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The deeper one went into the Primitive Sea, the more dangerous it became. Various types of tempests emerged in an endless stream and swept through the heavens and the earth to swallow everything in their path. Moreover, various aquatic beasts and demon beasts would bore out from these tempests to capture their prey.

The flesh and skin of these aquatic beasts and demon beasts were useful to cultivators and possessed a shocking value. But similarly, the magic treasures, bodies, and cultivation techniques of cultivators were exceedingly useful to these aquatic beasts and demon beasts.

In the Primitive Sea, there were numerous aquatic beasts and demon beasts that hid in the depths of the sea while awaiting an opportunity to launch an a.s.sault on human cultivators, whereas the even more formidable beasts would conceal themselves within the tempests and launch attacks on human cultivators from there.

These beasts possessed intelligence, and under the nurturing of the Necro Baleful Qi, their natures had become violent and bloodthirsty, causing them to be extremely terrifying.

Presently, Chen Xi, Pei Yu, and the others had encountered an adverse situation like this — a tempest of sea demons!


The tempest howled furiously, causing the sky to go dark as surging black clouds pressed down onto the heavens and the earth, and it formed a myriad of terrifying tempest vortexes. Everywhere it pa.s.sed, even s.p.a.ce was torn apart into pieces before being obliterated.

Numerous tempest vortexes raging on the pitch black surface of the sea, and countless sea demons that possessed a variety of odd shapes could be faintly seen hiding within the tempests. They were dense to the point they simply seemed like an overbearing sea demon army that could cover the heavens and the earth while demonic qi shook the heavens, and it caused one’s scalp to go numb

Chen Xi noticed with a single glance that in the tempest vortex that enveloped the heavens and the earth, the sea demons at the most outer area were at the Violet Palace Realm, and their numbers were the most. Further in were Golden Hall Realm sea demons, and at the center were actually Golden Core Realm sea demons!

These sea demons were mostly fishes, yet their appearances were exceedingly savage and were in all sorts of strange shapes. Their auras were violent while their entire bodies were fully tainted with Necro Baleful Qi, and they were like fish yaksha, asuras of the sea, ferocious and bloodthirsty.



Chen Xi’s group was fully composed of top experts at the Golden Core Realm, and their auras were formidable. But in the eyes of these sea demons, they were like the most tempting delicacies in the world, causing them to simply seem like flies that had smelt blood, and they roared furiously as they charged over.

The expressions of Chen Xi and the others instantly became heavy. These countless tempest vortexes and the sea demons that were like a powerful army had already completely blocked off the path ahead, and if they wanted to enter deeper into the Primitive Sea, then they could only go against it head on.

The dense swarm of sea demons were like tidewater as they charged out of the tempest and covered the heavens and the earth like locusts as they gushed over.

The first to pounce over was a group of azure-scaled crab demons. These azure-scaled crab demons were completely covered in armor that emitted a brilliant dark light, and all of them possessed an aura at the Violet Palace Realm. They numbered in over 10,000 and actually joined forces to launch a water type technique that smashed down towards Chen Xi and the others!

The water type technique seemed capable of toppling mountains and overturning seas as it surged with force that was violent like lightning, and there were strands of Necro Baleful Qi within it. The technique charged into the sky and covered the earth, and it was actually soon to develop the profundities of water.

“A group of Violet Palace Realm minor demons dare be so rampant? They’re truly courting death!” Young Master Zhou roared furiously as Dao Insight sprayed out from his entire body, and then he swept out towards the air before him with a single finger.


An azure glow shot out and shone brightly in the sky, then an enormous finger that was suffused with an ancient aura tore through the sky like the finger of a G.o.d, and it shook the heavens and the earth while revealing boundless killing intent and might as it fiercely pressed down ahead.

Shockingly, this was the Azurespirit Void Finger, a perfect Dao Grade martial technique Young Master Zhou had obtained from the Martial Dao Divine Throne!

At the instant the enormous finger appeared in the sky, it directly blasted apart the technique of the azure-scaled crab demons, and then the might of the finger spread to the surroundings and crushed another thousand plus azure-scaled crab demons to death on the spot, causing them to transform into severed limbs and shattered flesh that tainted the surface of the sea red.

Young Master Zhou was filled with the desire to kill, and he let out a long howl before flas.h.i.+ng out of the Thousandplume Dragonboat. He moved within the group of sea demons while his finger swiped out repeatedly, and every single swipe would reap the lives of a few hundreds of thousands of sea demons.

Meanwhile, Pei Yu, Cui Xiuhong, Wei Muyun, and Leng Qianqiu had made a move as well, and all the martial techniques they executed were perfect Dao Grade martial techniques. They moved freely within the army of sea demons while divine lights danced in the sky and beams of light smashed to the ground, and group after group of sea demons were easily crushed by them, causing them to reveal extremely terrifying lethality.

Especially Pei Yu, he deserved being a proud genius of the heavens, the leader of all. His clothes fluttered while he held a sword that was snow white like jade and moved about in the group of demon beasts as if he was strolling in a courtyard, relaxed and at ease, whereas his sword qi was like lightning that suffused the sky and covered the world, causing countless sea demons to be torn apart like paper and lose their lives beneath this sword insight.

Moreover, based on his relaxed appearance, he’d obviously only utilized less than half his strength!

Even Chen Xi had no choice but to admit that Pei Yu was a formidable figure indeed when he saw this scene. Not only was Pei Yu’s scheming ability terrifying, even his combat strength was extraordinary.


The sea demons were of an enormous amount and seemed boundless, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to continue thinking about anything else, and he leaped out to charge into the group of sea demons.


He struck out directly with his fist, causing vast Fist Insight that was combined with fire and water to directly blast open a 3km long spatial rift. The nearby sea demons instantly lost their lives under this strike and transformed into nothingness, and not even bits and pieces of them remained under this strike that possessed an extremely shocking impetus.

Chen Xi didn’t utilize the Talisman Armament nor did he utilize Divine Abilities as his main objective while charging forward and slaughtering in the tempest of sea demons was to temper the Grand Obliteration Fist.

The Grand Obliteration Fist was exceedingly incomplete and lacked the Obliteration Dao Insight. Strictly speaking, Chen Xi’s fusion of the Grand Dao profundities of water, fire, Yin, and Yang into it still lacked the tempering of live combat. Presently, there were countless sea demons on the sea, allowing him to kill to his heart’s content, so it was precisely the best time to temper the Grand Obliteration Fist.

Along with the pa.s.sage of time, every fist Chen Xi struck out would allow him to obtain even more comprehension towards the Grand Obliteration Fist, and his Fist Insight became even more condensed. Moreover, his moves stopped adhering to a single pattern and started to become free and nimble, causing it to reveal various variations.

Besides that, the number of sea demons that had perished at his hand was madly increasing at a speed that was visible to the eye.

The Grand Obliteration Fist has a total of three moves. Presently, I’m only capable of executing the entire might of the first move, Merciless Fire and Water, as for the Chaotic Obliteration, I’m only capable of executing its form yet unable to release the intent within it. It seems like I don’t lack technique, but…

Live combat!

Right, the tempering in live combat is the best master. So long as it has pa.s.sed through the test of live combat, one would be able to know the might of any technique and if it possessed any flaws. This is called seeking out the flaws to be mended, eliminating the impure to retain the pure.

I’ve always been comprehending and pondering about it by myself in the past, and I’ve instead fallen into the wrong path. It’s no different than drawing up plans behind closed doors and idle theorizing, and it will forever be unable to allow me to utilize the entire might of a cultivation technique…

Chen Xi slaughtered as he perceived the tiny changes in the might of his strikes, and numerous comprehensions surged into his heart, causing him to have an enlightened feeling as if he’d suddenly seen the light and seen through everything.

Chen Xi who was immersed in the comprehension of his fist technique had entirely not noticed that he’d unknowingly charged into the depths of the group of sea demons…

“Hmm? What does that fellow Chen Xi want to do? Entering deep into the group of sea demons alone seemed to be slightly risky. After all, the deeper one went, the stronger the sea demons would be, if…” When he saw Chen Xi was soon to vanish in the depths of the group of sea demons, Young Master Zhou’s heart couldn’t help but tighten and feel slightly worried.

“Ha! As expected of the number one expert in the Darchu Dynasty’s younger generation, he possesses peerless courage that makes one sigh with admiration.” In the distance, Cui Xiuhong let out a strange laughter as he spoke sarcastically, and it was filled with ridicule.

“What did you say? Say it one more time if you have the b.a.l.l.s!” When he saw this fellow was still making a fool of Chen Xi at a time like this, Young Master Zhou was instantly enraged and shouted out loudly.

Cui Xiuhong didn’t get enraged and sneered endlessly as he said, “Alas, I can’t even praise Chen Xi? Could it be that you want me to scold him? You’re truly unreasonable.”

Young Master Zhou had always possessed a lawless and domineering nature, so he was unable to restrain the flames of rage in his heart when he heard this, and he was just about to charge forward to fiercely bash this b.a.s.t.a.r.d that deserved a slap, yet was stopped by Huangfu Qingying.

“Enough. We’ve fallen into the encirclement of boundless sea demons that are impossible to wipe out. It’s already at a time like this, yet you still have the mood to quarrel?” Huangfu Qingying frowned.

Meanwhile, Pei Yu spoke out as well. “Exactly, at this moment, we should join forces and resist our enemies together. Brother Cui, don’t speak so much.”

When he spoke up to here, his expression went serious as he said indifferently, “But isn’t Brother Chen’s actions of going deep into the group of sea demons slightly too rash? What if a mishap occurs?”

Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou frowned, yet they were unable to refute this.

The corners of Cui Xiuhong’s mouth couldn’t help but curl into a trace of a complacent smile that flashed briefly when he saw this, and he eagerly looked forward to Chen Xi dying in the group of sea demons.


Right at this moment, a bang that shook the heavens suddenly sounded out from within the distant tempest vortex, and it was like a thunderclap that descended from the nine heavens that shook the surroundings with a mighty impetus.

After that, Huangfu Qingying, Young Master Zhou, Pei Yu, and the others saw to their shock that a figure was like raging figure that emerged from the sea, standing proudly in the sky before smas.h.i.+ng down with a punch.

Fist Insight tore through the skies and enveloped the surroundings. Instantly, the heavens and the earth in that area seemed to have been overturned, the heavens were below, the earth above, whereas the myriad of sea demons in the tempest had their heads facing the ground while their legs faced the sky, and everything collided with each other and revolved madly.

Just looking at it from afar caused others to feel ill to the point of wanting to spit blood.

“Yin and Yang colliding with each other while overturning the world. This…what fist technique is this?” Shock and bewilderment arose in the hearts of everyone.


Before everyone could come to an understanding, this Fist Insight that contained two completely overturned and entirely repulsive forces had finally exploded out. Instantly, the entire area of the sea was overturned while Yin and Yang turned chaotic, and all the sea demons in an area of 500km were shattered completely into powder. Even the boundless s.p.a.ce was shattered into pieces and fell into great chaos.

Especially the surface of the sea, it actually had an exceedingly enormous hole torn apart open it, and the area there revolved madly and was unable to close up for a long time.

The might of a single strike actually put Yin and Yang in chaos and obliterated s.p.a.ce!

Everyone stared blankly at the nearby sea. The countless sea demons that charged out from the surging tempest had actually been annihilated completely, and the entire area of the sea was tainted with a crimson red color.

Of course, there were still numerous sea demons hidden within the tempest. But the might of Chen Xi’s strike had actually deterred those sea demons to the point of hiding in the tempest and being afraid to come out!

The second move of the Grand Obliteration First — Chaotic Obliteration. I’ve finally comprehended it completely… Chen Xi withdrew his fist with satisfaction before flas.h.i.+ng out to arrive by the side of Huangfu Qingying. His actions jolted the others awake from their shock, and their gazes at Chen Xi carried a trace of terror.

Even the eyes of the Darjin Dynasty’s Crown Prince, Pei Yu, revealed a heavy and fearful expression for the first time.

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