked.

“Hai!” sighed Miao Kun. Taking the wine gla.s.s from Zhao Yu, he said solemnly, “Zhao Yu! There are so many areas you need to improve on!”

“Yeah?” Zhao Yu was visibly surprised. “It wasn’t alright?”

“Hungh!” Miao Kun took a swig of the red wine before raising a finger, saying, “Firstly, the pace could have been better! It was too fast, you get it? The emcee just announced your match against the world champion. More time was needed for calculating the odds, but you had already turned toward him!

“F*ck. It was a good thing that Thorngrove was slow. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been enough time for people to place their bets!”

“Oh…” Zhao Yu nodded earnestly, humbly replying, “It was my oversight! I was indeed too fast! I should have dragged it out a little…”

“Mm!” Acknowledging Zhao Yu’s sincerity, Miao Kun continued. “Secondly, it was too exaggerated!

“Don’t you know? A good special agent need not be showy. Acting naturally and being subtle is what we need!” Miao Kun placed his hand on his own chest. “And your over-confident, self-righteous behavior was a little too much! It might be good enough to hoodwink a layperson, but not the sophisticated people around me!”

“Oh…” Zhao Yu nodded again. “Understood! I’m sorry. I’m too used to putting on a false bravado. I’ll keep it in mind and will be more careful next time!”

“However, speaking overall, the outcome wasn’t too bad!” Miao Kun said. “Regardless of whether or not our objective was met, at least we didn’t suffer any losses! In fact, we even made some profit!”

“Oh… how much?” Zhao Yu asked intently.

“Haha… Although we were a little late in setting the handicap, the odds were high! So…” Miao Kun smiled. “After deducting $5 million for the costs of hiring Thorngrove to put up an act, I still made a net profit of $8 million-plus. Although it isn’t that much, it is more than sufficient to cover the costs of the engagement party! So that’s great…”

“Wahaha…” Zhao Yu raised his winegla.s.s and clinked with Miao Kun, complimenting him. “You’re indeed older and wiser! My dear father-in-law, I take my hat off to you…”

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