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Chapter 1022 - Picking the Peaches

Xiang Yu was a legendary hero and a fierce general. However, any hero would love their face and would rather die than yield to someone.

It would be easier to kill him than to make him bow his head to someone.

However, after experiencing two defeats, Xiang Yu had obviously grown much more
mature. He was filled with emotions now that he could not achieve his ambitions. He could die in battle, but he could not let his family die with him.

"Furthermore..." Xiang Yu looked at his wife. A man also had a gentle side.

His wife having a child was the greatest comfort to him.

This time, he could not be so selfish.

After discussing everything, Xiang Yu decided to set his heart to it. Looking at his Grandfather, Xiang Yan, "Grandfather, I am the west Chu Overlord. I cannot leave, but the children are innocent. Please leave together with Yuji and the others. Although I do not like the Xia King, he is a trustable person."

"What about you?"

"Me?" Xiang Yu laughed, "It is still those words. There's only an Overlord that dies in battle but not a Xiang Yu that surrenders."


When Yuji heard that, her eyes flushed red. One would pity her if they say this.

No one understood Xiang Yu as much as Yuji. She had so much she wanted to say, but she could not say a single word. Before, at the Wujiang river, she could kill herself. However, now that she was pregnant, she could not.

Xiang Yu smiled gently. Similarly, he understood his wife. He instructed, "Yuji, live well and raise our child."


Yuji teared up.

When Xiang Zhuang and the others heard that, they did not feel good in their hearts.

"Do not drag on. Take the chance to leave before the enemy gets to Peng City."

Xiang Zhuang suddenly said, "Brother, I'll stay with you!"

Xiang Yu raged and stood up, "Why will you stay? Great Xia has so many famous generals. For our family to rise, you need to take charge."

"Yes." Xiang Zhuang felt ashamed.

The matter was settled like that. Everyone kept their feelings and went to prepare.
That night, the core members of the Xiang Family brought all of their most valuable treasures of West Chu before boarding on carriages and heading east.

They reached the ocean when it was almost dawn.

There, the Black Shark was ready. The group of them took a glance at Peng City. Their hearts felt really complicated. They held back their tears as they boarded the submarine.

When Fan Zeng realised that the Xiang Family was missing, it was already the afternoon of the eigth day. When Di Chen heard that, he did not say anything and directly ordered them to attack Peng City.

"Where did the Xiang Family go?"

Di Chen was filled with confusion. Logically speaking, the entire Ludong Province was locked up by the Alliance Army, so there was no way someone could escape. The Xiang Family had many talents. Obviously, Di Chen did not want to let any of them go.

Whilst ordering the Alliance Army to attack Peng City, Di Chen ordered Difeng to search for the Xiang Family. Di Chen said, "If they are alive, I want to see them. If not, I want to see their bodies."

In his eyes, these people probably hid in the mountains. It was also likely that Great Xia had helped them.

'As long as they are not out of Ludong, I will dig three feet into the ground to find them.' Di Chen thought to himself.

The Yanhuang Alliance did not attack West Chu for just the land. The talents of the Xiang Family were a really strong motivation.

Hence, how could Di Chen let them off easily?
The siege started in the 5th month, 9th day. The battle was shocking, and the rivers and mountains changed colors.

Xiang Yu carried his death wish. He led the Jiangdong warriors to fight for a full two days and two nights with the Alliance Army. Both sides went from fighting on the city wall to the alleys to the manor.

The entire Peng City was dyed in fresh blood like h.e.l.l on earth.

The courage of the Overlord and the strength of the Jiangdong Warriors was really rarely seen on this earth. Despite facing four times their number, they were not at a disadvantage. They were like soldiers who did not know tiredness. Unless they died in battle, they were not going to back off.

After every battle, a batch of them would be lost. In the end, Xiang Yu was the only one left.

He stood in front of the manor with corpses lying all around him. Blood seeped onto the white Dali stone floor. Xiang Yu had long been covered in blood.

'Drip! Drip! Drip!'

Since he had killed too many people, blood flowed down his halberd and onto the ground, forming a small puddle.

"Xiang Yu, you still will not surrender?"

Lianpo walked to the front to try to convince him for the last time.

For such a general to die like this was such a waste.


Xiang Yu did not even bother to speak. He simply grabbed his halberd and charge forward.

"Kill him!"

Seeing this, Lianpo knew that any words were useless, and he could only be vicious.


The elites of the Alliance Army got the order and surrounded him.

In the end, under the combined attacks of so many soldiers, Xiang Yu died. The soul of an Overlord returned to heaven, having no chance of reviving.

When Lianpo saw that, he could not help but sigh. At the same time, he was thankful.

From the start of the battle till now, although they had the numerical advantage, they had paid a huge price to take down West Chu. During this war alone, they lost a total of 80 thousand elites.

As for the Peng City battle, 40 thousand had died.

West Chu used such stunning achievements to strengthen their glory.

But that was only glory. At this point, West Chu was officially destroyed. In the entire wilderness, apart from the imperial city and the other races, there were no other West Chu NPCs.

The moment that Xiang Yu died, Yuji and the others had just arrived at Beihai Port. Although they arrived during the afternoon, a shooting star streaked across the sky, giving out an eye-catching glow.

Yuji was deep in thought, tearing up as she looked at the star.


Under the immense pain, Yuji fainted and fell to the ground.
Throughout the entire China region, many people saw this shooting star.

Xia Palace.

Ouyang Shuo stood at the window of the Imperial Reading Room. Looking at the star, he muttered, "A mighty Lord falls just like that."

If Xiang Yu was willing, Ouyang Shuo had enough heart to accept him and allow him to lead an army.

Unfortunately, the world does not work the way you want it to.

Handan City.

Di Chen similarly noticed it. He heaved a sigh of relief, "It's finally done." At this very moment, his merit point count had broken a million, and he became a duke.

A System Notification sounded out.

"World Notification: Congratulations China region Lord Di Chen for becoming the 3rd Lord in the world to become a duke, awarded t.i.tle of Handan Lord, awarded 40 thousand reputation points. The imperial city will give you your reward."
The moment the notification sounded out, the world was in an uproar.

Not one expected that China would take up two of the first three dukes.

William and the other Lords all felt anxious. All of them needed to use the upcoming country war to earn merit points to become a duke.

"We are too far behind!" William's face was a little ugly.

One could foresee that after the country war month ended, the world would give birth to a bunch of dukes. Following which, there would be the birth of many dynasties.

The China region players were naturally happy, feeling that they had earned face. They did not worry about it. Along with Di Chen becoming a duke, the battle between the Yanhuang Alliance and Great Xia intensified.

Maybe this was a happy problem.
After all the hard work and schemes, Di Chen finally got what he wanted. With the foundations of Handan City, he would be able to get to Capital City really soon and start building the base to establish a dynasty.

The China region looked to be welcoming a really amazing era.

Di Chen was filled emotional when he got an emergency report from Lianpo.

After taking down Xiang Yu, Lianpo was in charge of taking over Peng City, and he had gone over to check the treasury and storages.

Lianpo searched all the major ones, including the manor secret room. Apart from grain and siege weapons, there was nothing else of value.

West Chu had been here in the wilderness for three years, so it was impossible that they did not have any treasures. Thinking back to the missing Xiang Family, the truth was obvious. They had taken it all away.

When Di Chen saw this, he was so furious that his face turned green, "Preposterous! Investigate! Even if you have to flip the entire province, find them."

At this very moment, Juedai Fenghua hurried in.

Seeing that Di Chen was in a rage, Juedai Fenghua stopped.

When Di Chen saw that, he said in a low tone, "What bad news is there? Say it out. I can take it."

Juedai Fenghua looked at Di Chen with sympathy, "Difeng just received the news that Xiang Yan and the others have appeared in Shanhai City, and they were received personally by the old fox."


Di Chen snapped the pen in his hand into two.

The reading room was totally silence, as this was simply too huge of an impact for him. It was like Ouyang Shuo giving him a huge slap just as he was feeling delighted.

This pain totally pierced his heart.

"I want to know how they escaped. How does Difeng do things, are they rubbish? So many people, and they can just escape from under our noses?"

Di Chen's tone was really cold like a freezing breeze, piercing one's bones.

"This matter is weird. Difeng swears that they had set people at the border, and no one had left. Even the west was protected, so there's no way they could escape." Juedai Fenghua was filled with doubts.

"Did they grow wings and fly?" His words were filled with sarcasm. In his eyes, Difeng was s.h.i.+rking their responsibility.

Juedai Fenghua had other thoughts, "You should know how Difeng does things. They would not be careless about such a matter. Maybe they used some special tool like a teleportation talisman."

The game was vast, and there were many different weird tools.

It would not be a surprise to really have such a tool.

When Di Chen heard that, his heart dripped blood. However, no matter how they did it, the outcome remained. The Yanhuang Alliance had paid a huge price to take down West Chu, giving up the entire Guanxi Province, but the spoils of war were stolen by Great Xia.

"I will definitely take revenge!"

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