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Chapter 1181: Victory

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Mo You Valley was very narrow. It was only around fifteen feet wide. There were two lines of peach blossoms on the side, stretching into the valley.

Zhang Ruochen sneaked into the valley without making a sound. Just as he approached the peach blossoms, he sensed something unusual. He quickly stepped back.

"Illusion formation." Zhang Ruochen was startled.

If his mind power hadn't reached the saint level, Zhang Ruochen wouldn't have sensed the inscription ripples of the illusion formation. The person who arranged this formation had way better mind power than him.

The peach blossoms weren't peach blossoms.

Everything he saw might be an illusion.

Zhang Ruochen's ming power had already reached level fifty, yet he couldn't see through the illusions in the valley. He couldn't help sweating.

Ke Ke.

Zhang Ruochen coughed, and he spit blood out.

Holy Qi of Discipline King Diyuan had penetrated the body of Zhang Ruochen. It roamed the veins of Zhang Ruochen's body, preventing his wounds from healing.

The wound got worse.

"I'll recover first before inspecting the valley."

Zhang Ruochen's body vanished in the air. He went back to Secret Dragon Palace.

Empress Moran entered Mo You Valley, walking through the peach forest and streams, arriving right outside a vermilion attic. She bowed and said, "Grand master, I went there late. Saint Tongyi has been killed.'

A melodious female voice went out from the attic: "Elder Yuangui got into huge trouble, which is why he asked us to help. All we have to do is try. It doesn't matter whether we can save his life or not."

That female voice said again, "Did you see who killed Saint Tongyi?"

Empress Moran hesitated for a while, but eventually, she said, "I sensed a trace of familiar force in the place where Saint Tongyi was killed. The force was kind of similar to that of the descendant of time and s.p.a.ce, Zhang Ruochen."

"Descendant of Time and s.p.a.ce, Zhang Ruochen? How can it be him?"

The female voice turned weird.

Princess Moran said, "I've searched the information about that person after I went back to Blood G.o.d Sect. That guy seems to be connected to the deity."


Gentle laughter was transmitted from the attic.

After getting back to Secret Dragon Palace, Zhang Ruochen immediately checked his wounds. He was indeed seriously injured. All his organs were rugged, and most of his veins were cut off.

Within the veins was a mighty wicked force flowing inside. The wicked force broke away Holy Qi.

That came from the saint power from Discipline King Diyuan, and it was difficult to resolve.

"Fortunately, I've sanctified one hundred and forty-three apertures, which greatly improved my body const.i.tution. Otherwise, I wouldn't have resisted the attack from Discipline King Diyuan."

Zhang Ruochen performed 'Emperor Ming Nine-sky Scripture,' mobilizing the Holy Qi in his lower abdomen and masculine Qi in his Xuan Embryo. He followed the pulse route of Xuan Embryo Ping Motian to refine the saint power of Discipline King Diyuan.

He needed to resolve that saint power first if he wanted to recover.

The cultivation of Discipline King Diyuan might have reached Heaven Pa.s.s Realm, so his saint power was very forceful. Normally, he needed to ask monks whose cultivation surpa.s.sed Heaven Pa.s.s Realm to resolve that.

However, 'Emperor Ming Nine-sky Scripture' was no ordinary techniques. Once someone had reached a certain level, he or she could resolve some of the wicked power.

'Emperor Ming Nine-sky Scripture' didn't disappoint Zhang Ruochen. It only took him a large circle to resolve a small part of the saint power of Discipline King Diyuan.

Zhang Ruochen resolved the saint power of Discipline King Diyuan after three circles. He wasn't healed yet, but he felt relieved. That discomfort was gone, and the pain was alleviated.

Zhang Ruochen supported his injured body with his powerful body and thick holy Qi.

Ghost King Bloodmoon went back to Secret Dragon Palace to bring the good news that he had killed Discipline King Diyuan.

Ghost King Bloodmoon was carrying a blood-red pill. It was translucent and glinting. There was a small human being inside the pill.

It was a soul pill.

It was made of the saint soul of Discipline King Diyuan.

Zhang Ruochen said, "If you swallow the saint soul of a saint at Heaven Pa.s.s Realm, your level will be improved again."

Ghost King Bloodmoon looked apathetic. She didn't have any facial expressions on her face. She put back the soul pill.

Zhang Ruochen said, "The saintly source of Discipline King Diyuan is not that useful to you. Give that to me."

"Don't you forget. Your cultivation is not at my level yet. We're equals. You don't have the right to command me. If you want the saintly source, give me something in exchange," Ghost King Bloodmoon said.


Zhang Ruochen took out his Ruyi Treasure Bottle, swirled around the bottle with his fingers. A saintly heart flew out.

Ghost King Bloodmoon was very acute. She sensed the saint soul, and she rushed toward it, grabbing it with her fingers.

A blood-curdling scream came out of the saint heart. The saint soul of the black-robed monk was taken out.

And then, Ghost King Bloodmoon put her hands together, and two b.a.l.l.s of ghost fire gushed out, refining the saint soul of the black-robed monk into a saint pill.

Ghost King Bloodmoon pinched the saint pill with her fingers and said, "How powerful the saint soul is. It's at the same level as the one of Discipline King Diyuan."

"It was a saint soul of a mind power saint, so certainly it's strong. If you give it a body, it'll swallow the soul of the original owner of the body and be reborn," Zhang Ruochen said.

Zhang Ruochen's mind power was strong enough to be resurrected even if his body was destroyed, as long as his saint soul and saint heart remained intact.

Certainly, his martial arts path would also be destroyed, after which he could only be a mind power saint.

Ghost King Bloodmoon took out a saint source and gave it to Zhang Ruochen, and then, she went into Scroll World to refine two more soul pills to improve her cultivation.

After a short while, Elder Yuanzhou, Shangguan Xianyan, Huang Yanchen, Ji Shui and Zhao s.h.i.+qi went back to Secret Dragon Palace.

Zhao s.h.i.+qi told Zhang Ruochen, "After the fight last night, we killed another twenty-one half saints. As of now, we've annihilated most of the immortal vampires in Blood G.o.d Sect. Besides, Saint Huang killed an immortal saint."

"Nice job. Here's a gift for you."

Zhang Ruochen waved his hand, and a saint heart flew toward Zhao s.h.i.+qi.

Zhao s.h.i.+qi held the saint heart with both of his hands. He was so thrilled that he kneeled down on the ground. He said, "Thank you for your gift, deity. I'll do anything for you, your highness."

Zhao s.h.i.+qi's mind power had already reached pinnacle level forty-nine, which meant he was one step away from sanctifying his mind power. As long as he could refine the saint heart, Zhao s.h.i.+qi was confident that he could become a mind power saint.

The gap between a saint and a half saint was gigantic, status-wise or power-wise.

How could Zhao s.h.i.+qi not be excited?

Elder Yuanzhou looked worried. He had been thinking all the time. He noticed the saint heart in the hands of Zhao s.h.i.+qi, and then, his eyes glinted.

"Saint Tongyi. That's the heart of Saint Tongyi," Elder Yuanzhou said.

Zhang Ruochen wasn't familiar with the seniors from Blood G.o.d Sect at all. He hadn't heard of the name Saint Tongyi. He asked, "Who's Saint Tongyi?"

"He's a mind power saint in the clan of Elder Yuangui. He is a grandson of Elder Yuangui," Elder Yuanzhou said.

Elder Yuangui not only was a saint elder from Blood G.o.d Sect, but also created a saint clan by himself. It was a power that belonged to Blood G.o.d Sect.

Zhang Ruochen nodded and said, "That person you met must be Elder Yuangui, isn't he?"


Elder Yuanzhou sighed, as he had a complicated mood.

Elder Yuanzhou and Elder Yuangui were brothers who followed the same teacher. They had been friends for hundreds of years, yet now, they were going to be mortal enemies. This was something he couldn't get over.

Zhang Ruochen asked, "What's the result?"

Elder Yuanzhou sighed and said, "I injured him, but I didn't kill him."

"You didn't kill him? Or you didn't want to kill him?" Zhang Ruochen asked.

"What's the point of asking this question?" Elder Yuanzhou didn't want to talk about it. He said, "Rest a.s.sured, I'll definitely capture him and bring him back to Blood G.o.d Sect."

This was something major. If someone like Elder Yuangui got away, it would have severe consequences. It would be destructive to Zhang Ruochen and Blood G.o.d Sect.

Zhang Ruochen stared at Elder Yuanzhou for a while, but he chose not to ask him any further questions about Elder Yuangui. He asked, "Qing Mo is being hunted by a saint elder from Elder Pavilion, and she's still not back yet. Does your token work or not?"

"I'll go there by myself. I'll bring her back safely."

His emotions led to the escape of a major enemy. Elder Yuanzhou felt guilty toward the others, so he wanted to make up for his mistake.

"Wait a second."

Zhang Ruochen recalled another issue. He asked, "Elder Yuanzhou, do you know that there is a valley called Mo You Valley in Ancient Snow Mountain?"

"Mo You Valley!"

The eyes of Elder Yuanzhou popped with terror. He said, "How do you know that place? That place is off-limits. You'd better not trespa.s.s in that place. Don't even be curious about that place."

"What kind of place is that?"

Zhang Ruochen became more curious, as someone like Elder Yuanzhou was intimidated by Mo You Valley.

"That's where the wife of the hierarch lives. Anyone who in that place will be killed," Elder Yuanzhou said.

"Wife of the hierarch?" Zhang Ruochen was surprised.

Being the wife of a hierarch meant she used to be a saintess.

Being a saintess meant the wife of the hierarch was someone with great potential, and she came from the same era as the hierarch of the Blood G.o.d Sect and the four discipline kings.

All four discipline kings were at the level of Heaven Pa.s.s Realm, which meant the cultivation of the wife of the hierarch was more powerful.

Elder Yuanzhou continued, "In the past, the wife of the hierarch had better const.i.tution and talents than our hierarch. She was supposed to be the hierarch, however, she voluntarily gave away the opportunity and decided to live in seclusion in Mo You Valley. After that, she's never stepped out of Mo You Valley."

"However, that doesn't mean she didn't meddle with the issues in Blood G.o.d Sect," Zhang Ruochen said.

Perhaps the wife of the hierarch was the real force to be reckoned with.

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