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Chapter 820 - Terms of Breaking the Contract

Apart from the numbers summary, the forums also discussed the battles that occurred during the day. More and more outsiders were confused and did not understand these satellite city battles.

The smoothness of 18 Hors.e.m.e.n of Yanyun and Jin Yi Wei from Yanhuang Alliance, and the difficulty of Shanhai Alliance's Blood Evil Mercenary Group, Qingfeng Pavilion, and Snow-War Rose became clear and contrasting figures.

Some people even said that Yanhuang Alliance held the advantage.

However, if one wanted to say that Yanhuang Alliance was sniping Shanhai Alliance, the situations of Streamer, Laojun Temple, and Tingyu Floor disproved that notion.

The situation got cloudier and cloudier and one could not see through it.

How would players know that these three guilds had changed sides? Hence, in truth, the Yanhuang Alliance camp had an all-around advantage in this Satellite City battle.

The Shanhai City camp was in grave danger.

When Ouyang Shuo saw this situation, he naturally understood.

Tingyu Floor's Jianqi Leiyin at least had some conscience to inform him early and say goodbye. As for Priest Qingniu and Jun Yilao, they had silently changed sides without even making a sound.

"I'll take revenge regarding this matter." Ouyang Shuo's eyes shone with a cold glimmer. 
2nd month, 25th day, one day of rest.

The guilds who obtained the guardian position of the satellite cities were the busiest on this day. They needed to prepare their defenses whilst also gathering allies.

Especially Blood Evil Mercenary Guild, Snow-War Rose, and Qingfeng Pavilion; they badly needed this last day of preparation.

Silver Hand was strong, but they were not strong to that level.

During the Satellite City battle yesterday, the reason why the guilds of Yanhuang Alliance had it so easy was because the ten guilds that Silver Hand controlled had changed sides.

Their last minute change created an absolute numerical advantage.

Now, it was time to see who had the greater ability. Qingfeng Pavilion was undoubtedly in a worse shape as their guild leader was locked up, making their allies filled with doubts.

The strategy of Silver Hand was undoubtedly incredibly ingenious.

At the first stage, they did not rashly attempt to s.n.a.t.c.h the Satellite City Token. That was because the 10 odd guilds they controlled did not have the confidence to block the attacks of Qingfeng Pavilion and their allies.

Hence, they played a trick. They let Qingfeng Pavilion become a living target while they use their skills in the second stage to take them down.

Even though Qingfeng Pavilion knew what the enemy was planning, they could only follow the script. As one of China's top 10 guilds, they had their own pride.

Some things had to be fought.

At 5 to 6 PM, the 24 hour cooldown period ended. The nine imperial cities had many guilds that launched probing attacks.

Of course, this was just the appetizer and only lasted for an hour.

When night fell, torch lights illuminated the outskirts of the Satellite City. Some guilds had started camping outside earlier to occupy the best attack positions.
The next morning, when the sun just rose up, the ocean like quant.i.ty of guilds did not give the guardians any time to rest, immediately launching their siege.

They were not an army, so they did not have any tactics. All of them charged at once and used their numbers to drown the Satellite City.

Hence, they were in a race against time.

Ouyang Shuo sat in Shanhai City, and he had a rough idea of what was going to happen in this battle. The fall of the Shanhai City Guild Alliance was imminent.

Apart from the few who had switched sides, Yimeng Pavilion and Shadow Alliance probably could not take down Jianqi Zongheng.

To make matter matters worse, their core ally Qingfeng Pavilion would probably be unable to keep their Satellite City.

Now, Ouyang Shuo paid the most attention to whether or not Snow-War Rose could survive. If even they fell, then the Guild Alliance would be gone.

Let us hope that the equipment he sent over last night could save them.

During these two days, Ouyang Shuo actually took some action. He had ordered the Black Snake Guards who had not left China to use all their clues in Jingdu, Jianye, Dali, and Xianyang to cause chaos in the guilds controlled by Silver Hand while drawing in friends for their allies.

The resistance Blood Evil Mercenary Guild faced in the first stage allowed Ouyang Shuo to realize that the top guild in China had not been taken down by Silver Hand.

If he could help, Ouyang Shuo naturally would.

Since all his allies were falling or leaving, Ouyang Shuo could not give up on any chance to make new allies.

All in all, Ouyang Shuo did everything he could. He even wanted to send a batch of equipment to Qingfeng Pavilion but the teleportation formation was locked up.

At this stage, they could only depend on themselves.

What Ouyang Shuo needed to consider now was how to face the post battle situation. With the way Di Chen and the others acted, Silver Hand was going to swallow him whole.

Since they made Streamer and the other guilds betray him, they definitely would not stop at the satellite cities and would have plans for after the battle.

What Ouyang Shuo thought about was the Four Seas Bank.

Tingyu Floor took up 5% of Four Seas Bank shares while Streamer and Laojun Temple took 3%. The three added together to hold 11%, which was a huge number.

To liquidate their shares and invest into Huitong Bank was basically expected. What was more vicious was that they could use this to snipe the businesses of the Four Seas Bank in the nine imperial cities.

The Four Seas Bank was an important tool that Ouyang Shuo was using to influence gra.s.sroots players and also one of the key financial pillars of the territory. Ouyang Shuo definitely would not let Silver Hand destroy it.

Thinking about this, Ouyang Shuo immediately summoned Meng Zhida. He also readjusted the Four Seas Bank in the planned regime structure.

These two matters could be discussed together.

As for the specific situation of the Satellite City battle, Ouyang Shuo had no mood to pay attention to it.
Half an hour later, Meng Zhida hurried over.

The Four Seas Bank worked closely with the guilds. Meng Zhida was extremely sharp and naturally paid attention to the progress of the Satellite City battles. Since the Monarch had summoned him, he knew that something was up.

Meng Zhida had a feeling that the Monarch was going to talk to him regarding this chaotic battle. After sitting down, he did not expect the Lord to talk about something else.

Ouyang Shuo said, "Zhida, did you hear that we are going to form a cabinet when we establish the country?"

"I heard."

Ouyang Shuo nodded, "After establis.h.i.+ng the country, the Financial Bureau will become the Financial Board. On this point, the Four Seas Bank will split away and be under the cabinet. It shall work on the same level as the Financial Board."

"This...." Meng Zhida did not know how to react.

The promotion of the Four Seas Bank so that they were not under the restrictions of the Financial Board naturally made him happy. However, the current Four Seas Bank was still led by director Fan Li, who was his boss.

Hence, it was not good for him to comment on this, keeping silent was better.

Ouyang Shuo smiled, "Since I told you in advance, there is nothing to be worried about. Promoting the Four Seas Bank is just expanding its duties for the needs of the regime. It needs to take up the role of a central bank. As a banker in the federation, you are definitely clearer than me in terms of understanding of the central bank."

In reality, the central bank was an organization created by the government to control the country currency, loans, and monitor financial organizations, especially commercial banks and other savings inst.i.tutions.

Their role included pus.h.i.+ng out currency, keeping the reserves safe, managing the country coffers, pus.h.i.+ng out government bonds, and the like.

Also one more thing, the central bank was not for profits but aimed to improve the economy of the country. Hence, Ouyang Shuo said that the Four Seas Bank would take up a portion of the responsibility of the central bank. In the future, when the Four Seas Bank wanted to expand over the world, it could not be a pure central bank.

Meng Zhida naturally got it right away, "I understand."

Ouyang Shuo nodded. Finally, he started to talk about the matter with Tingyu Floor and the others.

"If they liquidate their investments, what measures do we have?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

When Meng Zhida heard that, he did not panic and smiled, "Do not worry Lord. When they invested, we signed a legally binding doc.u.ment. Based on the contract, if one side wants to break the contract, Four Seas Bank has the rights to deduct half their ent.i.tled gold as compensation."

Ouyang Shuo smiled, "That is a great punishment for them."

What they invested, each share was worth 200 thousand. If they deducted half, their overall worth would be 1.1 million gold.

This was a sizeable sum to a guild.

Meng Zhida continued, "Apart from the share funds, if they want to take away the funds they stored in the bank, based on the agreement, as a shareholder, the funds are stored for three years. If they take it right away, they would not receive any interest."

Ouyang Shuo nodded as he was familiar with that clause. During the auction, the money that Blood Romance and Xie Siyun took out did not give them any interest.

As a result, the money that Tingyu Floor and the other guilds invested in Four Seas Bank was loaned to them to use for a year for nothing in return.

If one considered inflation, they had even lost money.

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