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Chapter 953 - Fish in Troubled Waters

Based on the guild promise, dead players could obtain 500 gold and also a set of equipment. However, that set was just basic equipment, and it could not even be compared to the ones they had dropped.

In the 4th year of Gaia, the equipment of the adventure gamemode players was mostly crafted based on their cultivation method, talents, and combat habits.

If one sold their equipment to others, it would go for for one to two hundred gold. However, it was worth thousands of gold to them. Hence, if they could get back the equipment they had dropped, reducing the compensation amount was not out of the question.

Once everyone digested that, Fallen Dust continued, "There's also one more piece of good news. If we allow them to move in, the Purple Moon Alliance problem will be solved too."

"How so?"

"Great Xia is willing to sell the Somalia Satellite City rights to them. With that, they would move over and will not form a threat against us."


Hearing that, everyone let out a collective sigh of relief.

In the end, the Purple Moon Alliance was the huge mountain that was weighing down on them.

With those two terms, they had no reason to decline, "We agree."


When Fallen Dust saw that, he smiled and nodded.

After the discussion, and after all the members agreed, the Xiao Alliance settled on a compensation plan.

First, Xiao Alliance was renamed to Fallen Leaf Alliance.

Secondly, the 90 thousand dead players would have their compensation fee lowered to 200 gold, and they would receive the items that they had dropped.

Thirdly, Great Xia used the dropped equipment to buy up 30% of the shares of the alliance.

Fourthly, they would invite a large-sized group known as Quicksand, earning five million in fees.

Quicksand was not the guild that Xiao Nianying had suggested but one that Fallen Dust recommended. Outsiders did not know that Quicksand was under Great Xia's control.

Just like that, Fallen Leaf Alliance was basically under the control of Great Xia.

Controlling Fallen Leaf Alliance and drawing away Purple Moon Alliance basically announced that the Dali guild circle was under Great Xia's control. Once again, they cut away an important arm of Dali.

At the same time, in the battle against Yanhuang Alliance, Great Xia had taken down another city. The battle of guild strength was slowly leaning toward Great Xia.

The advantage that the Yanhuang Alliance had built up through the help of Silver Hand was basically used up.

Fifth, each member would donate 10 gold in exchange for relevant guild points. Hence, they could earn seven million gold. At the same time, they would not hurt the normal interests of the players.

Sixth, they would sell a bunch of rare ingredients to Thread in exchange for three million gold.

As the largest purely work occupation player guild in the world, Thread relied on the underground world and was prospering. Its wealth could be comparable to countries, so it had an unlimited thirst for rare ingredients.

To be able to get so many rare ingredients at once could make Qing Sikou laugh in her sleep. For this batch of ingredients, Thread could earn two million and above in profits after they worked on them.

The later the game went on, the grandmaster and master level work occupation players of Thread would be able to earn more and more profits.

The quiet rise of Thread also caused the status of work occupation players to rise. At this date, players had started to realize the ma.s.sive value of work occupation players.

If it were not for Great Xia protecting them, Thread would have been ripped into pieces.

When she got the news, Qing Sikou expressed that she was willing to give Ouyang Shuo 300 thousand gold as thanks. Ouyang Shuo smiled and rejected the offer, as he was not greedy for such a small amount.

Qing Sikou smiled, "I know that you do not lack money. How about this? I'll prepare some things for Song Jia and Bing'er."

Only then did Ouyang Shuo not reject.

With Qing Sikou's current wealth, the things she prepared would definitely be expensive and could even exceed 300 thousand gold. Ouyang Shuo accepting it was admitting their private friends.h.i.+p.

When Qing Sikou heard that, she was naturally delighted.
Completing this round of deals, Fallen Leaf Alliance managed to pay up the 18 million gold compensation. The guild storage also had batches of equipment and items, and they would not all cleared out.

Out of the five million spendable gold, they still had two million gold left.

This was the best solution to the Fallen Leaf Alliance members. Not only did they not shake the roots of the guild, but they also protected their position as the top guild in Dali.

More importantly, with Great Xia as a backer, they did not need to worry about Great Xia finding problems with them.

Once the dust settled, the Fallen Leaf Alliance was delighted to find that their guild strength had actually risen instead. They had actually welcomed a new era.

The only sad ones were probably the Xiao Family and the Yanhuang Alliance who backed them.

The moment the news went out, the world was in an uproar.

Some people joked that Great Xia easily took control of a super guild without even doing anything. Such a method was one that everyone craved for, but only Great Xia had the ability to pull it off.

The night that the plan was announced, Fallen Dust sent a letter to the Shanhai Guards commander in Dali; there were only two words in the letter, 'Mission completed!'
Just as Dali imperial city was in a mess, Xiangnan City was not peaceful either as the flames of war rose up. Caiyun Zinan had finally acted.

Xiangnan Province was located in the middle of China. It was rich with ores and was the famous home of non-ferrous metal and metalloid ore.

Apart from the Han race people, there were Miao Race and other minorities.

On the east, it intersected with Jiangchuan Province through the Mufu Mountains and Wugong Mountians. On the west, it was with Chuanbei Province through the Yungui plains. North-west, it was with the Shu Lands through the Wuling Mountains. South, it was with Chuannan Province and Lingnan Province. North, it was with Jingchu Province.

The entire province had five prefectures of land. From south to north, it was Guiyang Prefecture, Yongzhou Prefecture, Baoqing Prefecture, Changsha Prefecture, and Changde Prefecture. Caiyun City occupied Guiyang Prefecture and Yongzhou Prefecture. The main city was located at the north area of Yongzhou Prefecture.

When Lai Hu'er's troops were ambushed, Caiyun Zinan had started to move his troops.

Weirdly, his two War Fighting Legions did not go down south against the Leopard Legion Corps. Instead, they went up north.

Caiyun Zinan was a really crafty person. Seeing that he did not have the ability to go head to head with Great Xia, he saw the chance to collect some spoils while Great Xia fought Swordsman City.

With the workings of the Shanhai Guards, Caiyun City's reputation in the Xiangnan City-State was really bad. Since that was the case, he decided to go all out and continue to merge within the City-State.

He was aiming for Baoqing Prefecture in the north.

As long as he could take it down, Caiyun City would have three prefectures under their control. The remaining Changsha Prefecture and Changde Prefecture was connected to Pill Sun City, and they basically could be controlled.

One had to say that Caiyun Zinan had plotted this well.

However, would Great Xia allow Caiyun City to do what it wanted? Not to mention how Ouyang Shuo was unwilling to let a giant appear in the north, but even most of the Lords in Xiangnan City-State were allies of Great Xia.

Since they were allies, Ouyang Shuo naturally would not let them die.

The Leopard Legion Corps and the Shanhai Guards were given orders to pay attention to Caiyun City's actions. However, Ouyang Shuo had not expected them to act so differently.

They used the time difference to try to attack Baoqing Prefecture before Great Xia was able to react.

As for whether Great Xia would send troops up north to take revenge for his allies or not, Caiyun Zinan had other plans.

10th month, 10th day, the day before Xiao Nianying returned to Dali, Baiqi had just entered Shu Lands and was still on the way to Swordsman City.

On this day, the two War Fighting Legions of Caiyun City had gathered at the border and suddenly invaded Baoqing Prefecture. They were initiating a Xiangnan City-State internal war.

Before, his mergers were all hush hush, and they had to find reasons before sending troops to ensure that they held the moral high ground.

This time was just total brutality.

Caiyun Zinan did not even say anything, and he just sent troops to attack Baoqing Prefecture, catching it off guard. On that day, one territory was taken down just like that.

Looking at the situation, the fall of Baoqing Prefecture was certain. It was not connected to Great Xia, and it was too late for them to help out.

Apart from that, who knows what Chun Shenjun and Caiyun Zinan had discussed?

Just as Caiyun City attacked Baoqing Prefecture, Pill Sun City's two War Fighting Legions suddenly went down south into Changsha Prefecture and Changde Prefecture. It looked like they were going to split the cake and divide up Xiangnan City-State.

What outsiders did not know was that Caiyun Zinan had pledged his loyalty to the Yanhuang Alliance in exchange for Chun Shenjun's support. After Pill Sun City took down the two prefectures, he would give them to Caiyun Zinan.

It was a smart move by the Yanhuang Alliance.

Only by being willing to give up could one earn something.

Yanhuang Alliance used two prefectures to exchange for a strong ally; it was worth it.

Like this, Xiangnan City-State would definitely be destroyed and be replaced by a strong Caiyun City.

When Ouyang Shuo got the news, he was both shocked and excited.

"Caiyun Zinan, since you want to die, I'll let you." Ouyang Shuo was about to give an order to the Leopard Legion Corps, telling them to invade and attack Xiangnan Province and take down Caiyun City since his army was not there.

Who knew that a certain piece of news would spread out?

The Yanhuang Alliance had officially accepted Caiyun City as one of its members, and both sides had signed an alliance agreement.

The moment the news went out, the wilderness was shocked.

This was an official member, and it was also the first time the Yanhuang Alliance had accepted new members since its establishment.

When Ouyang Shuo got the news, his face instantly became gloomy.

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