Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1186 - Saint Lady's Worries

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Chapter 1186: Saint Lady's Worries

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The Saint Lady could write the Half-Saint Rank and Outer Rank. She was naturally clear about Sikong One and Sikong Two's ident.i.ties and information, as well as their relations.h.i.+p with Zhang Ruochen.

The two monks took out the copy of the Vampire Secrets and gave it to the Saint Lady.

This was definitely a surprise. Even with her cultivation, it was still hard for her to stay calm. She quickly took it and started flipping through.

She'd never seen the Vampire Secrets before, but with her vast knowledge, she was able to know that it was real.

The legendary Vampire Secrets was a weapon that could defeat the Immortal Vampires. Zhang Ruochen had people bring it to her at this critical moment. It was like an emergency cure.

The Saint Lady slowly closed the copy. Her heart still racing, she asked, "Did… Did he have anything else to say to me?"

Sikong Two was very honest. "No," he said. "Senior Uncle is doing everything he can to defeat the Vampire infiltrators in the Blood G.o.d Sect."


Halfway through, Sikong One cleared his throat, so Sikong Two couldn't continue.

Saint Lady looked disappointed, but then she grew thoughtful again and nodded. Clearly, she already knew about the Blood G.o.d Sect's situation. She was a bit worried about Zhang Ruochen's safety.

The Blood G.o.d Sect was a no-man's land now with many hidden dangers. Even if she went, she wasn't confident in handling matters either. Could Zhang Ruochen do it?

After settling Sikong One and Two, she went into the Lianzhu Mansion with the Vampire Secrets.

The various Saints of the Confucius Way all looked over when she returned.

"What's wrong?" she asked, smiling.

Mr. Mei, sect leader of the Qin Sect, combed his whiskers. "We are only curious as to which family's talent is lucky enough to attract your attention."

"I'm more curious about what that guy gifted you to make you smile so brilliantly," Chu Siyuan of the Art Sect said.

"A big gift, of course." Holding the Vampire Secrets, Saint Lady waved her arm slightly.


A large patch of words flew off of the pages. They filled the sky like stars, flying through the building.

Everyone present was sensitive to words. Even though the words were disorganized, the people could still sense that they were extraordinary. They quickly formed a complete pa.s.sage in their minds.

Warden w.a.n.g s.h.i.+qi's Spiritual Power was the highest. He was the first to organize the words and memorize them all. Slightly shocked, he said, "This…is the legendary…Vampire Secrets…"

Following him, the four sect leaders of the Confucius Way and the other Saints organized the words in their minds too. Seeing the content, they all exchanged glances incredulously.

Not only did the book tell them ways to see through a Vampire's disguise, it also had some secret spells to defeat them.

"Is this really the Vampire Secrets?" Chu Siyuan asked. "Girl, who gave you this? Are you sure he didn't do anything to the contents?"

"Please rest a.s.sured," Saint Lady said. "My friend is very trustworthy. With the Vampire Secrets, it is much easier for us to defeat them now."

"Let us not publicize it now," w.a.n.g s.h.i.+qi decided. "We must first use these secret methods to clear out the infiltrators in the Confucius Way and imperial court."

w.a.n.g s.h.i.+qi was always decisive and fast. He seemed to have not moved from his seat, but he'd actually already sent out dozens of orders to start a giant cleanup.

At the same time, he'd sent the copy of the Vampire Secrets to the Ministry of War's base in the north.

On the side, Chu Siyuan said, "I heard that the Vampire Secrets went missing with the national treasury of the Sacred Central Empire. It was possibly in the hands of the Guarding Dragon Pavilion. Girl, who exactly is your friend?"

"Sect Leader Chu, are you really that curious?" the Saint Lady asked.

Chu Siyuan was obviously curious. Not only him, but all the Confucius Saints present wanted to know the answer too. They all perked up their ears, listening carefully.

Saint Lady's eyes swept side to side, scanning everyone. "If Sect Leader Chu is willing to agree to one condition, I can tell you the secret, and you alone."

The Saint Lady knew Chu Siyuan's personality, so she purposely created this trap for him.

Chu Siyuan was tempted. "I'll be the only person you tell?" he asked.

"Of course." Saint Lady nodded.

Chu Siyuan looked at how everyone else was disappointed and instantly smiled. He knew that as long as he had this secret, he'd be able to get more benefits from the others.

Those guys were much more curious than him.

"I am the sect leader of the Art Sect," Chu Siyuan said determinedly. "I can agree to ten conditions, let alone one."

"Okay." The Saint Lady didn't hold back. She told him Zhang Ruochen's name directly.

"It's him?" Chu Siyuan uttered involuntarily, expression changing.

Zhang Ruochen's ident.i.ty was very sensitive. The entire Kunlun's Field was gossiping that he may be the crown prince of the Sacred Central Empire from 800 years ago. Now that he'd sent over the Vampire Secrets, he was even more of a suspect.

Chu Siyuan was very stubborn, but he was also smart. He knew how sensitive this topic was, so he didn't reveal it so easily.

The other Saints were all curious. They kept asking, but Chu Siyuan wasn't willing to say a single word.

The Saint Lady invited Chu Siyuan alone to the ninth mansion. They went to the Heaven and Earth Chessboard.

"Girl," Chu Siyuan said immediately. "You best stay away from Zhang Ruochen. He is definitely a bad seed. Don't jump into this fire pit."

The Saint Lady had a faint smile. She stared at the chessboard as if observing something.

Chu Siyuan continued, "If that Zhang Ruochen really is the Sacred Crown Prince from 800 years ago, then he and the Empress must have some conflicts and rivalries. The Empress has only left the imperial city temporarily to search for the chance to become a G.o.d. She'll return someday. You won't benefit at all by getting too close to Zhang Ruochen."

The Saint Lady seemed not to hear Chu Siyuan's warning. She reached out and pointed at where the Blood G.o.d Sect was. "Their situation is very complicated right now. Zhang Ruochen won't be able to handle it alone. Someone must go help him."

"What do you mean?" Chu Siyuan asked.

"Zhang Ruochen is the Blood G.o.d Sect's Deity, Gu Linfeng," the Saint Lady replied.

"So what?"

"The Blood G.o.d Sect is already in unrest. More than one Saint has fallen in the past few days. The situation will only become more and more dangerous. The imperial court can't remain uninvolved. I wish to send a Saint to help the Blood G.o.d Sect. It'll be best if he can kill all the Immortal Vampires."

"And then help Zhang Ruochen become the Blood G.o.d Sect Hierarch?" Chu Siyuan asked.

"It's better if the Blood G.o.d Sect is in his hands than an Immortal Vampire," the Saint Lady said.

"This has nothing to do with me. It's Zhang Ruochen's own matter… What are you looking at me for? I must go fight north. How can I go to the Blood G.o.d Sect?"

Seeing that the Saint Lady kept staring at him, Chu Siyuan sensed that something was wrong. He turned to flee.

"Sect Leader Chu, you promised me something earlier," the Saint Lady said. "Are your words truly so unreliable?"

Chu Siyuan stopped and sighed. "Girl, you already planned this, right?"

The Saint Lady's expression was serious. "The Blood G.o.d Sect is one of the seven ancient sects. Its force is spread amongst the nine states of the central region. If the Immortal Vampires take control of it, the entire central region will be in chaos. This is very important. You must take action personally."

"Fine, I'll go," Chu Siyuan said seriously. "No matter what, Zhang Ruochen was able to send over the Vampire Secrets. This means that the big picture is still in his mind. Helping him is helping the human race."

In the end, Chu Siyuan couldn't embarra.s.s himself like this. After all, he'd agreed to the Saint Lady's condition in front of all those Saints. If he went back on his word, he'd become a laughingstock.

"According to my information," the Saint Lady warned, "a big figure from the Immortal Vampire's Huangtian Tribe is hurrying over from Tiantai State. They prepare to control the Blood G.o.d Sect completely. You must be careful. It's best if you meet with Zhang Ruochen instead of acting alone."

"I've seen all types of storms," Chu Siyuan said excitedly. "Don't worry. I can make it so that ten powerful Vampire figures will never return, let alone one."

Then he brought Sikong One and Two away from the Central Emperor City. They rode a flying s.h.i.+p straight to the Blood G.o.d Sect.

The Saint Lady was still worried. She felt that Chu Siyuan would definitely act alone without discussing with Zhang Ruochen. This might make things worse.

Mo You Valley.

Zhang Ruochen took the pill medicine that Empress Moran gave him. Both his outer and inner wounds recovered quickly.

There were illusion formations throughout Mo You Valley. Zhang Ruochen could be under watch at all times. He didn't dare to enter the scroll world at all.

It looked like a gentle refuge, but there was actually danger all over. He could die from any small mishap.

While healing, he cultivated with all his might. He wanted to go through the second trial as soon as possible or open the last aperture to turn his physical body into a Saint.

Since my Spiritual Power is already a Saint, I can combine the memories and Saintly Way knowledge from the fourth and fifth lives. If I increase my knowledge of the Saintly Way, I'll be able to go through the second trial very soon.

Zhang Ruochen's injuries were around 60% healed now. He could definitely fight with a Saint now.

Thus, he stopped healing. Instead, he started combining the memories and knowledge from the fourth life of the Seven Lives and Seven Deaths Map to improve his cultivation a bit more.

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