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Chapter 414- End of Liu Bang

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

Liu Bang. Descendant of the Fire Emperor.

In the game, Gaia increased the significance of his heritage as the  'Descendant of the Fire Emperor.' It allowed Liu Bang to possess a true dragon aura.

When Liu Bang hollered, an illusionary red dragon rose up from his body and bared its claws and teeth. Although it was merely an illusion, it still emitted a terrifying aura.

This was the spirit of a true dragon.

The moment the dragon spirit appeared, all the war horses on the battlefield trembled and knelt onto the ground.

When Sha Pojun saw that, he could not help but feel stunned.

He had never expected the ordinary looking Liu Bang to actually posses such a skill.

"True dragon!"

When Liu Bang's army saw the dragon spirit around their leader, pa.s.sion and fervour flashed from their eyes.

"He really is the Descendant of Fire Emperor!"

The ancient people held an undeniable respect toward dragons. They linked the appearance of a true dragon aura to being the Son of G.o.d.

Even Sha Pojun's soldiers were stunned, and respect filled their expressions. Huge courage was necessary to make them go up against a true dragon.

All of a sudden, the morale on the battlefield changed once again.

Liu Bang waved his treasure sword and heads tumbled to the ground. At this time, he even had thoughts on not returning to Su County and just wiping out all the enemies in front of him.

He had transformed into an Asura. The Descendant of the Fire Emperor, slayer of Bai She, had appeared on the earth once again.

"Hen, it's all just fake."

Sha Pojun did not want to wait any longer, so he purposely downplayed the presence of the dragon spirit.

"All of you charge forward and kill Liu Bang. Whoever does so will be rewarded one thousand gold!"

Under the enticement of a heap of gold, some people would definitely grow courageous.

To normal soldiers, one thousand gold was riches that they could not earn in their entire lives.

Among the elite soldiers, which one of them was not a bloodthirsty and driven individual? They were not normal civilians, who would feel really terrified and be unwilling to fight upon seeing the true dragon.

The cavalry slapped their horses and charged at Liu Bang's army once more. Unfortunately, although the soldiers were not afraid, their horses were. Their steeds were not as fearless as before.

The charge of Sha Pojun's forces seemed less terrifying and menacing.

As the two troops intertwined in battle, they were actually of equal strength.

With the strength of Liu Bang alone, he had saved his army from the brink of destruction.

On the battlefield, he was like a G.o.d, killing everyone in his path.

Such ferocity and fearlessness made even Hua Xiong terrified.

The deafening shouts continued to last for over an hour.

Since the start till now, both sides were already red with killing intent. The aura of the true dragon had even provoked the ever calm Cao Can; his blood boiled.

On the battlefield, there was only one person who kept calm since the start.

He was Xiao He.

As Xiao He monitored the situation on the battlefield, his eyebrows were locked. Although Liu Bang's army were not being beaten, if this situation carried on, it would not be long till they suffered heavy losses.

Even if they could win, so what?

After this battle, will their army still have the ability to rule?

Without mentioning others, just Chang Yi's uprising army would be enough to destroy them.


Xiao He sighed. Since the start, he had not supported the idea of fighting outside of the city.

As expected, it resulted in such an outcome.

He had to stop Liu Bang from continuing this fight. The smartest plan now was to back off into Su County and recuperate.

If not, everything would be lost.


Xiao He smacked his horse and arrived by Liu Bang's side.


When Liu Bang turned around to look at Xiao He, his blood red eyes did not contain a single tinge of emotion.


When Xiao He saw that, he felt a s.h.i.+ver run down his spine, and he swallowed a deep breath.

"General, please retreat and leave a foundation for our army!"

When Liu Bang heard these words, a flash of fury appeared in his eyes.

When Xiao He saw that, he felt another s.h.i.+ver run down his spine. At this moment, Xiao He even thought that Liu Bang would draw his sword on him.


Luckily, Liu Bang seemed to have maintained a shred of rationality. He did not even turn back; he simply waved his Chixiao Sword and cut down another head.

Liu Bang used his actions to reply Xiao He.

Xiao He gave a long sigh.

Is this it? Will their conquest end here?

No, he was not willing.

Thinking about it, since they formed their army, how much had they experienced to reach such a state.

The pain and suffering was not something others could understand.

Amongst the team, Xiao He was the most tired member.

Liu Bang was the commander and the spiritual leader. Zhou Bo and the other generals were only in charge of killing.

What about Xiao He?

He was the most important minister under Liu Bang, both a strategist and a diplomat, while also a logistical officer. All the administrative and logistical matters depended on him.

Even so, Xiao He did not complain.

He liked it and felt contented.

Not for other reasons, but only because he was resolute in his ambition of ruling, and he was confident in Liu Bang.


Xiao He gave out a shout; his voice filled with sadness and despair.

However, he was helpless. Liu Bang did not care and continued on. The killing aura on his body grew stronger and stronger, and the illusionary red dragon seemed to gradually corporealize.

Sha Pojun's troops were so shocked that their morale dropped.

However big the reward, one needed to be alive to enjoy it.

All of a sudden, no one dared to approach Liu Bang. Even his own troops did not dare to get close to their commander.

Xiao He's actions, on the other hand, had woken up the other generals. Cao Can was stunned, and he raised his head to look at the battlefield.

"Xiao He!"

Cao Can and the other generals arrived at Xiao He's side.

Xiao He said solemnly, "We need to bring the leader back to Su County."


When the three generals saw the current situation, they knew that they had reached a crucial moment.

However, as the killing intent built up, Liu Bang lost himself and only thought about killing. When Zhou Bo tried to approach, Liu Bang would lash out in attack.


Zhou Bo gave out a sad roar, hoping to awaken Liu Bang.

Unfortunately, it was not to be.

At the current moment, Liu Bang was not famous yet, and the emperor aura within him was too weak to control the dragon spirit. After he activated the true dragon possession, the dragon spirit had taken control.

The emperor of a generation was destined to fall here.

Liu Bang had lost his senses.

The red dragon within him had started to turn evil, evident from its eyes.

When his army saw that, they were astonished.

Was this still the red dragon? Was this the Descendant of the Fire Emperor?

This was simply an evil dragon!

"Liu Bang has lost it. Soldiers, follow me to kill evil!"

Sha Pojun really grabbed the chance.

"Kill evil!"

When the fear a person had toward something reached its peak, one would not feel so fearful of it anymore. Sha Pojun and his troops had reached such a state.

"Protect the leader!"

Although Xiao He was dejected, he did not totally give up.

The huge battle had reached the final act.

The focal point of the battle was the red-eyed, cold, and expressionless Liu Bang. This battle had been fought since morning till now, and it was time that it ended.

Suddenly, the sound of horse hooves spread out from outside the battlefield.

So sudden!

Both sides were stunned. They thought that the enemy's reinforcements had arrived. Undeniably, the side that had reinforcements would be able to claim victory.

Xiao He raised his head to see a player force; his heart was already in despair. Whether these people were reinforcements or not, it would not be a good thing for them.

How was Xiao He so sure that they were players?

It was actually quite simple.

Be it Sha Pojun's forces or the reinforcements, they both wore armor that did not belong to this era.

When Sha Pojun raised his head, he also had a face full of despair.

Amongst the rumbling horses, the flags of three lord fluttered in the air.

The flag in the middle section was especially eye-catching. Pretty much everyone in the China region recognized it—the famous Shanhai City Lord Flag.

"Qiyue Wuyi!"

Sha Pojun gritted his teeth. Words could not describe the sense of anger and failure he felt in his heart.

He could see victory in his sight, but it was being stolen from him. What kind of feeling was that?

It was the case of the mantis stalking its pray and unaware of the oriole behind it.

Ouyang Shuo did not bother about the emotions of the two other sides.

The four thousand strong army charged in formation, as they entered the battlefield. Be it Sha Pojun or Liu Bang's troops, they were within their killing range.

That was right, it was a ma.s.sacre.

After a day of fighting, both sides were already exhausted to the max. Of Sha Pojun's eight thousand elites, only four thousand men remained, while Liu Bang was only left with two thousand.

How could these two tired forces face the fully energized palace Guards?

Team up to go against them?

Do not kid me; the vengeance and animosity between the two ran too deep. Most importantly, Ouyang Shuo totally did not give them time to consider teaming up.

Four thousand troops charged out of the forest that they hid in; the whole process took less than twenty minutes.

Outside Su County, it was a total ma.s.sacre.

The only weird part was Liu Bang. He had lost his sanity, so he still raised his blade and killed.

"Qiyue Wuyi!" Sha Pojun's eyes turned cold, and he said viciously, "if I can't get it, you won't either. To pick the rewards of my hard work, go dream on!"

His defeat was destined.

Since that was the case, then let us all lose together!

Sha Pojun smiled coldly and ordered his troops to surround Xiao He.

Why choose Xiao He?

This was because Xiao He was a civil servant. Basically, he did not have too much combat strength. As for Zhou Bo, Xia Houying, and the other generals, Sha Pojun did not have much confidence in taking them down.

Most importantly, Sha Pojun was not stupid, and he knew that the one that everyone drooled for in Liu Bang's army was Xiao He.

Liu Bang's army clearly did not expect that the enemy would act so crazy at such a time. They totally ignored the new enemy and just kept on attacking them.

The guards besides Xiao He were dying at a visible rate.

It looked like Xiao He was about to die on the spot.

"Protect him!"

Cao Can reacted and rushed across to a.s.sist.

Xiao He himself had a face of indifference.

Their road to being an overlord had ended, and his ambition had died. His lord had lost his senses, and he himself did not possess the ability to stop him. Since that was the case, why not just die together with his lord?

Xiao He gave a smile of despair. He did not even look Sha Pojun in the eye or even try to dodge.


Sha Pojun gave a cold smile; he looked like he was going crazy.

"Go to h.e.l.l!"

Sha Pojun waved his spear, as he stabbed toward Xiao He.

He would be the first to personally kill a G.o.d rank civil servant.

This trip, Sha Pojun's defeat was worth it.

Too worth!

Qiyue Wuyi?

Heh, go and cry!

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