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Chapter 1100 - Power of the Ruler Isn't Given by Heaven

Ouyang Shuo's ambition was not small, but to really put this into action, there were many obstacles and difficulties.

Since the ancient times till now, the field of ideas and learning had always been really uncertain. The dangers and cruelty within exceeded that of a large-scale war.

This was a war without smoke or cannons, and a ma.s.sacre could happen without the need for knives and swords. Even to say that some wars began because of ideological differences.

During the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period, the philosophers' debate was one where no one could convince the others. This occurred because the differences between one another were too huge and even opposed, so they could not co-exist.

How to pick out the best and the essences from each one of them became a problem.

Luckily, Ouyang Shuo did not lack supporters. Apart from Kong Zi's support, Mo Zi, Han Feizi, Sun Wu, Xu Xing, and other school of thoughts that had moved into Great Xia and were working for them all supported the idea.

Confucianism, Mohism, Legalism, and the school of war were the core of the philosophers.

With the support of these four, Ouyang Shuo's idea could come into fruition. Seeing that, Taoism, Ying and Yang school of thought, and the others could only all follow and agree.

"They had no other choice but to agree!"

The moment the four of them controlled the ideological system of Great Xia, the other school of thoughts could only remain at the perimeter. They would not be able to get great use in the territory.

At such a time, even Lao Zi that supported ruling by not doing anything really could not do nothing.

The current wilderness was not the wilderness at the start of the game. The entire system was starting to stabilize, and the Lords had started to turn their focus toward internal affairs. In such an environment, the Taoism's rule by not doing anything might work.

Of course, there were stubborn people who were not willing to partic.i.p.ate.

Ouyang Shuo obviously did not force them. If they lacked this little bit of foresight and wanted to insist on their own ideals, even if they partic.i.p.ated, they would bring more cons than pros.

Seeing that the matter was settled, Ouyang Shuo ended the meeting.


After most of them left, Ouyang Shuo specially invited Mo Zi, Kong Zi, Lao Zi, Han Fei Zi, Sun Wu, and the like to a small room in the corner of the Debate House to start the second round of discussion.

Jiang Shang followed him around during the whole time.

After sitting down, there were maidservants who brought tea and cakes.

As this was a small group discussion, the atmosphere was more relaxed. Ouyang Shuo sat cross-legged and said openly, "I have mentioned that in terms of knowledge, all of you are my teachers. In terms of an ideological system, I will not interfere, and Jiang Shang would chair it."

Jiang Shang bowed, signifying that he took up the role.

When Lao Zi and the others heard that, the worry in their hearts disappeared, and they became calmer and calmer.

Not partic.i.p.ating did not mean that Ouyang Shuo did not have thoughts about it. On the contrary, the ideological system of Great Xia had to have Ouyang Shuo's values as its cores to show his intelligence.

Taking a sip of the tea, Ouyang Shuo continued, "Towars how to build the ideological system, I have three requests that I hope all of you will remember."

"King, please instruct us!" Kong Zi and the others were smart people, so they understood what the king meant.


Ouyang Shuo lifted up one finger, "The power of the ruler is not given by the heavens but by the people. Water can carry a boat, but it can also flip it. This is the essence of the Great Xia ideology. Please understand it deeply."

In the gameworld, the background of the China region was a feudal system. However, Ouyang Shuo did not want to be a feudal Lord all the way, and he hoped that he could retire one day to start the next part of his life.

Till date, he had already cultivated to the 4th layer of the Yellow Court Scripture and was about to breakthrough. His body was swarming with primordial energy, and it once again underwent a transformation.

Ouyang Shuo was really looking forward to opening up the Zifu after training it to the max. At that time, what new changes he would undergo?

"I crave the power of the emperor; I crave the grand path. Since I cannot have both, then I will rather get the grand path of cultivation." This was Ouyang Shuo's determination.

Chasing cultivation and improving the quality of life was his final goal.

The path of conquest was just one point in his life journey, but it was not the end. His destination was that unknown but really tempting grand path.

Without being a great ruler, one would not be able to embark on that grand path.

Just think about it, if Ouyang Shuo was not a ruler and just an adventure gamemode player, how would he be able to learn the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique and the Yellow Court Scripture?

How would he get so many cultivation resources?

And till date, the third part of the combination technique was not revealed, which was why he needed the power of the dynasty.

Taking a step back, Ouyang Shuo's path of conquest was a path of constant training of the height, making his mind and heart calmer and calmer, and not being tempted by external things. This was much needed when one embarked on the grand path.

As a result, at every stage, there was a goal for that stage.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo would say that the power of the ruler was not given by heaven as he did not want to rely on the heavens to prove the orthodoxy and legality of Great Xia's rule.

"I am the heavens!"

Kong Zi and the others were stunned by that and seemed really surprised.

Ouyang Shuo did not explain anymore and raised his second requirement, "Great Xia will use law to rule, benevolence to teach the people, and filial piety to rule the world."

It was obvious that Ouyang Shuo placed the law at the helm as the core.

When Han Feizi heard that, his eyes lit up, as he could foresee the prosperity of the legalism school of thought. Kong Zi was a little down, as it was obvious that Confucianism could only be used to teach the people but not to rule the country.

As for Mo Zi and Lao Zi, they were even more dejected.

Ouyang Shuo's reason was even really simple. To rule a huge territory, once needed a marker that could apply to every land.

This marker was the law.

Ouyang Shuo was already planning to use the Great Xia law system as the foundation to further expand and improve on it to infiltrate every aspect of civilian life.

Only by pus.h.i.+ng forward the laws and adhering to it could the dynasty last long on this earth.

Of course, apart from the law, Ouyang Shuo did not forget about the essence of Chinese culture, which was benevolence and filial piety.

If law was the final firewall to ruling a country, then morals was what was used to educate and nourish the people. Only by grasping the two well could they give rise to a new Great Xia.

Following which, Ouyang Shuo raised up his third point, "Merge the different philosophical ideals, but you must focus on universality. Only by pus.h.i.+ng out such values can it be easy to spread and act as the standards for everyone."

Ouyang Shuo's ambition was not limited to Great Xia.

China thinking needed to be easy to spread. Only then could it take root overseas and grow. Great Xia now had many overseas territories and badly needed an ideological weapon for the native people.

That would be only beneficial for Great Xia rule.

The three requirements that Ouyang Shuo had raised up today would become the famous 'Great Xia three principles to ruling' in the future.

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