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Chapter 518- Pei Ju from Wenxi

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

On the west of Chiyou City, within a secret prison, Ouyang Shuo met the officials that Chiyou had locked up.

The gloomy and dark prison had humid floors. c.o.c.kroaches and rats were everywhere. In a small cell, there were hundreds of officials, all of them thin to the bone.

Currently, they were deep into autumn, but the officials were all wearing thin prison clothes, causing them to s.h.i.+ver.

When Ouyang Shuo saw this scene, his heart felt pained.

This batch of officials were the elite and essence of the territory, yet Chiyou actually treated them in this way.

Seeing the Lord's face like that, the head of the prison had beads of sweat form on his forehead. He was afraid of being scolded, so he rushed up and opened the cell doors.

Instantly, the sunlight shot into the dark cells, causing these 'inmates' to be unable to immediately react.

"All of you have had it rough!"

Ouyang Shuo did not care about the dirty water on the ground. He walked into the cell and bowed.

After being locked up for such a long time, their thinking had grown numb, and they could not react. The mountain barbarian tribe leaders standing behind Ouyang Shuo all had weird expressions.

"Fellows, this is the Lianzhou Lord, Nanjiang Governor-General. Wuzhou is now under his rule, and you are all saved." Royal Guards Captain Chen Dameng stood out and introduced Ouyang Shuo.

Instantly, the quiet cell broke into a series of low discussions.

Although they were unsure of Ouyang Shuo's ident.i.ty, that last sentence was as clear as day. Their suffering had finally come to an end.

Some of the civil servants instantly cried.

Only an old man in the corner had a light glimmer in his eyes.

When Ouyang Shuo saw the situation, he knew that this was not the right place to talk. He immediately ordered men to bring this batch of civil servants to the Lord's Manor to wash up.

Then, they were to prepare good food for them and have the physicians check their health.

After being locked up for a long period of time in such a bad environment, for civil servants whose bodies were originally weak, such a torture would definitely leave behind some illnesses.

Based on the reactions of the mountain barbarian tribes leaders, there were tens of people who could not hold on and pa.s.sed on.

Walking out of the prison, Ouyang Shuo's brows were locked tightly. According to his observations, after being locked up for so long, be it physically or mentally, they had all suffered huge pain and trauma.

In a short time, they probably could not be appointed.

The next morning, Ouyang Shuo welcomed all the saved civil servants in the main hall.

After nouris.h.i.+ng their bodies and having a good rest, the colors of their faces had improved tremendously. Last night, they had heard of the changes in Wuzhou from the mouths of the servants.

Chiyou dying, Wuzhou changing Lords, Shanhai City moving in, and the mountain barbarians no longer having special privileges.

This series of changes left their mouth agape.

Now, they had a clear understanding of Ouyang Shuo's ident.i.ty.

"Greetings Lord, thank you for saving us!"

The hundreds of civil servants all kneeled down and bowed; it created a truly solemn scene. They were all willing to pledged their loyalties to him. After all, meeting such a Lord was a huge blessing to them.

"Please rise."

Ouyang Shuo raised his head and looked at the old man at the front of the row, deep in thought.

Last night, Ouyang Shuo had already instructed Fan Zhongyan to perform some preliminary research on the civil servants. He found that they were all real talents.

Twenty of them could become county magistrates, and three could even become prefects. Amongst which, there was even a big fish—the old man in front of him.

This old man was not some random n.o.body. Rather, he was a famous minister during the Sui Tang Era—Pei Ju.

Name: Pei Ju(Emperor Rank)

t.i.tle: Wenxi County Lord

Dynasty: Sui Tang

Ident.i.ty: Shanhai City civil servant

Occupation: civil servant

Loyalty: 70

Command: 65

Force: 35

Intelligence: 75

Politics: 88

Specialty: wide knowledge and versatile talent (15% increase in administrative efficiency of territory, 25% increase in territory prestige, 20% increase in purity and honesty of territory, 10% increase in feel of territory)

Evaluation: Pei Ju, a politician, diplomat, strategist, and geographer during the Sui Tang era. His theory involves history and many other elements. He was loyal in his work and was always putting in all his effort, working late into the night for his Lord. He has a vast experience and spent many years working in administrative matters. Although it was a chaotic time, he did his work carefully and performed well.

On the topic of Pei Ju, some people might not know but in the written by master Huang Yi, Pei Ju was the name given to King Ya s.h.i.+ Zixian in the imperial court.

Although this was only fiction, one could see the influence that Pei Mo had during that time.

Pei ju, his real name was s.h.i.+ Ju. Born in Hedong Wenxi, he was the grandson of provincial governor Pei Tuo, son of Beiqi prince Pei Na. It could be said that he was born in a famous family.

Pei Ju who was born in Hedong, and he worked for North Qi, North Zhou, Sui Dynasty, and partic.i.p.ated in the Sui destruction of Chen. During that time, he led three thousand soldiers to settle Lingnan and calm down the people. He was the vice minister of the public ministry, vice minister of the internal officials, vice minister of the minor official department, and more, before he was eventually given the t.i.tle of Wenxi County Lord.

During the Daye years, Pei Ju was utilized a lot, along with Su Wei, Yu Wenshu, Pei Xi, and the like, they controlled the politics and administration. He helped the Sui emperor run the west region and helped split apart the Turks. After the jiangdu uprising, Pei Ju worked for Yuwen Huaji and was respected.

In the 4th year of Wude, Pei Ju surrendered to the Tang rule, taking up the role of attendant censor in the hall, Shuzi of the prince, vice supervisor of the household of the prince, and similar roles, and he was given the t.i.tle of Anyi County Lord. He was highly recommended by Tang Gaozu and Tang Taichong. On the first year of Zhenguan, he pa.s.sed away because of an illness at eighty years of age. His name was forever remembered in history and wors.h.i.+pped.

His entire life was magnificent, flying high and far.

On this topic, Pei Ju and s.h.i.+ Wanshui were both ministers of the same hall, and they had a level of relations.h.i.+p.

During the 19th year of Kaihuang, Dulan Kehan and Datou Kehan worked together to defeat Qiming Kehan.

Qiming Kehan fled south to the Sui Dynasty and the emperor appointed Taiping Lord s.h.i.+ Wanshui as the manager of the troops and Pei Ju as the elder of the army. Their mission was to strike out and attack the Turks.

Similarly, in the 12th month, Dulan Kehan was killed by his own subordinates and Datou Kehan took control.

20th year of Kaihuang, s.h.i.+ Wanshui had broken through and succeeded in his attack on Datou Kehan. However, Sui Wendi wrongly killed him. Pei Ju's war records were not recorded because of that, and he was later asked to serve Qiming Kehan and promoted to government minister.

If it was other Lords, they might only pay attention to Pei Ju himself. Ouyang Shuo was different, as the part he cared about was where Pei Ju was born.

The Wei and Jin Dynasties, all the way till the Sui Dynasty, were times when the aristocratic families were the strongest. The most famous one was naturally the Guanlong Group that ruled the land.

The Guanlong Group originated from Wei Dynasty and grew big during the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

Sui Wendi was born of the Guanlong Group, and even the Tang Dynasty Li Ming who replaced the Sui Dynasty were all part of the Guanlong Group. This organization controlled all the strong martial artists and intelligent people in Guanlong Huhan, and everyone in the group would either become ministers or generals.

As Sui Yangdi wanted to destroy and remove this group, in the end, it cost him his name and reputation.

Apart from the Guanlong Group, Hebei Pei Family was also a huge aristocratic family.

Spanning thousands of years in China, they were a unique aristocratic family and was one of the longest lasting and most famous ones.

Based on what was recorded in the , the Pei Family had 59 prime ministers, 59 great generals, three empresses, and four concubines. Moreover, there were three thousand people ranked above grade 7 official, six hundred summoned by the king.

Just in the Tang Dynasty, they had seventeen prime ministers.

Flipping through just two scrolls of the Pei Family Genealogy, from Han to Qing, of the two hundred people, each one had made a contribution to China's history. To finish writing all their contributions would probably take a humongous book. The Pei Family had numerous stars.

Such a huge and powerful family, Ouyang Shuo obviously paid attention to it.

Gaia was nearing the end of the 3rd year.

Based on the game progression after the first information piece, the 2nd one would be released soon. Moreover, this information piece would have a close relations.h.i.+p with the aristocratic families.

What kind of effect would the appearance of Pei Ju have on the territory?

Ouyang Shuo was temporarily unable to make his comment.

Ouyang Shuo judged Pei Ju and Pei Ju judged him in turn.

Any historical person in the wilderness would have definitely heard of Ouyang Shuo—this mighty Lord.

Pei Ju was summoned into the wilderness through a player Lord. He was also really confident and wanted to succeed in the wilderness.

Unfortunately, he was born in the wrong time. Before he could do anything, things changed.

After the Battle of Zhuolu ended, Chiyou moved into Wuzhou Prefecture. No one within the prefecture could stop him, and they were all removed one by one. It was also at that time when Pei Ju was captured and locked into the secret prison.

Being locked up by Chiyou, Pei Mo felt a sense of despair.

He did not expect a little more than half a year later, he would be saved.

The death of Chiyou, Qiyue Wuyi moving in.

Compared to his previous Lord, the man in front of him was many times better. However, the experience of being locked up made him downhearted, and he could not find any motivation or drive.

Both of them were smart people, and they did not have a deep conversation in the main hall, just showing themselves.

Last night, Ouyang Shuo had already thought of how to deal with these people in front of him. He decided to send them to rest up in Shanhai City. After he destroyed Taiping Country, he would arrange for them to take up jobs.

Of course, even if they recovered, Ouyang Shuo would not send them to Wuzhou Prefecture. No one could ensure that these people would not take revenge on the mountain barbarians for what Chiyou did to them.

Hence, the best choice was to move them away from Wuzhou Prefecture. Of course, their families would be moved together with them to Shanhai City.

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