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Chapter 339- Going Berserk

Translator: TeamTWO
Editor: Jun

2nd month 14th day, Gushan County.

The blistering sun rose from the east and s.h.i.+ned brightly on the earth.

As the sunlight s.h.i.+ned outside Gushan County, it reflected off the armor of the huge army.

The 30 thousand man alliance army had joined up with the Broken Blade County city protection division and totally surrounded Gushan County.

Using their storage bag, the alliance army brought a large amount of siege weapons.

A hundred trebuchets were lined up at the front of the battlefield into a line.

Gushan County was only a county grade governed area. No matter how rich Shanhai Territory was, they couldn't fix large numbers of three-bow arcuballistas on its city wall.

The entire Gushan County had only 4 sets, and facing 100 trebuchets, they appeared to be lacking.


The commanding officer shouted as the 100 trebuchets fired forwards, a sky full of rocks pelting straight at Gushan County.

The huge rocks smashed into the city wall and when it landed, there was a deafening sound.

Like lighting striking, the rocks exploded at the border of the 100 thousand mountain.

The huge explosion scared off the animals as they escaped deep into the mountains.

The whole situation was very majestic.

Not only that, amongst the normal rocks, there were some burning with alchemical fire oil. These special rocks when lit up were like giant fireb.a.l.l.s flying in the air.

The fireball was like it had shot out of a volcano, giving one the feeling of the apocalypse, causing s.h.i.+vers down one's spine.

Such power could nearly compare to that of a cannon.

In the olden times, the trebuchet was known as a cannon and was the best siege weapon in the cold weapons era.

The reason was because of that.

A step forward, and trebuchets could even shoot gunpowder weapons, increasing its strength to an even higher level.

Some evil people might even shoot poison or corpses, letting the corpses spread diseases around. This method was highly devious and was one of the earliest forms of bioweapons.

Anyone who was. .h.i.t by the rock was unable to survive.

The unfortunate soldiers were smashed into meat paste and the arcuballistas were dislodged from the walls. Even the strong and firm city wall had a few cracks and openings.

The power of the siege weapon was evident.

Luckily within 20 meters of the wall, no houses were allowed to be built. Usually some temporary shops or food carts would be set up there.

During the war, such vendors had closed shop long ago.

If not, 100 trebuchets were more than enough to crush this region.

Along with the trebuchet showing it's might, the alliance army started to attack.

The closely packed soldiers carried the siege ladders as they braved the arrow rain, charging fearlessly towards the city wall. From above, the alliance army was like a black tide, determined to drown Gushan County.

The 3rd division was a pure infantry division and their types included heavy armoured infantry, spearmen and Mo Knife soldiers. The only thing they lacked were archers which was highly disadvantages for them in a defense.

At the crucial moment, Er'Lai could only let the cavalry independent regiment to act as the archer regiment and cooperate with the city protection unit to barely be able to launch an arrow rain.

Zhan Lang noticed the lack of archers and pushed forth his troops to attack.

At this point, the alliance army had successfully reached the bottom of the city wall.

What followed next was their real nightmare.

In a day, Er'Lai managed to recruit 3 thousand reserve force members.

For these mountain barbarians, although it was their first time, they were totally unafraid. Their only duty was to continuously throw down rolling wood and stone pieces.

As there were too many alliance army troops, no matter how they threw, they would definitely hit someone.

As for the soldiers that managed to climb the wall, the 3rd division would handle them.

Although the 3rd division couldn't do long range battles, in short range, they were invincible.

Be it the heavy armoured infantry or the spearmen, all of them were experts in close combat.

Hence, although the alliance army managed to climb the wall, they were forced to retreat time after time by the resolute defenses.

The current city wall was like a meat grinder, making one fearful of it.

Di Chen stood at a high point. Looking at the battle situation in front of him, he couldn't help but be awed by it.

"The Shanhai City heavy armoured infantry are really worthy of their praises."

Zhan Lang nodded. "It's time to send out trump card team!"

During the 2nd system auction, Zhan Lang and Di Chen both obtained items. Be it to Suozi armor or Shanwen armor, they were both elite armors.

In a month’s time, the two of them used the armor as a base, and both of them built a trump card force.

Although it was just one unit, it couldn't be underestimated.

Especially with the Shanwen armor which was one of the most elite infantry armors.

Di Chen nodded and agreed with Zhan Lang.

Zhan Lang waved his flag and the 2 trump card units broke out of formation. Under the cover of the normal army, they started to siege the city wall.

Er'Lai was on top of the wall, shooting his bow left and right and engaging in quick slaughter. Seeing that the enemy rus.h.i.+ng up were well equipped, he didn't care much and swung his halberd, sweeping them off the wall.

The mountain barbarian heavy armoured infantry facing the Shanwen armor infantry still held the upper hand. They were all people who had been through countless battles. They were born with immense strength, thus the so called trump card unit was nothing in their eyes.

The only difference was killing one or two.

Even so, the two trump card units had slowed down the tempo of the 3rd division.

The alliance army took the chance to quicken theirs.

Huge amounts of soldiers started to successfully climb up the wall and engage with the third division.

All of a sudden, danger loomed at every corner of the city wall.

After all, the 3rd division didn't have the numbers advantage and for the other side to suddenly have a new force, they couldn't handle it.

What made one even more worried was the moment the alliance army was able to gain a footing on the city wall, there would be even more reinforcements.

If they weren't able to push back this wave, the Gushan County city wall might be lost.

Luckily, Er'Lai showed off his might once again upon seeing such a situation.

He swung his halberd and specifically aimed at the Shanwen armor heavy armoured infantrymen. For each one he struck, none survived.

Er'Lai was the fierce beast of the olden times.

When he showed his might, he was like an Asura, no one could stop him.

When he appeared, calamity followed and bloodshed was bound to happen.

In an instant, the Shanwen armored infantry had heavy casualties, and they were nearly all wiped out.

Seeing their general show his skills, the mountain barbarians roared out like wild beasts, the eyes were bloodshot and their muscles protruded. The blood of the wilds hidden in their veins were stimulated and the immediately all became desolate beasts.

"Berserk! It's actually berserk!"

Di Chen and Zhan Lang panicked.

That's right, the mountain barbarians soldiers went berserk.

The current mountain barbarians had a huge increase in strength and were simply unstoppable.

The alliance army that climbed up the war were slaughtered, and in fear, they backed off.

All of the sudden, the control of the city wall returned to the hands of the 3rd division.

Seeing their brothers suddenly go berserk, the 3000 reserve forces were happy and also envious.

This was an olden legend amongst the mountain barbarian tribes, and today it finally came true.

One must know that this was the greatest goal of all mountain barbarian warriors.

In countless of years, all the mountain barbarians who were able to go berserk all became leaders in the tribe.

And now in the battlefield, hundreds and thousands of mountain barbarian soldiers actually all turned berserk together.

Everything was because of Er'Lai.

It was like he came from the wilds and brought with it the aura of his time, triggering the bloodline and with the exciting battle, all this occurred.

Seeing Er'Lai's strength, Lianpo couldn't help but feel awed.

Di Chen and Zhan Lang's faces were indescribably ugly.

Seeing victory was in their grasp, and suddenly this happened?

Their trump card unit had basically been wiped out, and to launch another sneak attack was impossible.

"Lord, let me go!" Zhao Zhuang requested to fight.

"No!" Zhan Lang refused.

What a joke, the current Er'Lai was an invincible presence. Although Zhao Zhuang was strong, he wouldn't be able to do anything. He didn't want to lose another general after losing his trump card unit.

"Ai!" Zhao Zhuang let out a long sigh.

As a general, to not be able to join in such an intense battle was a regret.

"Retreat, today's battle ends here!" Di Chen was still very calm.

Zhan Lang nodded and ordered the troops to back off.

"Lord doesn't need to worry. They can berserk once but not twice; there will definitely be side effects. Their troops are mostly used up, so tomorrow we will definitely take down Gushan County."

Lianpo had vast experience and his words summarized everything.


Hearing his a.n.a.lysis, the numerous soldiers managed to get out of their depression and sadness.

"Let them live for one last day!" Sha Pojun's eyes were totally red.

Ba Dao was shouting, but deep down he feel heartpained.

In this battle, his city protection division acted as the frontline and had heavy casualties.

In his heart, he also started to waver. To join the war between Yanhuang Alliance and Shanhai Alliance, was it the right decision? Up until now he hadn't even gotten a single benefit and instead had became a lackey for the Yanhuang Alliance.

Most crucially, Ba Dao didn't feel a single shred of dignity.

In their eyes, he was probably a useless chess piece.

Or a dog?

Ba Dao laughed bitterly.

The world is tough, being a lord wasn't easy!


Zhan Lang stared at the city wall quietly, and unease built up in his heart.

He wasn't as optimistic as the others.

Time, the crucial thing was still time.

Many days had pa.s.sed since they entered Lianzhou, and they hadn't even achieved a single battle objective.

A few days later and the Shanhai City army was still totally quiet.

It seemed like they were only defending and didn't make any moves.

However, with such a huge army, and also with such a general like Baiqi, Shanhai City's actions were out of the ordinary.


Zhan Lang sighed and walked into his tent.

Seeing the enemy retreat, Er'Lai heaved a sigh of relief.

The mountain barbarian soldiers had awoken from their berserked state.

Er'Lai had received orders from the commander unit that he had to defend.

At most 2 days.

In the north of the wilderness, the 2nd regiment were using their fastest speed to make a long distance a.s.sault.

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