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Chapter 547- Business School of Thought

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

Nanjiang Governor-General House, South reading room.

On the third day that Ouyang Shuo returned to Shanhai City, he finally found some time to meet the business ancestor, Bai Gui. Along with Bai Gui was his daughter and Wei Yang's wife, Bai Xue.

Apart from the workers and managers of the Bai Trading Company that had moved over, there was also a group of exceptional people. They were the disciples of Bai Gui, a total of around a hundred people.

Bai Gui was one of the earliest people from the business school of thought to accept disciples. After an exceedingly strict selection process, he had taken in a number of disciples under his wing.

The standards of his selection criteria for disciples was exceedingly high, and some people once said, "I run agriculture and businesses at the same level as Lu Shang uses plans, Sun Bin uses troops, and Wei Yang runs the law system. His disciple must be smart but not too smart that they wants to take over power, courageous but not too bold, merciful but not so that people can climb over their head."

During the Warring States Period, merchants were ranked last during the industry segregation of , 'scholar, farmer, worker, and merchant.' Its position had always remained low in Chinese history. However, Bai Gui used the highest moral standards of society at that time, treating the economy as important as politics and the military.

Evidently, Bai Gui wanted merchants that were cultured and morally upright. This truly befit his ideals of running businesses with humanity.

As a result, he earned the great t.i.tle of Business Ancestor.

"I'm really glad that Mr. Bai decided to move the Bai Trading Company over to Shanhai City." Ouyang Shuo started.

"We came for profits and our own interests."

Bai Gui was exceedingly direct and honest, as expected from a merchant.

When Ouyang Shuo heard these words, he laughed. He definitely did not believe that Bai Gui's reasons were so pure. Riches were not important to the current Bai Gui.

The position of the business school of thought worried Bai Gui.

Ouyang Shuo thought of this point after a long period of contemplation.

This was the reason behind Ouyang Shuo's confidence.

"Old mister is incredibly well-learned and has so much experience. Yet, you say you came here for interests and not to obtain talents?" Ouyang Shuo laughed.

When Bai Gui heard these words, his eyes lit up, full of thought.

It seemed like his feelings were right, the player Lord in front of him was special.

The two of them smiled, forming a tacit understanding between them.

On the contrary, Bai Xue, who was sitting at the side, felt confused.

"Have you heard of Xinan University?" Ouyang Shuo changed the topic.

"I've heard of it long ago. It is a place where even the G.o.ds visit."

The expression on Bai Gui's face became happier and happier.

On this earth, the happiest thing was to meet someone who understood you.

Bai Gui felt more and more delighted with Ouyang Shuo.

If he knew that this was the case, Fan Li and he would not have needed to do so much.

"The Xinan University has a college known as the business college that focuses on teaching the way of business. The position of dean of the college has always remained empty, are you willing to take up the position?"

Ouyang Shuo tossed out his chips.

"Definitely!" Bai Gui laughed.

A position of a dean would obviously make Bai Gui.

After all, the current Xinan University had become the saint land for philosophers in the wilderness. The was the ancestor of philosophers, Jiang Shang, while all the other colleges had famous philosophers as their deans.

The moment Bai Gui moved into the business college, it would represent the business school of thought entering the echelon of philosophers.

With that, how could Bai Gui not feel happy? After all, he wanted the business school of thought to prosper?

Ouyang Shuo had seen through that wish. As a result, he made such a plan.

In the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo officially appointed Bai Gui as the dean of the business college. The moment he moved in, a system notification sounded out through the entire China region.

"System Notification: Business school of thought representative figure Bai Gui has moved into Shanhai City and taken charge of the business college. The business school of thought has officially moved into Shanhai City."

"System Notification: Business school of thought has officially moved into Shanhai City, awarding Shanhai City with t.i.tle of Land of the Business School of Thought, congratulations Qiyue Wuyi!"

Initially, the two system notifications ended just like that, but who knew that another one would soon follow.

"System Notification: Business school of thought has moved into Shanhai City. The current Land of Philosophers t.i.tle has overshadowed the t.i.tle, so the benefits of the t.i.tle have been removed. Awarding Shanhai City the hidden building Silver Prayer House instead, congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi!"

The moment the news rang out, the world was thrown into an uproar.

Other territories would be happy to obtain a single philosopher school of thought. Who knew that Shanhai City was so great that a normal t.i.tle meant nothing to the territory.

Such strength was truly unbeatable.

When Ouyang Shuo heard this news, he grinned.

With such a precedence, it seems that if other philosophers move in, the system would reward him with hidden buildings in the future.

Just thinking about this aspect would make one emotional.

Along with the notification, a four-story hidden building automatically formed beside the recruitment hall. The entire building emitted a precious aura, looking exceedingly rich and awe-inspiring.

Looking at the building from the west, every detail of the building pertained to wealth. The floor was made of copper, the base of the ground was iron, while the walls were made from high-grade wood.

Every floor of the building had their own symbol.

The 1st floor had a rice valley, symbolizing the fountain of wealth.

The 2nd floor had a weighing scale to show that riches were acc.u.mulated.

The 3rd floor had a copper coin, showing that coins and items represented riches.

The 4th floor had a silver ingot, representing the growth of wealth laid in silver and money.

At the highest point of the building was a giant pot-sized gold ingot that looked exceptionally eye-catching, representing the pinnacle of wealth.

Of course, the core function of the entire building was naturally still prayers.

Name: Silver Prayer House

Type: Hidden Building

Function: One can pray every half a year

Specialty: 20% increase in attraction of merchants increased, 5% increase in territory reputation

Evaluation: A building focused on prayers. Every half a year, the Lord can spend a certain amount to pray. The gold spent will be relative to the difficulty of the prayer.

For every activated of the function, the minimum gold cost is ten thousand, while the highest is one hundred thousand. If the Lord's wish exceeds one hundred thousand, the prayer will fail. At the same time, the system will automatically deduct ten thousand gold.

At the same time, the prayer chance would also be deducted.

Hence, the silver prayer house was not G.o.dly, and it had a definite limitation.

Even so, this was a extremely overpowered hidden building, and it could easily fulfill wishes like reduced rainfall.

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