Eternal God Emperor Chapter 716 - A Contradictory Talented Woman

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Chapter 716: A Contradictory Talented Woman

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"What's the difference?" Mu Lingxi asked.

Even Saint Lady, who was standing on the cloud, arched her eyebrows in curiosity, eager to know what Lin Yue thought of it.

Zhang Ruochen replied calmly. "First, she invited you and the top geniuses in the demonic sect to partic.i.p.ate in the Sword Technique Conference. So the initiative is in her hands.

"Second, the Qis made secret deals with the demonic sect to seek interests in the Eastern Region. Obviously, she has no control over this matter, so she felt resentful.

"As for her, in such a high position, there is no friend or foe anymore. In her eyes, everyone is cla.s.sified into two groups: one group is composed of people under her control and the other is composed of people she cannot control.

"As long as one is under her control, even an enemy can be a friend. If she cannot control someone, she might kill them, even if they are friends."

Mu Lingxi nodded slightly, understanding Zhang Ruochen's meaning.


A white light column fell straight from the vault of heaven to the earth not far from Zhang Ruochen and Mu Lingxi.

The white light swiftly shrank and revealed Saint Lady's graceful figure.

With a cold look on her face, Saint Lady walked toward them and said, "Lin Yue, am I so vicious in your eyes?"

Zhang Ruochen and Mu Lingxi were both astounded upon Saint Lady's appearance.

Zhang Ruochen had emitted his Spiritual Power to cover the entire Zixia Sacred Mountain so that when a Half-Saint approached, he would be aware of it. This was why he had spoken freely with Mu Lingxi.

He had never expected, however, that the superior Saint Lady would pay attention to him and would even eavesdrop on his conversation with Mu Lingxi.

If she had any concern, all Saint Lady needed to do was send someone to call him. Why did her true body have to emerge here?

" Has she discovered my ident.i.ty? " said Zhang Ruochen to himself.

A current of icy air began to rise from below his feet. He took out an elixir refined with Death Qi and clenched it in one hand, ready to fight.

If his real ident.i.ty had already been discovered, he had no choice but to use s.p.a.ce Moving and use the Death Qi to attack her by surprise. This was the only way he would have a chance to escape.

However, Saint Lady had already suffered a setback in Qi Hong's hands, so she was definitely more cautious. The possibility that Zhang Ruochen could successfully attack using Death Qi again was very small.

Zhang Ruochen had to give it a shot anyway, no matter what.

Mu Lingxi was nervous as well.

She had already met Saint Lady before, so she would definitely be recognized.

With a complex expression on her face, Saint Lady fixed her eyes on Mu Lingxi and said, "Demonic Saintess, Mu Lingxi."

Nervous as she felt, Mu Lingxi appeared quite calm outwardly as she bowed to Saint Lady, "My respects to Her Excellency, Saint Lady."

Zhang Ruochen knew that there was great hostility between the imperial court and the demonic sect, and now Mu Lingxi, disguised as an outer disciple to sneak into the Yin and Yang Sect, had been discovered by Saint Lady.

He wondered what Saint Lady would do to her.

Zhang Ruochen was worried about Mu Lingxi, remembering the consequence for the Qis' descendants.

He stood up immediately, walked in front of Mu Lingxi to protect her, and said, "Miss Mu came to the Yin and Yang Sect upon my invitation. I'd like to a.s.sume all responsibility. Your Excellency, considering that we have faced life and death together, please let Miss Mu go."

Actually, Saint Lady had not taken Mu Lingxi's presence seriously. After all, she had promulgated an imperial edict to invite Mu Lingxi to the Yin and Yang Sect to partic.i.p.ate in the Sword Technique Conference.

When she saw Lin Yue stand up for Mu Lingxi, however, Saint Lady felt a sudden irritation in her originally calm heart. She said, "The Genius of the Tao of the sword in the Yin and Yang Sect is dating the Demonic Saintess. If I report this to the Master of the Yin and Yang Sect, I'm afraid both of you will die."

Zhang Ruochen frowned and said with humility, "Miss Mu and I are just friends, and we haven't done anything detrimental to the Suzerain. If you distort facts, I will think that you don't have the decency that a Saint should have."

Lin Yue had changed his manner of address from "Your Excellency" to "You," indicating that he had lost respect for her and that he had become hostile.

"What just happened?" Saint Lady thought to herself with some frustration. A casual word had actually gotten her into such an awkward situation.

Saint Lady tried to eliminate negative emotions in her mind and said with a smile, "Lin Yue, it seems that in your eyes, I am really spiteful. To tell you the truth, I did not order the cleanup of the Qis' descendants. It was an internal rectification inside the Yin and Yang Sect."

Saint Lady immediately regretted saying this.

She was a Saint. Why did she have to give such a detailed explanation to a Monk in the Fish-Dragon Realm?

Zhang Ruochen felt relieved inwardly. Since Saint Lady could still converse with him calmly, it meant his real ident.i.ty had not been exposed.

As long as his real ident.i.ty remained hidden, he still had chances to turn things around.

Zhang Ruochen stared at Saint Lady and said, "In the Deceased G.o.d Cemetery, you once said that if I encounter any difficulty, I could turn to you for help."

"You saved my life. I owe you one." Saint Lady nodded in agreement.

Zhang Ruochen said, "If so, I wish to ask that you spare Miss Mu's life. Please let her go."

Saint Lady looked at him deeply, while her left hand behind her clenched the black bell. She said, "Lin Yue, do you knowthat the favor I owe could be very useful to you?Even if you were to ask to be one of the Nine Kunlun Heirs, I could promise you that. Will you consider it again?"

"No. If you can keep your word, please let MissMu leave the Yin and Yang Sect." Zhang Ruochen said resolutely.

Mu Lingxi stood up as well. She stretched out a hand and held Zhang Ruochen'swrist tightly as she stoodbesidehim. Even when faced with Saint, she remained calm.

Seeing that they were so intimate, Saint Lady frowned. Then she said with a smile, "Mu Lingxi is a guest I have invited to the Yin and Yang Sect. Even if youwanted to use the favor I owe, I won't agree. I'm afraid you'll think I have taken advantage. It'll ruin my reputation."

Mu Lingxi understood the Saint Lady's words fully, and she shone with delight and said, "Thank you, Your Excellency."

Saint Lady glanced at Lin Yue and said, "I came to the Zixia Sacred Mountain to inform you that I will hold a Kunlun Heir's banquet in Shentai City next month. I hope you'll turn up on time."

After saying this, Saint Lady turned to leave. After several steps, she stopped, looked back at Zhang Ruochen and Mu Lingxi, and said, "You can never be too careful in your dates in the future. "This time, you were lucky I was the one you encountered. If any other Saint in the Yin and Yang Sect finds out that the Demonic Saintess hides among the outer disciples, I'm afraid they won't let you go like I did."

Saint Lady had wanted to return the bell to Lin Yue, but a strange idea held her back. Eventually, she left with the bell.

Even with a soft smile on her face, her heart was bitter.

Mu Lingxi opened her red lips and heaved a long sigh. "I didn't think Saint Lady would be so sensible. No wonder they say she is the perfect girl. I've begun to admire her."

Zhang Ruochen asked, "Don't you think she was too sensible?"

Mu Lingxi thought about it carefully and began to feel that something was wrong.

Saint Ladyhad transcended into a saint and was afemale official around the Empress. What a big shot!

However sensible she was, she should still keep her dignity. Otherwise, how would she intimidate recalcitrant Saints in the imperial court?

Mu Lingxi said, "Perhaps because you saved her life, she is grateful to you or even treats you as a friend. If so, it's not surprising."

"Because of Chi Yao, I am instinctively guarded against Saint Lady." Zhang Ruochen said as he shook his head slightly. He decided not to give it any more thought.

Zhang Ruochen had no ill feeling toward Saint Lady.

After all, his animosity toward Chi Yao had nothing to do with Saint Lady.

Mu Lingxi remembered something. She quietly cast her eyes at Zhang Ruochen and said, "There is one thing I have to tell you."

"What?" Zhang Ruochen asked.

Mu Lingxi pursed her lips and said in a low voice, "Sister Chen has come to the Yin and Yang Sect and is now in Shentai City. Do you… want to meet her?

As the Sword Technique Conference approached, the monks of the Tao of the sword from different places had begun arriving in the Yin and Yang Sect.

They were accommodated in the border trade zones of the five cities outside and were not allowed to enter the mountain gate of the Yin and Yang Sect until the day of the Sword Technique Conference.

Huang Yanchen was one of the Heiresses of the East Region Saint Mansions, and she was obviously qualified to partic.i.p.ate in the Sword Technique Conference.


Zhang Ruochen smiled bitterly as he nodded and said, "Since I have come to the Yin and Yang Sect, I should meet her."

Zhang Ruochen, together with Mu Lingxi, left Zixia Sacred Mountain for the mountain gate.

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