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Chapter 228 - Expedition Part 2

Translator: TeamTWO

Editor: Jun

Outside Tianfeng Town, seeing the heavily guarded city wall, Ouyang Shuo laughed coldly and ordered his troops to advance. They advanced until they reached around 500 meters away from the city wall.

Ouyang Shuo calmly took out the 2 triple-bow arcuballistas from his storage bag, the Guards soldiers under the G.o.d machine unit major w.a.n.g Yuanfeng's guidance started to fix and zero the arcuballistas.

After all of that, they immediately started firing at the walls to form steps.

Rows of arrows successfully pinned onto the city wall, and the wall was like an arrow forest, similar to rock climbing walls.

The Guards unit’s first and second squadrons, who were already ready and waiting, under the lead of major w.a.n.g Feng, got off their horses and ran to the bottom of the wall, then used the step arrows to climb the wall.

The cavalry unit continued to advance and entered the range of the horn bow. They used their bows and fired towards the city wall, suppressing the city protection soldiers' fire and covering the advance of the Guards unit.

Tianfeng Town had just lost over 1000 men and were only left with around 300, how could they be the opponent of the cavalry unit? Those that revealed themselves were shot by arrows and instantly killed.

The sporadic tossing of rocks was unable to threaten the forces. One after another they successfully climbed up the city wall.

After they climbed up the city wall, they pulled out the Tang blades by their waists and engaged the city defence soldiers.

Making use of the chance, Ouyang Shuo ordered the 3rd, 4th and 5th squadrons of the Guards unit to lift up the battering woods to charge towards the gate to breach the city.

On the city walls, often it was an enemy who died. Although Ouyang Shuo’s troops didn't have a large number advantage, they had an absolute skill advantage, killing and making the enemy retreat.

In less than 20 minutes, the city gates were breached, and the 3rd, 4th and 5th squadrons of the Guards units climbed up the walls to a.s.sist.

Ouyang Shuo kept the 2 sets of three-bow arcuballistas, and ordered the troops to enter the city and get ready to harvest their rewards.

The troops strolled into the city gates, smoothly killing anything in their way. From start to finish, this didn’t even take an hour.

After the cavalry entered the city, the residents of the town were fl.u.s.tered as they hid in their houses. Ouyang Shuo didn't bother about these civilians and rushed straight for the lord's manor, only wanting to conquer it.

Tianfeng Town lord Xiaofeng Canyue led his last Guards and all his reserve forces, a total of 500 men, to defend in the lord's manor.

The only thing that made him happy was that 10 minutes ago, Ba Dao had finally brought the last 300 elites from Broken Blade Town over and defended the lord's manor together with him.

All the streets towards the lord manor were blocked up. They made use of the city wall protection soldiers to buy time for the residents to pile wood and stone to block the roads to buy even more time.

Ouyang Shuo seeing such a scene, decided to order everyone to get off their horses and decided to battle infantry style. He left the 3 squadrons of the 2nd unit of the 2nd regiment to take care of the horses, while the rest went past the blockages and resolutely entered the lord's manor.

In the lord's manor, there were 2 temporarily-built archer towers. Xiaofeng Canyue, under the protection of his guard, was on one of the towers. "Qiyue Wuyi, you are ruthless."

Ouyang Shuo shook his head in amus.e.m.e.nt. "Since you dare to provoke me, you must expect for your territory to be buried."

"I won't let you succeed!"

Ouyang Shuo didn't want to waste any time with him, turning to Ba Dao who was by Xiaofeng Canyue’s side and coldly laughing. "You are Ba Dao from Broken Blade Town? Your courage is commendable!"

Facing his threats, Ba Dao didn't react. "Today, either you die or I live."

"Great!" Ouyang Shuo hollered, "Attack!"

Ouyang Shuo took out the three-bow arcuballista once again, and under the leaders.h.i.+p of w.a.n.g Feng, aimed at the 2 arrow towers, ready to remove the height disadvantage.

The one-shot-three-sword arrow was like a cannon, accurately flying towards the arrow tower and slamming into the soldiers on it. Even the tower itself lost a big piece and started shaking.

If Xiaofeng Canyue didn't think quickly enough, jumping down before it fired, he would have probably died.

w.a.n.g Yuanfeng tried again, ordering 2 more rounds to be shot. The arrow tower finally couldn't take it anymore, and broke into two parts at the middle, collapsing to the ground.

The soldiers under the arrow tower panicked and backed off, each one of them with their mouths agape. The strength and power of the three-bow arcuballista left a deep shadow in their hearts.

After destroying the arrow tower, Ouyang Shuo ordered the troops to proceed forwards.

"Fire the arrows!" The cavalry became archers, formed up outside the lord's manor and just pelted the inside of the manor with a rain of arrows. The Guards used their sharp knives and charged towards the doors of the manor.

Inside the lord's manor, there were screams. Without a doubt they were shot by the arrows, forcing them to be unwilling to stay on the patio and making them retreat to the walkways. No matter how much Ba Dao and Xiaofeng Canyue ordered them, they didn't dare to stand out.

What a joke, under such an arrow rain, standing in such an open courtyard, one would become a living target.

Behind the door, it was stacked with rocks, making it hard to break through in a while.

Ouyang Shuo decided to reuse his plans, ordering w.a.n.g Yuanfeng to shoot step arrows at the walls. The Guards used them to get up the walls, and with jumps, entered the lord's matter and engaged with the enemy.

Five hundred Guards were like 500 lions, starting a slaughter in the lord's manor.

Ouyang Shuo wasn't pleased and ordered a portion of the cavalry to climb up the walls, shooting downwards for the height advantage. The remaining men started to focus their energies on charging the lord's manor.

Xiaofeng Canyue's roadblocks were used by the cavalry as battering rams.

In the lord's manor, the arrow rain stopped. Under the leaders.h.i.+p of the 2 lords, the soldiers rushed out of the walkway and started to fight with the Guards unit soldiers.

Even though they had the numbers advantage, they were still pushed back. The reserve force soldiers that they put together were rookies, and fighting against war elite soldiers, they were freaked out and didn't dare to advance.

Ba Dao was ruthless, bringing his elites to the front and engaging the Guards.

The cavalry archers that were on the walls continued to fire arrows to aid their attack. Ba Dao's forces became the priority targets to these archers.

The poor Ba Dao didn't defend himself well and was shot, causing him to kneel on the ground in pain.

The soldiers of Broken Blade Town, seeing their lord injured on the ground, grouped over and tried to drag him away. How would the Guards units give them such a chance? They ferociously charged forward.

In a moment, it was another bloodbath. The soldiers who couldn't focus on defense paid a heavy price to save Ba Dao. At that point, the result of the battle was set.

The cavalry on the walls jumped down onto the patio. A portion of them charged towards the lord's manor door, moving away the stone from the door.

Helplessly, Xiaofeng Canyue could only gather his remaining troops to give up the patio and back off into the meeting hall. Inside, the territory stone steele had slowly risen up, awaiting its unknown fate.

The Guards unit didn't immediately attack the meeting hall, but they helped the cavalry open up the main door. After opening it, Ouyang Shuo brought the rest of the forces into the lord's manor.

As the lord's manor’s s.p.a.ce was limited, a large portion of the cavalry was left outside the lord's manor, surrounding the manor to prevent anyone from escaping, especially the lord, Xiaofeng Canyue. At the same time, they were in charge of surveying the territory to prevent other forces from a.s.sisting them from the teleportation formation.

After the Shanhai City troops entered the patio, they formed up and prepared for the final battle.

Inside the hall, seeing the enemy troops like fish swarming into the sea, the alliance troops had looks of despair on their eyes.

The Guards unit troops were still at the front, and led the charge into the hall.

The alliance troops had their backs against the wall and had no way out; they could only wish for a better life next time.

In the narrow meeting hall, this became the last battleground of the 2 sides.

The soldiers from the Guards unit had a steel-like mental strength and an unbreakable spirit, charging forward; they weren't afraid of death and treated honor like their lives. Attack and killing were their instincts.

The soldiers were a highly efficient killing machine who proceeded quickly, killing anyone who blocked their way. Death was the best gift that they could give their enemy, and blood was the best present.

Such an atmosphere and scene made the enemy give up and stop struggling.

Xiaofeng Canyue and Ba Dao continued to try to raise their morale to do a final struggle.

Slaughter continued; fresh blood stained the gaps on the rocky floor, flowing everywhere. After being stepped on, there were many b.l.o.o.d.y footprints, like a cultivation ground of an asura.

The light of the blades shone across and blood splattered everywhere. The injured let out screams of pain and were drowned in the shadows of the blades.

Ouyang Shuo stood outside the hall, looking motionlessly at this slaughter.

As blood stained the earth and allies fell one after another, when their blades was broken in half, when their allies’ blood blurred their vision, the alliance troops lost their courage and tried to escape. They went through the back door and tried to escape through the back courtyard.

Xiaofeng Canyue laughed. He didn't retreat like Ba Dao, pulling the sword at his waist and faced the Guards alone, shouting, "Kill!" This was his final song, as the Guards unit soldiers charged forward and cut him down.

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