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Chapter 1046 - Battle in the Dark

By the time Ouyang Shuo returned to Shanhai City, it was already the 24th day of the 5th month.

The moment he returned, there was a lot of good news.

During these past two days, many Song Dynasty historical people had joined Great Xia. Apart from Su Zhe's father and brother, many came over because of Fan Zhongyan and Ouyang Xiu.

There were students of Ouyang Xiu like Zeng Gong, and also people like Han Qi, Siam Guang, Zhang Zai, and Bao Zheng.

At the same time, Yue Fei's Family had arrived in Shanhai City. This included his mother, his son Yue Yun, and his daughter Yue Yinping.

Apart from that, there were generals like Zhang Xian, Fu Xuan, Niu Gao, and Xu Qing. These generals that were under Yue Fei came over.

All of a sudden, Shanhai City was really bustling.

Seeing that there were only three Lords left in the wilderness, there were not many choices left for the historical talents. No matter what aspect, Great Xia was their best choice.

The deep foundations of Great Xia finally exploded. During this period of time, not only Song Dynasty historical people, but even those from the Warring States, Han, and Tang all turned their eyes to Great Xia.

In the future period of time, Great Xia would welcome their best time. Talented people would shoot out like a hose, like a river flowing right into Great Xia.

A year and a month had pa.s.sed since Great Xia established the country. Since Shanhai City's upgrade to Capital City, it had used its strong territory specialty as well as territory expansion to reach a population of 30 million.

This count did not include the millions of players that moved into Great Xia.

The newest data from the Civil Affairs Department shows that including the overseas provinces, Great Xia had a total of 65 million in population and could break the 100 million mark at the same time next year.

The profits were showing as the prefectures and counties were becoming more and more prosperous by the day.

Great Xia had started building up education, medical, and basically facilities, which was helping to build up talents for the territory.

"Rapid changes every day!"

One could describe Great Xia like that.

When one grew bigger and developed quicker, some problems would naturally arise. The demands on the administrative and ruling system of the dynasty toward the local offices would be higher.

To control such a huge territory was simply a difficult matter.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo decided to set up the official communication research center.

At such a time, Ouyang Shuo thirsted for more talents. He wanted to rely on this group of people to help manage the large territory of the Imperial Court and not let this s.h.i.+p steer off course.

Out of all the talents that joined him, apart from Bao Zheng, who was appointed as the regulatory director, Su Xun, Su s.h.i.+, Siam Guang, Zeng Gong, Fan Qi, and the like were all appointed as governors.

Su s.h.i.+ became the Shu Lands Jiangyang Prefecture Governor, Su Xun the Chuanbei Province Tongren Prefecture Governor, Han Qi the Wannan Province Changsha Prefecture Governor, Sima Guang the Jiangchuan Province Jiujiang Prefecture Governor, and Zeng Gong the Jiangchuan Province Ningdu Prefecture Governor.

All of these were important prefectures.

With that, the shortfalls that were noticed during the year end evaluation were made up for just like that.

At the same time, Yue Yun, Zhang Xian, Fu Xuan, Nu Gao, and Xu Qing were all arranged to become Major Generals in the various legion corps.

If they did not follow the appointments, they would be kicked out of Great Xia.

Ouyang Shuo did not hope for the Great Xia Army to be taken over randomly by the Yue family army.

It was worth mentioning that Yue Yun was especially arranged to the 4th legion of the Guards Legion Corps. Obviously, Ouyang Shuo had high hopes for him and hoped that he would rise up like Luo s.h.i.+xin.

In Great Xia, Yue Yun still had great room to grow.

On New Year's Eve of 1142 AD, Yuefei was killed in the Dali jail. Yue Yun and Zhang Xuan were executed together. At that point, Yue Yun was only 23, what a regret.

Amongst all the bustle and hustle, another day pa.s.sed.

At around 5 PM, close to dinner time, Ouyang Shuo finally had the time to be alone in the reading room to meet a certain person. That person was Feng Qingyue, who had just been relocated over here from the Shu Lands.

At this point, Ouyang Shuo felt that he needed to be honest with her.


Seeing that Feng Qingyue looked a little wary, Ouyang Shuo smiled as he said.

When Feng Qingyue saw that, she nodded. Whilst she sat, she looked at Ouyang Shuo probingly.

Ordinary players probably still did not know, but upon learning that Feng Qingyue was accepted into the Great Xia Secret Doc.u.ments Pavilion, huge waves were stirred up among the six families.

Although the Feng Family had walked a different path from the others after the Battle of Swordsman City had ended, the families were still really close.

The Feng Family had never broke away from that circle.

Even if they were not a member, they were still an important part of Silver Hand.

When they learned that Feng Qingyue had gone over to join Shanhai City, they had warned the Feng Family once. Luckily, at that point, she had not gained Ouyang Shuo's trust, and she only had a vague appointment in the Shu Lands.

No one thought that she could make a name for herself, more so as time went on.
For her to be suddenly moved into the Secret Doc.u.ment Pavilion alerted Silver Hand.

Although Silver Hand did not know how the Secret Doc.u.ment Pavilion functioned exactly, it was a part of the core of Great Xia. Unless Ouyang Shuo trusted the person in question, he would not let them in.

Feng Qingyue being appointed had deep meaning.

Silver Hand's instinctive reaction was that unless Feng Qingyue was close to Ouyang Shuo, this was a deal between Feng Family and Ouyang Shuo.

Even thinking deeper, was the Feng Family betraying Silver Hand and joining Great Xia?

No wonder Silver Hand got so nervous.

Great Xia had time and time again brought surprises to Silver Hand, giving them a headache. Although they wanted to teach Great Xia a lesson, they had no idea how to do so.

Of course, maybe the upcoming country war was a good chance.

Feng Qingyue gaining Ouyang Shuo's trust held a far deeper meaning. That meant that Great Xia was slowly starting to influence the insides of Silver Hand, and they found this to be unacceptable.

If this breach was opened, no one could predict what shocking events would follow.

Great Xia's ability to accept all talents also made Silver Hand nervous.

They were afraid that if they allowed Ouyang Shuo to reach into Silver Hand, it might cause a larger chain reaction.

Noticing the seriousness of the problem, Di Chen's grandfather personally made a trip to Chengdu to talk to Feng Qingyue's grandfather.

As for the specifics, naturally outsiders knew nothing about it.

The only thing that the Feng family child revealed when leaving the Feng Family courtyard was unhappiness. Feng Qingyue knew a lot more, as her grandfather had written her a letter.

The Feng family's stance was certain, "Feng Qingyue's actions represent her own will and not the Feng Family's. Similarly, they will not interfere in her personal choice and force her to leave Great Xia."

The meaning behind these words were obvious; the Feng Family was going to play both sides.

Silver Hand did not forcefully restrict its members, especially the Feng Family, who did not have a territory as their foundation.

Due to the abandonment of Swordsman City, the Feng Family had more reason to say those words.

Feng Qingyue looked deeply at Ouyang Shuo. At this moment, her heart was filled with emotions, 'How old is he? Not only did he create the biggest empire in the game world, but he even made those old men who played a whole life of games afraid.'

Maybe even Ouyang Shuo himself did not realize how much he had grown. Needless to say in Great Xia, but even to the outside, those guild leaders' att.i.tudes toward him was also slowly changing.

They were slowly starting to respect and even fear him.

Even on the forums, there were less and less people who scolded him. People did not dare to be so outright and bold.

Amongst the entire Chinese player population, he held an unshakeable position. Not to mention the people who recognized or wors.h.i.+pped him, just those who had their personal interests tied up with his numbered in the tens of millions.

It was this relations.h.i.+p that protected his position.

For Ouyang Shuo to get to this point was partially because of his revival advantage. However, if one attributed it all to that, that would be far from the truth.

If it were other people, even with that advantage, they might not have made it so far.

There were simply too many traps and temptations on the road to the top. Just the China region alone had many people who fell. For Ouyang Shuo to take them down one by one proved that he was something special.

It was not apparent in the last life simply because he did not have a stage to show it.

In this life, the hidden dragon rose, soaring into the heavens, unable to be stopped by anyone.

"When you're in the Secret Doc.u.ment Pavilion, do not have any psychological burden, just do what you have to do. I'm really looking forward to the changes you will bring to it. If do well, you might be promoted to advisor."

Ouyang Shuo's words broke her train of thought.


As one of the three female Zhuges of China, Tsing Yi became the head advisor whilst she was only a secretary. To say that she was not annoyed was impossible.

Feng Qingyue was really motivated deep down.

"As for your family." Ouyang Shuo paused, causing her heart to be in her mouth. Ouyang Shuo's words not only affected her future but also the future of her family.

"Help me tell this to your grandfather, a bird seeks for greener pastures. Great Xia welcomes everyone. However, Great Xia does not need undecided people, and we will not wait for long." Following which, Ouyang Shuo stated a time limit, "Once Great Xia takes down Chengdu, you all do not need to make a choice."


Feng Qingyue nodded once more. At this moment, her expression was really solemn.

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