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Chapter 496- Barbarian War Song

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

The sunlight in the morning shone through the thick red clouds and down onto the ground.


On the wilderness floor, the withered wild had dew form upon them. Under the red sunlight, they reflected small scarlet dots.

Cold, beautiful.

Such a scene was like the old barbarian period.




Along with the drums of the mountain barbarians, the one hundred thousand mountain barbarian army moved out!

Amongst the military formation, there were leather drums with numerous sides dragged by olden carts. Each side was as large as a mill disc and exquisitely crafted. To play these drums required a certain amount of strength.

The ten ten thousand men groups had all spread out, spanning a huge distance. The soldiers followed the drum beats and moved in unison. Their steps shook the ground, causing the mountains to tremble and the rivers to stop flowing.

The mountain barbarian army was a full infantry army, and about seventy percent of them wielded axes as their weapon. After all, knives and axes were Chiyou's most proficient weapons.

Under Chiyou's influence, the weapons that the mountain barbarians used the most were also these two.

Knives were the large knives, while the axes were the giant axes.

Be it the war knife or the war axe, they were both heavy and tough, filled with the style of the barbarians.

Apart from the knife-axe soldiers, there was a small number of archers and spear throwers amongst them. All of them wore iron armor.

Leather armor to the mountain barbarian soldiers was nothing.

Even the twenty kilogram iron armor on their bodies was like nothing.

The iron armor design was exceedingly savage, patterned with the barbarian giant beast. The black iron armor emitted a cold s.h.i.+ne under the red glow.

As iron ore was rare, and they did not have enough artisans and craftsmen, their armor did not cover everything. It just protected the joints, head, and chest; these important areas. Their other areas were exposed, and their bulging muscles showed pure strength and beauty.

This was an army that came from the barbarian times. Their bodies reflected the savage and ruthless ways of the barbarians.

Simple, direct.

Along with the war drums, the warriors clanked their weapons, as they sung their war song.

Our king orders us to fight, we slam the war drums.

Repair my armor, we fight anyone.

Kill everyone, spill their fresh blood.

I fight not for myself, I won't regret death.

Our king, our king, we fight for him!

The lyrics were simple, and it was just a repeat of those few lines. The meaning was straightforward; Devil Chiyou had gathered all the soldiers to bring them to war and spill fresh blood.

The old war song reverberated through the wilderness. Even Ouyang Shuo, who was ten kilometers out, could feel the barbaric aura radiating out.

Amongst the huge army formation, Devil Chiyou's chariot was the most eye-catching.

The entire chariot was ten meters high; it seemed like a moving building, standing tall. It was pulled forwards by twenty desolate beasts and traveled forward slowly in the army.

One thousand Chiyou Blood Guards surrounded the chariot like loyal bodyguards.

Chiyou held a giant axe in his hand, and he wore a similarly savage-looking armor, with a red cape. He stood at the highest point of the chariot. Like the devil coming out of h.e.l.l, he looked upon the vast wilderness.

At this moment, he was like the king of the land, looming over everyone.

The army proceeded forward, as their aura seemed to strengthen by the minute.

Be it the sounds of the drums or the war song, each aspect seemed to have a magical strength. It made the blood in the mountain barbarians boil, as their morale grew sky high.

When the two armies engaged, their morale would have reached its highest point.

The killing aura would crash down and crush the enemy into dust.

The secrets of the barbarians were not as simple as it seemed. At the very least, amongst all the Lords, no one knew that seemingly normal music could hold such mystery.

Morning, 10 AM, the one hundred thousand mountain barbarian army gradually appeared on the border.

The flood of black slowly appeared. At first, it looked like a black line. Shortly after, the black line started to spread and extend till only black remained.

Pure black, a suppressive black.

The movement of the black flood had completely crossed the border and spread across the wilderness, becoming many kilometers wide and thousands of meters long.

They raised their flags confidently; they held their knives and axes upright.

Facing them, the Shanhai City Army had already waited for a long time in a strict formation. In front of the middle troops, Lin Yi led the Guards Division and stood at the front.

The golden s.h.i.+ne of the Mingguang Armor was the symbol of Shanhai City.

In this battle, Ouyang Shuo did not hold back his use of the Guards Division. They were a sharp blade of the middle army, used right at the start to stab the enemy.

Ouyang Shuo similar stood high on a commanding platform and looked forward. With his eyesight, he could clearly see the faces of the mountain barbarians; all of their eyes were red.

He raised his head and stared straight at Chiyou.

Compared to the Battle of Zhuolu period, the current Chiyou seemed much stronger, filled with vigor and vitality. Thanks to this influence, the devil blood in his body started to be riled up.

Ouyang Shuo felt astonished, and he immediately circulated the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique to suppress the bloodline. After all, his devil bloodline originated from Chiyou himself.

Both of them had the same bloodline.

However, in comparison, Ouyang Shuo's bloodline was more than a level weaker.

One was the original, while the other was a imitation.

Like he had felt the gaze of Ouyang Shuo, Chiyou turned his head toward the latter.

His eyes were calm and ruthless.

Just one look and Chiyou turned away once again.

Ouyang Shuo felt his heart shake, like something invisible had stabbed into his eyes, making them burn.

Chiyou had become so strong?

Ouyang Shuo's eyes focused. Compared to the Battle of Julu, his strength had risen more than two to three times, rising like a rocket, as he grew stronger day by day.

With his current strength, he even had a chance against an emperor rank general.

Even so, Ouyang Shuo could not see through him. This could only mean that the distance between the two was more than a rank.

Was Devil Chiyou really that strong?

Ouyang Shuo sucked in a cold breath. Chiyou's personal strength formed an uncertain factor in this battle. Apart from that, the warriors around the chariot attracted Ouyang Shuo's attention.

They were the Chiyou Blood Guards.

Although Ouyang Shuo did not know what they were called, he could feel the blood, killing intent, and killing aura emanating from their bodies.

Ever since he had cultivated the killing sword, Ouyang Shuo had grown more and more sensitive to killing intent. These weird soldiers could not escape his notice.

Yet another surprise.

Ouyang Shuo could feel that the vitality and vigor of these warriors even surpa.s.sed the Divine Martial Guards.

What were the Divine Martial Guards?

They had defeated the Jiangdong Warriors, and they were awarded a t.i.tle from Gaia.

Even so, they were not good enough.

Devil Chiyou, what kind of monsters did he actually bring up?

Ouyang Shuo could even feel that the vigor in their bodies were calling out to Chiyou's. Like Chiyou's body was the fountain of all their vitality and vigor.

Chiyou and the warriors that he had trained were like one ent.i.ty.

This kind of feeling was exceedingly strange. Based on what Ouyang Shuo knew, in his last life, no one possessed such personal strength. Didn't this game emphasise teamwork?

What level did Gaia actually push Chiyou's strength to? Or putting it another way, what kinds of secrets does the game hide that Ouyang Shuo did not manage to come into contact with in his last life?

At that moment, Ouyang Shuo felt less confident of his knowledge from his last life.

As they say, the higher you stand, the further you see. In his last life, he was simply too weak; he could not even see the real face of the world.

Only at this moment was the truth of the world slowly revealing itself to him.

One must always be wary and respectful.

Ouyang Shuo suddenly remembered the words that an old man had told him in his last life.


Ouyang Shuo looked on at the mountain barbarian army and fell silent.

Beside him was the commander of this battle, Han Xin.

Han Xin was a pure command-style general, and his personal martial arts could only be considered average. Hence, he did not feel anything weird like Ouyang Shuo could.

What he saw was different from what Ouyang Shuo saw. What he saw was their formation, their equipment and their morale.

In his eyes, the enemy formation was stupid and horrendous. Even a commander who had just graduated from the Army Military Academy could do better.

The mountain barbarian army had very few soldier types, and they were also chaotically grouped up. Forming into a formation, it was ten thousand men by ten thousand. Their groupings lacked strategy and tactics.

When the real war started, those generals would just lead the charge, and they could not control their troops.

A swarm of bees, that was the only description for the mountain barbarians.

On the contrary, the Shanhai City Army already had a professional commander and generals. Along with the flag system and the messenger officer system, it made commanding the troops exceedingly simple.

Han Xin had caught onto the decisive element of this war.

At the same time, the equipment and morale of the enemy made Han Xin solemn.

In history, the barbarians used their strength. They destroyed and even made the agricultural societies surrender. They relied on pure violence and an unprecedented morale.

The current mountain barbarian army was equipped with both.

Han Xin knew that the Leopard Legion under his charge was just formed from prisoners, and it was at its lowest point. These warriors had not fully formed their recognition of Shanhai City.

In terms of morale, the Shanhai City Army was more than a level weaker.

This was going to be an arduous battle.

Han Xin recalled the prediction of his Lord, and his face grew extremely serious and solemn.

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