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Chapter 589-Chasing Huo Qubing

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

"I want to lead my troops and directly teleport to the general's tent, is that possible?" Ouyang Shuo held the battle token and probingly raised his first demand.

Ouyang Shuo's exorbitant demand left the grain officer speechless. The grain officer was already incredibly shameless, but he had not expected someone with the position of a Lord would be just as shameless.

"To achieve big things, doesn't one need to be efficient?"

The grain officer scolded Ouyang Shuo in his heard and replied, “Lord, you have to be joking!"

"Cannot do?" Ouyang Shuo was a little disappointed inside, and he continued, “Then taking a step back, can you revive all the dead Divine Martial Guards?"

To Ouyang Shuo, the three thousand Divine Martial Guards formed his biggest trump card in this battle. If they could recover their full strength, it would provide a ma.s.sive benefit to his strategy of using battles to grow his forces.

The first request was just a joke.

The second request was his real goal.

After asking this question, Ouyang Shuo looked at the grain officer nervously.

The plump grain officer hesitated for a moment. It was like he was considering the pros and cons of this request. Finally, he nonchalantly replied, “Okay."


Ouyang Shuo heaved a huge sigh of relief, while he scolded out in his heart, Your Father!

He even suspected that the grain officer was purposely sent here to make a fool out of him.

Seeing the grain officer fervently look at his battle token, Ouyang Shuo grabbed it tightly and asked, “Can I ask for another small request?"

"One token, only one request," the grain officer replied resolutely.

"Then it's okay, cancel my first request too."

As Ouyang Shuo spoke these words, he acted like he wanted to place the battle token into his storage bag. He was certain that the grain officer had rushed over because he definitely needed to retrieve this token. Otherwise, he would not have given up so easily.

As expected, the grain officer let out a bitter smile and desperately said, “Lord, do not put me on the spot. How about this, regarding your request, I'll see if I can help?"

"Nice!" Ouyang Shuo smiled, “I want an item that the General carries along with him."

Ouyang Shuo's request was extremely weird, and it had caught the grain officer off guard. This was not a really difficult task for the grain officer to complete.

As a special NPC, he was basically omnipotent to an extent that the players did not know the range of his powers.

However, he still could not and did not dare to break the rules Gaia had set.

"How about this? Lord, you take out your remaining 50 battle resource points, and I'll help you fulfil your request," the grain officer said politely.


Ouyang Shuo read the situation well and knew when to stop.

"The Lord is intelligent!"

After the deal was completed, the grain officer was delighted, and his fat tummy jiggled up and down.

The two foxes both smiled, as they both thought that they had pulled a fast one over the other.

After the grain officer bid him goodbye, a pair of socks that belonged to Huo Qubing suddenly appeared in Ouyang Shuo's hands.

Even though the General was born into wealth and lived a life of riches, the smell of his socks was beyond pungent. Ouyang Shuo even suspected that this was the last prank that the grain officer was pulling on him.

Ouyang Shuo smiled and rushed into the tent, calling out, "Little White, come out!"


Little White reluctantly walked out. By now, its injuries had completely healed up.

Ouyang Shuo pa.s.sed the smelly pair of socks to Little White, "Smell it, can you track it??"


Little White took a sniff and rolled its eyes at Ouyang Shuo in a human-like fas.h.i.+on.

The noses of wolves were many times better than humans. Normally, wolves or dogs had a sense of smell forty times stronger than humans. Moreover, Little White's sense of smell was more than a million times stronger than humans.

That's right, a million times; it was an uncountable figure.

Hence, to Ouyang Shuo, this sock was smelly, but to Little White, the smell nearly made it faint.

The genius general Huo Qubing also had times when he was abandoned and hated.

"Can you track it?" Ouyang Shuo asked once more.


Little White proudly raised its head.

"Then I'll depend on you tomorrow buddy."

Ouyang Shuo understood what it meant and smiled, as he stroked its head.

Little White nodded, before proudly returning back to its tent.

"Huo Qubing ah, Huo Qubing, you won't escape this time!"

Ouyang Shuo raised his head; he looked at the sky in the distance and smiled.

The next morning, the army set off once again.

The dead Divine Martial Guards were all quietly revived. However, be it the Divine Martial Guards or the captured Xiongnu soldiers, neither group paid much attention to this weird scene.

The strength of Gaia was truly something that mere mortals were unable to measure.

After a few rounds of selection, they only chose five hundred of the Xiongnu cavalry to follow them.

Those that remained were naturally thrown into the camp.

Luckily, this was the territory of the Xiongnu people, so there was no risk of these people dying for the most part. As for the battle contribution points, after weighing everything, Ouyang Shuo decided that it was not worth breaking his promise for.

After setting off, Little White walked at the front of the troops.

With its keen sense of smell, even if Huo Qubing was thousands of miles away, he could not escape.

During this army expedition, they were not blind anymore. Now, they travelled with a guide. Even without the detailed troop movement plan, the Divine Martial Guards could accurately locate the Han Army.

Along the way, they would meet Xiongnu soldiers that had lost on the front lines.

These calvary often sung the name of Huo Qubing. It made Ouyang Shuo understand more about this G.o.d general and made him set his heart on recruiting Huo Qubing.

The three thousand Divine Martial Guards had regained their full strength.

At the same time, Ouyang Shuo had completely removed the after effects of the Bloodthirst Talisman.

Naturally, they did not show courtesy toward these Xiongnu cavalry; they only knew one word: kill!

As long as the enemy army did not cross ten thousand in number, they could not match the strength of the Divine Martial Guards.

Sweeping across the area, Ouyang Shuo's battle contribution points continued to increase. Two days after he had set off, his battle contribution points had pa.s.sed one hundred thousand, and it was still rapidly increase.

Amongst the force, the Xiongnu surrendered soldiers were changed wave after wave.

With the strength of the Divine Martial Guards, they did not face any pressure even when controlling three thousand surrendered Xiongnu soldiers.

Hence, after each battle, Ouyang Shuo would choose a batch of elite warriors to join the surrendered soldier camp. During every battle, this camp would act as the vanguard.

The moment the surrendered soldiers were injured, they would immediately be replenished.

Zhao Kuo's suggested tactic of replenis.h.i.+ng troops through battles was being well executed.

The effect was incredibly apparent.

At the latter stages, the Divine Martial Guards did not even need to personally fight, and the surrendered soldiers could settle the battles by themselves.

With that, the Divine Martial Guards slowly became a sort of strategic threat.

Ouyang Shuo was using the Xiongnu soldiers to kill the Xiongnu cavalry and earn battle contribution points.

Such a method was pleasing to the max.

Hence, the losses for the Divine Martial Guards dropped greatly. After ten odd battles, they only lost less than five hundred Divine Martial Guards.

If one said that Huo Qubing was the nightmare of the Xiongnu tribe; then the Shanhai City Army that followed closely behind had become the devil to the survivors.

The strong Xiongnu tribe had become a sick cat all of a sudden.

At the later stages, the Xiongnu surrendered soldiers had gotten used to killing their old comrades in return for a chance to live.

Ouyang Shuo even made a blank cheque. All the surrendered soldiers that performed well would be reported to Huo Qubing, who would reward them.

With that, the Xiongnu soldiers grew more and more motivated.

Ouyang Shuo had successfully replicated Huo Qubing's strategy on the gra.s.slands.

Of course, the situation going in his favour did not make him proud. He did not forget his most primary goal - catching up to Huo Qubing.

Hence, at the latter stages of the battle map, Ouyang Shuo tried to avoid those unneeded fights.

The cavalry swept forward swiftly, trying their best to catch up with the Huo Qubing led main Han Army force.

Based on what Little White communicated, the distance between the two was getting smaller. If everything went well, in at most four more days, they could catch up.

When Ouyang Shuo heard this news, he was completely energized.

"Are we finally going to meet the legendary General?"

Amongst the happy news, there were also things that worried him.

Two days ago, Ouyang Shuo had led his troops to the meeting point. However, he did not manage to find any signs of the Consonance City or Xunlong City troops there.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo had spent a full day there resting. He even sent out scouts to investigate.

Helplessly, he could only arrange ten Divine Martial Guards to lay in wait there.

The main force continued to proceed.

Between the two, they continued to communicate through Feng Birds.

This battle was a compet.i.tion of speed.

Ouyang Shuo could not waste so much time just to wait for his allies. Who knows what kind of problems Zhang Liao and Qinqiong were facing?

The next day, another interesting matter occurred.

The scout sent out did not find the alliance army. Instead, they found traces of Di Chen's forces.

When Ouyang Shuo received the news, he immediately decided to give Di Chen a ma.s.sive gift.

As they say, when one gives you a present, you must return it.

Since the Yanhuang Alliance had plotted against him, he should return the favor.

The current Shanhai Army had reached its peak.

With the help of the surrendered Xiongnu soldiers, even if Di Chen's forces were unharmed, they would still fall to them.

Furthermore, Ouyang Shuo had Huyan Qiu.

This guide did not lose his l.u.s.tre because of Little White. Even without considering other factors, without his translations, Shanhai City could not have obtained any intel from the Xiongnu soldiers.

As for recruiting them to fight, it would have been impossible.

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