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Chapter 1107: Four Nine Trial

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The Pre-Saint Realm was part of the nine levels of the Half-Saint Realm. However, it was also above them in a way, getting infinitely close to the Saint Realm.

Thus, others would have difficulties seeing how many trials one had gone through even if they had strong Spiritual Power. They could only estimate it from their combat ability.

Princess White Li was strong enough to fight with some weaker Saints, so Zhang Ruochen always thought that she'd already gone through one or two Pre-Saint Trials. He didn't expect that she was only a Ninth Level Half-Saint.

If she was already this strong, how much stronger would she become once she underwent the first Saint Trial? Clearly, the stronger one was, the stronger the saintly rules one cultivated would be. The thunder trial activated would be stronger too.

Sun Dadi wasn't weak. He hadn't reached the Pre-Saint Realm, but he could already fight with Beast Kings for a short period. He was a top figure among the humans. His body was stronger than a saint body too.

However, Princess White Li's thunder was twice as thick as his. What did this mean?

"As expected of an ancient race," Zhang Ruochen sighed. "No matter how excellent later descendants are, they can't compare." He gazed at the two black clouds in the distance.


Sikong One and Two roared one after another. The two monks shone with dazzling Buddhist light, white and black respectively. The sky above the mountain was split into day and night.

Immense hymns sounded within them, attracting a circular trial cloud. Within it, black and white lightning bolts intersected like a huge yin yang symbol.

They were going to undergo their first Pre-Saint Trial too. They'd also attracted a very strange trial. The two clouds were actually connected and intertwined, unable to be separated. The destructive aura was even stronger than Princess White Li's cloud.

Sun Dadi's trial cloud was only 20 miles long. Princess White Li's cloud was close to 30 miles long.

Sikong One and Two's cloud, though, reached 40 miles. It covered a large patch of land, casting a huge shadow on the ground. If they fought alone in the same realm, Sikong One and Two weren't Princess White Li's match at all. However, the two monks together could unleash power terrifying enough to defeat Princess White Li.

Usually, two cultivators could only increase their combat ability 50 or 60 percent even if they cooperated seamlessly. Reaching 70 percent was extraordinary.

It was practically unheard of to multiply their combat ability like Sikong One and Two.

"Are they twins?" Murong Yue asked out of curiosity.

"Do they look like twins?" Zhang Ruochen shook his head, chuckling.

"Perhaps they're not even human," Blackie said. "They might be some mutant creature."

"Mutant spirit? A plant?" Murong Yue was astonished.

"Plants are regular creatures, not mutants." Blackie put on a wise and sagacious expression. "The so-called mutant creature is a broad term. For example, if a divine pill has a high enough grade and someone awakens it, a consciousness can be born. It can cultivate the Saintly Way just like humans, comprehend saintly rules, cultivate a human body and become a top figure."

"Other than that, flames can cultivate human bodies. So can stones, wind, rain, thunder, lightning, instruments, books, and even paintings. Of course, they may cultivate a beast's body too."

"All in all, there are many types of mutant creatures. There are types that you've never imagined or seen before. However, there aren't many of them. A regular cultivator might not even see one in their lifetime."

"Why?" Murong Yue asked in confusion.

"A mutant that can cultivate a human body must originally be a precious item," Zhang Ruochen said. "For example, if a divine pill cultivates a human body, how precious must its original form be? How many strong cultivators will try to capture and refine it?"

Blackie nodded. "Even a rock that can cultivate into a human means that it must have been a very special material. It's definitely material for refining weapons. Thus, each mutant creature will try to hide their ident.i.ty so they won't be hunted down. This is why there might be the same amount of mutant creatures as ancient races, but it's very hard to see them."

Then Blackie added, "There are many mutant creatures on the Outer Rank. Two or three of them are at or around Crown Prince Qingtian's level. These two monks are going through their first Pre-Saint Trial. The trial might force their original form out."

Whether Sikong One or Two were mutant creatures or not, Zhang Ruochen couldn't hurt them. Of course, he was still curious if the two were mutant creatures. And if they were, what kind were they?

He opened the Heavenly Eye in the center of his forehead and looked toward the two monks below the black and white cloud, hundreds of miles away.

The first Pre-Saint Trial was also known as the "Four Nine Trial." This meant that they had to go through 36 thunder trials. Only then could they pa.s.s into the First Trial Pre-Saint Realm.

Sikong One and Two stood below the cloud. One sat and one lay down. They withstood the tempering of the lightning in different Buddhist poses.

Sikong One's body seemed to be made from white jade. He was translucent. The lightning didn't cause any damage when it struck him. Sikong Two, on the other hand, was pure black, like cosmic iron.

One white and one black but from the same source, Zhang Ruochen thought. Such a pure and natural Qi radiates from them. It's completely different from the blood Qi of humans. They are definitely mutant creatures.

He still couldn't guess what kind of mutant creature they were though.

The two monks were shrouded in fog, hiding their true figures. Not even the Heavenly Eye could penetrate it. Some apex figure must be protecting them, using a secret spell to cover their true forms.

Sun Dadi, Princess White Li, Sikong One, and Sikong Two had all reached the pinnacle of the Ninth Level. Thus, after absorbing the Pill Spirit, they were able to break through the limit and start the saint trial.

Huang Yanchen had just reached the Ninth Level. Her cultivation was rising steadily, gradually climbing to the peak. It would still take some time before she could try for the Pre-Saint Realm.

Sun Dadi pa.s.sed through the first Pre-Saint Trial. He was scorched black and worm-like electricity still flowed through him, sizzling. Right now, he was very excited.

Putting his hands on his waist, he tilted his head back and laughed. "With my current cultivation, I should be able to enter the top level of the Half-Saint Rank."

Zhang Ruochen flew over. Standing around 30 feet above the ground, he put his hands behind his back and smacked Sun Dadi with the cold, hard truth. "You're still very far from the top level of cultivators. It'll be hard to enter the Half-Saint Rank too, but you should probably get into the top 500 of the Outer Rank."

"How is that possible? I've already gone through the first Pre-Saint Trial. I can flatten a Beast King with one hit." Sun Dadi wasn't convinced. He felt that Zhang Ruochen was underestimating him.

"The path of cultivation is like going against the tide. If you don't forge ahead, then you are pushed back," Zhang Ruochen said. "You're improving and the others are too. Do you think that the prides of the Half-Saint Rank and Outer Rank are just stepping in place?"

"Your current speed of improvement has definitely surpa.s.sed them and left many of them in the dust. However, if you don't continue working hard, they'll catch up and squeeze you out of the Outer Rank."

The Blue Dragon Void World had produced countless treasures. A cultivator's level could skyrocket as long as they found one. Then they would become a top figure and leave many people behind them.

Even Zhang Ruochen didn't dare to relax. He had to work very hard to maintain his current advantage. If he became arrogant and proud, then he would quickly be squeezed out of the top level and fall down.

This was why Zhang Ruochen came out to give Sun Dadi a cold-hearted hit. He hoped Sun Dadi could continue working hard and further the distance.

Sun Dadi was quite optimistic. Smiling, he said, "No matter what, I'll be able to fight several rounds if I meet another Beast King. I won't have to escape anymore. Plus, I've just reached the First Trial Pre-Saint Realm. I still have a lot of s.p.a.ce for improvement. In the near future, I'll be able to defeat them completely."

The Four Nine Trial wasn't that dangerous. Most Half-Saints could pa.s.s it successfully. Only a few who hadn't acc.u.mulated enough would die in it.

Princess White Li, Sikong One, and Sikong Two all pa.s.sed the Four Nine Trial, reaching the Pre-Saint Realm.

Princess White Li's cultivation improved greatly. She glanced at Zhang Ruochen with her round eyes and then shook her perky behind.


A white tail curved in the air and struck out. It grew longer and longer until it hit Zhang Ruochen, hundreds of feet away. Icy Qi radiated from the white tail. Sharp blade-like snowflakes solidified in the air, flying out with the tail.

Zhang Ruochen was on high alert. As soon as Princess White Li shook her behind, he used the Spatial Move and disappeared.

The next moment, he was before Princess White Li, the tip of the Abyss Ancient Sword pointed between her brows. "Do you want to die?" he asked coldly.

"I just wanted to test if I've become a top fighter after reaching the Pre-Saint Realm. Why are you so mean?" Princess White Li put her tail away. Pursing her red lips, she said, "If I used all my might, I wouldn't use such a slow move. You should know that I'm not slower than you. You were only a bit faster than me because you used the Spatial Move. Hmph!"

She wanted to convince Zhang Ruochen because she didn't want to die from what she'd just done.

She knew that this guy was bipolar. He was kind and jovial with his friends, but merciless and inhumane to his enemies. The beasts that he'd killed could be piled into a mountain.

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