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Chapter 572-Mongol Iron Cavalry Training Manual

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Chun Shenjun was extremely a shrewd person. Between his personal strength and his family's future, he had decided to choose the latter. He gave up on the Yijing Jin and won the friends.h.i.+p of Feng Qingyang.

This deal was definitely worth it.

Obviously, Chun Shenjun had thought the matter through. His family was giving everything they had, and they could not allow him to act arrogant or stubborn. His every action must serve the family.

As for personal interests, he temporarily could not care about those.

In the end, Feng Qingyang smoothly obtained the Yijing Jin for a sky high price of seven hundred thousand gold.

Among the first three items, each successive item was better than the last, making the hearts of the players unable to hold on.

Finally, Gaia slowed down the pace and tempo of the auction.

The fourth item was a subst.i.tute doll.

During the 1st system auction, Ouyang Shuo had purchased a subst.i.tute doll for 250 gold.

At that time, players had not realized the value of the subst.i.tute doll. Now, it had already become the pinnacle collector item for players.

A treasure that allowed one to revive without penalty had become more and more valuable as the game progressed. If a player managed to possess many subst.i.tute dolls in their hands, they could finally feel safe.

However, this item was extremely hard to obtain.

A person could only obtain this item as a reward through large-scale chain quests. Based on incomplete results, there were less than twenty of these dolls in the entire China region during the 2nd year of Gaia.

From that, one could see how rare this item was.

Hence, although it failed to attract as much excitement as the first three items, it was nonetheless popular.

In the end, it was sold for two hundred thousand gold.

From that day onward, a new craze over the subst.i.tute doll started.

Undoubtedly, from the 3rd year onward, more and more quest teams would purposely focus on chain quests to obtain subst.i.tute dolls to earn gold.

As long as they could obtain one of these dolls, becoming rich overnight would no longer be a dream.

The auctioneer still had a wide smile, as his efficiency was higher than normal.

Next, the auction of the fifth item.

The red cloth was pulled away, revealing another old book.

None of these books, be it cultivation secret manuals or technical manuals, were worthless or useless.

The players were hooked once more.

"Mongol Iron Cavalry Training Manual. After use, one can obtain the entire secret training method set of the mongol iron cavalry, allowing one to train up an elite cavalry unit. Base price of sixty thousand gold, there's no buyout price. Please place your bids." The auctioneer announced.

There were two ways for players to train a special soldier type.

Firstly, to train using a related general.

For example, Baiqi training the iron eagle swordsmen.

Secondly, to use the related training manuals.

The Mongol Iron Cavalry Training Manual was the second case. It was suitable for territories that lacked the related general. As long as one gave their generals the equipment, even normal generals could train up these special soldier types.

Hence, any Lord with some knowledge could see the immense valuable of this manual.

Especially for the Lords in the north; their eyes were on fire.

The Lords in the north lacked good war horses. If their war horses were unable to compare to the old mongol war horses, even if their cavalry forces took shape, they could not reach the combat strength of the mongol elite cavalry.

Even the number of Qingfu Horses in Shanhai City could not keep up with their expansion speed.

Ouyang Shuo was already planning to look for new war horse sources.

Unfortunately, he saw little result.

The northern territories were different. They were close to the mongol plains, and they could train with the tribes. The current mongol plains had not welcomed that almighty king.

The ones who bid the most eagerly were the Lords in the north.

"120 thousand gold!"

"250 thousand gold!"

"400 thousand gold!"

The bidding price had once again reached a level where normal Lords could only look on in despair.

The only people that remained were Sha Pojun and Di Chen.

It was another internal Yanhuang Alliance PK.

During this auction, the Yanhuang Alliance had truly stood out.

Be it Asura City or Handan City, they were both close to the mongol plains.

Hence, they both naturally had a strong desire for this manual.

Especially Sha Pojun, who had remained silent for too long. He needed to slowly walk out into the public eye once again.

This auction was probably a good time for him to rise up once more.

Hence, he did not care about Di Chen's expression. He simply continued to bid, determined to go all the way.

"450 thousand gold!" Sha Pojun shouted.

Di Chen's face looked a little ugly. During the achievement value exchange, because of other considerations, his family did not rashly exchange for gold. Hence, he only had a limited amount of gold compared to the others.

"500 thousand gold!" This was his maximum bid.

"550 thousand gold!"

However, Sha Pojun was loaded with cash.

When Di Chen heard this bid, he was expressionless and just gave up.

As the dust settled, Sha Pojun had successfully clawed one back and smoothly grabbed the Mongol Iron Cavalry Training Manual. In the near future, a strong cavalry force would probably be born in Asura City.

In the blink of an eye, half the auction was over.

Some people were happy, while others were sad.

The ones who had obtained the best returns were naturally Yanhuang Alliance, taking up three items on their own.

The next half of the auction was destined to be even bloodier.

After a short rest, the show continued.

The sixth beauty walked forward and removed the red cloth, revealing another book.

"Gla.s.s Making Technical Manual. After use, grasps the gla.s.s making technology. Base price of forty thousand gold; there's no buyout price. Please make your bids!" The auctioneer introduced.

Gla.s.s was not a modern day material. In fact, it was already present in the olden times.

However, in the olden times, the gla.s.s making process was extremely complicated. It was an item that was comparable to gold and gems, to the point where only the upper cla.s.s could use it.

As it was an item from Gaia, it was naturally not an ordinary item.

The gla.s.s heating technique in the manual was far superior to the techniques of the olden times. It was only a little worse than the modern day techniques.

Hence, this was a money making opportunity for the territory that grabbed this technical manual.

A monopoly of a technique was far greater than a monopoly of funds.

Hence, toward those Lords with a lot of money on their hands, using their funds to purchase this manual was a way for them to open up a money making route.

Undoubtedly, it was a worth it decision.

While gold would continue to depreciate, monopoly on technology was hard to break due to the restrictions to the technology tree in the game.

Hence, even Ouyang Shuo felt tempted when he saw it. Unfortunately, he lacked the ability to compete.

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