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Chapter 1168: Arrange And Plan

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The Saint Lady.

Other than her, Zhang Ruochen couldn't think of a better candidate. The most important part was who should take the Vampire Secrets to the Central Emperor City to the Saint Lady?

This was critical. There could be no mistakes.

After the Elder Council, Zhang Ruochen left alone. He rode the Three-headed Dragon King back to the Deity's cultivation residence—Secret Dragon Palace.

It wasn't very far from Baby Mountain and was in the core area of the Blood G.o.d Sect. It was between six spiritual mountains. The architecture was opulent with paths set with jade. All sorts of spiritual medicines were planted in the mountains. Thousands of maids and medicine servants were busy with

Zhang Ruochen sat below a waterfall in the back garden of Secret Garden Palace. He placed a scroll on the stone table before him.

Holding a bronze pen, he was drawing a picture.

The images on the scrolls were all Vampire infiltrators. Zhang Ruochen didn't know their names and ident.i.ties yet, but he memorized all of their features.

Two rows of beautiful servants stood behind him. They seemed to have walked out of paintings in their pure white robes. It was very difficult to be chosen as a servant of the Secret Dragon Palace. They were chosen from among thousands.

Some of them were even prides of the large families under the Blood G.o.d Sect. They had very n.o.ble statuses.


Spiritual Qi rippled slightly below the waterfall. A cloud of black smoke appeared in the air, consolidating into a frail figure.

"Who is it?"

The 12 servants behind Zhang Ruochen unsheathed their swords. They rushed to the front and started attacking the frail figure. However, their attacks were all dissolved before they could even fall upon the figure.

Zhang Ruochen put his pen down. "You all can leave," he said.

Hearing his voice, all the servants put their swords away and retreated. The frail figure was none other than Zhao s.h.i.+qi.

He landed on the ground and bowed to Zhang Ruochen. "Congratulations, Deity," he said, smiling. "You will soon become the Hierarch."

"It is too early to talk about becoming the Hierarch. Come over and help me confirm these people's names and ident.i.ties."

Zhang Ruochen tossed the scrolls to Zhao s.h.i.+qi so he could label them. Zhao s.h.i.+qi had been in the Blood G.o.d Sect for nearly 200 years. He knew everyone above the Half-Saint Realm.

Soon, he labeled the names and backgrounds of everyone on the scrolls. There were at least ten Saints and close to 100 Half-Saints.

He was shocked. "Are they all Vampire infiltrators?" he asked.

Zhang Ruochen flipped through the images. While checking, he said, "They're only suspects right now. I must test them before confirming that they are Immortal Vampires."

They really could be Vampires. This made Zhao s.h.i.+qi's heart quiver in fear. "If half of these figures are infiltrators, then the Blood G.o.d Sect will be in an uproar when they are exposed."

Zhang Ruochen glanced at him. "These are only a portion. There are some who are hidden very deeply or I wasn't able to see through them."

Zhao s.h.i.+qi's shock was great. Now, he finally realized just how much danger the Blood G.o.d Sect was in. They were gradually going under the control of the Immortal Vampires.

He took a scroll out and gave it to Zhang Ruochen. "You asked me to investigate the palace lord and two sub-palace lords of the Nether Heavenly Palace. I have a result."

Zhang Ruochen opened it and read carefully. His brow furrowed gradually. He couldn't see anything wrong with the content.

At the Gui Yuan Divine Palace today, he'd also observed the palace lord and two sub-palace lords. He didn't notice anything amiss.

"They really aren't Immortal Vampires? How can this be?" He could not understand this. He felt that there must be something wrong.

Since the Hierarch of the Blood G.o.d Sect could work with the Vampires, then how could the Nether Heavenly Palace that guarded the Bottomless Abyss not have anything to do with them?

Since he couldn't figure out a reason, he'd have to leave the Nether Heavenly Palace to the side for now.

Zhang Ruochen and Zhao s.h.i.+qi's conversation was s.h.i.+elded with a layer of Spiritual Power. The servants of the Secret Dragon Palace could only see black smoke surrounding them. They couldn't hear the conversation or see Zhao s.h.i.+qi.

Just then, a slightly older servant hurried over from the outside. She lowered onto one knee outside the black smoke. "Deity," she said. "Sun Dadi of the Earth Heavenly Palace has returned from the Blue Dragon Void World and wishes to see you."

"He's finally back!" Zhang Ruochen said, smiling. "Let him in!"

A moment later, Sun Dadi, Sikong One, Sikong Two, Princess White Li, and Qing Mo walked in. Other than Sun Dadi, the others all had on black hoods and were covered in Spiritual Power so no one could recognize them.

Zhang Ruochen could hear Sun Dadi's laugh from afar. "Leader, you really know how to enjoy yourself. The Secret Dragon Palace is filled with beauties. This is practically heaven."

Zhang Ruochen glanced at them and squinted slightly. "Where's Murong Yue."

"Her?" Sun Dadi said loudly. "She returned to the eastern region. Apparently, she wants to compete for the position of the Young Master of Black Market Excellence Hall."

"What a pity. I wanted her to help me do some things." Zhang Ruochen was slightly disappointed.

Murong Yue's skills were very advanced. If she could come to the Blood G.o.d Sect, she could help take out all the Immortal Vampire infiltrators. This would spare Zhang Ruochen a lot of effort.

"Do what? I'm more powerful than her. Why don't you let me do it?"

Sun Dadi was very active. His hands itched to kill. He hadn't had many nice battles since going through the second Pre-Saint Trial.

"You?" Zhang Ruochen asked. "You can't do it. Just work on cultivation and try to reach the Saint Realm. The world is already in chaos. If you aren't a Saint, you'll be unable to take control of your fate."

Sun Dadi was indeed stronger than Murong Yue, but for killing, Murong Yue was much better. Having Sun Dadi go kill the Vampire Half-Saints would only alert them.

Sikong One giggled. "Senior Uncle, do you think I can do it? Sikong Two and I have already gone through the third Pre-Saint Trial. We'll become Saints soon."

"I have something more important that I need you two to help me with."

Sikong Two immediately stepped out. Expression serious, he said, "We will definitely complete whatever you ask of us."

"I have a friend in the Central Emperor City," Zhang Ruochen said. "Help me go there and send her a gift. Give it straight to her own hand."

Sikong One was unsatisfied. "Senior Uncle, are you kidding? Is this important? Just have any random person send the gift. Why should strong cultivators like us do it ourselves? Is your friend a man or woman?"

"Woman." Then he used a telepathic message to tell them it was the Saint Lady.

"I see. Senior Uncle, don't worry," Sikong Two said. "We'll definitely give the gift to her hands."

Sikong One's expression grew strange. He gave a thumbs up. "Senior Uncle, you are indeed a popular figure. I am so impressed."

Qing Mo stood to the side, biting her lip. She glared at Zhang Ruochen. She thought that he was definitely playing around and had a lover outside.

Zhang Ruochen copied the Vampire Secrets again and handed the copy to Sikong Two. Of course, the copy didn't have the four Blood Repression Runes.

Sun Dadi led Sikong One and Two out of the Secret Dragon Palace. They walked toward the outside of the mountain so they could leave the Blood G.o.d Sect.

Once the Vampire Secrets is publicized, he thought, the Immortal Vampires in the sect will definitely attack. I must take out half of them before this. There isn't much time left for me.

He felt a pair of eyes staring at him, so he turned around and looked at Qing Mo. He chuckled. "Qing Mo, what's wrong? Did your injuries heal completely?"

Qing Mo huffed. "Which little fox in Central Emperor City did you send the two monks to find?" she asked directly.

"Little fox?"

Zhang Ruochen couldn't help but laugh. If the Saint Lady knew that someone had called her a little fox, what would her expression be like?

"Is she not? You sent two monks just to give that little fox a gift. You treat her so well. I will tell the princess right now that you have a lover in Central Emperor City."

Zhang Ruochen didn't feel like explaining. After all, his relations.h.i.+p with the Saint Lady couldn't be revealed. The fewer people who knew, the better. Once it spread, it would be harmful to the Saint Lady.

"Your princess is in seclusion right now," Zhang Ruochen said. "She's preparing for the third Pre-Saint Trial. I'm afraid you won't have the chance to tattle now. What cultivation realm are you at now?"

"Why are you asking?" Qing Mo was very unhappy. She just disliked Zhang Ruochen.

"I need people right now. I need a few Saints who can fight and help me deal with a group of strong figures."

"Why should I help you?" Qing Mo asked.

Zhang Ruochen chuckled. "You are Princess Yanchen's servant while she is my wife. Naturally, you're my servant too. From a certain perspective, it's understandable even if I want you to sleep with me."

Since Qing Mo was already a Saint, she was definitely a strong figure. However, she was also Huang Yanchen's servant. Her maturity was no different from a teenage girl, so Zhang Ruochen decided to scare her a little.

Qing Mo was indeed scared. She unconsciously took three steps back. Dark fire surged out of her palms as she stuttered, "I…I'm telling you, I won't…you…sleep with you disloyal carrot…I will not."

Zhang Ruochen was also scared. After all, the flames in her hands were Wuliang Divine Fire. If she really attacked, the entire Secret Dragon Palace would be burned to ashes.

"I was just making an example," he said, panicking. "Don't get nervous. I'm not interested in a little girl like you. Any servant of the Secret Dragon Palace has a much better figure than you."

Qing Mo's features twisted in anger. She gritted her teeth, really wanting to attack with the Wuliang Divine Fire.

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