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Chapter 1185 - G.o.d Sealing Race

A beautiful figure suddenly appeared within the depths of Phoenix Forest. She wore a long blue-and-purple dress, and her beauty could make one unable to breathe properly.

"This human is pretty strong; he actually wasn't killed by those people. That cat is also not simple!" Little Ling smiled. She was a Phoenix-Tailed Bird and was currently in human form in order to take back the tail feathers of her race's ancestor.

If Zhao Feng was killed by the Sky Water Yao Race, then the tail feathers of their ancestor would fall into their hands. She wouldn't dare to try to take them back from such a group alone, so Little Ling actually hoped that Zhao Feng would live. That way, she could kill him herself.


Little Ling turned into a blue-and-purple flame that left in the other direction.

"It's almost two hundred thousand miles now!" Zhao Feng relaxed. His Lightning Radiance Spatial Flash could move fifty thousand miles at most in the Ancient Dream Realm, so he could actually escape an extra fifty thousand miles. He believed that it would be extremely hard for the opposing party to find him after there was two hundred and fifty thousand miles between them. Furthermore, Zhao Feng's eyes could see very far, and if he saw anyone chase after him, he could use the Misty Spatial World to escape.

"Zhao Feng, let go of me!" Hou Qing roared in the Little World of Wind Lightning.


The little thieving cat's spade hit him in the head, causing Hou Qing's head to spin.

"Now f.u.c.k off!" Zhao Feng let Hou Qing out. Although he really wanted to kill Hou Qing, he had promised that he would let Hou Qing go after moving two hundred thousand miles away. He would do as he promised, but if he met this person again, he definitely wouldn't forgive him!

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoosh…

At this moment, the Golden-Armed Race appeared not far away.

"Zhao Feng, run!" Yu Hen shouted urgently with panic.

"Run?" Zhao Feng's expression paused for a moment. Of course he was going to run. Was there a need to be in such a rush though? However, in the next instant, Zhao Feng felt a sensation of life-and-death danger.


The air distorted around Zhao Feng, and a figure appeared directly next to him through a spatial disturbance.


The hairs on Zhao Feng's body stood up on end, and the pair of wings on his back flashed as he teleported away.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Zhao Feng instantly move several dozen thousand miles away.

"Hmph!" The elder harrumphed coldly as he glanced at the Golden-Armed Race trio.

"Quickly kill Zhao Feng!" Hou Qing revealed a deadly expression.

Zhao Feng had underestimated the True G.o.d experts. This Rank Four True G.o.d from the Sky Water Yao Race, apart from Water and Wind, also specialized in the laws of s.p.a.ce. He could move anywhere within ten thousand miles with just spatial teleportation!

However, spatial teleportation couldn't be used continuously, so the elder didn't use it again. After all, this True G.o.d's Intent of s.p.a.ce had only reached Level Two.


This Rank Four True G.o.d unleashed the Intent of Wind and Water, transforming into a bolt of light that chased after Zhao Feng.

"f.u.c.k, what is this technique?" Cold sweat poured down from Zhao Feng's forehead as his heart started to shake. At this moment, he was circulating his Lightning-Fire Obliteration to the maximum, but the True G.o.d was still catching up.

Although Zhao Feng's speed in the Ancient Dream Realm was faster than the outside world, this Rank Four True G.o.d also specialized in speed. An invisible Intent of s.p.a.ce surrounded Zhao Feng, stopping him from using any unique methods.

"Master, the Golden-Armed Race said that, if you escape to the Forest of Death, they will meet you there!" At this moment, the azure-robed elder's voice sounded in Zhao Feng's mind.

Part of his consciousness started looking at the information regarding the Forest of Death. This place was a barren ground of death, and it was close to Phoenix Forest. No matter how strong a True G.o.d was, they would most likely die if they entered.

However, if he was caught by this Rank Four True G.o.d, it meant certain death anyway! Besides, Zhao Feng also wanted to see the Golden-Armed Race's true goal.


A bolt of lightning flashed, and Zhao Feng changed directions. He was now heading toward the Forest of Death!

"Junior, die!" a deafening roar sounded behind Zhao Feng. He – a Rank Four True G.o.d – had used a teleportation technique and still didn't manage to catch up to Zhao Feng. This made him lose face, but at the moment, he was very close to Zhao Feng.

"Water Slaughtering Screen!" This Rank Four True G.o.d waved his hand, and a giant whirlpool of wind and water appeared above Zhao Feng. A terrifying pulling force seemed to devour everything.

"Is this the combination of profound Intent and Divine Power?" Zhao Feng was shocked. At this moment, he was being pulled by the whirlpool of wind and water. He was completely unable to sustain the Lightning Radiance Spatial Flash.

The power of a Rank Four True G.o.d using the Water Slaughtering Screen was several times stronger than when Hou Qing used it.

"Die!" This Rank Four True G.o.d appeared before Zhao Feng. At this point in time, Zhao Feng was bound by his power and unable to escape.

However, Zhao Feng's left eye suddenly released a terrifying whirlpool of wind and water as well, which descended directly onto this Rank Four True G.o.d. The two suction forces of both giant whirlpools instantly canceled each other out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Zhao Feng used the Lightning Radiance Spatial Flash and flew toward the dark misty forest in the distance. He used the G.o.d Eye Duplication and managed to catch a Rank Four True G.o.d off guard.

"Argh…! I'm going to make you wish that you were dead!" The Rank Four True G.o.d howled, and the Intents of Wind, Water, and s.p.a.ce in Heaven and Earth shook.

Nearby experts were stunned and instantly scattered.

"Spatial teleportation!" The Rank Four True G.o.d of the Sky Water Yao Race used the Intent of s.p.a.ce and disappeared into the air.

"He's coming!" Zhao Feng instantly felt the air around him become chaotic, but at the same time, he reached the border of the Forest of Death.

Bam! Boom! Boom!

Zhao Feng turned into a bolt of lightning and dove straight into the Forest of Death. In the next instant, a figure appeared right where Zhao Feng was just standing.

"The Forest of Death!" The Rank Four True G.o.d's eyebrows furrowed. He didn't understand why Zhao Feng would come here. The Forest of Death was filled with danger, and most people would die. Even he didn't dare to enter.

The moment Zhao Feng entered the Forest of Death, he felt limitless Intent of Death wash over him.


A thick air of Death entered Zhao Feng's body and started to erode him.

"What a terrifying air of Death!" Zhao Feng's heart jumped. He felt that the lifeforce within his body was being washed away. If he continued to stay here, he would die before long.

"Master, don't use any power!" the azure-robed elder's voice sounded in Zhao Feng's mind.

Zhao Feng immediately did as told and stopped using all his Intent, Wind Lightning Sacred Power, and the ability of his G.o.d Eye.

The Intent of Death then stopped eroding Zhao Feng's body.

"What a weird place. One is fine only if they don't use any power at all!" Zhao Feng felt extremely curious and puzzled. If one couldn't use any power, if they encountered any danger, it would mean death.

Zhao Feng's eyes scanned his surroundings. Apart from the bald trees, hills, and stones, there was nothing else. Everything in the distance was filled with black mist.

Zhao Feng stayed here and waited for the Golden-Armed Race trio to come. Otherwise, he would have just used the Misty Spatial World to leave already.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A thundering sound charged toward Zhao Feng, and a large black figure appeared before him. This was a giant Earth Metal Bear, but it was surrounded by the air of Death. Its eyes were pitch-black, as if it had lost all consciousness, and it attacked Zhao Feng right away.

"You're courting death!" Zhao Feng jumped up and punched out without saying anything else.

He had cultivated the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body, so even if he didn't actively use any power, the power of his body alone was terrifying.

Boom! Bam!

This Earth Metal Bear was only a DemiG.o.d, so it was sent flying by Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng jumped into the air and punched downward.

After killing the Earth Metal Bear, Zhao Feng came to the edge of the Forest of Death and sat down. The three from the Golden-Armed Race and the azure-robed elder appeared near Zhao Feng soon after.

"Is there a reason that Brother Yu wanted to see me?" Zhao Feng asked. He hadn't thought about it too much when the Golden-Armed Race trio first approached him, but they were too friendly to Zhao Feng on the way, making him wary. Furthermore, the trio knew that Zhao Feng had offended Hou Qing and still directed him to Phoenix Forest. This made Zhao Feng even more suspicious.

"I wonder if Brother Zhao is interested in the Forest of Death." Yu Hen revealed a smile, but it looked ghastly in this forest surrounded by the air of Death.

"Nope!" Zhao Feng replied directly. There was definitely something wrong when it was so out of the norm like this. This Forest of Death obviously had a big secret, but it was too dangerous here. Zhao Feng already had all the cultivation resources he wanted, and he could leave the Ancient Dream Realm whenever he wanted. There was no need for him to risk his life to explore the Forest of Death.

"Brother Zhao, don't decline so fast. Let me tell you some information, and then you can decide!" Yu Hen revealed a smile, and the way he looked at Zhao Feng instantly changed.

"When the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension opened twenty thousand years ago, a senior of the Golden-Armed Race was forced into the Forest of Death, and he found the secret here," Yu Hen said slowly. Zhao Feng listened carefully. Regardless of anything else, he was still interested in the forest's secret.

"This senior had trained his body cultivation to an extremely high level, and he managed to reach the center of the Forest of Death. In the end, he found that there was a G.o.d Sealing Stone there!" Yu Hen placed great emphasis on the last words.

"G.o.d Sealing Stones are apparently a treasure of the G.o.d Sealing Race, which is ranked 14th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. It can seal everything in the world!" the female in pink spoke. Her voice was crisp and clear.

Zhao Feng became silent. He had heard of the G.o.d Sealing Race, but he didn't know anything about G.o.d Sealing Stones. If this was true, then the center of the Forest of Death should contain some sort of powerful wicked monster or treasure.

"Ten thousand years ago, another senior made some preparations and found that a powerful divine weapon was sealed by the G.o.d Sealing Stone. The three of us came this time to take this divine weapon!" Yu Hen finally told Zhao Feng their aim, and the two next to him also revealed excited looks.

"Divine weapon?" Zhao Feng's heart shook. What kind of divine weapon could turn this place into a ground of death, and why did it need to be sealed by a G.o.d Sealing Stone? What was the grade of this divine weapon? The danger involved in obtaining this divine weapon didn't need to be explained.

"I can guarantee that Brother Zhao will be able to reach the center of the Forest of Death smoothly!" Yu Hen said after seeing that Zhao Feng was still silent.

"Brother Zhao, once we obtain this divine weapon, we can let you use it once to finish off that True G.o.d from the Sky Water Yao Race outside the Forest of Death. If Brother Zhao visits the Golden-Armed Race in the future, you will be treated as an esteemed guest!" Yu Hen promised more benefits after seeing that Zhao Feng was still hesitating.

"Let's go to the center of the Forest of Death first!" Zhao Feng suddenly spoke. Since Yu Hen could guarantee that Zhao Feng could reach the center of the Forest of Death safely, Zhao Feng decided to at least have a look at the G.o.d Sealing Stone and then make his decision.

Everything was based only on what the Golden-Armed Race said, and Zhao Feng couldn't completely believe them. If there was any danger at all, he would immediately use the Misty Spatial World and leave.

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