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Chapter 725-Chief Secretary

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The military meeting in the Wuying Palace was still taking place.

Apart from the arrangements of the generals, Jia Xu was appointed to the official role of chief secretary of the Nanjiang Governor-General House.

This role originated from the Qin Dynasty. During that time, the prime minister and generals did not have chief secretaries, similar to the current secretary. The chief secretaries under the generals could lead troops to battle.

The chief secretary in history took up many roles and was mostly a behind the scenes official. Jia Xu would be more like his chief of staff and would help Ouyang Shuo manage the domestic affairs of the Nanjiang Governor-General House.

The domestic affairs in this case referred to matters of the outer palace, including chariots, guards, auxiliary officials, guards of honor, and the like. These matters were different to the domestic affairs that Song Jia took charge of.

The secretary office that was under Bai Nanpu would similarly be under the jurisdiction of Jia Xu.

Speaking of which, this was a role that Ouyang Shuo had custom-made for Jia Xu. As the territory matters increased, the bureaus would have various requests and demands, so Ouyang Shuo needed to have more and more staff around him.

First, the presence of the chief of staff would help Ouyang Shuo coordinate with the various organizations; secondly, it would help him come up with plans and ideas, coming up with answers to administrative questions.

Of course, Jia Xu would mainly still be a military-type aide.


Apart from the new members, toward the City Protection Legion that had teleported back from the battle map, Ouyang Shuo had moved them back to Shanhai City and housed them outside of the city.

Considering the geographical location of the Lianzhou Basin, Du Ruhui suggested and finally decided to house the City Protection Legion in the earliest built city west camp, expanding and perfecting it.

As the city west camp had a small mountain beside it, it was named as the West Mountain Camp. In the future when they referred to the West mountain camp, it would refer to this garrison force in charge of the protection of Shanhai City.

At the same time, the Lianzhou Prefecture Garrison Division was disbanded like this and added into the bailiff forces of Shanhai City.

Of the elite Mongol Warhorses brought back by them, apart from some that were for them to use, the remaining 40 thousand were transported to the Xunzhou army horse breeding ground.

As the territory cavalry forces increased on a large scale, war horses, especially elite war horses, would become a huge bottleneck.

Although Ouyang Shuo had established the Animal Husbandry Department and established army horse breeding grounds, the war horse supply still could not keep up with the demand.

In the future, the territory would have to purchase war horses from the outside for an extended period of time.

The problem was that between Shanhai CIty and Mongol, one was in the north and the other in the south, making transportation very inconvenient. This process would use up a lot of resources, giving one a ma.s.sive headache.

This purchase of 70 thousand Mongol Warhorses was completed using the battle map.

In the next battle map, Ouyang Shuo probably would have to use such a method to purchase Mongol Warhorses on a large scale. He planned to seek help from Wufu, Feng Qiuhuang, and other allies to purchase war horses. They would use the infantry to bring them into the battle map and pa.s.s them to the Shanhai City infantry forces to bring back to Shanhai City.

Although the process was rather complicated, it was the fastest method that Ouyang Shuo had thought of.

After solving the problem with the City Protection Legion, the military meeting finally came to an end. The effects of the battle map had slowly faded away like that and Shanhai City had stepped onto a new path.

Ouyang Shuo did not forget that before the battle map began, the biggest military operation was the plan to strike out; this was only delayed because of the battle map.

As for what he had gotten from the battle map, Ouyang Shuo was not interested in raising a group of White Soldiers; he just pa.s.sed the manual to the army military academy.

At the same time, he wanted to use the army military academy to pick out the essence of the White Soldier training to teach to the entire army. With that, it would have the most efficient effect on the army.

9th month, 6th day afternoon, Ouyang Shuo's reading room.

The afternoon sun shone through the exquisite curtains and into the reading room, leaving spots on the carpet. Only after going through the chill of a battle map would one realize the warmth of the sun.

In the shade of the sunlight, Black Snake, Shen Bu Hai, and Zhang Yi had gathered. Apart from them, the newly appointed chief secretary Jia Xu was present too.

Since he was the military Chief of Staff, Ouyang Shuo naturally gave him the power to touch the intel of the territory. He was also one of the few in the territory that came into contact with the three organizations.

Despite his recent appointment, he needed to join a matter of top importance.

Ouyang Shuo naturally needed to take some measures toward the unhappiness with Xunlong Dianxue now that they had returned to the main map. He was not the person from his last life that blindly trusted his brothers.

"Have you found out who came into contact with Xunlong Dianxue?" Ouyang Shuo asked Black Snake.

Black Snake nodded, "Yes. Although we do not know their exact ident.i.ty, we are sure that they have something to do with King City."

"King City?" Ouyang Shuo was surprised.

Black Snake understood the surprise of the Lord; he nodded as he said, "Yes, it is King City without a doubt. As for whether it was to truly cooperate or to purely sow discord, we are unable to deduce."

"Their motive is not important anymore." A cold light shone in his eyes, and he described what had happened in the battle map, "Even if previously it was to sow discord, from this matter, it would have achieved both goals."

"Monarch, what you're saying is?" excitement flashed in Black Snake's eyes.

"From today onward, officially start isolating Xunlong City. This plan will be known as Operation L, and the three of you will work together to bring members of the Shanhai Alliance-Xunlong Alliance under the direct control of Shanhai City."

The establishment of the Xunlong Alliance made use of the influence of Shanhai Alliance. The members of the alliance all reported to Shanhai City; Ouyang Shuo had even met them some of them personally.

Be it the Black Snake Guards or Honglu Temple, both continued to infiltrate Xunlong Alliance. Probably even Xunlong Dianxue himself would not expect that the alliance he was so proud of was already in Shanhai City's hands.

The Lords that were willing to join Xunlong Alliance did so not because of Xunlong City but because of the immense influence of Shanhai City in China.

Who knows whether Xunlong Dianxue had a clear understanding of this. However, he probably did not based on his words and showings during the battle map.

He still thought that their influence in his province was based solely on his hard work.

Operation L was something that Ouyang Shuo had considered during the battle map. Now his thinking path was even clearer as he continued, "Our infiltration of Xunlong City must be even more discreet. He would definitely be wary, so we must not be found out."

"Monarch, do not worry!" Black Snake smiled, "With his intel organization, to put it bluntly, they are totally out of the game. They can investigate surface matters but to fight with us, they are far too lacking much."

"Then pay attention to the Yanhuang Alliance members; they are all professionals. At the very least, Di Feng is strong." Ouyang Shuo warned.


Black Snake's face shook. Obviously, they had suffered some losses from the hands of Di Feng.

"Remember, all of this can only be done in the dark. Before Xunlong Dianxue does anything that betrays the alliance, we must not act."

Ouyang Shuo did not want to fall into a trap that would affect the reputation of the alliance.

"If he does not act, I won't either. If he acts, I'll make it so that he never recovers." This was Ouyang Shuo's policy.

"Do not worry Monarch!"

Shen Bu Hai and Zhang Yi both promised.

Both of them were top talents, so they knew how to handle such matters.

"Operation L will be led by Wen He so you can just report to him about anything." Lastly, Ouyang Shuo decided the commander of the operation as he did not have time to personally handle this.

A few days later, Ouyang Shuo would proceed toward Yunnan City-State for the war. With the intelligence and viciousness of Jia Xu, he definitely would not let Ouyang Shuo down.

Before leaving, Ouyang Shuo called Black Snake.

"Send someone to investigate if there's a guild known as Liangshan Mercenary Guild in Quanzhou. The higher ups of the guild should be Song Pu, Yi Zhangqing, and Zhang Ziyue. If you find them, arrange some spies."

Liangshan Mercenary Guild was the guild that Ouyang Shuo was part of in his last life. This time, he was prepared to finish the matter and not drag it on anymore.

"No problem!"

Observing the Monarch's weird expression, Black Snake did not dare to make any wild guesses and just left.

The reading room became empty once more.

After a short while, Meng Zhida hurried over; he had finished all the administrative matters.

The matter that Ouyang Shuo told Meng Zhida to handle related to Xunlong City. Ouyang Shuo told him to get the four seas bank to reduce their loans and investment in Xunlong City.

"Do not make it too obvious, but do not not do anything at all. As for the specifics, do as you see fit."

Ouyang Shuo instructed him like that.

When Meng Zhida heard this command, he was shocked. He knew that between these two allies, some cracks had already formed. The young Monarch in front of him was also becoming more vicious.

Although that was the case, Meng Zhida did not ask anything and just nodded his head.

With that, the four organizations formed a ma.s.sive net that covered Xunlong City. The moment he betrayed them, he would fall right into that net.

Ouyang Shuo did not wish for Xulong Dianxue to be used by Di Chen to harm Shanhai City.

In the battle map, Ouyang Shuo asked Xunlong Dianxue to take care of himself was just words. He just wanted him to understand his warning and not do anything stupid.

If not, he should not blame this big brother for being heartless.

On this matter, Gong Chengs.h.i.+, who was usually fooling around saw through it. He could feel that something was up.

On the other hand, the always intelligent for Xulong Dianxue kept doing muddy things.

One truly could not judge a book by its cover!

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