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Chapter 768 - Mountain and Sea Entertainment Holdings

While they were eating dinner, Song Jia took the chance to raise a matter, "Wuyi, I've already taken care of the investment matter."

Ouyang Shuo smiled and nodded, "That's great, so swift. You invested in your own name?"

"Of course not," Song Jia shook her head and proudly said, "You already said you wanted to rule the entertainment industry, so I dragged Bai Hua, Yue Yue, Bai Xue, and Little Aunt to form a holdings known as the Mountain and Sea Entertainment Holdings.


Ouyang Shuo took in a deep breathe; these four partners she roped in were truly four rich females.

As the ex-Lord of Consonance City, Bai Hua was extremely rich. After the merger, the salary from Kunming Prefecture was also a sizeable amount; naturally, her a.s.sets would only rise.

Mulan Yue was in a similar situation to Bai Hua.

Bai Xue was the female leader of the Bai Trading Company, so she was rich. On the other hand, Little Aunt Lin Jing was one of the two heads of War-Snow Rose.

Ouyang Shuo started to look forward to the future.

Out of the four of them, Bai Xue's investment was one that surprised Ouyang Shuo. Bai Hua, Mulan Yue, and Lin Jing were all players and were familiar with the entertainment industry, so their investment was pretty normal.

After all, Ouyang Shuo's foresight had been proven correct time and time again, and he was an undoubted genius.

As an NPC, the entertainment industry was a total foreign thing to Bai Xue. Who knows whether her investment was to please this future queen or if she saw a business opportunity within?

Maybe both?

"How much gold have you all gathered?" Ouyang Shuo was really curious.

Song Jia laughed, "I've invested the one million you pa.s.sed to me, so we hold 50% of the shares. Bai Hua invested 400 thousand while the rest each invested 200 thousand."

"Well done." Ouyang Shuo gave her the thumbs up.

Such generosity; for an entertainment holdings to get 2 million gold in investment was probably unprecedented in the entire China region!

Ouyang Shuo asked, "What specific plans do you have?"

Song Jia nodded; she wanted to hear Ouyang Shuo's view, "Apart from the current capital, our only a.s.sets would be 40% shares of Pingcheng Studio. Hence, the only job of our holdings is to a.s.sist them in getting a good movie done."

"You have not recruited others?" Ouyang Shuo was really curious.

The five partners were all busy people, and even Song Jia represented Ouyang Shuo to go to the imperial cities for events.

Hence, it was necessary to recruit people to help them. 

Most importantly, the five of them were total outsiders to the entertainment industry. Without experts helping them to manage it, no matter how much funds they ama.s.sed, they would not be able to cause any huge waves.

Speaking of which, Song Jia was having a headache about this matter, "Yes, but it is not going smoothly. Actors, singers, directors, and other such people in real life have all changed their names in the game. We do not dare to do start some high-profile recruitment online."

Since the entertainment group had the name of Mountain and Sea, anyone could guess the background of the group.
Players in the wilderness all had a common consensus that any industry Shanhai City had its eyes on would prosper. The story of Shanhai City using the salt industry to prosper had already spread through the wilderness, becoming a legend.

If players noticed the recruitment news, it would cause a new round of compet.i.tion.

Song Jia was unwilling to see this happen; hence, they could only proceed quietly.

But in such a huge place, it was truly difficult to find any of them. In real life, these people were so extravagant and high profile, but they basically blended in in the game.

People like Wu Ping Cheng that had not given up were the rare exceptions.

Ouyang Shuo smiled, "Since I came up with the idea, I naturally have to do something too. Tomorrow, I'll tell Black Snake to use the Black Snake Guards to search for movie-making talents."

The information network of the Black Snake Guards had already spread all over the wilderness into every corner of the imperial cities. However, the celebrities in real life were now normal people so finding them would not be easy.

However, as long as they could find a few, they could use them to find more.

"It's best if we can buy over the top talents and give them good treatment. It does not matter if we feed them for nothing. The bond breaking terms must be really high to prevent them from jumping s.h.i.+p." Ouyang Shuo said.

Song Jia's eyes lit up, "Then I do not have to worry so much anymore."

Ouyang Shuo continued, "Once we dig up the talents, we really cannot just pay them for sitting around. With the amount of gold we have, we absolutely can film another movie. As long as we split up the release dates with Jiangshan Beauty, it would not be too much of a problem."

"We also have such an intention. We originally wanted to film a Wuxia movie. However, since the underworld is not apparent, the wilderness does not really have a Wuxia craze." Song Jia was without a doubt a Wuxia fanatic.

Ouyang Shuo smiled, "do not worry; there's so much time in the future. But your thoughts are right; it is not the right time yet. For now, the topic of war is the best choice."

Song Jia glanced at Ouyang Shuo as her eyes revealed a weird expression, "Bai Hua also said the same thing and recommended to shoot a war movie."

"Then let's shoot one."

Song Jia shook her head, "We have not even thought about what to shoot. This is the 1st movie of the organization, so it must be an astounding success."

A lightbulb lit up in his head as he suddenly thought of someone, "I have an idea."

"Quick speak!" Song Jia was excited.

"Why not shoot Huo Qubing? He has so many fangirls and even many strong men like him. He's undoubtedly a celebrity in the wilderness." Ouyang Shuo smiled.

"Uncle Huo Qubing is so handsome!"

Suddenly, such a sentence popped out from beside them; it came from Bing'er that little brat.

Bing'er was good friends with Huo Qubing's niece, Huo Chengjun, and she was a loyal fan of Huo Qubing.

On the other hand, Huo Chengjun was a fan of Ouyang Shuo.

The two of them often quarreled about who was more handsome.

"Sigh, little girls!"

Ouyang Shuo did not bother about Bing'er and looked toward Song Jia.

Song Jia looked at the cute Bing'er and laughed, "This idea is not bad. The problem is that Huo Qubing is leading troops, you can't exactly ask him to join in, right?"

"Isn't it easy? You can find a subst.i.tute actor that looks like Huo Qubing, or find a mask that can change the looks of the actor. We can first shoot the main structure and wait for the Yunnan Battle to follow Huo Qubing and shoot the actual scene. Won't that be more intense than a planned scene?"

Ouyang Shuo was someone who had been through all of this, so he had some knowledge of how movies in the last life were shot.

This was the biggest charm of the game. The historical people that Gaia birthed were all living stars of the wilderness, true celebrities.

For them to personally join in the movie shooting process, even if one did not want the movie to be big, it would.

Thinking about it, it would be like sitting in a time machine in real life and going back in time to shoot a movie with those historical figures in it.

To shoot a movie like that, along with some special effects and editing, it would definitely cause an explosive craze.

The game world made all these impossibilities possible.

Want to shoot a movie with the Qin s.h.i.+huang and Hanwu Emperor? Okay, go to Xianyang and Luoyang Imperial Palace.

Want to shoot Shaolin and Wudang? No problem, when the two sects appear, their doors will be opened.

Want to shoot pirate movies, historical biographies, and the like? As long as one had enough resources and imaginations, there was nothing that could not be done.

It was this different world that would help the entertainment industry blow up in the game. During the five years of Gaia that he had been through, only a small part of this curtain had been opened.

There was still so much room for imagination.

Apart from the above few, one could push out innovative ideas and creations. The top players in the game might even have a chance to become mega superstars. 

The future prospects were unimaginable.

Ouyang Shuo's words stunned Song Jia, opening up a huge door for her toward an unimaginable world.

At this moment, the future entertainment industry shark had awakened.

"Wuyi I know what to do." Song Jia was filled with confidence.

Ouyang Shuo smiled, "I'll be looking forward to it."

Who knows what changes and impact these words would bring for the wilderness? Even they themselves did not what explosive changes they would cause to the wilderness. 

The next morning, under the blazing sun, Shanhai City was exceedingly bustling.

The newly appointed Training Division Gao Shun brought along a few members of the Military Affairs Bureau and left Shanhai City. He would proceed to all the Garrison Division and reserve forces to do an all-round review.

Gao Shun was extremely smart; he knew that as the newly appointed training secretary, he did not have any might. Hence, he turned his eyes to the Garrison Division and reserve forces.

His idea was to go from the bottom up to solely rebuild the training system of the entire army.

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