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Chapter 967 - Three Heroes of Early Han

11th month, 3rd day, Zhang Liang, West Gate Big Official, and the others gathered in Shanhai City, opening up the reshuffling of civil servant appointments.

Along with them were also Li Mu, Bai Lis.h.i.+, Ma Teng, and the other newly appointed generals. Before the army completed its reorganization, the Legion General could not come into contact with their troops in advance. They needed to study in the Army Military Academy for a short period of time. Only after the Privy Court completed their work could they be appointed.

Using the chance, Ma Teng and the other generals could learn about thermal weapons warfare. Li Mu and the other surrendered generals learned about the Great Xia Army system while taking lessons about loyalty to the king.

The moment Zhang Liang arrived in Shanhai City, a System Notification sounded out.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for gathering the three heroes of early Han, Xiao He, Han Xin, and Zhang Liang. Player awarded an Emperor Rank summoning talisman, and 100 thousand reputation points!"
The moment the notification went out, everyone else could only feel envious toward him. Ouyang Shuo himself did not expect such a surprise.

As for the Emperor Rank talisman he was given, Ouyang Shuo was not in a rush to use it.

Zhang Liang, Li Mu, and the others arrived in Shanhai City one by one. As the ruler, Ouyang Shuo naturally welcomed them one by one to ascertain the ruler-minister relations.h.i.+p and to put them at ease.

Toward stubborn people like Wei Yan, Ouyang Shuo even had to calm him down to raise his loyalty stat.

In the morning of the next day, the Great Xia Dynasty announced a series of personnel appointments.

Zhang Liang was appointed as the head secretary of the Administrative Mentor Court. His position was even higher than that of Jia Xu.

Name: Zhang Liang (Saint Rank)
t.i.tle: Strategy Saint
Dynasty: End of Qin, Start of Han
Ident.i.ty: Great Xia Administrative Mentor Court Head Secretary
Occupation: Special Strategist
Loyalty: 80
Command: 80
Force: 50
Intelligence: 100
Politics: 80
Specialty: Strategizing (raises military index of the dynasty by 5%, raises chances of strategies succeeding by 55%, raises ability to grasp chances in battle by 50%, raises success rate of dynasty strategists breaking bottleneck by 25%)
Evaluation: Zhang Liang contributed greatly to the establishment of the Han dynasty. After his death, he was honored with the posthumous t.i.tle 'Marquis Wencheng' by Emperor Gaozu. 

Zhang Liang was not a commander that was talented at leading troops nor did he fight any famous wars. He was not an administrative genius who had any such achievements either.

However, he was the dream of any emperor or king. That was because he was a smart strategist who had a really accurate grasp on anyone, and he was able to see through the layers of mist over things that were of utmost concern. As such, he could directly locate the crux of the problem and come up with a correct choice.

The Administrative Mentor Court that he would be leading was the brains beside Ouyang Shuo. And it would play an important role in deciding policies and the direction of the dynasty.
The original Mengding Prefecture Governor Tian Wenjing was promoted to Shu Lands Provincial Governor.

Tian Wenjing had been the Administration Director, Qiongzhou Prefecture Governor, and Mengding Prefecture Governor. Similar to Chuannan Province Provincial Governor Fan Zhongyan, he was one of the oldest servants of the territory.

Not only was he good at internal affairs, but he was even a rare expert at handling racial matters. He was also at the helm of the Qiongzhou voyage trading, and his horizons had been expanded. As a result, he was the best choice for the Shu Lands.

West Gate Big Official was appointed as the Xiangnan Provincial Governor and given the rank of 3rd cla.s.s Marquis.

During his entry into the city, West Gate Big Official knew his place. He did not wait for Ouyang Shuo to ask and asked to move the West Gate Family to Shanhai City.

His performance as the Provincial Governor would affect the fate of his family and Ouyang Shuo's treatment of the other talents in his family.

Out of the three prefectures, only Chuanbei Province did not have a Provincial Governor. That was because Ouyang Shuo could not find a suitable person to take up the role.

Luckily, it was about to reach the 5th year of Gaia. The Recruitment Hall, General Appointment Stage, Wanming PaG.o.da, and Golden Stage could all complete a round of recruitment.

Ouyang Shuo did not believe that he would be unable to recruit a suitable Provincial Governor.

Apart from the two Provincial Governors, the remaining 15 Governors were all appointed at once.

For example, Qiang Race leader Fu Jian would become the Qiang Prefecture Governor, Caiyun Zinan would become the Chuanbei Province Xingyi Prefecture Governor, and Gu Hengxiao would become the Xiangnan Province Yongzhou Prefecture Governor.

Fu Jian was over 40 years old, and he did not come from the military. As such, him commanding troops was just a matter of expediency. As the person with the most fame in the Qiang Race, he was the best choice to be the Prefecture Governor of Qiang Prefecture.

In Qiang Prefecture, Great Xia would similarly allow the race to self-rule.

The Qiang Race army would be moved into the Eagle Legion Corps 1st legion. To calm down the Qiang Race, Ouyang Shuo would move Fu Jian's son, Fu Ze, into the 1st division.

As they say, a tiger would not beget a dog son.

Fu Ze was just 20, and he was the most famous young general among the Qiang Race. Ouyang Shuo was looking forward to him being like s.h.i.+hu and Shanzhu. He hoped Fu Ze would become the core of the army's spine.

The remaining governors were captured civil servants or promoted prefects. 
Along with the civil servants and the generals all receiving their appointments, only the execution was left. The Grand Council and the Cabinet would handle these appointments.

After dealing with the matters at hand, it was time for Ouyang Shuo to start the second voyage. At this very moment, two special people arrived in Shanhai City.

One of them was Shu Han Dynasty Advisor Pang Tong.

After the battle outside of Swordsman City, although the Shu Han Army led by Zhao Yun became a pa.s.sing crowd, the event let Pang Tong realize the strength of Great Xia.

Along with the four prefectures of the Shu Lands being taken down by Great Xia, the Shu Han Dynasty was in a precarious position. Anyone with brains could see that they were just a trapped beast, a bird in a cage.

Furthermore, as he was unhappy there, along with Zhou Yu persuading him, Pang Tong finally decided to leave Chengdu.

Learning that Pang Tong had left, Liu Bei was naturally furious, while Zhuge Liang was delighted. If Liu Bei knew that his advisor actually swapped sides to his enemy, who knows how mad he would be?

After Pang Tong came over, Ouyang Shuo naturally welcomed him. Ouyang Shuo did not consider much and appointed him as an advisor of the Adminstrative Mentor Court. His status was lower than Jia Xu but higher than Chen Gong's.

Name: Pang Tong (Emperor Rank)
Dynasty: East Han end
Ident.i.ty: Administrative Mentor Court Advisor
Occupation: Special Strategist
Loyalty: 75
Command: 75
Force: 45
Intelligence: 90
Politics: 75
Specialty: Strategic Battle (raises chances of strategies succeeding by 35%, raises troops morale by 25%, raises ability to grasp chances by 30%, reduces enemy morale by 15%.)
Evaluation: Originally a minor official in Nan Commandery in Jing Province, Pang Tong came to serve Liu Bei in 209 after the latter became the Provincial Governor. In the early 210s, he accompanied Liu Bei on a military campaign to seize control of Yi Province from the warlord Liu Zhang, but he was killed by a stray arrow during a battle at Luo County. 

Along with Pang Tong joining them, the Administrative Mentor Court had four top strategists.

It might be too much of a waste. As such, Ouyang Shuo set a rule that apart from Zhang Liang, Jia Xu, Pang Tong, and Chen Gong could all head to the frontlines during wartime and follow along as an advisor.

With that, they could show their talents and ensure the use of the Administrative Mentor Court.
The other guest was even more special; she was the person who left her home - Feng Qingyue.

Even Ouyang Shuo, who was usually really calm, was shocked when he learned that Feng Qingyue had come over.

Xia Palace, Imperial Reading Room.

Speaking of which, this was the first time he had met her. The first impression she gave him was that she was really clear and pretty. In that purity flowed a little bit of pride, like that of a moon hanging high up in the night sky.

Just like her name. 

Different from Feng Qiuhuang, who was grand, Feng Qingyue gave off the feel of a small family jade. The aura that she gave off was a perfect match with the ancient background of the game.

If one looked at her, it was easy to be attracted by her aura and not look at her appearance. If one looked closely, she was a top beauty. She had curved, long, and shapely eyebrows, and a pair of elegant eyes that everyone would fall for.

The only regret was that she was really short, and she was even shorter than Tsing Yi.

Ouyang Shuo said, "I did not expect that you would come here."

When she heard that, she gave a faint look to Ouyang Shuo, "Great Xia claims to accept everyone, are you not going to take me in?"

"Great Xia welcomes everyone. The problem is your purpose of coming. Is it to be a spy or to someone? I heard news that your family is preparing people to come to me to take revenge." Talking to smart people, Ouyang Shuo did not mind being direct.

When Feng Qingyue heard that, she was amazed. She did not expect the Great Xia intel organization to be so skilled. Not even a single blow of the wind could escape their eyes.

Licking her lips, she asked, "How should I prove to it you?"

Before coming, she had predicted that things were not going to go so smoothly. No matter how confident Ouyang Shuo was, he would not easily accept the daughter of an enemy.

Seeing that, Ouyang Shuo suddenly thought of an idea, "We just took over the Shu Lands and there are many hidden currents. If you can help Provincial Governor Tian Wenjing calm them down, I'll believe you."

The Shu Lands were in chaos because of the Feng Family.

As a core member of the Feng Family, if she agreed to appear in the Shu Lands as an official of Great Xia, no matter what her intentions were, she could calm down the situation.

As a result, Ouyang Shuo was in a winning situation no matter what.

When Feng Qingyue heard this, she looked deeply at Ouyang Shuo, "Okay, I agree."

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