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Chapter 294- Eliminated in the First Round

Translator: TeamTWO
Editor: Jun

Based on Old Li's opinion, the overall plan could only be out after the new year.

Ouyang Shuo pondered. "Could you design the city wall first?"

"Why is that so?" Old Li didn't understand.

"The city wall is the core of the planning. It takes the most time and effort, and it'll definitely need the help of the civilians and commoners. There are four months until the spring sowing, so I hope to be able to complete the city wall before that."

"Okay." Old Li nodded, pleased. He commended Ouyang Shuo's care and concern for his people.

"I'll gather the students to rush day and night to take out the city wall plans within a week."

Ouyang Shuo thanked him. “Thank you for your hard work!"

The two of them discussed the requirements and specifics of the wall, and unknowingly outside, the sun had set. Only then did Ouyang Shuo turn around and leave the office.

"I'll send you!" Sun Xiaoyue chased out.

The two of them walked on the small walkway, both not making a sound and neither wanting to break this peace and quiet.

"Ouyang!" Before saying goodbye, Sun Xiaoyue said.


"Never mind, it's nothing!" Sun Xiaoyue was demoralized. She hurriedly left, her footsteps seemingly rushed and panicky.

Ouyang Shuo looked at her back, softly sighing, a feeling of melancholy overwhelming him.

When he returned to the Lord's Manor, he was just in time for dinner.

In the courtyard, Bing'er had already come back from school and was playing with Little White. Little White was the little white wolf that Luo s.h.i.+xin had given to him and was really close to Bing'er, even following her to school.

Ouyang Shuo suspected whether Bing'er had some talent to even be able to get so close with spirit beasts. No matter if it were the Nian Beasts or Blackfang, none of them were an exception.

"Brother, you are back!" Bing'er ran over. During this period of time, her timetable was filled to the brim.

The little brat seemed to have gotten through her rebellious phase and was now very well behaved, making Ouyang Shuo pleased.

"En." The brother and sister talked as they walked together into the side hall for their meal.

After upgrading to a prefecture, Ouyang Shuo had kept up with this busy schedule. Every day, he would be meeting with wave after wave of officials and generals to discuss military and administrative matters.

The matters of a prefecture were vast and messy.

Although Ouyang Shuo had already set down the basis and handed over the administrative matters to the three departments, there were still some parts in which he needed to personally make decisions.

The officials that were appointed elsewhere would purposely rush over to Lianzhou lord’s manor to say goodbye to Ouyang Shuo before accepting their new roles.

To all these important officials who were helping to rule a part of the territory, Ouyang Shuo naturally couldn't treat them lightly. He would personally greet each one of them to keep their loyalty and to let them know that their lord cared about them.

Luckily, as he cultivated the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique, Ouyang Shuo was more energetic. After the meetings in the morning, he would stay in the reading room at night to read books and jot down notes to plan for the development of the territory.

Ouyang Shuo's business made all the maidservants and ladies in the lord's manor feel heartbroken for him. Song Jia even purposely came back from the sect to tell Zisu to prepare supper every night and deliver it to the reading room.

12th month 9th day

Ouyang Shuo called Baiqi and Zhao Sihu in for a meeting.

The Shanhai City’s city protection regiment had been reorganized into one of the three divisions, leaving Zhao Sihu with no job. These few days, he just coordinated with the Military Affairs Department over conscription, and upon hearing that Ouyang Shuo wanted to see him, he hurried over.

During the battle of E's.h.i.+ Ridge, Zhao Sihu's performance was exceptional, impressing Ouyang Shuo, and he had even specially rewarded him the Wuhu Knife Technique secret manual.

Two months had pa.s.sed, and Zhao Sihu had already gained a basic understanding, his body exuding an aura of a fierce tiger.

"How is it; is the conscription going smoothly?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

"It's going okay, there has been more people wanting to join the army. The teens in our territory also have very good bodies and most people who came could meet the standard." Zhao Sihu was really excited.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. The various specialties of Shanhai Territory had started to show themselves.

After the greetings, Ouyang Shuo started to get into the main topic. "I have two reasons for calling you all here."

"Please speak!"

To speak the truth, about the position of the city protection regiment, Zhao Sihu wasn't confident about it and didn't know what Ouyang Shuo was thinking in regards to it. To be able to be of use to the marquis, he was already happy enough.

"Firstly would be the Shanhai City’s city protection squad. My idea would be to create a City Protection Division within half a year. What do the both of you think?"

Zhao Sihu wasn’t involved, so it wasn't right for him to voice his opinions, but deep down inside he was silently delighted. He didn't expect that even after disbanding the 3 city protection regiments, his lord would pull such a move.

Baiqi nodded. "With the scale of the future Shanhai City, a City Protection Division is needed."

Just as Baiqi said this, Shanhai City was the heart of the territory, and it must be defended. Although Ouyang Shuo didn't think that anyone would be able to attack Shanhai City, it was better to be safe than sorry.

If not, how would one allow the residents to live in peace?

Ouyang Shuo wasn't a person who chased short-term goals, and he wouldn't expand the army without thinking about the consequences. Him setting the half year deadline was so that it could be done slowly and not cause any strain on the territory.

After the three cities merged, every day there would be 1310 migrants sp.a.w.ning. In a month he could get 40 thousand men. As the city merger was the wish of Ouyang Shuo, he didn't gain any recognition from the system. Hence, when calculating the population of the city, the 3 were still calculated separately.

"Although the City Protection Division is to start from scratch, I don't wish for it's fighting ability and military culture and standards to be weaker than that of the other three divisions. As for their training, I'll leave it to you two."

Even with Zhao Sihu's courage, upon hearing the Marquis's requirements, he was facing a little difficulty.

Everyone knew that for a new army to form combat strength, apart from training hard, practical fighting and battles were important. The territory had three divisions in the three dangerous directions, so no matter what, the city protection division wouldn't be able to join the fight.

"Why, do you have difficulties?"

Zhao Sihu gritted his teeth. "I'm a brutish person, so I'll speak the truth. If we are talking about training, I'm not afraid; but in terms of practical battles, I'm afraid we might affect your plans."

Ouyang Shuo nodded and turned to Baiqi, "General, do you have any solution?"

"The only way is for the city protection division to split up into regiments and take turns to go to the various camps for battle."

"Great, that settles it. As for the building of the division, general will command it, while Zhao Sihu, you will execute."

Baiqi had became Ouyang Shuo's right hand man, so most of the military matters were pa.s.sed to him. Hence, the Military Affairs Department under his bright light seemed to lose its l.u.s.ter and become an a.s.sisting unit.

Such a general like Baiqi wasn't suitable for handling the Military Affairs Department, as the battlefield was his home. The reason for setting up the department was because Ouyang Shuo wanted it to control the generals and form a balance. If not, the military generals could become a wild horse and go out of control.

Unfortunately, as they lacked a super talent, the Military Affairs Department had always been in a half-dead state, which made him very disappointed.

As the territory continued to expand, Ouyang Shuo didn't have the energy to personally partic.i.p.ate in the building of troops, and could only pa.s.s the responsibilities to the generals.

The cons were that his control of the military had lessened. Luckily, the major generals of the 3 divisions were picked up and trained by him, so there wouldn't be many problems in the short term.

Ouyang Shuo tossed aside his thoughts and said, "The barracks of the City Protection Division will be moved outside the city. The barracks in the core region will be left for the Guards regiment."

Zhao Sihu nodded; he had expected this to happen. The City Protection Division and Guards regiment had different jobs, one internal and one external, so handing the core area over to the Guards regiment was going to happen sooner or later.

The Lianzhou Lord’s Manor and Shanhai House split up duties for law and order, which was already planned.

The Guards regiment was the other trump card Ouyang Shuo had to control the military. As long as this elite unit was in his hands, he had the strength to challenge anyone.

Once the various divisions settled down, it would be time to expand the Guards regiment.

Gaia first year 12th month 10th day, west suburbs new soldier camp

Out of 3250 soldiers, apart from those that died in the Battle of Changping, 2470 elites remained. They were going to face their first round of tests, which included a 5 kg weight run, a 400-meter obstacle run, and 40 push-ups.

During the training period, the soldiers had practiced this multiple times and were familiar with it. The key of the test would be whether the soldiers would be able to meet the standards.

Based on information, the soldiers that joined were all rank 8 elite soldiers and above. War elite soldiers took up 10% and could be said to be the strongest elites.

Ouyang Shuo was witnessing the entire process with Baiqi beside him.

Based on the teaching squadron captain Viper, Baiqi entering the camp gave them motivation and a lot of new ideas. The standards of the exam were modified after his suggestions.

After a day of tests, only 1845 soldiers pa.s.sed with a total failing rate of 25%.

Those who failed returned back to their original units.

After entering, the new soldier unit's job was done and it was disbanded. The soldiers that pa.s.sed would be sent to new camps where they would undergo the next stage of their devilish training.

Being enlightened by the modern learning style of the new soldier camp, Baiqi had personally set up a new training schedule and plan, as well as an exercise regime to be ready to be pushed out to the entire army.

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