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Chapter 586-Killing Zhou Yafu

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

Exactly how terrifying was three thousand Divine Martial Guards charging together?

Only their enemy could tell you the answer to that question.

Sha Pojun focused on the Divine Martial Guards, who were getting closer and closer. He felt the killing intent crash into his face, and he grew more and more serious. He had not imagined that Qiyue Wuyi would actually choose to break through from his side.

These series of schemes were all of Sha Pojun's design, from planning to kill Little White, to revealing the use of the battle resource points, to smoothly exiting the desert, and finally to this ma.s.sacre.

Even Di Chen and Zhan Lang were merely following along.

This made Sha Pojun feel confident. He had been holding it in for so long. Moreover, his opponent this time was his greatest enemy, Qiyue Wuyi.

However, this development totally failed to follow his script. Originally, he had prepared himself for a tough battle.

Thirty thousand troops surrounding nine thousand. Oh, no, now it was eight thousand.

No matter how one looked at it, his chances of victory was high.

Even if they could not completely eliminate the Shanhai troops, they could severely damage their forces.

With that, utilizing the presence of Zhou Yafu, Sha Pojun would become the one with the greatest ability to recruit Huo Qubing.

Who knew that Qiyue Wuyi was actually so spineless.

Moments after encountering them, he actually chose to retreat.

"The script was not like this, okay?"

Sha Pojun was furious.

In a short while, the two sides had already engaged. The two high speed cavalry forces collided.

All of a sudden, people were flung from their horses.

The strength of the Divine Martial Guards was illogical.

In the face of absolute strength, a numerical advantage meant nothing.

The three thousand Divine Martial Guards stuck together under Ouyang Shuo's leaders.h.i.+p. They were unbreakable and fearless, as they dove into the enemy lines.

No one could stop them.

They charged at high speeds, and their three thousand horse lances directly pierced the enemy formation, leaving behind a b.l.o.o.d.y trail.

This sight sent a chill down Sha Pojun's spine.

Ouyang Shuo remained expressionless.

After Sha Pojun and others made schemes regarding him, it would be a lie to say that Ouyang Shuo was not p.i.s.sed off.

He needed to release this anger.

And his target was Sha Pojun's troops.

Even though they were breaching an encirclement, Ouyang Shuo wanted to tear off a piece of Sha Pojun's flesh.

After smoothly breaking into the enemy formation, his ambition grew. This time, he wanted to teach Sha Pojun an unforgettable lesson.

"Follow me!"

Ouyang Shuo smacked his warhorse and made a sharp left turn. Che Dameng and the personal guards quickly followed, with w.a.n.g Feng and his Martial Guards closely behind.

The Divine Martial Guards easily performed this high difficulty maneuver.

This change of direction made Ouyang Shuo's target extremely clear.

Zhou Yafu was on the left side of the Divine Martial Guards, where he stood under the cover of the Han Army and commanded the troops.

Ouyang Shuo actually wanted to take down Zhou Yafu.

"Qiyue Wuyi, you dare!"

This sight caused panic to flash across Sha Pojun's face.

At the crucial moment, Sha Pojun immediately led his troops to rush over and help.

Unfortunately, the battlefield was in utter chaos, so it was highly difficult for him to reach Zhou Yafu.

The Divine Martial Guards possessed an incredibly quick and sharp speed.

The troops in front of Zhou Yafu tried to cover for him to allow him to escape.

Unfortunately, it was all futile.

A short while later, Ouyang Shuo led his troops and killed to the front of Zhou Yafu.

"Zhou Yafu, prepare to die!"

Ouyang Shuo did not bother hiding his intentions.

As a general of a generation, Zhou Yafu had personally settled the chaos of the seven states,  so how could he be an average individual?

Despite the Divine Martial Guards charging over, his eyes did not even show a trace of fear.

"Soldiers, kill the enemy together with me!"

Zhou Yafu unsheathed the sword at his waist and actually took the initiative to start the fight.

"Yes, general!"

The Han Army around him were all ironed up soldiers.


Ouyang Shuo smacked Qingdian and led the way. This time, he wanted to personally end Zhou Yafu.

A general of a generation?

Ouyang Shuo did not give a f***.

As long as they were enemies, they would remain enemies to the death.

Ouyang Shuo loved to make use of talents, but he would not act stupidly at this moment.


The Chixiao Sword smashed against Zhou Yafu's sword.

Zhou Yafu was a true fighting general.

His sword strike carried immense weight and aimed an extremely precise angle.

"Chixiao Sword!"

Zhou Yafu's exclamation surprised Ouyang Shuo.

Chixiao Sword was the sword of the Han Ancestor, Liu Bang.

As a West Han General, Zhou Yafu was able to recognize the sword in Ouyang Shuo's hands.

"It is Chixiao!"

Ouyang Shuo said as he stabbed out.

"You actually dare to use the sword of the almighty emperor, such boldness!" This matter enraged Zhou Yafu and his sword strikes grew stronger and fiercer.

The sword in his hand was a typical Han Sword. Although it could not compare to a G.o.d weapon, it was also a decent sword.

His sword techniques were also extraordinary.

In this battle, they were both fighting neck and neck.

Ouyang Shuo finally understood the strength of an emperor rank general compared to a king rank one. Swiftly killing an emperor rank general was almost impossible.

Furthermore, time would not allow Ouyang Shuo to delay any longer.

Not far away from them, the anxious Sha Pojun had quickly led his troops over to help. The moment the enemy surrounded the Divine Martial Guards, they would completely lose their way to break out.

However, it was impossible for Ouyang Shuo to give up like this.

Ouyang Shuo gritted his teeth and pulled out a talisman from his bag.

Bloodthirst Talisman: After use, user enters a bloodthirsty state. Combat strength increases by two times, lasting for half an hour. After the effects wear off, user will enter a weak state for two days.

This talisman had an extremely similar effect to the berserk state of the mountain barbarians.

The Wild Boar King had dropped this talisman during the Siege of Beasts in the 2nd month, 1st year of the game. All along, Ouyang Shuo had remained busy with administrative matters, so he had rarely led the lines.

Hence, he had not needed to use this item.

However, his martial arts had greatly improved recently, so he had started to bring along a few of these talismans.

Apart from this, there was also items like the Stamina Talisman and the Movement Talisman.

This time, Ouyang Shuo was ready to borrow the strength of items.

With a Shua! sound, Ouyang Shuo tore the Bloodthirst Talisman into two. A blood red glow spread out from the talisman and entered Ouyang Shuo's body.

Ouyang Shuo's eyes suddenly turned red.

He could feel a sudden surge of strength emanate from within his body.

Naturally, the power the talisman ignited did not come from nowhere. It had brought out the potential hidden within his body. For this reason, this item had such strong after effects.


Ouyang Shuo used this strength and the killing intent gathered within his body to slash out.

Zhou Yafu knew that something was wrong, so he completely focused on Ouyang Shuo.


The two swords clashed once more.

This time, Zhou Yafu felt his hands numb from the impact, leaving him stunned.

After the 3rd system update, Gaia had removed the player levels and replaced it with a combat strength rank.

Ouyang Shuo's current combat strength had reached the high silver rank. After using the talisman, his combat strength had doubled, allowing him to enter the realm of low gold rank.

Silver rank to gold rank was a rise in nature itself.

Naturally, this power was not easy to describe.

The current Ouyang Shuo was like an asura. He suppressed Zhou Yafu, and the latter had no way to fight back.

Ouyang Shuo did not let his guard down, and the Chixiao Sword in his hand was like a part of his body. The sword strikes of the Killing Sword flowed out like water. The talisman had provoked the blood aura around the sword, causing the aura to thicken more and more.

It seemed like Zhou Yafu could not hold on any longer.

Sha Pojun, who was still a distance away, could not help but scold out, "Qiyue Wuyi, don't you try!"

He had injected a shocking amount of internal energy into his shout, so even people on the other end of the battlefield could hear it.

Di Chen turned around and coincidentally saw the scene.

Slight hesitation flashed across his eyes.

To save or not to save.

Logically, they were currently allies, so he needed to save Zhou Yafu.

But thinking back to the arrogant expression Sha Pojun had these past few days, Di Chen really did not want to save the former's general. Furthermore, they were compet.i.tors in the race to recruit Huo Qubing.

If Qiyue Wuyi actually killed Zhou Yafu, Di Chen would feel happy instead.

Thinking about these points, Di Chen considered lying in wait and observing the situation.

"Lord, if the lips die, the teeth will feel cold!"

Lianpo saw through his intentions and reminded him.


When Di Chen heard these words, he felt a little annoyed.

The old General Lianpo was strong, but he was too direct. Simply put, he was too rational and did not know how to look at matters from his Lord's perspective.

"Since that's the case, general, please help out!" Di Chen was still Di Chen. Even if he was unhappy, he would not easily deal a slap to the best general under his charge.

"Yes, my Lord!"

Lianpo did not care about Di Chen's thoughts and left.

However, even the relatively nearby Sha Pojun could not help out, so what more could Lianpo do since he was far away?

Lianpo naturally knew these facts.

As such, he only traveled a short distance before stopping.

He grabbed his bow and directly aimed an arrow at Ouyang Shuo.

Lianpo also possessed exceptional archery.

A sharp arrow broke through the air from a few hundred meters out.

It actually struck Ouyang Shuo's left arm.


Currently, Ouyang Shuo had focused his attention on his battle against Zhou Yafu, so how would he expect an arrow to fly toward him?

This time, Ouyang Shuo was utterly enraged.

Ouyang Shuo used one stroke to sweep away Zhou Yafu's sword. Then, he slashed down and broke the arrow in his left hand, leaving the arrowhead stuck in his flesh.

Following which, Ouyang Shuo actually did not bother attending to his injuries.

He was determined to kill Zhou Yafu here and now.

The Chixiao Sword slashed down mightily and shattered Zhou Yafu's treasure sword.

The power of a G.o.d weapon was undeniable.

Ouyang Shuo's courage and ferocity stunned Zhou Yafu.

"4th, killing general!"

As expected, Ouyang Shuo launched his strongest strike.

The swordless Zhou Yafu had nowhere to hide.

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