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Chapter 779 - State Your Wish
The last two information pieces were for Lord gamemode players while this third one was aimed at adventure gamemode players.

Along with the information piece being released, apart from more sects entering the wilderness, wandering experts, dejected martial artists, hidden wulin families, lost martial art legacies, martial art adventure quests, and more would enter the wilderness. It would form up a huge and prosperous underworld for players and an exciting Wulin.

What made their blood boil was that the adventure mode for adventure gamemode players had arrived.

In contrast to Battle Maps, Gaia would combine information from books, movies, and novels to make underworld sub maps.

Each sub map would have special trigger conditions and different ones would have different partic.i.p.ation requirements. Some were solo, some were group, and some were compet.i.tions.

Not only could players have the chance to learn various secret manuals in the sub map, but they would also be able to obtain various G.o.d Weapons and cultivation pills, even disguising masks, pear flower torrential needle rain, and other special items.

Like the Battle Map, the Wuxia sub maps had time limits and would close once it reaches a certain requirement. The time flow in the sub map would also be the same as the Battle Maps.

The Wuxia sub map would add to the adventuring lives of the players.

Of course, this was Gaia's way to improve the overall body standards of all the people.

The release of the information piece showed that Gaia's research on martial arts had reached an all new stage and had obtained a critical breakthrough. Gaia had unearthed all the legendary ancient techniques Gaia and placed them into the game.

Players would challenge the growth of their bodies through cultivation to prepare themselves for the future in planet Hope.

Consequently, no player would take this matter lightly.

The greatest possibility would be that with the information piece being released, a large number of work occupation players or casual players would kill themselves to change their cla.s.s to chivalrous expert.

In the future period of time, as more and more secret manuals appeared, the entire wilderness would enter a cultivation craze. Moreover, this affected Lord gamemode players to an extent as well.

In history, the relations.h.i.+p between the Wulin sects and the Imperial Court was always uncertain and in the dark.

The sects were all established in the wilderness, so it was unavoidable for them to deal with the territories. It was either cooperation or going against them.

As the player skill levels increased, it would become a hidden problem to the safety of the territory.

Without a doubt, along with this information piece being published, the wilderness would become much more exciting and bustling. Ouyang Shuo was already considering forming an organization that focused on managing Wulin people.

His final goal was to use martial arts to manage martial arts and develop martial artists for the territory. No one would be able to ride above the territory.

The future Wulin was destined to be a b.l.o.o.d.y affair.

Apart from that, Ouyang Shuo was also considering another problem. Along with the information piece being published, what kind of changes would occur to Swordsman City and its Lord Feng Qingyang, who had always aimed to become a sect leader?

And what effects would those changes have on Yanhuang Alliance and Shanhai City? Who would Dongchuan Prefecture, which they were currently managing, go to?

It was obvious that the information piece was like a mist over the wilderness. When the mist dissipated, who would be the winner and who would lose everything?

Ouyang Shuo did not know either, and the list of things he needed to think about grew more and more.

Just at this moment, another System Notification sounded out.

"World Notification: To celebrate the successful running of the game for three years, Gaia will hold the first world auction at 10 AM on the 4th year, 1st day. 10 rarely seen items will be auctioned off. Friendly Reminder: players joining the auction have to have more than a million gold."
The moment the notification sounded out, the world was thrown into an uproar.

There had been rumors regarding the global auction long ago. Gaia let the information leak to control the flow of top items so that rare items would not depreciate.

Secondly, it wanted to promote compet.i.tion between people from different countries as a start to country wars.

However, the players had not expected Gaia to go all out. It only allowed players with at least one million to enter, blocking out 99% of the players.

One must know that the China region, the area with the highest number of rich people, its most expensive G.o.d Weapon set was only sold for 1.35 million.

This was also after the achievement value exchange event.

Normally speaking, it would not have crossed the one million mark.

Who knew that in just a year, a million gold would become merely the baseline? Consequently, players without a million liquid gold would not be able to enter the auction.

Among the Shanhai Alliance, only Ouyang Shuo had the qualifications to enter the auction. After reviving the Guards Legion Corps 1st legion, Ouyang Shuo retrieved 300 thousand from the Financial Bureau to make up four million.

With this four million gold on hand, Ouyang Shuo was uncertain how many items he could obtain. Amongst which, there were a few items he absolutely needed. As for the rest, it was all up to fate.

After all, guild leaders like Blood Romance would take out the funds they stored in the Four Seas Bank to join the global auction. Ouyang Shuo did not allow the Four Seas Bank to loan money to Feng Qiuhuang and the others for this matter.

Furthermore, it did not feel right to use the bank money to join the auction. If this was revealed, it would be a huge blow to the reputation of the Four Seas Bank.

Ten items that everyone in the world would fight for.

Yanhuang Alliance had two to three people who had the ability to join this event. At the very least, Chun Shenjun and Di Chen would not miss it. This also once again proved that the further behind it fell, the stronger the Yanhuang Alliance would grow.

Along with the system report, many players were feeling dejected. Before it even began, the historical moment that they had previously been looking forward to had already ended.

At this point, the year end show of the Gaia 3rd year had come to an end. 
Shanhai City, Imperial City.

Once again closing the forums, Ouyang Shuo said to Bing'er, who was sitting beside him, "Let's go!"

As the end of the year had arrived, the two hidden buildings Silver Prayer House and Recruitment Hall could be used once more. As for the General Appointment Stage, it could be used once in two years, so he had to wait for the next year.

Last year, Ouyang Shuo had Bing'er help him summon G.o.d General Zheng He, so he wanted to use her luck to obtain the greatest benefits from the two buildings this time around.

Ouyang Shuo truly looked forward to the shocking talents she would summon.

Before going to the Recruitment Hall, Ouyang Shuo brought Bing'er to the Silver Prayer House. The Silver Prayer House opened twice a year, and the last chance was wasted because Ouyang Shuo was out at sea.

There was another reason behind this visit.

A day ago, the spies from Yongren City told them that s.h.i.+hu, Lei Jingtian, Shanzhu, and s.h.i.+ Bao had all died in battle.

When he heard the news, Ouyang Shuo was stunned. He did not believe that the four generals nurtured by him would die just like that.

At that moment, he truly felt despaired and lost.

Thinking about this matter, the only way to revive them was the Silver Prayer House. The highest type of prayer in the Silver Prayer House was a miscellaneous type prayer. 

Ouyang Shuo was only praying that he could use such a method to revive the four of them.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo brought Bing'er along.

The moment he walked into the Silver Prayer House, Gaia stunned Ouyang Shuo.

"System Notification: Hidden building activated, other people cannot interfere, and the Lord needs to personally act. Otherwise, the prayer will not work."


This was obviously targeting Ouyang Shuo's cheating act last year.

"No choice, I'll have to do it myself."

Ouyang Shuo gritted his teeth and arrived before the spinning wheel. Luckily, the breakthrough of the fate dragon meant that his luck stat had reached 22. Although it was not as overpowered as Bing'er, it was not that bad.

Thinking of which, Ouyang Shuo focused and connected with the fate dragon. He wanted to use the power of the fate dragon to momentarily raise his luck stat.

After the Battle of Lingnan ended, the fate dragon became more and more sentient and immediately formed a spiritual connection with Ouyang Shuo. At the same time, Ouyang Shuo felt a mysterious power transmit itself to his spiritual world.

At the same time, a System Notification sounded.

"System Notification: Congratulations Player Qiyue Wuyi for obtaining the buff of the fate dragon; an addition of 15 points in luck for five minutes."

This was a rare opportunity. Ouyang Shuo took it extremely seriously and immediately took action.

"System Notification: Please choose prayer type!"

Ouyang Shuo immediately chose the golden ingot.

"System Notification: Prayer type confirmed. Please choose the prayer mode."

"Self-decided Prayer."

"System Notification: Prayer mode confirmed, please state your prayer!"

Ouyang Shuo calmed himself and said, "Pray to revive Guards Legion Generals s.h.i.+hu, Lei Jingtian, Shanzhu, and s.h.i.+ Bao."

"System Notification: Wish confirmed, calculating...."

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