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Chapter 502- Devil Blood Apparition

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

The moment Chiyou died, the entire battlefield fell silent.

The devil of a generation had perished just like that.

The remaining mountain barbarian warriors had lost their souls. They just stood still on the spot, not knowing what to do.

Along with Chiyou collapsing on the ground, something strange happened.

Chiyou's huge corpse turned blood red. A red gas spat out from his body, and it transformed into a red fog.

As time went on, this blood red fog grew thicker and thicker. On the contrary, Chiyou's body withered at a noticeable pace.

In the end, no more blood came out.

At this very moment, the blood red fog started to move. It was like something amazing would soon come into existence. Even in the skies, a large thundercloud rumbled.

Finally, on top of Chiyou's body, a blood red devil appeared.

The devil was only an apparition. It had the head of a cow and the mouth of a bird, three heads and six arms, with a black wing behind its back. Each one of its hand held a different weapon.

"Great devil!"

When the mountain barbarians saw the apparition, they immediately knelt down and prayed emotionally.

Originally, the image of the devil was just something that the mountain barbarians prayed to. Since the start, they did not expect it to actually appear. However, thinking about it, it was not that weird. After all, Chiyou was seen as the ancestor of the mountain barbarian race and the son of the devil.

When the Shanhai City Army saw this scene, their mouths gaped open. Shan Zhu and the other generals tightly clenched their weapons and guarded seriously. They were really worried that Chiyou would revive once more.

In truth, they did not need to act in such a manner.

The moment the blood apparition of the devil appeared, Chiyou's body only had skin and bones remaining.

Along with the blood in Chiyou's body being sucked dry, the Chiyou Blood Guards that managed to survive all died one by one. Each one of them bled through all their orifices, creating a truly gruesome sight.

Such a scene really made one's hair stand on their ends. Even the mountain barbarians, who wors.h.i.+pped the devil, were filled with confusion.

The remaining Chiyou Blood Guards were all their closest brothers.

When everyone was stunned, the blood apparition started to move once more.

The apparition suddenly waved its hands in mid air, and all the Blood Guards spat out their blood.

The blood seemed sentient, and it automatically gathered near the blood apparition, merging with it. In less than ten minutes, all the Blood Guards became dry corpses.

The blood apparition grew more and more tangible.

Instantly, an evil, bloodthirsty, and violent air lingered around the battlefield, making it hard to breathe.

Such an unexpected scene.

At this very moment, Ouyang Shuo suddenly spat out a large amount of blood. The black blood splattered onto the ground and let out zizi! sounds.

The devil bloodline in his body had started to boil, and even the golden primordial energy could not suppress it. He could feel that his entire being was being burned.

Something was attracting the blood, making it excited.


Chen Dameng was astonished, and he did not know what he could do.

All the others also came over, their faces filled with panic and anxiousness.

Ouyang Shuo slowly opened his eyes and wiped the blood from his face. He struggled to wave his hand to tell them not to worry. His face was not ashen white anymore, as it started to turn redder and redder; his face was so red that it was terrifying.

Just at that moment, something weird happened.

The devil blood apparition seemed to have noticed Ouyang Shuo. The huge apparition slowly turned around and flew toward Ouyang Shuo.

In the bubbling red fog, there were a pair of evil eyes that stared straight at him.

Cold, merciless.

Ouyang Shuo felt a s.h.i.+ver run down his spine. Did the devil blood apparition trigger his bloodline?

The first time he saw it, Ouyang Shuo was reminded of Liu Bang's red dragon spirit. Both of them were spirits, and they had a certain amount of intelligence.

The key was that both of them needed to rely on a Lord to survive.

Did the blood devil apparition choose him? He was the only one on the entire battlefield that had the devil bloodline, so he was the best choice?

Thinking about this point, Ouyang Shuo felt terrified. Seeing what happened to Chiyou, he was not willing to let such a spirit possess him. Just the thought alone sent s.h.i.+vers down his spine.

Ouyang Shuo did not want it but that did not necessarily mean that it would not happen.

The devil blood apparition let loose a high pitched screech, similar to the red dragon spirit, as it charged straight for Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo freaked out, but his current body was badly injured, so he could not run.

"Block it!"

He could only place his hopes on Chen Dameng and the others.

When they saw the scene, they immediately surrounded Ouyang Shuo and guarded him.

These soldiers were all moulded and trained in the fires of war. Although the devil blood apparition was wicked and horrific, it was not enough to shock them senseless.

Unfortunately, it was useless. It was an apparition, so it directly pa.s.sed through their bodies and headed straight for Ouyang Shuo.

All of a sudden, Ouyang Shuo was stunned, and he could only watch as it charged over.

When he watched the apparition enter his body, Ouyang Shuo could clearly see the excitement in its eyes and its evilness.

The scent of blood filled his nose, and it was enough to make one vomit.

However, at this very moment, the Tianmo Spear beside Ouyang Shuo emanated a black glow that wrapped up the devil blood apparition.

The devil blood apparition had not expected such a situation.

The black glow seemed una.s.suming, but it was unusually tough, dragging the devil blood apparition bit by bit into the spear.

The devil blood apparition naturally was not willing, so it used its weapons to struggle.

Nonetheless, all its actions were futile.

The black glow was like the ultimate counter to the blood apparition. Although it looked simple, it actually held incredible power. In less than a minute, it dragged the blood apparition into the Tianmo Spear. Then, it disappeared.

When Ouyang Shuo saw that, he heaved a huge sigh of relief.

If his conjecture was correct, the black glow was the weapon spirit of the Tianmo Spear.

Since the day of its birth, the Tianmo Spear already had a weapon spirit after being stained with Ouyang Shuo's blood essence. During these numerous battles, the weapon spirit had continued to absorb blood essence and slowly grow.

It finally gained a level of sentience when it became a G.o.d weapon.

The blood devil apparition was just a bundle of blood with a little sentience. It was nothing but a huge gift to the Tianmo Spear.

Thinking about this point, Ouyang Shuo was really fortunate, having something to save him at the crucial moments. Before, it was the golden qilin seal. Now, it was the Tianmo Spear.

After suppressing the devil blood apparition, the weapon spirit of the Tianmo Spear sent Ouyang Shuo a message.

The blood devil apparition was too strong, and it was too much for the weapon spirit to absorb all at once. The weapon spirit must enter a period of hibernation to completely consume this blood.

When Ouyang Shuo heard this news, he stored the Tianmo Spear in his storage bag.

Before the weapon spirit awakened, he would use the Chixiao Sword. Who knows what kind of surprises it would bring to Ouyang Shuo when it woke up.

Along with the disappearance of the devil blood apparition, the blood in his body calmed down.

After such an incident, Ouyang Shuo felt fearful. It seems like the devil bloodline in his body was a ma.s.sive cancer.

The only one who knew the reason had died, so Ouyang Shuo had no one he could ask.

Ouyang Shuo could only take it step by step. Who knows what interesting items Chiyou had dropped this time.

Along with his death, the Battle of Wuzhou officially ended.

In the blood red clouds above, the battle between the dragon and the devil had also ended. The giant dragon looked like it had obtained a mysterious energy, as it grew rapidly.

On the contrary, the devil withered.

The dragon swept the devil up with its tail, wrapping up the devil and pulling it over. Then, it swallowed the devil in one gulp. Instantly, the giant dragon expanded quickly and covered numerous kilometers.

The might of the dragon spread out. In the entire south region, all the spirits could feel the might and power of the giant dragon, making them all tremble.

In the south, no one could compete with this giant dragon.

After the battle came to an end, the matter of settling the remaining mountain barbarians became a huge problem. They were different from the soldiers who surrendered, as they were resolute.

The key laid in the fact that they had their own beliefs. A bunch of warriors with their own beliefs would not easily submit, even if they lost. To organize them and conscript them would be difficult.

Before obtaining their loyalty, Ouyang Shuo would not dare to use them.

He could not kill them all, right?

One must know that the territory had mountain barbarians too. If he really wanted to kill these mountain barbarians, it would probably cause the entire race to hate him.

Unifying Wuzhou Prefecture would pose a ma.s.sive problem.

Ouyang Shuo currently faced a dilemma. Going ahead and backing off were both difficult, giving him a great headache. However, at that very moment, something that he did not expect to happen, happened.

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