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Chapter 1254: s.n.a.t.c.hing The Dragon Pearl

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Counting the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon, 12 Saint Beasts from Ancient Dragon Mountain had entered Yin Yang Sea.

Other than Demoness Xuezhen and Saint Beast Xuanwei that had died in Zhang Ruochen’s hands, and the two that had died underground when trying to take the Nanling Dragon Fire, there were eight left.

Of the eight, the weakest was an upper-level Saint. The strongest was at the pinnacle of the Xuanhuang Realm.

Their bodies were all very strong. Some were descendants of divine beasts, some were Taigu Remains, and some were pure dragons. Even the upper-level Saint Beast had the horrifying ability to suppress Xuanhuang Realm Saints.

Since they could enter the Yin Yang Sea with the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon, it meant that they were extraordinary.

However, the eight Saint Beasts all had different injuries. They were the weakest right now.

This moment was the best time to kill them.

“Young Manlong and Winged lords, come out to die!”

Zhang Ruochen strode forward with the Abyss Ancient Sword. Beams of sharp Sword Qi followed his footsteps. The aura about him grew stronger.

Earlier, the two young dragon lords had attacked the most fiercely, focusing on killing Zhang Ruochen. His energy had been focused on collecting the Nanling Dragon Fire and he couldn’t be distracted, so he could only get hit.

Now that he’d successfully collected the Nanling Dragon Fire, he could let loose. He naturally wanted to take revenge on these two dragon lords.

“Zhang Ruochen,” the young Manlong Lord said, smiling. “The Holy Carnivorous Flower that you rely on the most is gravely injured. You’ve already used your biggest trump card, the Five Town Destructive Sacred Rune. Yet you still dare to enter the Ancient Dragon Mountain’s camp. Are you here to search for death?”

The young Winged Dragon lord glanced at Zhang Ruochen and said indifferently, “You only collected a Nanling Dragon Fire and you think you’re undefeatable? You can’t even control the fire at will now, right?”

Earlier, the young Manlong Dragon lord had fought with Zhang Ruochen underground. He was clear about Zhang Ruochen’s abilities, so he didn’t fear Zhang Ruochen.

“You were hurt too earlier, right?” he asked. “If I were you, I’d hide somewhere and lick my wounds or run out of Dragon Fire Island with my tail down. I wouldn’t come here to look for humiliation. You think you can take revenge? Your cultivation isn’t anywhere close to that level.”

The Saints from the imperial court and Nine Li Palace all paid attention to Zhang Ruochen’s moves. They thought he’d overdone it too.

No matter how strong someone was, how could he fight seven Saint Beasts? Plus, none of the seven were easy to deal with. They were all extremely strong.

Of all the people, only Wan Huayu was confident in Zhang Ruochen. She didn’t think he was looking for humiliation. He might be able to do things that regular people couldn’t.

The scene of Zhang Ruochen fighting 19 Beast Kings in the Blue Dragon Void World was still fresh in her mind. It had really affected her at that time.

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes met with the young Manlong Dragon lord’s. “Oh?” he said simply. “Then I’ll kill you first.”


Sword intent within Zhang Ruochen seemed to explode and charge into the Abyss Ancient Sword.

The sword trembled and whistled. It flew toward the young Manlong Dragon lord’s forehead as a streak of black light.

“You really dare to attack? Then I’ll kill you first!”

Even in human form, the young Manlong Dragon lord was more than 20 meters tall. He was a one-armed giant. When he roared, the entire ground trembled.

Hefting up the dozen-meter-long axe, he poured Holy Qi into it continuously. Thousands of ancient veins appeared on the huge axe. These veins rushed out of the blade, forming a dark s.h.i.+eld of light. It stretched hundreds of meters from the ground to the sky.


Sword Qi shot in all directions when the Abyss Ancient Sword hit the light s.h.i.+eld. It could only produce a huge sound without penetrating it.

The young Manlong Dragon lord’s eyes grew scornful. “Zhang Ruochen, do you know my true abilities now? With your cultivation, you won’t even be able to break through my de…fense… What…”

Before he could finish, he saw Zhang Ruochen fly over from the back. He slammed a palm on the Abyss Ancient Sword’s hilt. Then Nanling Dragon Fire poured out of his palm. It pa.s.sed through the sword, spreading toward the light s.h.i.+eld.


The light s.h.i.+eld shattered. The young Manlong Dragon lord’s expression changed drastically. He hurriedly waved his axe, attacking the incoming Abyss Ancient Sword.

The young Manlong Dragon lord’s huge axe wasn’t an ordinary weapon. It was an ancient weapon, tempered by the Saints of the Manlong Dragon Tribe. It contained bounding Dragon Qi.

It struck down and more than 100 dragon shadows flew out of the sharp side. The two weapons clashed violently and the Abyss Ancient Sword was forced back.

But before the young Manlong Dragon lord could become proud, Zhang Ruochen used the Spatial Move to appear above his head. He slammed a palm down.

“How is this possible…”

The young Manlong Dragon lord used a physical technique. His body shook violently. His head was safe, but Zhang Ruochen’s palm print hit his shoulder.


His shoulder was pulverized. A finger’s-width hole stretched from his chest to his back. His arm dropped down, losing all strength. The huge axe fell to the ground too.

The young Manlong Dragon lord let out a m.u.f.fled grunt and retreated hurriedly.

“Do you still think you’re so powerful?”

Zhang Ruochen obviously wouldn’t give the young Manlong Dragon lord a chance to breathe. He reached out, collecting the Abyss Ancient Sword. Then, with a long trail of Sword Qi, he carried the Nanling Dragon Fire and cut down.

“Zhang Ruochen, don’t get too proud. If I hadn’t been injured earlier, you wouldn’t be my match.”

Clenching his jaw, the young Manlong Dragon lord used a top physical technique of the dragon race. He dodged quickly, not daring to touch the Abyss Ancient Sword and Nanling Dragon Fire.

He was actually very shocked. Zhang Ruochen’s power was much stronger than when they were underground. Even if the young lord wasn’t hurt, he might not be Zhang Ruochen’s match either.

How could his combat power improve so much in such a short time? This man’s rate of growth was probably even faster than the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon.

“You better be careful. My sword carries the Nanling Dragon Fire. If you get touched, you’ll be burned to ashes.”

While speaking, Zhang Ruochen’s attacks grew faster.

The young Manlong Dragon lord was extremely terrified. Feeling the threat of death, he roared, “Why aren’t you all helping me to kill Zhang Ruochen?”

The young Winged Dragon lord sighed. “You can’t even defeat a lower-level Saint. Such an embarra.s.sment.”

He didn’t just sit and watch. Stopping to heal himself, he spat out the Sky-piercing Dragon Thorn. Holding it, he transformed into a silver streak and rushed at Zhang Ruochen.


The other five Saint Beasts stood up too. Strong Holy Qi radiated from them as they prepared to enter the battle.

Just then, a golden cloud appeared above the five Saint Beasts. A white deity print the size of a pavilion crushed down from the sky.

The Heir Stamp.

It released a gust of Emperor Qi. Like ten thousand mountains falling at once, the five Saint Beasts were unable to move. They could only roar and howl.

All the Saints present knew that Huang Yanchen must have acted.

“The Heir Stamp is the strongest weapon produced by the Empress, no doubt, but it can’t be this strong. How can Huang Yanchen suppress five Saint Beasts as a lower-level Saint?”

“Huang Yanchen must not be controlling the Heir Stamp alone. There’s another hidden strong figure on their side.”

The Saints that weren’t fighting all looked for Huang Yanchen. They really wanted to know if there was another strong figure hidden in the shadows.

Zhang Ruochen had beaten up the young Manlong Dragon lord miserably. He could only escape. He didn’t look like the young lord of a dragon tribe at all. He was no different from a dog in water.

“Zhang Ruochen, when I enter the Xuanhuang Realm, it’ll be the day you die,” he roared angrily, eyes totally bloodshot.

He was at a life-or-death moment, so he didn’t have concerns anymore. Activating the Nanling Dragon Fire within him, he tried for the Xuanhuang Realm with all his might.

“Zhang Ruochen, take my hit first!”

The young Winged Dragon lord shone with brilliant silver light. Transforming into a ball of silver light, he crushed toward Zhang Ruochen. He was buying time for the young Manlong Dragon lord to make a breakthrough.

The young Winged Dragon lord wasn’t weak. He was only at the pinnacle of the upper Saint Realm, but he had pure dragon blood. He was able to fight across realms and had once killed a Xuanhuang Realm Saint Beast.

If Zhang Ruochen continued after the young Manlong Dragon Lord, he would definitely get hit by the young Winged Dragon lord. Then even if he didn’t die, he would probably lose the ability to continue fighting.

Zhang Ruochen stopped. Instead of turning, he looked back in the corner of his eye. Murderous light flashed past his eyes.


The young Winged Dragon lord rushed out of the silver ball of light. Holding the Sky-piercing Dragon Thorn, he stabbed at Zhang Ruochen’s back. But Zhang Ruochen just stood there without dodging.

Even the imperial court Saints in the distance held their breath nervously. They thought that Zhang Ruochen had frozen under the young Winged Dragon lord’s power and was too scared to move.

“Zhang Ruochen, why aren’t you attacking! If you don’t attack, you should hide!”

Wan Huayu’s eyes widened. She stared as the Sky-piercing Dragon Thorn got closer and closer. Even she felt suffocated from the tension. She worried that Zhang Ruochen would actually die under the Sky-piercing Dragon Thorn.


The next moment, everyone’s vision blurred. Zhang Ruochen vanished form the spot. He’d turned into a sword.

Black sword light flashed by, darkening the entire Dragon Fire Island.


The young Winged Dragon lord’s body was split in half by the sword light. Holding the long sword, Zhang Ruochen walked out from the two halves. He seemed very composed and elegant, but his sword was still s.h.i.+ning with sharp light. People were terrified.

Sizzle, sizzle.

The Nanling Dragon Fire on the sword burned the two halves of the dragon corpse. It quickly turned to ashes.

Zhang Ruochen opened his left hand. There was a silver dragon pearl in his palm. He’d dug it out of the young Winged Dragon lord when he killed him.

“With this pure Saint Dragon pearl, I’ll be able to enter the mid-level.” Zhang Ruochen smiled.

Then his smile froze. He spun around and stared at the young Manlong Dragon lord.


An earth-trembling dragon roar fell from the young Manlong Dragon lord’s mouth. It formed nine rings of soundwaves that rushed in all directions. All the rocks in the soundwaves’ path exploded. The three mountains closest to the dragon collapsed.

“He entered the Xuanhuang Realm?”

Zhang Ruochen’s expression grew solemn.

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