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Chapter 255: The Sixth Level Array
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Han Qiu's speed was faster than Zhang Ruochen's and thus, she caught up with him immediately.

“We won't be a match for Huo Jingcheng even if we work together. I have already been injured by the Commandery Princess Zhenling severely when I fought against her. I might be even more injured than you.” said Zhang Ruochen.

“Then what should we do?”

“Let's run away! Or if we have to, we will have to fight him to the death.”

Although Zhang Ruochen and Han Qiu's speeds were very fast, Huo Jingcheng was still faster and was coming closer and closer.


Huo Jingcheng flew in a hurricane. Swinging his arms, another two wind blades appeared.

They couldn't resist the wind blade's power at their present state.

They tumbled to the ground and narrowly escaped Huo Jingcheng's attack.

When they ran out of the forest, they saw thick fog in the air, mutilated ramparts, and dilapidated streets as well as some human and savage beasts' bones.

“What's going on? What is this place?” asked Zhang Ruochen.

Han Qiu said happily, “I know it! This is the ‘White Fog Ancient City', an Elementary Ruin, where it is said that a White Fog Half-Saint lived. However, long time has pa.s.sed and it has become a ruin. I, with the disciples of Yuntai Suzerain, have practiced here before. Since we have escaped to here, we are saved!”

“An Elementary Ruin is perhaps a challenge for a warrior of the Black Realm or the Earth Realm, but to a warrior in the Heaven Realm, it isn't dangerous at all. You really think an Elementary Ruin can stop Huo Jingcheng?” said Zhang Ruochen.

Han Qiu said, “I remember that there is an underground palace in White Fog Ancient City which may help us. Follow me, Zhang Ruochen.”

Chasing behind Zhang Ruochen and Han Qiu, Huo Jingcheng threw wind blades one after one, shattering the wrecked buildings in White Fog Ancient City into pieces.

“Up!” Huo Jingcheng roared.

A strong wind power uprooted the street, and pieces of stones fell onto Zhang Ruochen and Han Qiu.

Unleas.h.i.+ng Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon, Zhang Ruochen turned into a flying-dragon illusory image and dodged the stones easily.


Unfortunately, Han Qiu wasn't strong enough. She was struck by two huge stones, she spat out some fresh blood and was sent flying backward.

Zhang Ruochen moved his body quickly and caught Han Qiu in his arms. Together they tumbled down and ran towards the gate of the underground palace.

They were followed by Huo Jingcheng closely who also tried to get into the gate.


Luckily the stone gate closed and shut Huo Jingcheng outside.

The stone gate was made of hard emery ferrite sandstone around 50 meters high. Even a Heaven Realm warrior couldn't destroy the door easily.

“Bang! Bang!”

Zhang Ruochen and Han Qiu, who was in Zhang Ruochen's arms, tumbled down the stone stairs to the bottom of underground palace.

Zhang Ruochen had already been injured earlier, with this fall, it was like his whole body had fallen apart. He lay on the ground without moving and breathed heavily.

It was a close call, they had narrowly escaped being caught by Huo Jingcheng.

Hugged by Zhang Ruochen, Han Qiu pressed down on his body without moving and almost fell into a coma because of her internal injuries.

She just lay in Zhang Ruochen arms with her arms around his neck and said in a low voice, “Than…thanks…”

Now they were at zero distance and was intimate.

Zhang Ruochen could feel Han Qiu's soft bosom and sniffed a little at the faint fragrance which immediately woke him up. He touched Han Qiu's back and pushed Han Qiu away gently.

Zhang Ruochen sat up with difficulty, picked out a light nature Spiritual Crystal and then injected his Genuine Qi into it.

The Spiritual Crystal lit up the whole underground palace by its bright light.

The underground palace was vast and looked like an underground Martial arts field with a height of 120 meters, a length of 200 meters, and a breadth of 80 meters.

There were many array-like lines engraved on the wall.

Han Qiu had also already sat up. Her face was pale and she said to Zhang Ruochen, “Thank you for rescuing me.”

Zhang Ruochen stared at her with curiosity and said, “Haven't you thanked me already?”

“Have I?” Han Qiu's face turned hot. She was afraid Zhang Ruochen wouldn't let what happened just now go and added, “I totally forgot what has happened!”

“Never mind. Take care of your injuries! The defense strategy here may be ineffective and that stone gate won't block Huo Jingcheng for long time.”

Just as he finished, a loud crash came from the direction of the stone gate, which shook down dust from the underground palace's roof.



It was Huo Jingcheng who was banging on the stone gate with wind blades that left deep marks on the door.

The stone gate shook every second.

Both Zhang Ruochen and Han Qiu took healing Pills and started to heal themselves.

One hour later, Zhang Ruochen opened his eyes and then stood up. He walked to the door, hearing loud sounds from outside, a deep worry appeared in his eyes.

Having already treated his injuries for an hour, Zhang Ruochen's injury had probably recovered by about 10 percent, but if he wanted to be completely healed it would still take at least two days.

This stone gate couldn't hold out for four hours let alone two days.

Peeking at the array lines on the stone wall, Zhang Ruochen thought deeply for a moment and walked towards it.

At the same time, Han Qiu opened her eyes and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Given our current condition, there will be no chance to run if the stone gate is broken by Huo Jingcheng, and we will die here.”

He put his head in his hands and gazed at the lines on the stone wall. He touched the stone wall softly with one finger and said, “If I can repair this Inscription of Array and restart it, even someone who is stronger than Huo Jingcheng won't be able to break in.”

Han Qiu shook her head and said, “It's useless. The array here, which is very profound, was carved by White Fog Half-Saint. Once, an array master of Yuntai Suzerain studied it for three months but failed.”

“Though I am not a master, I have read many books about array and have done some research in this field so that maybe I can repair part of these inscriptions of Array,” said Zhang Ruochen.

“You are over-confident. Do you think you can figure out this array in an hour which many masters couldn't even understand?”

“The array masters of Yuntai Suzerain are Fourth Cla.s.s at most. Have they read Fifth Cla.s.s or Sixth Cla.s.s array books?”

“Have you?” asked Han Qiu.

“If I'm right the Inscription of Array on the wall is a sixth-level array,” said Zhang Ruochen with a smile.

In Kunlun's Field, Array Master was a respected position.

A city or a Suzerain without the protection of an array was open to being attacked by savage beasts and could even be wiped out.

So, every city would have a Defender Array, furthermore, it would require at least a Third-cla.s.s Array Master to be able to create a Defender Array.

For instance, the arrangement of Yunwu City's Defender Array was supervised by a fourth cla.s.s Array Master, which had the power to kill a myth of martial arts of the Heaven Realm.

In the 36 commanderies in the Omen Ridge, a Fourth-Cla.s.s Array Master already stood at the top.

Han Qiu never imagined the sixth level array which Zhang Ruochen described.

Even the Internal Academy of the School of the Martial Market in Devil Martial City, didn't possess a sixth level array book let alone Yuntai Suzerain.

Han Qiu gazed at Zhang Ruochen with amazement and asked, “That array master of Yuntai Suzerain also thought this was a sixth level Inscription of Array. So you are really proficient in Inscription of Array?”

“I'm not proficient in it but have read some books about it,” said Zhang Ruochen seriously.

The complexity of a sixth level array could not even be imagined by ordinary warriors. To be able to understand an array fully, a Sixth-Level Array Master would have to have as much information as a volume of books.

In other words, an array equaled a book.

If a sixth level array book came out, it would be snapped up by Array Masters because their attainments would be elevated to a higher level by perceiving some new knowledge.

However, according to Zhang Ruochen, he seemed to have read many books about the sixth level array. That was what Han Qiu was amazed at.

What would Han Qiu think if she knew Zhang Ruochen had read seventh-cla.s.s, even eighth-cla.s.s, books?

“How confident are you in arranging a sixth level array?” asked Han Qiu.

“A sixth level array?”

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, “I can't arrange a sixth level array with my understanding of array. But I still have an opportunity to repair this sixth level array, even repairing one-tenth is enough to stop Huo Jingcheng.”

Picking out an inscription pen, Zhang Ruochen started to repair it with his own knowledge.

The sixth level array's inscription was complicated, abstruse and delicate, which tested Array Masters' Spiritual Power. Even a very little fault would render it useless.

The Sixth-Level Array Master were also people Zhang Ruochen had to look up to.

Their Spiritual Power was above level 40.

They could communicate with birds and animals, and even get messages from thousand miles away by their Spiritual Power.

It was a big challenge for Zhang Ruochen to repair the sixth level array.

Without touching the complex inscriptions, Zhang Ruochen only repaired some simple ones cautiously and intently.

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