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Chapter 1185: Situation

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Nothing happened between Zhang Ruochen and Empress Moran. Instead, he kept practicing, claiming that he was injured.

The sunlight of a new day shone upon Blood G.o.d Sect.

A shocking piece of news was spread to all the major powers in the state of Tiantai, even to the entire Central Region.

"One of the four discipline kings from Blood G.o.d Sect, Discipline Diyuan, was killed by a ghost king."

"Saint Tongyi and Saint Yuluo were both annihilated by a mysterious great being. A large group of half saints were"

After such a mishap happened to Blood G.o.d Sect, all the sects near Blood G.o.d Sect were terrified.

In the afternoon, Elder Pavilion sent a message to the world: "The saints and half saints who were killed last night were all spies from the immortal vampire race. One of the six saint elders, Elder Yuangui and the palace leader of Disorder Heavenly Palace, Yu Huacheng, are both seniors from the immortal vampire race, and they've escaped."

Meanwhile, the Elder Pavilion also published a list, sending it to all the subsidiaries and appendages of Blood G.o.d Sect.

After a while, Blood G.o.d Sect sent a second order: "From now on, Blood G.o.d Sect will be closed for three months, and we will turn on the Blood G.o.d Ancient Formation. Anyone who dares approach the territory of Blood G.o.d Sect will be killed."

The turmoil in Blood G.o.d Sect had a huge influence.

Chaos took place in the subsidiaries and appendages of Blood G.o.d Sect, and the major powers in the state of Tiantai were also affected.

The chaos wasn't caused by the immortal vampires. Instead, it was because of the seniors in Blood G.o.d Sect. Besides, most of the saints and half saints from the immortal vampire race who hid in Blood G.o.d Sect were killed, so Blood G.o.d Sect didn't suffer a huge loss.

In the Central Emperor City.

After the empress left, the spirit Qi of sky and land in the city declined sharply, which negatively influenced this city.

However, the First Central Empire had a strong foundation and a perfect system. After the empress left, no huge turmoil took place in the emperor city. The imperial government, the emperor city and all the officials were all doing their jobs without being disturbed.

However, the center of the emperor city changed from the Ziwei Palace of the empress to Lianzhu Mansion of the minister w.a.n.g s.h.i.+qi.

w.a.n.g s.h.i.+qi was the oldest disciple of Emperor Wen.

After Emperor Wen secluded himself, w.a.n.g s.h.i.+qi was the leader of the Way of Confucius.

Even the saints from the Way of Confucius needed to call w.a.n.g s.h.i.+qi 'Saint Master' respectfully.

w.a.n.g s.h.i.+qi was a minister, the head of all officials.

The only person who could outcla.s.s him was the empress. Even the secretaries of the Ministry of War, Ministry of Divinity and Ministry of Heavenly Criminal were below him.

Now, w.a.n.g s.h.i.+qi was in charge of the First Central Empire, and he managed the human resources and materials in the empire to ward off the enemies.

w.a.n.g s.h.i.+qi's Lianzhu Mansion was made of nine different mansions, and there were nine ancient saintly formations, standing in a straight line.

At this moment, all the top-tier people gathered in the ninth mansion, standing around a chessboard.

Other than w.a.n.g s.h.i.+qi, all the four sect masters of Way of Confucius were there, and there were dozens of great Confucius and saintly Confucius masters. Everyone had a solid background.

Each and every one of them was world-renowned.

Saint Lady was wearing a white cape, dressed like a man. She looked simple and elegant, with her bright eyes and teeth. She stood out among all the old Confucian scholars.

Saint Lady gazed at the chessboard that was at the center of the palace, and mind power gushed out of his eyes.


The chessboard that was originally nine feet long became larger and larger, extending in all directions. Eventually, it became an enormous world like a scroll of the sky and land.

The stronger a monk's mind power was, the larger and more detailed the world seemed to him. Every mountain, every river and everyone showed up in his eyes.

Monks with different cultivations would see different worlds.

This was the legendary Heaven and Earth Chessboard!

The legend of Heaven and Earth Chessboard was widespread in Kunlun's Field, however, only few monks could actually see it.

The north of the chessboard stood for the northern city of the first Central Empire, and there was bloodshed and hostility.

Billions of chess pieces lined up together on the chessboard. Some of the chess pieces were gleaming like stars, and they had explosive energy ripples.

Those chess pieces stood for saints.

Some chess pieces, on the other hand, were barely glinting, and they were crowded.

They stood for ordinary human beings.

Saint Lady frowned and said, "The battle in the north is getting worse. It's only been six days, yet eighty-four checkpoints were conquered. The immortal vampires are moving forward faster and faster, and it'll only take them a short time to conquer the sixth line of defense. If that happens, Night North Mansion will be savaged by the immortal vampires."

The north of the chessboard was covered by b.l.o.o.d.y Qi, and it was being devoured.

The immortal vampires were breaking in full fury, and they could sense the aggressiveness from the chessboard. Even the armies from the first Central Empire and the allied forces from all the major families couldn't resist them.

The battle in the north was tragic, and tens of thousands of human beings became food for immortal vampires.

If the north was completely conquered, billions of people living in the north would be rendered defenseless and be slaughtered by the immortal vampires.

All the top-tier beings from the Way of Confucius looked solemn. They all held their breath and couldn't be more worried.

"If our empress hadn't left, those immortal vampires wouldn't have dared to do something like this. Those blood emperors must have fled a long time ago," a saint scholar said.

The master of Picture Sect, Chu Siyuan, was very aggressive and said, "What's the point of saying this? I think we should all dash there and fight the immortal vampires to death. The power of the Way of Confucius and the army from the imperial government are enough to fight the immortal vampires."

Saint Lady said, "There might be lots of immortal vampire spies within the Way of Confucius. If they decide to us, half of us might be killed before the battle can begin."

Chu Siyuan calmed himself as he knew that what Saint Lady said was true.

Immortal vampires had been planning for eight hundred years, and they had spies in all the major powers. If they decided to someone, that person wouldn't stand a chance to live.

The sect master of zither sect, Mr.Mei said, "If we all head to the north, who will make sure that the central region is stable? If the central region is lost, the entire human race will also lose its foundation. The world will be in chaos. We need to be extra careful about this, and it needs a long discussion."

An old Confucius scholar said, "Should we utilize Saint Book Ruzu?"

Saint Lady didn't feel pressure at all standing among a group of hundreds-of-years-old Confucius scholars. She said, "Saint Book Ruzu in indeed almighty. If we can utilize it, we can suppress the immortal vampire emperors, but if the spies from the immortal vampire race obtain Saint Book Ruzu, it'll be a disaster for all human beings."

She then glanced around the Confucius saints and said with a smile, "There might be immortal spies among us."

Everyone found it hard to deal with. If they couldn't find the immortal vampire spies and get rid of them, they couldn't do anything.

The top-tier people from Way of Confucius walked out of the ninth mansion and kept discussing how to deal with the current difficult situation.

Chu Siyuan was very stubborn. He insisted on leading all the students from Way of Confucius to the north and fighting the immortal vampires to the death.

"I'd rather die than be humiliated. If everyone is extra cautious like you, how will we accomplish something great?" Chu Siyuan said.

All the saint Confucius scholars knew Chu Siyuan. They stopped arguing with him as they knew that it was no use to argue with him.

Minister w.a.n.g s.h.i.+qi said, "It's not that we don't want to fight. We want to minimize our potential loss. We can't ruin the entire war because of impulse. We don't just represent ourselves, but the entire First Central Empire. If we make one mistake, millions will die."

Why are we being so paranoid? We might as well just kill a couple of immortal vampire saints. Chu Siyuan really wanted to say this, but he suppressed the urge as he didn't want to be scolded by those people.

Everyone from the Way of Confucius went into silence and kept thinking about strategies.

At this moment, a soldier wearing white armor walked into and kneeled down with one knee. He said, "Saint Lady, your grace. Two monks were outside Lianzhu Mansion, and they said that one of your friends brought you an incredible gift."

Chu Siyuan sneered and said, "An incredible gift? How incredible it can be? I think it's just some spoiled kid who wants to get close to Mr. Nalan and brought some cute presents."

"This is a crucial moment for our empire, yet those youngsters are still wasting their energy on this kind of thing. They're just so spoiled."

"We're talking about matters of life and death. We don't need to care about them."

Saint Lady was a well-renowned talent who was also one of the Nine Heavenly Maidens. She had countless pursers.

All the Confucius scholars viewed Saint lady as the leader of the new generations of the Way of Confucius. To them, few people were on 'Five Heros List.'

As for the others, they were nothing but flies. All they needed to do was to shoo them off.

Saint Lady pinched her fingers, and she came to a conclusion very quickly. She smiled and made a decision which stunned all the elders around her.

"Sorry, I have to meet those two friends of mine."

Saint Lady made a slight bow and walked out.

"What's happening? Whose son is it that won our Nalan's heart?" Chu Siyuan was dazed as he found it unbelievable.

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