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Chapter 870: Divine Fire Jingmie

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If Zhang Ruochen was really trying for the legendary Tenth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm, then King Thousand-elephant had to stop him no matter what.


The Silver Moon Dragon-Elephant's four hooves moved, sprinting and shaking the ground.

Blackie stood at the top of the broken city wall. It gazed at King Thousand-elephant, who was atop the Silver Moon Dragon-Elephant, and smirked. "The strong cultivator of the Ministry of War has rushed over, as expected. It'll be a b.l.o.o.d.y fight tonight."

The ritual ceremony would definitely cause a commotion. Zhang Ruochen had expected that he would be discovered by the Ministry of War. Thus, he'd told Blackie beforehand to protect the Defender Formation of the ancient city just in case.

"Activate the Defender Formation," Blackie roared.

The Elephant-swallowing Rabbit and Monster Ape stood inside two ancient towers. Hearing Blackie's voice, they filled the towers with their Holy Qi.


Various runes emerged from underground and surged towards the city walls on all sides. They gathered under the city walls.

At the same time, the Silver Moon Dragon-Elephant reached the outside of the city.

King Thousand-elephant roared. He grasped a thick bronze spear with one hand. Standing on the Silver Moon Dragon-Elephant, he pushed off and shot hundreds of feet into the air. Purple lightning flooded out of the bronze spear, striking towards Zhang Ruochen, who was at the top of the altar.

Hundreds of formation lights rose up from the ruined city. They connected, forming a dome of light that protected the entire city. The bronze spear struck the surface of the s.h.i.+eld. There was a thunderous boom and the s.h.i.+eld caved in.

Bolts of lightning shot out of King Thousand-elephant. They ran down the spear and attacked the light s.h.i.+eld continuously.

After a stalemate of three breaths, the light s.h.i.+eld's rebound sent King Thousand-elephant flying back.

The Defender Formation was already broken and time had been limited so Blackie had only repaired it slightly. The Defender Formation could only exert 10% of its original power. Thus, Blackie wasn't confident that it could stop King Thousand-elephant.

Seeing that it had worked, Blackie let out a long breath, thinking, So close.

King Thousand-elephant didn't stop. He attacked once again, striking continuously to destroy the Defender Formation. The Silver Moon Dragon-Elephant roared, charging against the city gates.

Kaboom, boom.

The damaged infrastructure within the city kept collapsing, being reduced to rubble.

"Have the strong cultivators of the Ministry of War arrived?"

Below the altar, Li Min couldn't even keep steady and she fell onto the ground. She raised her head, looking at the lightning that kept falling. Beastly roars sounded in her ears.

At that moment, it felt like the world was really ending. The Defender Formation was at the brink of collapse. It could be destroyed at any time.

A wolf howled at the dark horizon.

The Werewolf King galloped over on a huge golden wolf. He radiated with a terrifying aura, lifting up huge waves of sand from the desert outside the city.

King Thousand-elephant glanced at the golden cloud of light. When he saw the huge wolf and the man riding it clearly, he laughed. "I didn't expect that you'd be the first to hurry over."

Werewolf King of the North, Zhao Shengyu, was covered in golden armor. He radiated with a murderous intent. "Zhang Ruochen is refining blood at the altar inside the city. The strange phenomena in the sky are increasing. It looks like he's trying for the Tenth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm instead of the Half-Saint Realm."

"I think so as well," King Thousand-elephant said. "You're here just in time. We can work together to destroy the Defender Formation of the city."


The two kings took out their own saint weapons and shot into the air. As Holy Qi flowed in, the two saint weapons pulsed with powerful energy waves.

King Thousand-elephant's saint weapon was the bronze spear from before. It had more than 500 runes. When they were all activated, they formed hundreds of thick lightning bolts.

The Werewolf King's weapon was a crescent-shaped sword. It hovered in the sky, gathering power.

The two saint weapons hadn't struck yet, but the Defender Formation was already shaking violently.

"King Thousand-elephant and the Werewolf King both arrived at the same time…"

Li Min stared at the saint weapons in the sky and easily recognized them. These were the weapons of the two n.o.bles—the Thunder G.o.d Spear and Half-moon Saint Sword.

Probably every Monk from Qingli County knew about King Thousand-elephant and the Werewolf King. Li Min had never thought that she would someday witness both kings fighting together.

However, this didn't seem to be good news for her. Once the two kings took care of Zhang Ruochen, they would probably go for her too.

The two saint weapons attacked at once. The Defender Formation's light s.h.i.+eld shattered like an eggsh.e.l.l.


The two saint weapons landed on the ground, creating two huge craters in the city. The roads and buildings around them all flew back, curling in.

There were two whooshes. King Thousand-elephant and the Werewolf King charged at the altar from two different directions.

The Elephant-swallowing Rabbit and Monster Ape flew up at once to stop them. They wanted to give Zhang Ruochen more time to try for the Tenth Change. If he was disturbed at this time, all previous efforts would be in vain.


King Thousand-elephant stepped on the Monster Ape's head. With a pow, the Monster Ape's skull cracked open. However, the Monster Ape hugged King Thousand-elephant's leg tightly, dragging him down to the ground.


Blackie turned into a blur as wings unfurled on its back. It pounced, clawing at King Thousand-elephant's throat. The king extended an armored arm, blocking Blackie's claw. He waved his arm and sent Blackie flying.

"Interesting. I'd like to fight you to the end of the world." Blackie had an undying body. It quickly climbed out of the ruins and attacked again.

In the other direction, the Werewolf King sent the Elephant-swallowing Rabbit into the ground with one palm. Then he glanced at Zhang Ruochen at the top of the altar. His eyes shone coldly.

"You want to try for the Tenth Change? So delusional. Tonight will be when the Time and s.p.a.ce Descendant dies. I, Zhao Shengyu, will leave my name to go down in history."

The Werewolf King rode his golden wolf, charging up the altar. He raised the Half-moon Saint Sword and swung down at Zhang Ruochen's head. Brilliant light cut across the sky, forming a crescent moon.

Zhang Ruochen had been sitting cross-legged on the ground. At that moment, golden light surged out of him. It formed energy waves that flooded in all directions.

The Werewolf King felt like he was a small boat in the sea. The cras.h.i.+ng waves sent him flying back, falling down from the altar.

The next moment, shadows of various deities started spinning around Zhang Ruochen. They formed a vortex, crazily sucking all the Spiritual Qi into him.

Zhang Ruochen stood up slowly and looked down at the Werewolf King.

The Werewolf King's heart trembled. Right now, Zhang Ruochen was practically a Saint—no, a G.o.d. He stood before the Werewolf King, giving him huge pressure.

"The Tenth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm, G.o.d's Destiny."

The Werewolf King tried to control his fear, telling himself that even if Zhang Ruochen was now in the Tenth Change, he was still in the Fish-Dragon Realm. He was a fifth level Half-Saint. He could definitely defeat a Fish-Dragon Monk!

Zhang Ruochen, who had been standing above the altar, suddenly disappeared.

"So fast! Where did he go?"

The Werewolf King abruptly felt miniscule spatial ripples from above him. Thus, he activated his Holy Qi and struck upward.


Zhang Ruochen rushed out of the spatial ripples and cast Disaster for Divine Dragon, the seventh palm of the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm. The powerful palm fell straight down on the Werewolf King, sending him into the ground.

Dust rolled and dense cracks opened up on the ground.

The Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm was now in the superior cla.s.s Ghost Level. The power of each palm was comparable to a Consummate Skill, far surpa.s.sing a martial technique in the superior cla.s.s Ghost Level.

"Zhang Ruochen, you think you're almighty just because you're in the Tenth Change?" The Werewolf King didn't relax until he discovered that he wasn't hurt. He regained his confidence. Rus.h.i.+ng out from the ground, he raised the Half-moon Saint Sword and cut down at Zhang Ruochen's neck.

"Fatal Technique."

It seemed like one strike, but it actually formed 36 sword shadows. It contained 36 layers of power, one atop the other. When the 36 layers overlapped completely, the power radiating from the saint sword would reach the max.

The Fatal Technique was a fatal style from the Ministry of War. It could kill thousands of soldiers at once.

Zhang Ruochen retreated quickly, dodging the Werewolf King's Sword Qi. Then he dusted his robe and said, "Who said I've already reached the Tenth Change? I'm just starting."

Zhang Ruochen raised his arms.

In the sky, b.l.o.o.d.y clouds started spinning. Blue fist-sized sparks flew down, landing on Zhang Ruochen and entering his body. He was soon covered in blue fire.

The shocking heat radiating from the fire melted the dirt under Zhang Ruochen's feet into red-hot lava.

The Werewolf King immediately retreated to about 1,000 feet away. He stared at Zhang Ruochen in shock. "That's…the Divine Fire Jingmie…"

In the distance, King Thousand-elephant roared, "The Divine Fire Jingmie is tempering Zhang Ruochen's body. Once it's complete, he'll truly reach the Tenth Change and possess G.o.d's Destiny. He must be killed before that!"

He was held up by Blackie and couldn't hurry over.

Blackie laughed. "Too late! Since Zhang Ruochen has already guided the Divine Fire Jingmie over and has the divine fire's boost, he can use power multiple times stronger than his own cultivation. Do you think you can stop him?"

"So what if he has the Divine Fire Jingmie's power? I can still kill him."

Gritting his teeth, the Werewolf King cast the Fatal Technique again. The sword swept across, aimed at Zhang Ruochen's waist. He wanted to slice the man in half.

Zhang Ruochen didn't dodge. Instead, he charged with the Luan Phoenix Deity Print Speed. Before the sword could fall on him, his palm was already imprinted on the Werewolf King's chest.


The armor on the Werewolf King's chest cracked and caved in.

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